Insane Motivational Memes For Guys
Danny Gonzalez
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Today I want to take you on a journey to the manly side of instagram to look at some of the most insane motivational memes for guys, dudes, and straight up bros. Take notes, there's lots of valuable stuff in here!
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on VN-my, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

  • IThe Magical Unicorn CatI
    IThe Magical Unicorn CatI

    boys are allowed to: Have a boyfriend Have a husband Have a wife ABSOLUTELY NO GIRLFRIENDS

  • Sincerely, Raymond Holt
    Sincerely, Raymond Holt

    #rogertaylor #iminlovewithmycar wooooooooo future Queenie rite here

  • Laura Storms
    Laura Storms

    3:41 mister Bean, I loved watching that man. Always Made me laugh.🙂

  • Josiie Grossie
    Josiie Grossie

    I truly am Greg. My nose size and blue eyes finely make sense!

  • Mallory Teter
    Mallory Teter


  • Darcy Goulding
    Darcy Goulding

    “Yeah I think I’m having a stroke.” - *Danny Gonzarlez 2k19*

  • SinriWoah LIVE!
    SinriWoah LIVE!

    we already are blood related...

  • Tami Romero
    Tami Romero

    He protecc he atacc he got his enemies old girl in the back. Ya

  • Joseph Hutton
    Joseph Hutton

    I just spit my water out at the darnness part 😂😂😂😂

  • Hamsa Essam
    Hamsa Essam


  • Taylor Sanders
    Taylor Sanders

    Diabetes runs in my family too. I guess we already are related

  • Gunnar Cumming
    Gunnar Cumming

    We’ve been graced by *DUMMY THICC DANNY*

  • 10,000 subs without a vid
    10,000 subs without a vid


  • Kristina Hemmerling
    Kristina Hemmerling

    I do have a big nose and blue eyes! It worked!

  • Fifa Alén
    Fifa Alén

    fools rarely differ tho

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster

    roger taylor: 1:16

  • Evelyn Yezzi
    Evelyn Yezzi

    Darn Chain?

    • Evelyn Yezzi
      Evelyn Yezzi


  • leftovers klemp
    leftovers klemp

    Every one els: darn darn DARN d a r n darn DARRNN Danny: ha I’m ok! I have my parents in the back

  • Dis Maja
    Dis Maja

    Crying bc i cant buy cold water

  • Dat Floofy
    Dat Floofy

    Pooooooding not pudding pooooooding

  • Lemon fetus
    Lemon fetus

    I have subscribed and have the bell notifications on... what's creepy is that I have a big nose, blue eyes and am near sighted.... I suppose this is just a part of being Greg. 😅

  • imBocaaa

    horses in the back? no parents in the back? yes

  • Hazel Smith
    Hazel Smith


  • Anja Otterrr
    Anja Otterrr

    Who else is on a Danny binge

  • Zorianna 1
    Zorianna 1

    All those ppl that disliked are just mad cuz the live in darness

  • Eli Gitell
    Eli Gitell


  • Some Random Dude
    Some Random Dude

    4:12 is that Rowan Atkinson? Because if so then yes, he can keep doing him.

  • Shakira D
    Shakira D

    Kids, don’t get *gregnant*

  • Badass Froslass
    Badass Froslass

    Ignore everyone else and do you = cement your head in a microwave

  • Quakeypoos \\\
    Quakeypoos \\\

    I got the parents in the back Pizza is attached I am such a boy I play with big boy toooys Riding in my audi I’ll never be naughty (Continue the song please)

    • Mah QUEEN
      Mah QUEEN

      Quakeypoos \\\ no

  • Shona Rose
    Shona Rose

    Danny, how do you have such luscious lips? What's your secret?

  • How to properly poison an ant
    How to properly poison an ant

    I love going around and saying Danny is my dad

  • The Little Tree
    The Little Tree

    "I'm in love with my car" - Roger Taylor (and also Danny Gonzalez)

  • bubble Tea
    bubble Tea


  • Harold Johnson
    Harold Johnson

    They say “follow your dreams!” Well, what if I dream of felony?

  • Lil Yeet
    Lil Yeet

    I hate how he said my name when he was like “YOU’RE THE MITHER OF MY CHILDREN VANESSA”

  • Nicole Henriksen
    Nicole Henriksen

    Me, on the day of my Handsome Nemesis'™ wedding: Finally... I can find love...

  • Chris Pearaon
    Chris Pearaon

    1:00 that’s a two seat Audi so doesn’t even have a backseat

  • VInessa V
    VInessa V

    That moment at 2:15 when it gets intense and then it gets crazier when he yells your name :o

  • katie lindsay
    katie lindsay


  • Faded Tangerine
    Faded Tangerine

    I want to be a good successful boy!!!!!

  • Vanessa Hays
    Vanessa Hays


  • Lexy Bram
    Lexy Bram

    I just wonder what your wife thinks when she hears you saying these things loud without context😂

  • S Panchal
    S Panchal


  • Ganiat Kasumu Croft
    Ganiat Kasumu Croft

    Kids are not rats about food

  • Ganiat Kasumu Croft
    Ganiat Kasumu Croft

    I'm the enemy of all the boys in my class

  • MarwahAbouali 100 subs without any videos challenge
    MarwahAbouali 100 subs without any videos challenge

    Apparently, danny isn’t very good at being a boy.

  • chloe pabon
    chloe pabon

    i liked and subbed am greg now

  • April Spark
    April Spark

    Danny aggressively screaming “please reply at your earliest convenience” is my life.

  • truly Greg
    truly Greg


  • Clay Chapman
    Clay Chapman

    Why was Beckham one of the profile pics

  • hennars

    Im gonna call my first born Facebook status, because he NEEDS to get liked I SWEAR TO GOD IF HE DOESNT GET LIKE-

  • Jerome The Sheep
    Jerome The Sheep

    I am my own handsome enemy what do I do?

  • Miracle Martin
    Miracle Martin

    I’m a truly greg😌

  • Brody montroy
    Brody montroy

    I’m not anything like a Facebook status because not even my family like me

  • liza

    i literally subscribed and he said about the big nose and blue eyes, but like... i actually have a big nose and blue eyes... are we related?

  • Killernoob 34
    Killernoob 34

    If you fooled the real fooled was the guy fool guy um. ... Fooled is guy

  • Descoon Spacecoon
    Descoon Spacecoon

    Just marry your handsome enemy

  • aiden scaduto
    aiden scaduto

    Just dab on the haters

  • Moxy Girl
    Moxy Girl

    Imagine telling your crush that you can’t date because your handsome nemesis isn’t married yet

  • kale b
    kale b

    Is the,,,, handsome enemy one saying to,,,,, steal your enemy’s wife??? Bc that’s sort of,,, messed up

  • malyki little
    malyki little


  • Ofreyak1746

    The guy on a thumbnail is an actor from Turkey, he looks like one

  • Trash rat
    Trash rat

    3:08 Danny: Is everybody's enemy so handsome? Because God damn- mine's gorgeous *A picture of Drew Gooden appears on the screen*

  • Giddy Kong
    Giddy Kong

    I got my parents in the back 😂😂😂

  • Green EnderGaming
    Green EnderGaming

    #girlsquad I’m a boy

  • AFL tube
    AFL tube

    4:41 😐

  • Harper Hammond
    Harper Hammond

    hello fresh?? NoPe blue apron??YaSsS fr tho if hello fresh is ur favorite meal kit u have ever tried u should try blue apron

  • Ellis Jacobs
    Ellis Jacobs

    The ultimate power move is to marry your handsome enemy after they’ve become successful, then divorce and take the money and kids. Just like your dad did

  • Ioly_Rach

    It kinda sounds like the dude is into the handsome enemy...

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