Brad Mondo
Hi Beautiful! This was one of my favorite videos to film ever. It was sooo hard to follow instructions that were written in the 18th century but I also learned so much about how to style hair in different ways that I didn't know about before. Overall such a fun challenge!
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo

    P.S I was doing a blackpink dance. Name that song...

    • sience edventure
      sience edventure

      💖🖤 du du du

    • Sophia L
      Sophia L

      Brad if you are reading this, please please PLEASE tell me where you got that black shirt because I am LOVING IT!

    • Filippa Payne
      Filippa Payne

      Brad Mondo I sat my dumb ass down started playing ukulele hahhahah because in my head the only thing I see in this comment section is ukulele strumming pattern hahhahahahahahh

    • Filippa Payne
      Filippa Payne

      mia lord True thoooo!

    • Peyton Rogers
      Peyton Rogers

      Du du du du dooo

  • Keri Dudas
    Keri Dudas

    Reading that last part, I actually feel like it was telling you to make a braid at the back lol

  • Monican Lamppost
    Monican Lamppost

    I worked in a vintage shop for several years. We had so many beautiful hats that NO ONE could buy because they would not fit on anyone's head. Yes, people were smaller altogether back in the day!

  • Kori Cole
    Kori Cole

    “i’m gonna read and reread” cut to “blah blah blah, whatever. okay” 😂😂 i love you Brad

  • lyss

    back then they replaced the s with an f

  • Madison Ferguson
    Madison Ferguson

    It's bc back the u did not know how to read or right u were self taught if ur parents could not read

  • Logan Sweeten
    Logan Sweeten

    Listening to you reading the Long Form S as an f is hilariois.

  • Weronika

    that's just me reading books for college lmao 🤣

  • Katherine Pile
    Katherine Pile

    I think you did a great job! It's hard to believe people actually bothered to do this to their hair but I guess that's why they had other people doing it and why they had wigs! I know they did in the 19th century, not too sure of the 18th century but I'm sure they would of, they use to collect their old hair and used them as fillers and volume in their hairstyles

  • Marley Heilesen
    Marley Heilesen

    Omg I laughed the whole video. Hahaha 'twas beautiful.

  • Hallie May
    Hallie May

    More of these please! This was so fun!!

  • Lauren Laker
    Lauren Laker

    The ladies at American Duchess have a hair tutorial and they make peroid accurate pomade and hair powder (pro tip its not flour)

  • Amariah Johnson
    Amariah Johnson

    Quarantine is so boring

  • Amariah Johnson
    Amariah Johnson

    Heck yeah

  • Monican Lamppost
    Monican Lamppost

    Those f's are supposed to be pronounced like "s". No way that anyone would normally know this, but the pronunciation struggle is hilarious. Sorry! 😂

  • MonkeyFace716

    Why does the mannequin kind of look like Meredith grey from Greys Anatomy

  • mia

    as someone who studied old to middle english, i knew as soon as you said you were going to read it yourself that you were gonna get stuck on the letters 😭

  • keypenny53

    You cracked me up,... love this video !!! 😅🤣😂

  • Inés Pérez de la Torre
    Inés Pérez de la Torre

    0:00 HIT CHU WITH THAT DDU DU DDU DU DDU!!!! we Stan yes indeed ;)

  • Annabeth Chase
    Annabeth Chase

    Why are they replacing every letter with f

  • Isabelle Koncar
    Isabelle Koncar


  • Cassie Baird
    Cassie Baird

    A lot of the time these kinds of hairstyles were done on either full wigs or partial hairpieces. That way they could be taken off at the end of the day without wasting the hours of work that went into styling it. They were still nasty though lol.

  • Shasta Sapp
    Shasta Sapp

    All the s ended up being f knowing that and rereading it helped

  • Shauna Leigh Ferrier
    Shauna Leigh Ferrier

    Aww another blackpink Stan 🥺❤️

  • xOxO

    The first step gave the hair more volume

  • That Swampbender
    That Swampbender

    Jack that hair up to heaven!

  • Elaini

    Looks actually nice. But can you end up in a similar result with modern haircare products? I'm not the fan of heavily greasing hair with the pomade, clogging the scalp and reducing the shine in the process?

  • KpopKnitter

    Historical text is so hard to read because the letter “s” was represented by an “f” most of the time. I totally felt for Brad trying to read through this.

  • Fruit House
    Fruit House

    Leopsie is giving be mr.bean vibes.. and I love it 😂

  • Alexandria Sloop
    Alexandria Sloop

    Watching Brad read took me straight back to English lectures 😂😂😂

  • Leora Gregory
    Leora Gregory

    That actually looks pretty dang good. I think it's a bit of a modern twist but like, the whole silhouette is there and possibly something that could be seen back in the day?! Good job!

  • Danielle

    3.5 hours!?! Oh hell naw! Love this thanks B!

  • Sina Wonderful
    Sina Wonderful

    This was so entertaining to watch! I can’t even imagine how it really was (and felt, and smelled) in the 18th century.

  • Do I need a name And why
    Do I need a name And why

    Brad dancing gives me faith in humanity

  • Damaris Orozco
    Damaris Orozco

    "This is fun, try this at home guys"... says the hairdresser to non-hairdressers who at most have cut their own bangs and failed miserably. Or they forgot to put a clip on the razor and had to go bald when they only intended to trim their hair.

  • Noah Chang
    Noah Chang

    Brad... I hope u realized that all the f's that weren't supposed to be there were actually s's

  • Julia Payne
    Julia Payne

    f is always s in Olde English.

  • Rachel•_•B

    I think you mixed up 18th century with the 1980s😂

  • Faith Tanner
    Faith Tanner

    So the letters you are seeing that look like today's "F's" are actually "S's." There are specific rules on when they used the "Long S" (as they were called) which you can find by a quick google search lol. They were mostly used in books, not so much in handwriting, but yeah they're the letter S not F :)

  • Abby Hawkes
    Abby Hawkes

    I think some of the f's are pronounced as s's.

  • Kettlehewer

    It's so funny to me as an 18th century fanatic to see people discover the 'long S'...I'm dying

  • Beckie Treble
    Beckie Treble

    OMG, you did awesome! I love that hairstyle! I hope you do more hairstyles that were worn throughout the past. You should be proud. You did great! *high five*

  • Emily McLeod
    Emily McLeod

    I don’t know if they had clips back then but I do so screw them haha 😂

  • Sarah Houplon
    Sarah Houplon

    Okeeeyyyyy first of all : CAN WE TALK TWO SECONDS ABOUT HIS COBAIN SHIRT ? Thank you 😅🖤🤷‍♀️ and omg the way you read I laughed so much 😂😂😭😭

  • BakaNilhorn

    But why curl if you brusch it out anyways?

  • Luxeflex

    I think Loepsie is Dutch... So LOEP is pronounced like the English LOOP, it also means the same as a word, though loepsie means nothing else I think, it's just a name :P also I don't know why I'm commenting this video is a year old already :')

  • Alissa Fant
    Alissa Fant

    I was hoping for a reaction to the original at the end

  • Alissa Fant
    Alissa Fant

    when the f's are old lowercase s's. So much frustration would have been saved

  • Marissa Hoover
    Marissa Hoover

    They used f’s instead of s’s. So, fupoffed is supposed.

  • Sgt.Smitty123

    pretty damn good and relatively accurate for the lack of knowledge!

  • Amy Wailes
    Amy Wailes

    Bernadette Banner is on u tube and she does 18 century hair styles as well as cloths. Love her.

    • Amy Wailes
      Amy Wailes

      They use the old hair in some of their hair styles

    • Amy Wailes
      Amy Wailes

      The fancy hair was for parties not every day

  • Sonja Dover
    Sonja Dover

    Looking up how to give myself Hemparin shots. I saw this and yes it's break time.

  • Farida Aydayeva
    Farida Aydayeva

    14:08 Brad Mondo spills the tea for a minute straight

  • Vixen805

    Lol God i love you !!!!

  • Megan Hammaker
    Megan Hammaker

    BRAD MY FRIEND those were not f's 😭. Coming from a historian woth lots of experience reading documents, those were S's 😂😂😂

  • dreadthedays says
    dreadthedays says

    "Fuuuuuuuufed" (said with an o as in Food) is the word for giving the hair volume.

  • dreadthedays says
    dreadthedays says

    Covid 2020 Brad Binge Because Vicarious Self Love 💘

  • Kimberly Stewart
    Kimberly Stewart

    I was going to guess that you were doing Napoleon Dynamite dance but it's whatever you say it is

  • Mystical Graveknocker
    Mystical Graveknocker

    Where can I get your astronomy sparkle shirt?!

  • Jojo Luv Ya
    Jojo Luv Ya

    How many people could read then?

  • Raquelle Hurst
    Raquelle Hurst

    Wigs? Translation for professionalism?

  • Angie brown
    Angie brown

    He is so wholesome and adorable. I wish that there were more people like this in the world.

  • ebony

    Im actually in tears watching you read this 🤣😂

  • K M
    K M

    Question: What was the purpose in even curling the hair?

  • Emmarose Wagner
    Emmarose Wagner

    It sounds like me reading

  • Rachel Jenkins
    Rachel Jenkins

    Oh my gosh, I have laughed so hard and loved this video!

  • Shannia Julien
    Shannia Julien

    I want your desk

  • Liana Galati
    Liana Galati

    You had to change the letter F to an S in the words

  • Trish Maybery
    Trish Maybery

    "f" is "S"

  • cookie monster
    cookie monster

    I know someone with that shirt

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