Inside Nicole Scherzinger's LA House with a Cozy Home Theater | Open Door | Architectural Digest
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Nicole Scherzinger’s stunning home in the hills overlooking Los Angeles reflects the style and class of its owner at every turn. The former Pussycat Dolls lead singer and her guests enjoy spectacular panoramic views of LA, stretching from downtown to the beach. From her plush and cozy home theater to the meticulously curated art on the walls, the singer, songwriter, actress and theater buff has designed the perfect oasis.
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Inside Nicole Scherzinger's LA House with a Cozy Home Theater | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  • New Wisdom
    New Wisdom

    Gaining weight!!!

  • Loraine Harkhoe
    Loraine Harkhoe

    waw i like your house and style .you are so relax and cool .and you are your self .nice 👍👍👍💗💗💗

  • Ianbest Smith
    Ianbest Smith

    As an Architect am intrigued by this house such an amazing masterpiece thank you Architectural Digest, Inspiration 100

  • J D
    J D

    Clusterfuck! Too many bed pillows, too many cushions, too many "ideas."

  • Rosemarie B. Oliva
    Rosemarie B. Oliva

    I seriously love her house! after watching this video just now

  • Tess Lucas
    Tess Lucas

    This house is so elegant and really features that incredible view. You could curl up in any room and enjoy it, surrounded by a beautiful (yet not demanding) collection of art! Loved this so much and she is so passionate about her home which made it even more fun to watch!

  • uropy

    Classy and sexy women.

  • Martin ‘The Lender’ Davis, Mba [like and subscribe]
    Martin ‘The Lender’ Davis, Mba [like and subscribe]

    Art wok here is impressive

  • Evan Ross
    Evan Ross

    I’d wake naked threw a corn field just to hear her fart on the phone

  • Revenant

    The only thing this house is missing is a man.......and maybe kids, but I think that ship has sailed.

  • Okay lol
    Okay lol

    Damn she’s annoying as hell

  • Tey D
    Tey D

    Sadly this house will be on fire soon 🔥🔥

  • John Dough
    John Dough

    Did you look attractive before the surgery? Is that why someone gave you the money you have?

  • Santana Reid
    Santana Reid

    My future house

  • Idontlikethatshit

    Nice crib..She also has a nice bubble back there

  • Girl Fight Talk
    Girl Fight Talk

    If you're going to be so particular about everything, maybe you should being particular about pronouncing particular instead of "paticular". From the root word "part".

  • Sebastian

    Can I live there with you?

  • Rajae Abi
    Rajae Abi

    Hi guys pls check out my VN-my channel Like and subscribe ☺️

  • Cedric Urselita
    Cedric Urselita

    I wanna be rich so bad!

  • Rae Cooper
    Rae Cooper

    So many comments about how many pillows are on the bed. I sleep with 6 pillows, a body pillow and a big stuffed red panda every night. Well, every night that I don't just pass out on the couch😸

  • Prakhar Shrivastava
    Prakhar Shrivastava

    " im very particular about wood !" :

  • Samuel Gonzalez
    Samuel Gonzalez

    This is such a beautiful and warm home. She did great.

  • Zaineb زينب
    Zaineb زينب

    Love her and her house ❤❤

  • Sam LSD
    Sam LSD

    The only place you need marbles counter top, kitchen and bathroom. No where else. Don't be tasteless and installing the entire bathroom, because it's just tacky.

  • Sam LSD
    Sam LSD

    She's filipino but she says Hawaiian tf? 🤣😂 self hater much?

  • Fofa111 Fofa111
    Fofa111 Fofa111

    Great Women I Love Her. She Is Shine From Insid 🌸❤️❤️

  • Sam LSD
    Sam LSD

    Marbles that much makes the design just too pretentious and uglifies the whole house and shows the greed, but not high taste. Everything has limits.

  • Sam LSD
    Sam LSD

    What the hell, she doesn't know how to spell her own last name? Or she's drunk?


    One of my favourite celebrities home for sure. Nicole got style!!

  • kobe ryan
    kobe ryan

    Definitely no kids live here

  • utubelvrNYC

    What a sweetheart! And a great home, with thoughtful design features including all the comforts..

  • C B
    C B

    Omg! I love your theater! Thanks for the tips on the weighted comforters to help with sleep. Also, there is just something about nooks that makes me feel like I'm being hugged. We helped build our new home and I want a built in breakfast nook for my dining area with a large white beach dining table. I can't wait to make my home beachy next year! Stoked! Stay blessed!

  • rpupshaw


  • Nalerino

    I LOVED this. Everything about the home and what little things represent and mean to her. Great video

  • Nach Mazlan
    Nach Mazlan

    Why would any man left this woman? She’s perfection

    • Амила Обрадобац
      Амила Обрадобац

      It’s not all about looks hun

  • Jasmine Davis
    Jasmine Davis

    Just A beautiful amazing really lived In home 😆😍♥️😫


    This woman is talentless


    Ok. Wait. This is the gal who in men in Black 3 .....brought Boris the Animal (ITS JUST BORISSS!!!) the 🍰 that awesome cake jiggle +boobs cleavage +wiggle +walking down the corridor scene ! 😁

  • nin3piece

    Reminds me of the house from BoJack

  • Ryan John Kennedy
    Ryan John Kennedy

    Love it 😍 beautiful

  • George castillo
    George castillo

    Can’t wait for the earthquake to happen so all these homes can be destroy

  • Sheila Loren
    Sheila Loren


  • Emespher

    Her house looks like a spa

  • Emespher

    Her theatre 🎭 amazing

  • Emespher

    I want her bathroom 😍😍😍

  • Callie Peterson
    Callie Peterson

    This makes me feel poor on so many levels leave a like you agree 😭

  • Aaron lol
    Aaron lol

    would totally buy it if i win the lottery hahaha

  • Lauren Yoon
    Lauren Yoon

    so is this a hotel or does she live an apartment

  • Kendra Morgan
    Kendra Morgan

    Natural light, wood,and stones. No wonder why she's so calm.😌

  • Ricky Jackson
    Ricky Jackson

    No idea who this woman is or why this video was recommended, nice house though.

  • Onur Özkan Subay
    Onur Özkan Subay

    americans have always or almost everyone so many pillows on their beds. How do you sleep with so many pillows?

    • Rae Cooper
      Rae Cooper

      Comfortably. One behind the back. One between the knees. The one in your arms. One under your head. And some extras for when those get warm and you need a new cool pillow to lay on.

    • Scarlett Stormer
      Scarlett Stormer

      Onur Özkan Subay you take them of

  • isha shridhar
    isha shridhar

    Very nice video

  • Heather Ellis
    Heather Ellis

    Thanks for putting the lovely Green Bells of Ireland in your den Heather

  • Miracle 7
    Miracle 7

    U go girl we have to do.lunch 💕

  • You Need A Support
    You Need A Support

    hello nicole im your no. 1 fan here in philippines

  • Jennifer Cate
    Jennifer Cate

    Her speaking voice is so soothing.

  • chocolategirl〈3R

    🇹🇹That's not fair... If you go to the bathroom or sneeze you gonna miss me. 😂😂😂😭

  • Snezana Jack
    Snezana Jack

    Can i be your guest? 😁

  • Study Case
    Study Case

    Actual Perfection.

  • dawkinfreak20

    I wish i was hot and talented

  • Keaton Groom
    Keaton Groom

    I clicked this video to admire the house, but I’ve just ended up admiring Nicole.. I mean, that accent 😘🔥

  • Mr S
    Mr S

    I already saw this video a few times, and never saw the house... ahahahahahahaha

  • Grecia Montes De Oca
    Grecia Montes De Oca

    Such a beautiful home omg 💕

  • uno gan
    uno gan

    Her speaking voice is pleasant to the ears 🛌😍

  • Sasha Haha
    Sasha Haha

    I watched so many of these and this is actually my absolute fav one

  • Journey of my soul
    Journey of my soul

    Sorry I missed the house

  • MrKaizerG

    why there are a lot of pillows?

  • adrian brian
    adrian brian

    This house is Goals

  • Linet K
    Linet K

    As a Swahili speaker, I can say that she got the pronunciation of 'Uhuru' (meaning freedom), spot on! Which is so awesome ✨👌🏽👏🏾

    • Ianbest Smith
      Ianbest Smith

      Like the president of Kenya

  • Benoît Bourgois
    Benoît Bourgois

    I love her so much being real about her swing and her baby pool !

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