Internet Money - Somebody ft. Lil Tecca and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (Official Music Video)
Internet Money Records
Internet Money - Somebody ft. Lil Tecca and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie
Director: Trey Lyons
Producer: David Wept
Production Company: AT.LAS
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  • not real
    not real

    Boogie ruins this song a little

  • Mira'z WRLD
    Mira'z WRLD

    i lowkey want a boogie to crash my wedding

  • jaden mckinney
    jaden mckinney

    oh naw

  • Jay Clark
    Jay Clark

    I remixed this song, I'd appreciate it if yall would check it out :)

  • Marcus Churchill-King
    Marcus Churchill-King

    local junkie " just want somebody, to treat me like somebody"

  • TGYYT -_-
    TGYYT -_-

    Ouuu tecca skipped the major test for this

  • NicholasBrownMusic

    Anyone listening in quarantine


    sing ji need me

  • blueguy 25
    blueguy 25

    Anybody hear tink-treat me like somebody?

  • Antonio Cruz-Wright(ST)
    Antonio Cruz-Wright(ST)

    The best

  • king polo3x
    king polo3x

    Different levels of nerds ( rare nerds who actually get pussy

  • Zhorn Sharuby
    Zhorn Sharuby

    Listen to the rapper named KEO $car

  • Kryptic

    Tecca: Alright everyone has their positions right Kids: But why do we have to do the hype Also Tecca: Do you want $100,000 vbucks Also kids:Fine

  • Olyad Dewo
    Olyad Dewo

    Why would people unlike this video

  • Olyad Dewo
    Olyad Dewo

    another song with boogie

  • DaGoose

    Make my day and watch my new music video 🙏

  • DaGoose

    Make my day and watch my new music video 🙏

  • DaGoose

    Make my day and watch my new music video 🙏

  • DaGoose

    Make my day and watch my new music video 🙏

  • DaGoose

    Make my day and watch my new music video 🙏

  • DaGoose

    Make my day and watch my new music video 🙏

  • lil trove
    lil trove

    Mark on me i will be famous within two years!

  • Ransom Bonilla
    Ransom Bonilla

    like if this songs fire and a little sad

  • Mario Rodriguez
    Mario Rodriguez

    Who else forgot about this song?

  • Sebastian R
    Sebastian R

    A Boogie be the cool cousin you take around with you to hype you up 🤧

  • Crystal Lake
    Crystal Lake


  • Janae Mosley
    Janae Mosley

    A Booige made this song y’all remember

  • Ghost Don’t Miss
    Ghost Don’t Miss

    A Boogie snapped

  • Infamous Mindz ent.
    Infamous Mindz ent.

    the guy version of tink - treat me like somebody love it.

  • Felix Hoover
    Felix Hoover

    1:21 he's a old man cmon

  • Sick Margwa
    Sick Margwa

    love you baby🦋🥺

  • davidbrxh


  • davidbrxh

    1:05 when you and your girl’s dad become instant homies

  • general grievous
    general grievous

    Lil they just do not sound on this beat

  • Jameel Farhad
    Jameel Farhad

    I love the fact that this video is of both race 💪🏾❤️ OneLove #SayNoToRacism

  • PaCk GuN
    PaCk GuN


  • ZMP Music
    ZMP Music

    first internet money produced "ransom" by lil tecca and now making this, wow!!! dis🔥

  • DeeDee Silvestri
    DeeDee Silvestri

    Banger 🤍🤍🤍💙💙💙💕💕💕💕💚💚💚💚

  • Mauricio Rosales
    Mauricio Rosales

    Everybody hates at first lol, only once its lit do people start dancing with them

  • Yadier Amezquita
    Yadier Amezquita

    When the music video don’t match the song @loveliveserve

  • wicaksono leksono muhammad
    wicaksono leksono muhammad


  • Gigus

    i love you ♥

  • Yo Sto NoAh La GuCcI Veso
    Yo Sto NoAh La GuCcI Veso

    If ya look at a boogie like if ya saw his teeth they look like vampire teeth like lol

  • Vortuxz

    0:22 Looks a bit like Morgz?

    • BluFox

      Vortuxz no

  • magia negraa
    magia negraa

    Ya wanna listen to the Spanish version subscribe and listen to it

  • Taner Brown
    Taner Brown

    am i the only one who gets triggered by boogies teeth i cant be the only one

  • Hasan Salim
    Hasan Salim

    Lil tecca's most emotional song confirmed.

  • SMMG

    When the Nerd and Cool Kid are partners in a Music Project:

  • Quality Memes
    Quality Memes

    This song gives me a purpose in life it’s inspiring

  • Me You
    Me You

    0:18 boogie’s smile bruh

  • f f
    f f

    He took the beat from sad-juice WRLD

  • Dante Villarreal
    Dante Villarreal

    Am I the only one that knows lil Tecca samples this off of Tink’a songs “Treat me like somebody”

  • izan sandhya
    izan sandhya

    this would sound better with juice in it

  • Sammy3

    Video puts this whole song together 🔥

  • Young Wap
    Young Wap

    Internet Money: You wanna delay effect or nah? Lil Tecca : YES

  • Sean Mataranyika
    Sean Mataranyika

    A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie looks like Soulja Boy with his innocence.

  • Hannaiel Augustin
    Hannaiel Augustin

    So we not gon talk about how the video has nothing to with the song ...

    • BluFox

      Hannaiel Augustin there are at a high school prom but everybody wants them for there fame and money, and the song is about them wanting them too treat them for themesleves

    • Hannaiel Augustin
      Hannaiel Augustin

      @BluFox explain

    • BluFox

      Hannaiel Augustin it does kinda

    • Hannaiel Augustin
      Hannaiel Augustin

      @vanessa are we not gonna talk about you smd

    • vanessa

      are we gonna talk about how no one asked

  • holdenLs4dayz

    “don’t be lyin ik you fuckin somebody else but hey big thottie you like to party yea” idk why but that shit be hitting different

  • Brody Karhoff
    Brody Karhoff

    Tecca looks lit in the suit

  • Philip Rüssel
    Philip Rüssel

    1:10 those kids shooting? xd

  • Shamiah Ledington
    Shamiah Ledington

    It seems like lately all the best rapper's videos got old white lady's in them now.

  • Sti Zz
    Sti Zz

    Damn he straight up copied someone’s song “tink-treat me like somebody”

    • vanessa

      no he said that his inspiration was from her and gets credits and 10% of the song

  • faze simple
    faze simple

    lil tecca copy a song his songs are trash

  • Phsyco Splash
    Phsyco Splash

    who still here this shit 2020 shit go hard

  • Bennett Decker
    Bennett Decker

    treat me like somebody by Leblanc is the song

  • Bennett Decker
    Bennett Decker

    course was copied word for word from another song

  • Andrew Costabile
    Andrew Costabile

    They hit different. need a lot more songs like this

  • Brianna M
    Brianna M

    Lil Tecca bomb

  • Brianna M
    Brianna M


  • La Mia Fam
    La Mia Fam

    i love this song! check out my dance freestyle to it 💃

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