• Yurik Hunt
    Yurik Hunt

    Listen at 1.25x speed. Sounds amazing😍

  • Xenoslyce

    Pop rocks type beat ⛰️💥

  • Xenoslyce

    Tyler: Ayo fam what you thinking Tyler: La Croix battery acid type beat

  • lets get 5,000 subs with no video
    lets get 5,000 subs with no video

    This is some serious mysterious shit

  • Alarra Günebakan
    Alarra Günebakan

    He look like very smart

  • ZG

    It's so lit hearing this live

  • DASH99ER

    0:00-0:23 Is what static should sound like

  • Owen Taylor
    Owen Taylor

    Tyler’s music gives of something that I felt in my childhood (2000s) that I can’t explain

  • WoW

    0:00-0:23 when that shit is mysterious


    Wow the beat reminds me of Gorillaz new genius :)

  • Jackson Bridges
    Jackson Bridges

    I found Tyler the creator a year ago my first album was Igor I listened to over 50 last summer and I decided to listen to bastard and know I can’t skip a day without listening to Anser, Session, Fu**ing young, IFHY, Colossus, Nightmere, I think. And more thank you Tyler

  • ice

    0:00 - 0:23 when you are heating the hot pockets in the microwave

  • I Eat Garbage
    I Eat Garbage

    Yo did he sample fucking young at the end?

    • I Eat Garbage
      I Eat Garbage


  • Hans Javis
    Hans Javis

    Dr Octagon needs a feature on this shit.

  • Eijk de Mol van Otterloo
    Eijk de Mol van Otterloo

    Everyone talking about the first 23 seconds, but can we all appreciate the drop at 2:53, geez🤤

    • Cleg Loufoua
      Cleg Loufoua

      Eijk de Mol van Otterloo You here for the real shit my guy 😏

  • Anthony Petrill
    Anthony Petrill

    Sorry I don’t speak microwave

  • DyreTheMaker

    I feel like this song is displaying the creation the universe, think about it. At the beginning there's nothing, then out of nowhere there's a UH, then there's a bunch of what's, I think that's supposed to be something about random things happening, afterwards u could hear a him saying "heaven". Then there's some random lyrics, Then as it get closer to the end everything in the song starts to settle in, BUt HeY tHAts JuST a ThEOrY a (VN-my comment) ThEORY

  • arachnaut

    1:22 oh yeah mr krabs

  • PickleBanjo

    0:00 - 0:23 sounds like how it feels when you rub your eyes too hard

  • Nabil 韻域カ
    Nabil 韻域カ

    mcdonalds sprite september?

  • Dee-Dee Evans
    Dee-Dee Evans

    If you told me last year that in 2019 I would get Lil Uzi and Kali Uchis on a track by Tyler the creator I would of laughed in ya face wtf I can die happy now

  • Yu Toob
    Yu Toob

    Y’all didn’t know Uzi is on the hook

    • Ezra M. Gyllenborg
      Ezra M. Gyllenborg

      Trusts me everyone knows.

  • عبدالعزيز العنزي
    عبدالعزيز العنزي

    Literally I can’t stop listening to this since this track released! I think this is the best music I’ve ever heard.

  • Isardella

    Fuck this bullshit. Guys STREAM Bandana and Ginger🤟🏼💪🏼

    • Sshoestring63

      fuck you

  • the man of beans
    the man of beans

    bruh lil uzi's real name is symere woods

  • Ur mom lol
    Ur mom lol

    This shit sucks

  • jblvsYT

    Yeah so I refused to listen to this album....still kinda eh about it...it's chill but weird af

  • Igor Carvalho
    Igor Carvalho

    Thanks bro

  • trapper lozano
    trapper lozano

    0:00- 0:23 sounds like McDonald’s sprite

  • That Gurl Diamond DD
    That Gurl Diamond DD

    The violin make me feel like line dancing or riding a horse threw a galley or riding bike with head phones in .

  • Jk Johns
    Jk Johns

    Hey Tyler.... u suck!! Lol

  • GMB creates
    GMB creates

    How it feels to chew 5 gum 0:00

  • Amber Heera
    Amber Heera

    This sounds like bass boosted TV static

  • Brandan Hickman
    Brandan Hickman

    Imagine 3:10 if you were high 😬

  • max rondo*!
    max rondo*!


  • jayzplayz games
    jayzplayz games

    I'm on the bus, might as well enjoy it.

  • calebstanford9

    My mans really sang over a Commodore 64

  • Prince BNard
    Prince BNard

    Sounds perfect for NBA 2K 2020

  • Bangtan Boys
    Bangtan Boys

    Okay but have y’all listened to this with earbuds in, all lights off, alone in your room? Shits so beautiful lmaoo

  • Samirah Muhammad
    Samirah Muhammad

    0:00 0:23 sounds like sleep paralysis sounds like

  • Eco419

    Got my eyes open

  • Rosie Agario
    Rosie Agario

    why the bug zappers keep going off

  • Klanexx _
    Klanexx _

    0:00-0:23 sounds like one of those huge fans

  • AnTbEgAmInG97

    Fall gone be 🔥

  • Mixed.Specimen

    Rapping over a toaster my god *so fresh* Also Tyler kills it with the singing god dang

  • zucky

    the beginning said keeping soda on your tongue for too long

  • S. R.N
    S. R.N

    Who watches this and thinks about Tyler’s moving in the video

  • iiMugShark

    August 2019 still one of the greatest of the year

    • Kay J.
      Kay J.

      iiMugShark I never really paid any attention to Tyler until now I thought he was weird lol

  • KXL Squad
    KXL Squad

    Who else wearing AirPods and hear the crackling

  • Erica Simmons
    Erica Simmons

    That break at around 2:15 gives me nostalgic grand theft auto 3 vibes 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥

    • Nute202

      Erica Simmons Wow it does

  • HunteronX

    Send this to Jamiroquai

  • Rob a
    Rob a

    Tyler really rapped over a opening bootle of sparkling water

  • Gio P
    Gio P

    0:00-0:23 is what standing up too fast feels like

  • Caelen Rene Cropper
    Caelen Rene Cropper

    I feel like my headphones are biting my ears

  • Sans Zockt
    Sans Zockt

    3:10 what is that sound that goes till the end? It's really familiar


    0:00 - 0:23 my microwave be like

  • c0nstantine

    2:09 - ending 🔥

  • thhrj dh
    thhrj dh

    Not no mysterious shit

  • Spuzz

    👁 👁 /\ 👄

  • Kuma Coin
    Kuma Coin

    2:44 the sound of pure revelation and realization of what you need to do

  • rockdamost

    vinyl 1st. - vinyl 1st - vinyl 1st. - Tyler 4 Pres

  • Chris Heyward
    Chris Heyward

    This is the best song Uzi ever been on

  • Chris Heyward
    Chris Heyward

    I can't be the only one that didn't know Lil Uzi was on the song.. And not only that he was literally on every verse

  • digidigi345

    0:00 - 0:23 6-year-old me microwaving my Alvin and the chipmunks McDonald's happy meal toy I remember this vividly

  • Cherryblos9

    So are we just act like 2:08 doesn't exist, or....

  • AyeNeon

    1:22 alternate lyrics: "runnin' runnin', runnin' from the space- goin goin lets move in this place- i got to heaven handed from the gates- a halo took my heart- and now he's comin"

  • LeLogi

    slim jim moment

  • mike johnson
    mike johnson

    Pew pew

  • Pokémon

    We gon' die Legends!

  • Ju'Ale

    Ride around town, they gone feel this wave

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