Iggy Azalea, Alice Chater - Lola (Official Video)
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Official Music video by Iggy Azalea, Alice Chater performing "Lola" (Official Video) © 2019 Bad Dreams Records / EMPIRE

  • Iggy Azalea
    Iggy Azalea

    I’ll be online at 10:30pm EST to watch the premiere with you all ! We’re gonna have some fun! Comment below with your questions about the video 😊

    • diego arriagada
      diego arriagada

      Love yah queen

    • Thái Tâm Phạm Vũ
      Thái Tâm Phạm Vũ


    • Riddhi Parashar
      Riddhi Parashar

      I’d love to meet you up someday, love ya lots. 💝

    • אאלכס אאילייב
      אאלכס אאילייב

      ניקי חיים שלי את!!

    • AX WILMER999
      AX WILMER999

      Comment 500

  • FrFrFr

    Yooooo Divas

  • William Rare
    William Rare

    Smokin rockin green dress like the sunshine

  • William Rare
    William Rare

    Iggy that song tap in !!!! vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-jUIrolORx6M.html Is all you babe- it would of been hot as fire if you did it!!

  • Matias Espinoza
    Matias Espinoza

    Wait, is this not a hit yet? 😣so bad

  • Bob The Great Reee
    Bob The Great Reee

    Who else thought this was a cover of Lola by the kinks

  • Matias Espinoza
    Matias Espinoza

    This is better than "I like it"

  • Matias Espinoza
    Matias Espinoza

    The reality that Iggy knew we'd have to occupy masks before the conoravirus came. 😥 😲 #IggyPredictions

  • Matias Espinoza
    Matias Espinoza

    The fact that Iggy knew mask before conora!

  • Carlos Cuesta Acero
    Carlos Cuesta Acero

    The beginning is like Americano by Lady Gaga 😱😱😱 vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-fHGKG9dyTKI.html

    • Nikki Natural Fan
      Nikki Natural Fan


  • den ten
    den ten

    1:44 Somewhere a baby boy is crying and calling for her mother's tit.

  • Olivier Boucher
    Olivier Boucher

    Elles ont volées une beats à une chansons françaises

  • Skinny Versace
    Skinny Versace

    Fr tho you guys need to Colab more, this is too good

    • Nikki Natural Fan
      Nikki Natural Fan

      They are❤️

  • jake patte
    jake patte

    That yellow dress looking like an eaten corn on the cob

  • Th'kaal

    This is not Lola. Lola was a crossdresser from North Soho.

    • Th'kaal

      @ʏᴜʜ ʏᴜʜ yes, by the kinks.

    • ʏᴜʜ ʏᴜʜ
      ʏᴜʜ ʏᴜʜ

      This is a song....

  • Mathew Cyrus
    Mathew Cyrus

    Not sure why this song is underrated. This deserves 1billion plus views

  • Dankku the dj
    Dankku the dj

    I like the video:D

  • Yso Srs
    Yso Srs

    This is horrible

    • ʏᴜʜ ʏᴜʜ
      ʏᴜʜ ʏᴜʜ

      Yet it has 34 million views and 697k likes 😘😍

  • Ba Tur
    Ba Tur

    Imagine zayn malik sang alice chaters part...

  • Nikita Goel
    Nikita Goel

    the one who flew over cuckoo's nest all over! love the song!

  • Raikiri

    She should be like a pop star not a rapper She gets a lot of ‘unnecessary hate’

    • Vong Koma
      Vong Koma

      But I think she can only rap not for singing

  • Andrés Antolin
    Andrés Antolin


  • Skinny Versace
    Skinny Versace

    Please do more colabs with Alice chater

  • Skinny Versace
    Skinny Versace

    Listening to this on repeat

  • Skinny Versace
    Skinny Versace

    She's better than cardi b

    • Nikki Natural Fan
      Nikki Natural Fan


  • candy

    hey am i the only one who saw a bit of nicky and then a little bit of cardi in this song in terms of their unique styles of rapping

    • Nikki Natural Fan
      Nikki Natural Fan

      Bye hater

  • Alejandro Serpas
    Alejandro Serpas

    Hola pregunta soy el unico latino en el grupo

  • Anon Andrew
    Anon Andrew

    Cultural appropriation! BLM!

  • Star Star
    Star Star

    let's go 50M

  • Sky vids
    Sky vids

    This music video deserves a huge hit

  • Nathan Azalean
    Nathan Azalean

    Sis was 5 months pregnant doing the damn thanggg!!

  • H C
    H C

    She’s ugly, blonde, plastic, fake and Australian. Who listens to this crap? White girls can’t rap. Australians are corny.

    • Nikki Natural Fan
      Nikki Natural Fan

      Armando Centeno exactly

    • Vong Koma
      Vong Koma

      Who listens to this crap? But why are u here?

    • Armando Centeno
      Armando Centeno

      Get a fuck off bitch, don't come here to let your bulshit, get a life

  • Djodjara

    So, when Cardi B used "I Like It Like That" song that was okay with you, but when Iggy samples "Mambo Italiano" only I can see is hateful comments. A little hypocrite, don't you think?

    • Matias Espinoza
      Matias Espinoza


    • Nikki Natural Fan
      Nikki Natural Fan


  • thelucie flower
    thelucie flower

    If she was really smart she would produce her music using other artists. She could make alot more money that way. Just take herself out of the picture.

    • Nikki Natural Fan
      Nikki Natural Fan

      thelucie flower oh. Well Iggy is just fine with rapping. She still gets millions of views

    • thelucie flower
      thelucie flower

      @Nikki Natural Fan possibly. The statement was just in the context of a documentary I just watched about Dr Dre. When he stopped succeeding with records, he found other avenues. I love Iggy and it's sad she doesn't get the recognition she deserves.

    • Nikki Natural Fan
      Nikki Natural Fan

      Are you slow

  • Hassan Essam
    Hassan Essam

    iggy azalea🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 playboi carti ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ change my mind

    • Nikki Natural Fan
      Nikki Natural Fan


  • Le-Le Shields
    Le-Le Shields

    so is Iggy LOla and thats her friends

  • Samisgreat2077

    Oh this isn’t the kinks

  • The Mood
    The Mood

    Iggy Is the next Nicki...Cardi B could never #teamiggyandnicki

  • K'yhanna Lennard
    K'yhanna Lennard

    You follow CARDI B with the first part that's why your video look so domn

    • Nikki Natural Fan
      Nikki Natural Fan

      Nope. Mambo italiano


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  • Joel Brandao
    Joel Brandao

    Um hit desperdiçado!

  • jordan licup
    jordan licup

    What does LOLA mean in this context?


    Why the fake accent tho I HAVE to ask I was hoping u lot would know


      @Odell Dixon ok. Follow up question, why doe she sound completely Australian when talking, but not at all when rapping?

    • Odell Dixon
      Odell Dixon

      SKG NATION that accent comes from the south and she live down south

  • Scherrod Garrett
    Scherrod Garrett

    Iggy yooo yo iggy lets goooooooo

  • Scherrod Garrett
    Scherrod Garrett

    I love this

  • Vlad Ermakov2
    Vlad Ermakov2

    author copied mambo Italiano song 1967

  • Fernando Olivares
    Fernando Olivares


  • zhulda fida faisal
    zhulda fida faisal

    Queen maco

  • SaBa

    Original ,mambo italiano' have more view :))

  • Skinny Versace
    Skinny Versace

    My new favourite song😭

  • Matias Espinoza
    Matias Espinoza

    People 51 years old supporting Iggy. Love it. 😍

  • Spoiled_ Kid
    Spoiled_ Kid

    Why do I feel like Sally walker, started, and lola is all together somehow

  • Mike Prado
    Mike Prado

    I'm here for the 51-year-old man who thanks Iggy for this song. Youre special Iggy.

  • Rye

    Hey mambo mambo Italiano lol Anyone else?

  • Jose Andres Alvarez
    Jose Andres Alvarez

    This song is so good!!

  • Lola Hill
    Lola Hill

    I love this song

  • Anthony Tejada Jr
    Anthony Tejada Jr

    Iggy predicted the future. The nurses wearing masks, sitting 6 feet apart. Genius. Also yeah she wrote and directed this so she definitely is still with it and talented. . People seem to forget she still is the only rapper ( along with Lizzo) to have a number 1 rap song on the Billboard Hot 100. Numbers don’t lie. Iggy is eating just fine and she will have another number 1. Calling it.

    • Nikki Natural Fan
      Nikki Natural Fan


  • kim Gah
    kim Gah

    They could I have done the Beyoncé and Shakira beautiful liar thing they look similar like they did BUT, unfortunately Iggy Azelea is 6,5’ and 200lbs so it’s harder to pull off

  • pokem poké
    pokem poké

    This Song Is a lot's like that vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-s3Nr-FoA9Ps.html

  • Emir çan
    Emir çan


  • Alice the Universe's Witch
    Alice the Universe's Witch

    I said I like it like that

  • E.M S.
    E.M S.

    0:41 covid-19



  • Sanjana Reddy
    Sanjana Reddy


  • elchasai

    I think Iggy Azalea was unfairly targeted by so many people, that it has kind of buried her in the market, but I think shes on a come back

  • lesley mbuyi kayembe
    lesley mbuyi kayembe

    I Love this song I diny know why ppl say Iggy crap Like she ticked all the box's to make it in the music industry's She's too good at what she doing

  • Big Bad Wolve Palma Sleepy 1
    Big Bad Wolve Palma Sleepy 1

    Iggy should get air time, not sure why radio stations play the same damn songs until you hate them

  • Vong Koma
    Vong Koma

    I’m done with the views.

  • Janeva Arnett
    Janeva Arnett

    i luv iggy but at 0:47 she looks like when u finish eating all the corn of the cob but anyways Luv ur songs

  • Kandy Lyons
    Kandy Lyons

    OMG I miss you Iggy!!!

  • Terrorn Sd
    Terrorn Sd


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