I Tried Wedding Dresses Through History
Safiya Nygaard
Hello friends! So as some of you may know, I am engaged, betrothed, and affianced - and so I hereby introduce you to part 1 of our 4 part wedding video series! Being the fashion history enthusiast that I am, I decided to do a little exploration into wedding dresses through history and try on 5 authentic vintage wedding dresses (with era-appropriate hairstyling, makeup, and bouquets to boot!) - ranging from the Victorian Era to the 1980s! Which look was your favorite?
Cici Andersen
Olivia Hines
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard

    HELLO FRIENDS! so sorry for the delay here, there has been ~a lot~ going on! Here I present to you part 1 of our 4-part wedding series :) I hope you enjoy! Which look was your favorite?

    • blem

      literally every single one

    • Lisa-Marie Gray
      Lisa-Marie Gray

      20's. I would totally wear that. Beautiful.

    • Carys Wilson
      Carys Wilson

      @Mia woe well hope you do good

    • Mia

      I'm writing an essay about how current events in history affected women's fashion. I get to watch Saf's fashion history videos as a bit of studying :)))

    • Carys Wilson
      Carys Wilson

      Definitely 60's

  • Callum Footitt
    Callum Footitt

    I really enjoy these historical fassion educational type videos

  • Reina Thao
    Reina Thao

    I love everything about the 1980s look.

  • Reina Thao
    Reina Thao

    I don't know what to say about the 1980 look. But I really like the bouquet the most.

  • Reina Thao
    Reina Thao

    It looks great on raquelle but it's okay for you.

  • Reina Thao
    Reina Thao

    I'm not trying to hate but. There are so many things wrong about the 1960 look. The only think I like is the make up and pink flower bouquet.

  • Reina Thao
    Reina Thao

    Pffft how does the 1960 dress count as a wedding dress. O honey the hair! the big hair has to go!

  • Reina Thao
    Reina Thao

    Say what! The rationing sounds weird.

  • Reina Thao
    Reina Thao

    Say what?....pointy boobs?

  • Reina Thao
    Reina Thao

    I love the make up.

  • Reina Thao
    Reina Thao

    The hair is fine.

  • Reina Thao
    Reina Thao

    Shoes too.

  • Reina Thao
    Reina Thao

    When I see the short haired-trident veil wedding dress look on you. When posing I'm reminded of petunia dursley.

  • Amber Paterson
    Amber Paterson

    I like the 1920s one

  • Eliza Andersen
    Eliza Andersen

    17:59 Why am I getting Ariana Grande vibes

  • Gemma Schicker
    Gemma Schicker

    I am literally wearing a Dunder Mifflin paper company shirt 😂🤪

  • Anita Ahr
    Anita Ahr

    u mentioned the long island sound🥺

  • cangse sanren
    cangse sanren

    Wish that Edwardian gown were smoothed out by the pigeon breast undergarment.

  • Scarlett Benker
    Scarlett Benker

    Safiya:"there's nothing wrong with mullet vibes" Brad Mondo: YAAAAAAASSSSS

  • Vaachi Agarwal
    Vaachi Agarwal

    Pls wear a Indian wedding dress

  • I Am Truly Greg
    I Am Truly Greg

    Idk when my mom got married but she had like a normal dress. It was pink and purple but she still looked gorgeous. Luv you mom😘😘

  • Noémie Claire
    Noémie Claire

    I just want to point out that a "2010's frame" isn't really a thing... Throughout history, women had different sizes, from very skinny and petite to larger or taller silhouettes. Oftentimes, we tend to believe that all women were skinnier at the time, but here are a couple of things to consider: - Malnourishment: many women were skinny not because their bodies were different from ours, but because they just hadn't enough to eat... - Undergarments and dress-making : Though she looks gorgeous, Safiya isn't wearing a historically accurate 1890's gown, obviously. At the time, it could even have been constructed from several pieces, like a skirt, a bodice and a train. And we mustn't forget the all important undergarments! A chemise and drawers or a pair of combinations, a corset, a corset cover, a bustle pad and at least one petticoat. The corset and the pad were what created the silhouette! The corset was never a torture device: almost no one laced it tightly, it was used for support, like a modern day bra, and merely moved the belly fat around to create the fashionable shape, without having to squish you uncomfortably. You can see in the video that Safiya doesn't achieve the 1890's silhouette with just the gown. That is because Victorians andEdwardians were masters of disguise and proportion. The corset reduces your waist, but the illusion is enhanced by the bustle pad and some cunning padding in the chest and shoulders area. So it's not a problem of not having the right body, it's just that obviously Safiya didn't have the time/budget/whatever to construct an accurate look! And I totally respect that, she also had 4 other looks to do! - The last reason is media and representation: on the fashion plates and in the fashion pictures of the era, you just don't see larger women. They advertise the clothing and fashionable silhouettes with skinny models, because that's what people at the time wanted to see. Nowadays we have plus size models, but we have come a long way! So hey were out there, but just not represented... Please note that I'm not trying to roast or belittle the work that Safiya has done, she is wonderful, looks gorgeous and is one of the few youtubers who do a great job at fashion history when it's not their entire channel! I am just bringing more info and trying to bust some myths...

  • What's Inside
    What's Inside

    I thought that rice was cheese

  • Reina Nijinsky
    Reina Nijinsky

    Women used corsets during 18th cen. Looks like u skipped that step

  • Amelie Sides
    Amelie Sides

    no mater what i think we can all agree that sofia looked good in all the wedding dresses

  • Vinay and Jennifer D'Souza
    Vinay and Jennifer D'Souza

    Are they real

  • Pêebž -
    Pêebž -

    I just noticed my moms from the 1970’s HOLY CRAP

  • Victor Salgado
    Victor Salgado

    It's also curious that in spanish, "handcuffs" is "esposas" (Wives). This fashion videos should also have the men's version of them, because it also changed, not as drasticaly as women's, but still a lot to make it interesting.

  • Emily Hare
    Emily Hare

    Love this. Though I WIIIISH you'd gone full corseted for the first one!

  • Vega_ E
    Vega_ E

    I remember when I was in scholehoml (idk how it’s spelled or if it was there) and I wore a Victorian dress, I.loved.it

  • Antonia M
    Antonia M

    Love it all you look good.

  • Libby Berman
    Libby Berman

    Thos is very cool. I wish I could try them on with you. I hope you and your fiance are very happy.

  • jbzhummerh2gamer

    Would you consider doing a video of wedding dresses from around the world? That reminds me of the video you did with Buzzfeed for Wedding Dresses from across Asia. vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-DVahZ5NaxCo.html

  • Craig Davis
    Craig Davis

    "Its fine im fine" you're relly happy at first then its WTF AND WHEN THE F AM I GANNA GET THIS OH NO I NEED THIS CAN WE EVEN GET THIS AHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Mallory McAllister
    Mallory McAllister

    ok the first thing I noticed on the 60s dress was she looked like my 3rd grade teacher

  • Katelyn Keenan
    Katelyn Keenan

    the roarin 20s turned into the roni 20s lmao

  • BeesandFinches

    As much as I love the effort put into this video, I do wish that Saf had the proper undergarments for the dresses... the Victorian gown would have looked so good with a stay or corset...

  • Molly Mooster
    Molly Mooster

    Hitler= Donald Trump

  • Rachel [ R ]
    Rachel [ R ]

    Y'all discussing your mothers insane dresses and then there is my mom who got married in early 2000s with an a-line white/ ivory dress.

  • Maureen P
    Maureen P

    The concept of 1940s wedding dresses being designed for speed is so adorable.

  • David Kirk
    David Kirk

    Gay reacts: Number 1 - Gorgeous. God that material looks good but uncomfortable before the age of air conditioning. Austerity and extravagance make oddly easy friends. Number 2 - It's amazing that so much less can be so much more dynamic. Gloria Swanson once received an alarmingly large bouquet of orchids, which you would think she would love. Apparently she felt it was putting too much cash and ostentation into something she preferred to be intimate and simple. A similar concept as this bouquet exists in the Texas tradition of mums, gigantic and hugely expensive bouquets given to girls by their prom date. Number 3 - We always think of red lips as an eternal fixture in a woman's appearance, especially if you're not a woman yourself. I think it's interesting that roughly 1 in 10 women are not reporting that they wear lipstick with whatever frequency that survey indicated. I have to wonder how other shades might have embedded themselves in our culture. The most obvious lip reference to me is Salvador Dali's Mae West room, which has a lip sofa that *feels* incredibly vivid, but was actually a bit muted. Number 4 - This is the woman that tried to take down Lady Bunny with a broken hat rack in '62, miss Crystal Labeija herself. Hot off the set with Dick Cavett. The use of texture actually kind of takes me back to Number 1. I love the 'tude of your stylist. Number 5 - Holy cow those lilies. Like holding fire. On board with the rhinestones. Probably the most outstanding feature to be was the presence of "retro". I'm left wondering when retro became mainstream. I definitely heard people use the term a lot more in the 90's which, looking back was used in reference to people observing styles that were about as far back as my own adolescence is now. I have to wonder how many retro faux pas were really just people that weren't washed ashore into the present day and hung out on 70's island. At the tiki bar.

  • Maran White
    Maran White

    Love the subtle Office jokes

  • sam dabboi
    sam dabboi

    Are you going to do 19th century

  • Karkat -
    Karkat -

    I love how she looked good but the corset would've made then 1890's dress 100× better since her natural silhouette is seemingly kinda 1920's not very curvy like the 1890's or 19th century in general

  • Leslie Owens
    Leslie Owens

    Wow the 40s dress really suits you. So pretty. I bought a dress like the 80s dress in 1999 for my wedding at 200 😝it looked alright on me though, I couldn’t breathe 😳

  • KitKat

    DUDE! The dress my Nana (great grandma) wore to my parents wedding looks a lot like the 40's dress! also, my family is really major in the dance world and one of the west coast swing champions, a guy named Ben Morris (he's an amazing dancer and all around great guy), used to do lindy and I gotta say, it's looks both really cool and very tiring the one time I watched him do it in person. so unless you've got a lot of stamina and strong legs for bouncing around I wouldn't recommend it XD!

  • Meagan Pedersen
    Meagan Pedersen

    "It's the circle of sheep butt." 😂🤣😆

  • Isbella Brock
    Isbella Brock

    Hi Safiya I’m Isbella Brock I live in Hawaii with my trap house family their names are Sam. And Colby and Corey and Jake and Amber and me

  • Mark Sitts
    Mark Sitts

    The 1890 dress must've been the dress Clara Clayton wore when she married Doc Brown.

  • Molly Cushman
    Molly Cushman

    who else now wants to see the franken michels??!!!

  • colette coates
    colette coates

    Loved this video!! I got married in 1985 & yup I had the head piece with beads hanging. I was a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding in 1984 & we had the lace front & the big mutton sleeves!! Wow!!

  • Anna Hart
    Anna Hart

    .I have to say, 80s wedding dresses usually just make me laugh, but..it actually looks pretty darn good on you?! The shape is bangin' and the whole "head dress" situation? Yup, cool. Just cool!

  • Anna Hart
    Anna Hart

    You look S T U N N I N G in the 40s dress!!!!!! That dress cut fits you like a glove, gives you aaaall the enviable snatchy curve and is utterly vavavooooooom🔥💥⚡️💫😍😍😍😍😍

  • Angela Lengoloi van Rooyen
    Angela Lengoloi van Rooyen

    When you said "It's not a problem anymore", I heard and saw Cristine's version in my mind. (iT's NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe!)

  • chuchay 0338
    chuchay 0338

    Me who watches hyram Saf made a homade toner with a lemon

  • Levi Victor-scott
    Levi Victor-scott

    The second dress looked like Lele pons in escape the night season 1

  • Baybee AR
    Baybee AR

    18:10 All I could think about is Amy Winehouse🕊

  • Tiana Ramsey
    Tiana Ramsey

    i liked the second dress

    • Tiana Ramsey
      Tiana Ramsey

      and the third

  • Maddy Gibino
    Maddy Gibino

    Would definitely wear a 1920s style dress for my wedding. No waistline? Yes please!

  • Soe Diamantis
    Soe Diamantis

    My mother wore a cream coloured silk slip dress which still looks modern today

  • Opera Nerd
    Opera Nerd

    I would’ve loved to see you in an 1830s wedding dress with the big poofy sleeves and wide skirt🖤

  • A W
    A W

    I tried to make the same kind of 1920's headpiece from a coat hanger and layers of satin mod-podged onto the frame. It was soooooo heavy. If y'all are considering it, cut the shape out of heavy interfacing fabric and then cover it with fabric and attach it to a headband or combs.

  • Mahida Shah
    Mahida Shah

    Sarita are you a Muslim

  • Natalie Rose
    Natalie Rose

    Gosh, your 1940s look was absolutely stunning.

  • messymilkmovies

    Safiya looked amazing in that 1940's dress

  • I'm a heck
    I'm a heck

    The 60s look looked SO Kacey Musgraves

  • sxnfIowerss

    hey it’s the roaring 20s again

  • Swifty Plays
    Swifty Plays

    She is always serving beauty nad brains

  • Laura Styhm Koch
    Laura Styhm Koch

    Tyler only likes the karate kid veil because he's in love with you and because Tyler is just Tyler, but my point still stands

  • JGirl

    A moment of silence for the world’s biggest simp, Tyler

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