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Join us live as Eliud Kipchoge attempts to break the last barrier in modern athletics...the 2 hour marathon.
Eliud wants to inspire others to believe they can overcome their own personal barriers. He believes that #NoHumanIsLimited.
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  • Jose perez
    Jose perez

    congratulations,and i wish you a happy birthday, { Eliud Kipchoge}

  • Nhã Nguyễn
    Nhã Nguyễn

    s = 42 km t = 1:59 (2:00) v = 42 : 2 = 21 km/h

  • teddy mweu
    teddy mweu

    Happy birthday Eliud. May you live long to see someone else break that record.

  • 유현봉

    1:01:54 start 3:01:27 finish

  • Cynthia Kendi
    Cynthia Kendi

    He’s already broke the record but I’m still panicking at 155 😩😩😩♥️

    • K-To Asthma
      K-To Asthma

      I know i know😯

  • soufiane soufiane
    soufiane soufiane

    حاول ان تجري بسرعة 21 كم و احسب عدد الدقائق التي تستطيع تحملها لتفهم يا صديقي ماذا حدث للتو 😂 تحية احترام و تقدير للبطل' ايليود كيبشوغي ' على هذا الانجاز التاريخي العظيم

  • Zakd

    When i saw this randomly on a tv i was like wtf.

  • Doge van Wowe
    Doge van Wowe

    Imagine how fast his splits was in the last few hundred meters... my fastest split was barely reaching his normal pace. 😳😳 this man is a legend.

  • ludo drezet
    ludo drezet

    À quoi servent les 2 coureurs derrière lui ?

  • Troy Stein
    Troy Stein

    I am astonished that 2500 people disliked this example of greatness. The level of brilliance displayed for humanity was a gift. There was no mention of a race or world record from the very beginning. The last time I checked when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon he was assisted by many, many people involved to achieve that brilliance. Leudo declares that a brilliant team were required to achieve greatness of this magnitude which for the ignorant is sadly ignored. For the smart people that appreciated this human endeavour we will never forget this day for the rest of our lives. 🙏

  • Markov Soh
    Markov Soh

    When a women says “I’m an educated, smart, strong and independent women..” all the good men run faster than kipchoge without the need for pacers

  • Jakkrapat Khiawdee
    Jakkrapat Khiawdee

    I'm here to tell him that "you're superhuman" Nike Running Shoes EK159 limited edition

  • yackawaytube

    Spoiler: 03:01:29

  • wobster109

    Whooo! Awesome! What were the other choreographed finishes? Like, if his projected time had been 2:00:05, what would the pacemakers have done?

  • Red Pill
    Red Pill

    I keep coming back to rewatch this♥️♥️♥️♥️What an inspiration! No human is limited.

  • 배재영

    다음 생에 사람으로 환생하면 또 달리고 싶어요.

  • Phil C
    Phil C

    Kind of takes away from the guy that runs sub 2hr officially in the future.

    • Phil C
      Phil C

      @wobster109 how many practic runs have a huge tv crew with an ineos sponsor in a barricaded course making news all over the world?

    • wobster109

      Phil C It does not! Think of it like doing it in practice. Everyone who breaks a weightlifting record has done it before in practice. Everyone who breaks a swimming record has done it in practice. It’s important to do it in practice, and to hear of other people doing it, so you know it’s possible.

  • quinn liam marc ramjohn
    quinn liam marc ramjohn

    1:01:54 Marathon starts

  • Jon Reynolds
    Jon Reynolds

    What a crock! Wind breakers, AND a pace car!!! This is not a marathon. It's not even a race.

  • ITzPGS

    What about those behind him? They managed to do it under 2 hours as well, or am I wrong??

  • Huggy Bear
    Huggy Bear

    mmmmm not very sure about a NEW RECORD because marathon was aided, drag reduced by pace makers reversed v formation, no one competed against him, aided by laser pace makers, drinks handed to him from bike instead of picking drinks himself from road side ushers so it was all aided, however I AM VERY VERY VERY PROUD OF ELIUD, WELL DONE AND KEEP IT UP!!

  • D

    Quite nice, but if it's not on strava it didn't happen. Sorry.

  • Frank Hamed
    Frank Hamed

    Respect legendary Kipchoge 🙌

  • hyou zan ren
    hyou zan ren

    Damn! My legs is short... I can never be able to run 🏃💨🏃💨 21km/h without doubling my max pace!

    • SANKU

      it doesn't matter if you are short or tall. Being short means we have better cadence than tall people so we can keep up with them with higher leg turnover

  • arai kazuki
    arai kazuki

    GOD !!!!!!!!!!!

  • iceage iceage
    iceage iceage

    Kipchoge is worth $1billion dollars to Nike. They need to pay the man. They pay Jordan, Lebron, Tiger over a half a billion for wearing a shoe that does not reflect the true functioning of Nike. its supposed to be a running shoe and Kip for all his accomplishments Nike should sign him 1billion deal. Kip has accomplished what no human has accomplished. Nike pay the man

  • K. Zhu
    K. Zhu

    For Americans, that is around 13.1 miles per hour

  • ScanProfit GT
    ScanProfit GT

    5th time watching.

  • IgghhttBro

    Imagine if 1 of the pacers didn’t switch out the whole time and beat him😂

  • Nicky SanToro
    Nicky SanToro

    1:39:50 Julian 1:45:06 2:57:50 2:59:49 3:01:09

  • Extraterrestrial Elephant
    Extraterrestrial Elephant

    They should try this type of stuff with other track and field races, it would really bring some new life into the sport. Imagine if they created ideal situations to go under the 19 second mark in the 200m. Like having a strong backwind, or counting premature starts (where the runner kind of guesses when the gun will go off. Even though that would currently disqualify the runner.).

  • Steve Tonga
    Steve Tonga

    Eliud, thank you ❤

  • Raw Thinking
    Raw Thinking

    he is not even sweating lol

  • ASMRtist

    could a dog run along?

    • SANKU

      @ASMRtist dogs dont sweat like us, they pant which is very inefficient. Humans are the best distance running animals on the planet. Yes even couch potatoes with a bit of training can run long distances, humans two natural superpowers are running endurance and our brains...

    • ASMRtist

      @SANKU I figure a properly trained dog should outperform humans. Of course not every breed has what it takes though.

    • SANKU

      no it would die

  • kam nuon
    kam nuon

    Who the hell are those 2.4K haters disliking this inspiring athlete and humble human being?!?! Put down the chips and fries... try going for a run!!

  • S Gunna
    S Gunna

    One small step for Kipchoge, one giant step for mankind..:

  • USA a gun ridden slaughterhouse
    USA a gun ridden slaughterhouse

    his wife weighs twice as much as him?

    • SANKU

      thats true for all distance runners....

  • ferds yabes
    ferds yabes


  • Markov Soh
    Markov Soh

    Why can’t any women compete with kipchoge

  • Henrik Hovhannisyan
    Henrik Hovhannisyan

    i did the half marathon of Elche in 1 hour, 36 minuts. But im not a runner, im a boxer.

  • Camuzo Nanzen
    Camuzo Nanzen

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didnt the guys running beside him also break the 2:00 limit?

  • ProPique

    Where is Haile the great?

  • evs251

    They all ran under 2 hour not just this kipcoka guy

    • SANKU

      5k rotations

  • evs251


  • Abraham Velasco
    Abraham Velasco


  • Peter Mburu
    Peter Mburu

    A proud moment for my country man kipchoge,and humanity at large,yes it's possible to run on a trademill at 20km/h for 2hours or less. Yes you can run.

  • Benjamin

    Anyone know the song playing from 2:50:55 to 2:51:20?

  • jonhoward180

    2,400 people dislike watching possibly the greatest achievement in athletics history. Hmmm...

  • Jazzper79

    I don't know why they think the pace is so beautiful executed by the pacers? 1:49:12 - I mean there is a car in front of them holding a very steady pace lol

  • ProPique

    For some reason I wanted to count his running steps...

  • ProPique

    How much harder does he have to work to get his own Nike shoes production line?

  • Domenico Bartoccioni
    Domenico Bartoccioni

    Today at the gym I run 5km in half an hour... was embarassing..

  • ProPique

    I literally run out of breath at about 19km/h but 21.1km/h for 2 hours is complete madness.

  • ProPique

    He should change his name to ‘Keeprunning’ after this performance

  • ProPique

    It’s so good to see he still had energy to celebrate his unbelievable effort. Incredible.

  • mcpartridgeboy

    Great another drugs cheat, just what the world needs

  • Mark McMillan
    Mark McMillan

    He's no even out of breath!!!

  • Stupid Flanders
    Stupid Flanders

    I don't know why but I started tearing up in the last minute and after he finished. Something about his face makes him seem like such a kind person.

  • Handril Wulan
    Handril Wulan

    Congratulation Eliud Kipchoge.. You great man.. For me, to make pace below 6 minute per KM still not completed.

  • Rafael Tavarez
    Rafael Tavarez


  • Budder Master
    Budder Master

    How did he go faster than pace of the car and pacers were exactly on pace

  • man0z

    "No Human is limited" sounds like Jew DoubleSpeak

  • Kay Street
    Kay Street

    I, KGD was here!.. Cant stand whoever is cutting the onions..have to leave now... ___ True Champ EliudK.

  • Juan Galli
    Juan Galli


  • Fankas2000

    Why are they running in pink shoes?

  • 143mark6275

    This is about the same time it takes me to commute 8km to my office.

  • Sahara Muhumed
    Sahara Muhumed

    Kenyans we are there tupooooo

  • Md Yusuf
    Md Yusuf

    Who here after Mike Boyd video??

  • xl

    The 2:00 time seems quite arbitrary though. Why not 1:50 ?

  • xl

    Last 10 minutes of the race at 2:50:45

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