Inside NBA Star Kevin Love's Wellness Room With a Hyperbaric Chamber | Open Door
Architectural Digest
Today, Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love welcomes Architectural Digest to his home to tour his personal wellness room. From red light therapy panels to a hyperbaric chamber, Kevin pulls out all the stops in maintaining his body. The toll of a 12-year NBA career demands a dedicated routine of treatment and recovery, focusing not just on physicality but also centering the importance of mental health. In turn, The Kevin Love Fund seeks to help people live their best lives, providing tools for the community to achieve both physical fitness and emotional well-being. While at home, Kevin encourages you to explore what works best for you in maintaining physical and mental wellness.
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Inside NBA Star Kevin Love's Wellness Room With a Hyperbaric Chamber | Open Door

  • Mayra Lazaro
    Mayra Lazaro


  • Believe Football
    Believe Football

    Imagine if all the athletes had money to having all those equipments at home. Blessed!

  • Ducky Highlights
    Ducky Highlights

    This guy seems nice hope he becomes famous and well know one day.

  • James Hoover
    James Hoover

    Doesn't seem to be working as he's still a mental and emotional cripple :D :D :D

  • noah lawrence
    noah lawrence

    Great video

  • Eliza Quiros
    Eliza Quiros

    The way everything looks smaller next to him.

  • Tarot Divine Online
    Tarot Divine Online

    So sorry to say this but really inauthentic place... no colours, no art but cold empty walls, no architectural lines in rooms, no living plants or sign of life except the cute dog, nothing is pleasing the eyes except the green from the other side of the window. This place is so boring omg absolutely No warmth what so ever !!! I would run if I visited a human having this as his home. .... i guess this is reflecting his personality👀✌️ 🧿

  • 孔江

    Hey, can I ask what is the brand of that giant bubble ball?

    • 孔江

      @Marlou Rees much thanks

    • Marlou Rees
      Marlou Rees

  • BahamianLily

    I enjoyed this. Thank you.

  • Danyal Mahmood
    Danyal Mahmood

  • Camber Hill
    Camber Hill

    I stumbled onto your tour on VN-my. I'm so impressed that you came forward to share your wellness room and not just your whole house. This is totally brave and brilliant.


    Looks like he doesn't have much margin for error with those door casings.

  • Just Because I can
    Just Because I can

    Thank you AD- Not always about the “stuff”. Brilliant

  • oliver thomas
    oliver thomas

    This is a great video, and well done for him, however this has absolutely zero to do with Interiors, architecture or design etc...I mean I'm sure the space is incredibly practical, but to my eye it is certainly lacking style.

  • Awesome DJ
    Awesome DJ

    His teeth are perfect. Just want to say.

  • Mehvish K.
    Mehvish K.

    Somebody needs to explain or link that inflatable tube for me

  • Jonathan Rath
    Jonathan Rath

    Great guy, much love.

  • Gavin Fritts
    Gavin Fritts

    Celebrities: we're all in this together it's ok to be stressed but I'm there with you! Their house:

  • Lendy Gaming
    Lendy Gaming

    Kevin loves love chamber

  • Butterfly1

    As a black viewer, I'd appreciate it if you helped spread awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement on your platform. Thank you 💕

  • Pod

    that dog is too clingy

  • Arka Jatmika
    Arka Jatmika

    🍹🌺🏖️ feel free to contact me if you need a private guide for holiday when travel to Bali/Jakarta/Lombok/Indonesia 🇮🇩 thank you, 🙂😎😘

  • SeaJayB

    I have a inflammation reducing bridge I can sell him

  • A Ivy
    A Ivy

    Kissing your dog in the mouth is not smart.

  • nwdrip

    PNW/Portland. Best place to live!

  • Brooke M
    Brooke M

    What I got from this is that I should have married a basketball player!! And he'll never see this but he should totally try float therapy. I think he'd love it.

  • John Paul Rodriguez
    John Paul Rodriguez


  • youp 954
    youp 954

    Nice teeth.

  • Thomas Webb
    Thomas Webb

    Pseudo BS science.

  • Darryan

    We need a tour of drakes place


    I remember when I was little there was a story that came out about Michael Jackson sleeping in an oxygen chamber , it sounded so strange and added to his mysterious effect 😂😂

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  • chippi chippi
    chippi chippi

    He dont look like basketball player idk why 😂😭

  • jatinder singh
    jatinder singh

    Wellness center 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Eyubang and Home
    Eyubang and Home

    I like the corner of your room for health

  • dldl

    Ok so I’ve never heard of him, I’m English, female, don’t pay too much attention to American sports and the way he was talking old age and recovery I guessed he must be nearing 40....nope! He’s a year younger than me! Damn, I see why he commits so hard to wellness!

  • MsHe1en

    First thing I noticed- he has perfect teeth


    Did anyone notice how FLAWLESS his skin is...for a straight guy?😳 It’s refreshing to see how much he cares about good health. Clearly everything he’s doing is working well. Just imagine if he were vegan 🌱 as well... he’d be immortal!

    • Sofia Amaral Coelho
      Sofia Amaral Coelho

      the use of the LED light helps a lot with good skin too.

  • Stephanie P
    Stephanie P

    That is a nice set up. I saw the stones maybe should try adding Himalayan salt tiles on one wall. I am currently helping install a salt cave n salt room in Woodland Hills with a cascading water feature. Breath in wellness.

  • jabrown1978

    aww what a cute, sweet puppy she is 🥰

  • Zefram0911

    Kevin Love is white? I thought he was related to Bob Love. I won a fantasy basketball league with Kevin on my team, but I didnt watch a single game or look at player pictures. Just pure stats baby.

  • KungFu_Kenny

    joe rogan's house tour would be ideal

  • 88 Channel
    88 Channel


  • Qing Mei Toh
    Qing Mei Toh

    omg is it just me or does he sound like brad leone

    • Carlo

      Omg yes without the constant stutter

    • jabrown1978

      yessss that's so crazy cuz that was the first thing I thought when I heard him! lol

  • Marawd3r

    this whole video isnt related to anything architectural, mostly an athlete’s wellness routine and his doggo

  • Rudie Obias
    Rudie Obias

    Go Cavs!

  • Kevin Choi
    Kevin Choi

    everyone should have something like this. INVEST IN YOURSELF

  • Brit BC
    Brit BC

    He is a huge proponent of mental and physical wellness ♥️

  • Velasguez

    Kevin love is the best vlogger

  • J Adams
    J Adams

    "This is something I use during the playoffs" Thing must be collecting a lot of dust. Lolol

  • Mon Sta
    Mon Sta

    Why is this filmed like there's a serial killer watching him film himself from a distance?

    • Jessica


    • Wahyu Sudiro
      Wahyu Sudiro

      I hope this is a sarcastic dark joke. His partner was filming him as well and the video was a combination of his selfie video and his partner's video.

  • user 戈 S
    user 戈 S

    Wo ist der reaktionsboss.

  • Henry Willoughby
    Henry Willoughby

    What a great tour from a great leader. Thanks for sharing!

  • Miriam Zajfman
    Miriam Zajfman

    What a life ? more like a obsession🙄 I hope there is more to it 🤔 then only those narcissistic shallow preoccupations 🤭😉

  • Ma Ko
    Ma Ko

    D a d

  • Beki A.
    Beki A.

    lol imagine having a big enough house so that your wellness room is an entire youtube video

  • K J
    K J

    i call it my LARGE BACKYARD

  • Stephanie D. K.
    Stephanie D. K.

    A Wellness room. Hits all the key longevity and healing recommendations. Goals!

  • Jen Gus
    Jen Gus

    Very interesting that he takes care of his mental health as well as his physical health & wellness. Good for him!

    • Jmad0113

      Physical health is mental health in the long run.

    • PropertyTent

      Jen Gus The two go hand in hand. It’s exactly what it takes to perform at a high level day after day

  • Marta Šillere
    Marta Šillere

    I dont know This dude but I kinda like him, seems like a cool bro

    • Casper _Steel
      Casper _Steel

      He is a cool guy he used to be on the Timberwolves that’s where he was best but he’s still my favorite player

  • Marta Šillere
    Marta Šillere

    I watched This while eating pizza... just wanted you to know that

    • Ray of Sunshine
      Ray of Sunshine

      Same. Only swap pizza with mashed potatoes.

  • angela cook
    angela cook

    when the dog crawled up to him at 5 mins 🥺🥺

    • J RLOC
      J RLOC

      I want to kiss that dog’s head.

  • Savannah Addison
    Savannah Addison

    OMG that Red Light Therapy setup is AMAZING. I wanted to get that but its like $2000..... ended up getting a portable version for just $200 from roujeproducts. Totally worth it and amazing.

  • rod axel
    rod axel

    Hopefully he gets traded to a contender next season.... You wasting your years in Cleveland...

  • Anon1993

    “Hey baby, meet me in the hyperbaric chamber 😏”

  • CrysPlaying

    I want a video of him just walking me around and pointing things out aha, Great vid.

  • maggyxchuu

    LOL I was like omg a real hyperbolic time chamber ?!

  • TheGrantRomigExp

    What kind of dog is that? Also, he learned all this stuff from ‘Bron. Lol

    • Zev Klein
      Zev Klein

      It’s a dachshund

    • Ice Berg
      Ice Berg

      Hungarian Vizsla, best dog!

    • M H
      M H

      It’s a visla her name is vestry

    • Oliver Lawford
      Oliver Lawford

      Looks like a Hungarian Vizsla to me :)

  • wingspan65

    ...where's the house??? Just SPA and sauna....mah!!

  • R Pitt
    R Pitt

    I'm officially jealous. That's a great setup there. I've Autoimmune disease, and sufferer from chronic inflammation. Keep up that meditation, yoga, and that time surrounded by trees, and natural light, being surrounded by your loved ones. Cause it's very easy to set off the inflammation when you are stressed.

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