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  • Peanuts 101
    Peanuts 101

    10:54 omfg did anyone see the Canadian flag 🇨🇦 Canadian Squad where u at 🇨🇦

  • Lauren Buchert
    Lauren Buchert

    10:55 did you see the Canada flag it was SO WIERD

  • Lil Fargs
    Lil Fargs

    9:30 George is quaking

  • Lisa Isa
    Lisa Isa

    Loved it

  • Misbah Shaikh
    Misbah Shaikh

    This is like the most favourite video of Emma 😂❤

  • PrankTube

    What is the song at 4:20 please ?!!!???

  • Awesomebaker20

    You should make a video where you don’t cuss for 24 hours

  • adela mae
    adela mae

    I thought you were gonna be on the catwalk

  • Mariangela Cedrone
    Mariangela Cedrone

    This is one of her best vlogs imo

  • Julianna Gallegos
    Julianna Gallegos

    15:31 Emma looks like a roblox character😳😂

  • YT Luigi26
    YT Luigi26

    Shut up and stay

  • Zachary Tolksdorf
    Zachary Tolksdorf

    Emma Every week is fashion week. 😊

  • Ryry Castardo
    Ryry Castardo

    I watched this video a year ago. And I watched it again just now and I just realized that her make up artist was Patrick Ta. GIGI HADID'S MAKE UP ARTIST!!!

  • kids potter
    kids potter

    emma: can’t close her suitcase also emma: buy coats who takes way too much space

  • lps Spell
    lps Spell

    or just put makeup lol🤣😂😅😑hehe...ummm yeah

  • Zr R
    Zr R

    There's a lot of mirrors in the room. Shane Dawson would hate this place. Edit: ok I know there is only 5 likes but thank you so much because the only likes I get is my own like. So thank you

  • Ivys world Ya
    Ivys world Ya

    “Slept for 8 hours and the other two..” BOY! LAMO 8 + 2 not eleven

  • William Moore
    William Moore


  • Madison Fogle
    Madison Fogle

    Ok is no one talking about how emma was in the same hotel the movie "Taken" was shot in.........

  • sergioh’s

    What about the doorknobs?

  • Kaitlynn Roehrs
    Kaitlynn Roehrs

    when i’m sad i immediately come here. i’ll watch all of your videos twice. idc

  • Kylah MacKenzie
    Kylah MacKenzie

    y’all can anyone give me a link to the yellow jacket?? (@ 11:50)

  • Ruby Finch
    Ruby Finch

    Love you too x

  • Ruby Finch
    Ruby Finch

    Emma: the most beautiful girl in the world x

  • Naqi Shandro
    Naqi Shandro


  • adxctive

    Ok Emma says how ugly she looks but she’s so freaking pretty omg

  • Aliejha Cullick
    Aliejha Cullick

    omg she looks soooo good in aquamarine and periwinkle

  • Mark Pang
    Mark Pang


  • Daniella Alves Conesa
    Daniella Alves Conesa

    Hahaha Emma, I’m following you for like 10min and I already love u!! You’re absolutely hilarious and so authentic

  • Woo Woo
    Woo Woo

    Aww Emma you looked beautiful 😢

  • Gavin Canty
    Gavin Canty

    Ireland is the only way kid

  • Grace Johnson
    Grace Johnson

    i fucking love you

  • Solar Flare
    Solar Flare

    When it’s so good you can’t speak English

  • Kelsey Vikemyr
    Kelsey Vikemyr

    can someone pls tell me what kind of shoes shes wearing at 2:26

  • Stephanie Eggers
    Stephanie Eggers

    She looks like kendall Jenner when she's glam

  • Cami Morgan
    Cami Morgan

    Emma: “Lets go to Paris” Me: *cries*

  • da coconut nut
    da coconut nut

    13:00 Am i the only one trying to figure out what she is singing? ...like i cant be the only one

  • Dwight Shrute
    Dwight Shrute

    So proud ever since this she’s got so many big brands like Calvin holliester and others

  • Ananya Asthana
    Ananya Asthana

    Emma: i like to save things like getting nails done for special occasions cause I'm busy Also Emma: *gets her nails done in literally every video*

  • ashlen fuller
    ashlen fuller

    back in September 2019, PROUD OF U

  • Universe of Secrets
    Universe of Secrets

    ”i haven't had good hot coffee since 99” 😂😂

  • Hannah Elisabeth
    Hannah Elisabeth

    This summer I flew to America for the second time (with my family to our relatives) and with a stopover you need from Munich almost a whole day (24 hours) because of time change. This year I could not sleep in flight so I was about +10 hours awake.

  • J Ö R G E N
    J Ö R G E N

    “I was on the plane for 11 hours I slept for like 8 And the remaining 2...” GURL MATH

  • Emm

    Why do Americans travel so little😂🙈 How had Emma never been to Europe other than Ireland?

    • Emm

      - and I oop you just proved my point lol. A lot of Americans don’t appreciate the rest of the world and other countries and cultures since they think the world revolves around them 😊

    • - and I oop
      - and I oop

      Why travel to Europe when America have New York City, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Malibu, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Awesome Museums etc. hOw WAs eMmA NEvEr bEEn tO euRopE 🤡

  • Emily Toris
    Emily Toris


  • Bilberry Story Sketches
    Bilberry Story Sketches

    learn how to draw sketches step by step plz subscribe (vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-k8zyKAabr8A.html)

  • ohwellwhateverr

    They use French in France??!

  • Nerisha Vollweiler
    Nerisha Vollweiler

    Emma : I haven’t had good hot coffee since ‘99 - wasn’t even alive in 99 😂😂

    • Adriana W.
      Adriana W.

      Nerisha Vollweiler because she never had good hot coffee lmao

  • Marcus Feynman
    Marcus Feynman

    Apparently putting ice in drinks is an American phenomenon, from what I heard.

  • brianna merrill
    brianna merrill

    their food was probably fresh and not full or preservatives

  • mika duffy
    mika duffy

    “the best pajama pants are men’s briefs” never heard a truer statement in my life. currently laying down in bed with my husbands underwear on🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Tiera

      I was looking for this comment 😂😂 so true

  • Hoyt Pelham
    Hoyt Pelham

    I watched beautiful boy on the plane too in February

  • Angela Wood
    Angela Wood

    Why so much swearing young girls watch this i mean come on

  • Aviva Pellman
    Aviva Pellman

    Cut the hair

  • Nicole Wang
    Nicole Wang


  • Flow

    emma: this is iced coffee with no ice dont ask me how fridge:what did i do to you?

  • Breezy Chronicles
    Breezy Chronicles

    Am I the only one who realized when Emma was closing her suitcase Napa was laying there

  • Hannah Silver-King
    Hannah Silver-King

    Going to france to buy only massive american brands.......what a fucking waste

  • Eibhleann M
    Eibhleann M

    At 18:05 she gave me some Natasha Romanoff vibes

  • Eibhleann M
    Eibhleann M

    Can’t close her suitcase before she leaves then buys like 50 items of clothing in Paris, how is she going to close her suitcase this time

  • Tia Bain
    Tia Bain

    cut your hair like her periodttttttt

  • Molly Sheridan
    Molly Sheridan

    I'm from F**cking IRELAND!!!

  • Victoria _thg_
    Victoria _thg_

    Every time she was like « wow » I was like girl it’s Paris I feel proud to be French 😂

  • Caitlin

    Did u saw ladybug ?

  • Jillianne Doan
    Jillianne Doan


  • Oopsie Daisy
    Oopsie Daisy

    I just watched the first time u ever ate a mint leaf in a different video lol

  • Dora Tsaga
    Dora Tsaga

    3:20 Also emma: I just cant get rid of backnee Lol

  • Bella Cook
    Bella Cook

    bro this is why me and my bestie do youtube for fun subscribe to The Sunnies Kid 1:18 is gonna be me one day man. thanks emma for starting youtube bc your such a mood, wtf am i saying

  • Iceyy Eli
    Iceyy Eli

    3:26 3 hours emma not 2, 3

  • Kandy _kun
    Kandy _kun

    She said the flight was 11 hours and she slept for 8 hours and watched a movie for a last 2 hours 8+2=10 Lol

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