Instagram Controls Our Vacation...Bikini Swap
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Whats up Jatie Fam! In todays video we let our Instagram followers choose what we do in our last day of Florida. If you see this comment where we should travel to next....We want to go somewhere tropical. We love you xoxo, Jatie
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  • Rebecca Isabelle Neutens
    Rebecca Isabelle Neutens

    I am just to let you know it’s 2019 now and it’s December

  • January Harris
    January Harris

    Make fans only link for private vids

  • Amirthan Ajanthan
    Amirthan Ajanthan

    Sad life josh

  • bobk smith
    bobk smith

    7:20 Josh got bigger tits then katie lmfao

  • jelly 2
    jelly 2

    Im w... in 2019

  • Speed Spookz
    Speed Spookz

    Im so annoyed not at u at my sister she keeps saying ice water im like its water thats frozen so its water with frozen water

  • Matheus Machado
    Matheus Machado

    Yes they are a really good couple

  • Cammie H.
    Cammie H.

    Omg Katie is good at gymnastics I am to but I love y'all you guys are such a cute couple



  • danyelle banter
    danyelle banter

    I love you guys #notifion squad

  • Amazing Mae
    Amazing Mae

    I love Katie's voice when she tries to ratchet

  • Diane Parker
    Diane Parker

    Katie has to push the suitcase Cruz josh has been pranked already

  • KYFE Elite
    KYFE Elite

    Click bait

  • Alissa Castrillon
    Alissa Castrillon

    I never New Katie was flexible

  • lena r
    lena r

    Kissing on camera

  • Cragler Cragler
    Cragler Cragler

    The legend has it there still waiting to go home

  • Primos Vivar
    Primos Vivar

    I subscribe and like and turn the. Bell

  • allayah McCarthy
    allayah McCarthy

    U guys watch ALL THE OFFICIAL

  • KNIGHTWOLF9378 crayzguy6
    KNIGHTWOLF9378 crayzguy6

    why torture josh?

  • Stephanie Hicks
    Stephanie Hicks

    Where are you guys in MichiganI I used to live in Michigan

  • Killer963

    Who tf doesnt like the cold?

  • Lodibe Dianne Laceste
    Lodibe Dianne Laceste

    " Done Watching 😊" I love the bikini tops with Josh.. it looks great on him 😂😂😂

  • Secret Hahaha
    Secret Hahaha

    Josh is very cute and sexy

  • Secret Hahaha
    Secret Hahaha

    Very beautiful and very happy couple both of u r my fav

  • Sincerely Majestik
    Sincerely Majestik


  • Aya Sabet
    Aya Sabet

    I really love you Guy's yr so sweet💙💙

  • Olivia Edge
    Olivia Edge

    I luv u guys but some people don’t have insta like me

  • Art and craft 123
    Art and craft 123

    Katie is so amazing and cool I wish I could be her

  • La kawaii Girl
    La kawaii Girl

    Am i the only one watching this in 2020 ?? Are u from futur??spoiler:their is an iphone 14pro with t camera

  • Charlie Edwards
    Charlie Edwards

    8:08 is hilarious xx

    • Charlie Edwards
      Charlie Edwards

      And also 8:07 xx

  • Gianna Baghdasaryan
    Gianna Baghdasaryan

    Are guys in Florida

  • Lela Smith
    Lela Smith

    Love youll so much keep doing what you do j&k

  • Mocco X
    Mocco X

    If you are watching this after they are married, give a like. ... Please tell me they’re married!

  • Grace McGhee
    Grace McGhee

    KATIE YOU ARE gorgeous

  • lily483 omg
    lily483 omg

    I love jatie vlogs

  • Isabella Garcia
    Isabella Garcia

    Love you so. Much

  • Isabella Rodriguez
    Isabella Rodriguez

    They changed the intro???!!! Oh wait this is old lol

  • anita fisher
    anita fisher

    Josh josh josh pays

  • anita fisher
    anita fisher

    Kosh josh josh let josh carry the bags

  • anita fisher
    anita fisher

    Josh should put sunscreen on Katie's dad

  • anita fisher
    anita fisher

    Lol josh should be traner

  • McKayla Hoilett
    McKayla Hoilett

    Who else still watches this 7 months later l l l

  • Rory Elam
    Rory Elam

    Ew she is not wearing make up

  • John Harris
    John Harris

    That is so gay

  • Ron Jon
    Ron Jon

    Bikini LOL

  • Charlyce Salvador
    Charlyce Salvador

    I subscribed to all channels and followed all rules to enter the iPhone giveaway! Love you Kathryn and Josh!

  • Jade Hummel
    Jade Hummel

    Do wherd things

  • On the edge
    On the edge

    9:11 how come she said hand check

  • On the edge
    On the edge

    Aww 8:38

  • Elizabeth Dawson
    Elizabeth Dawson


  • LN 111
    LN 111

    Done did it all

  • Ava Macallister
    Ava Macallister

    Lol poor josh 🤣🤣🤣

  • blxsys

    “you guys are mean... i like it” nobody: me: ooooo she naughty

  • Bronwyne Frost
    Bronwyne Frost

    I love j80 vlogs 💝🌈❤💓💖❤💚💜

  • Danika Arsenault
    Danika Arsenault

    never knew katie was flexable!!!

  • Cori Mallon
    Cori Mallon

    I felt so bad for josh

  • Daniella’s _life
    Daniella’s _life

    What’s the jatie insta name?

  • Annie Gomez
    Annie Gomez

    100K without any video?

  • amanda buck
    amanda buck

    Ohhh josh 😂😂😂

  • Meg and Friends
    Meg and Friends

    notification squad..... love yall!

  • Nadia Grzesiak
    Nadia Grzesiak

    ITS BURNIN😂😂🙄🔥🔥

  • gavinmark

    Can I please have a shoutout love you guys

  • gavinmark

    Hi guys I love your videos

  • Bailey Angus
    Bailey Angus

    *Travel to Alaska!*

  • Gabirelle Srnka
    Gabirelle Srnka

    Poor josh he had to do every thing for katie

  • Shirley Goodman
    Shirley Goodman


  • Kate Chapter
    Kate Chapter

    I am laughing so hard Katie “ I don’t want to put sunscreen on him he has man boobies”.

  • Its Justliv
    Its Justliv

    Hi guys I love your videos you are my dream to meet you but sadly I live in Australia sorry that I would never be able to see guys make my day and you both make the best couple on VN-my plz give me a shoutout and I have subscribed to both channels👍❤️🤗

  • Sarah's beauty
    Sarah's beauty


  • Lily Rose
    Lily Rose

    Notification squad 🤩♾

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