Inside Jessica Alba's $10M Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest
Cover star Jessica Alba takes us on a tour of her Los Angeles home. Her house features a fireplace custom-made for Christmas stockings, a truly impressive laundry room and a breathtaking bathroom with his and hers showers.
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Inside Jessica Alba's $10M Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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    Architectural Digest

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    • Gudya Zafar
      Gudya Zafar

      This is naughty house

    • Sauvik Roy
      Sauvik Roy

      what is your income source??

    • Asd Asd
      Asd Asd

      @a olivestone ن

    • Antonio Di Bonaventura
      Antonio Di Bonaventura

      No food i am italian architect

    • Rana Shoukat Ali
      Rana Shoukat Ali


  • 1204nedes

    She's "Mexican and white"? Girl you're white. Not all mexicans are brown. Your husband might be mixed but you're white ,Mexican is a nationality not a race of its own. And this is coming from a Mexican.

  • tana

    Why isn’t there a fence around the pool.. isn’t she worried her baby could just walk out and fall in the pool 😬

  • Dewi Sudiastuti
    Dewi Sudiastuti

    In my next next next...... life :(

  • Sajjan Kohar
    Sajjan Kohar

    I saw their breakfast nook and they have another dining table

  • Sajjan Kohar
    Sajjan Kohar

    Who else is watching in quarantine and getting jealous and trying to make ur homes look slightly similar

  • Sajjan Kohar
    Sajjan Kohar

    Them talking about Christmas so I was thinking of the month January that this video got posted when I check the date March 🤣🤣🤣

  • California Beach
    California Beach

    Jessica is so lovely even after she got married!!

  • Gayan Sandamal
    Gayan Sandamal

    She has 3 kids! She drinks blood! She's a vampire! Jessica never ages ♥️

  • casper2yall

    Omg what a beautiful home, I wish one day I win the lottery..

  • chief 1 redwolf
    chief 1 redwolf

    Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust corrupt. And where thieves do not break through and steal. For where your treasure is there will your heart be also !!! We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness , and to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity. 1 John 2:17 KJV, NKJV ❤️👑✝️📖💫✨👊

  • paul Bull
    paul Bull

    He’s in bed with Jessica Alba and want a tv wtf. I don’t mean it rude but she’s attractive seems funny and kind and must have great stories to talk about and the kids. With there jobs it’s not like they with each other 24/7

  • takhmina mamedli
    takhmina mamedli

    I am literally tearing up, cause they are the only ones so far who don’t wear shoes at home

    • The Mango
      The Mango

      @IndyMode exactly

    • IndyMode

      Who cares

    • Robert Whatson
      Robert Whatson

      Liv Tyler too

  • CT

    I love her taste.

  • Kind of Everything
    Kind of Everything

    her husband is African American but kids?

  • steven mazmur
    steven mazmur

    Misteri tinggal tattu lirick that ,s bring introgate by intelegent on the world

  • Eye on art
    Eye on art

    Such a waist of money.

  • steven mazmur
    steven mazmur

    Apa yang di dapat dari Indonesia cantik!?

  • steven mazmur
    steven mazmur

    What is the meaning DIY .you very beutyfull. In the world not diy

  • Anitra Witkowski
    Anitra Witkowski

    Imagine being her daughter/son Your friends would be like: do u live with bill gates?

  • John Mark Mathew
    John Mark Mathew

    Man, that backyard tho. That’s stuff of dreams.

  • steven mazmur
    steven mazmur

    Wrong picture the last interview yes ,im100persn jewish ,why?

  • Lidia Benavente
    Lidia Benavente

    Her kids should be casted in a movie, they would be great!

  • SchlichteToven

    Even though they're disgustingly wealthy, the kids (and Jessica Alba) all seem really down-to-earth and not snobbish at all. And I loooove Haven's hair! You can tell the kids must be pretty well-behaved in general because otherwise she wouldn't have been able to film this with them. This is the first of these types of videos I've seen where the essentially showing off of wealth doesn't make me grossed out - I'm actually happy for them.

  • 金長

    Ice cream : Hi , mama ! Nice to meet u ! Good luck . 😃

  • Yumnam Rideem
    Yumnam Rideem

    Nice house and you are so sweet and the childrens are too. May the Almighty showers your family with lots of blessings. Lots of love for this channel and you and your family from Manipur, India.❤️🙏🌹😊

  • umberceri

    I have to say that Jessica seems like a great person and a great mother! I love that she said, I am an entrepreneur my husband is an entrepreneur and I am an actress. I think they have their priorities straight. Jessica I think you are AWESOME!

  • Büşra KÜÇÜK
    Büşra KÜÇÜK

    Anne her yerde anne koltukları ve sandalyeleri örtmüş hep

  • Mohammad Mandviwalla
    Mohammad Mandviwalla


  • Mohamed Mohammed
    Mohamed Mohammed

    Seems like cash is not a problem for this couple!

  • Mohamed Mohammed
    Mohamed Mohammed

    Too much black.

  • S.M. Misbauddin Opu
    S.M. Misbauddin Opu

    5:44 you know it will be corona, so you store all cleaning products !

  • Sapana Hingrajia
    Sapana Hingrajia


  • Tino Go Off
    Tino Go Off

    i remember her being darker

    • Tino Go Off
      Tino Go Off

      Vacuum guys nah i don’t think think that’s it

    • Vacuum guys
      Vacuum guys

      Spray tan (loud whisper)

  • amountainmoved

    the design is very boring and average. i will admit though her and her family seem very nice and humble

  • Valetova Dinara
    Valetova Dinara

    Such a lovely house! Cozy, stylish and natural. I do like it the most.

  • Tokyo 's
    Tokyo 's

    She is so beautiful omg

  • uslu yoney
    uslu yoney

    I did not like the cabinet handles :😂

  • Sabrina-Samantha Rose
    Sabrina-Samantha Rose

    Stealing the formal living room love love love this home

  • Gr8mom56

    Beautiful home. I always loved Cash’s dad. Great actor.

  • サキムラ

    jessica saying she spent a lot of time on pinterest.... iconic

  • Tania Arena
    Tania Arena

    Your trash one V1 me in Fortnite

  • S Crat
    S Crat

    That pool makes me nervous - no childproofing with a toddler running about.

  • Owen Wall
    Owen Wall

    I love that the wealthy will build a pool, put a fence around it for the inspection and then immediately take it down. You do you. But as a former flight nurse, pediatric drownings were far to common a thing for me, and it bugs me when parents don't protect their pool space. No adrenaline rush in the world like putting a breathing tube in a 3 year old while their turning blue and their lungs are filled with chlorinated water. 👍 Keep the ugly fence.

  • miriam sword
    miriam sword

    my girl crush.

  • Anthony Ngo
    Anthony Ngo

    I want the next one to be the celebrity's kid(s) giving the tour of their parents house!

  • Elle r
    Elle r

    Wow this would have to be my favorite home ever! Such simplicity, beauty and class! What a life 🥰 love the neutral colours and beautiful natural setting

  • Fs Swazy
    Fs Swazy

    this house is so cool

  • Fs Swazy
    Fs Swazy

    th .. is iiisss aa balcony

  • Nanette Montilla
    Nanette Montilla

    A dream land /house look.

  • Christine Lin
    Christine Lin

    The bathtub inside the shower is amazing!

  • PianoWorks

    6:26 stuck landing

  • Fianna dePater
    Fianna dePater

    Aw her kids are so polite and cute

  • Larry Cantu
    Larry Cantu

    Wow didn't know white just eliminated the skin tone hmm cool stuff

  • SouLoveLee

    "When Santa comes..." 😂 man those were the days

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia

    I was hoping to see where and how Jessica keeps all of her movie awards.

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  • steven mazmur
    steven mazmur

    Good exterior and interior

  • Deanna Witt
    Deanna Witt

    I'm sorry but she looks like a bag lady here and that baby...looks like she dressed it from the dirty hamped.. She should have taken 5 mins to put the baby in something more presentable for a interview of a 10million dollar home.

  • Blaukriton

    thx now i know where are the cameras :D

  • susuilu

    I love love love love it Jesssica. Your house is very family oriented and looks like a healthy place to be. This is nice, i wish more celebrity homes were kids and family friendly

  • Jerry Freudenburg
    Jerry Freudenburg

    I hope you have a safety fence around that pool with all those kids.

  • Katrina Delizo
    Katrina Delizo

    Imagine building a fireplace... for your Christmas stockings :)

  • jaidon crawford
    jaidon crawford

    The fact they had to put £10M in the title just to make sure everyone knows how much it cost

    • Kristoff Oberg
      Kristoff Oberg

      But that's how almost all the tour videos are titled.

  • Jéssica Lacerda mãe de casal
    Jéssica Lacerda mãe de casal

    Sou brasileira estou amando conhecer o canal

  • kathykn11

    I don't like Jessica Alba. She acts like look at me, I cute. She's annoying like Jennifer Gardner.

  • issystar96

    Even though her house is huge and extremely expensive, it looks so down to earth and un-Hollywood, just like her. I love her!


    I love the family wall

  • MissHannah2036

    Do you not have to have a gate around the pool in the US? we do in Australia

  • Mare ThePoge
    Mare ThePoge

    In case you didn't know, she has 3 kids

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