iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing
Unbox Therapy
iPhone 11 is just around the corner and as usual we've got pre-release clones flooding the market. Welcome to my iPhone 11 clone unboxing.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    iPhone 11 ugly or fine?

    • Hentai lover
      Hentai lover

      super ugly

    • Baby Man
      Baby Man

      Jean Elysée send me th link fo dat phoney, bc im poor af

    • Carlo Bayani
      Carlo Bayani

      unfortunately they didint give the iphone 11 the 3 camera setup



    • Jayesaf

      Ugly af

  • Joti Pandey
    Joti Pandey

    I want that one can you send it

  • Žygimantas Bagonas
    Žygimantas Bagonas

    where i can buy this clone?

  • Turtlesaur

    It looks like the google pixel4

  • TheOnly NickRam
    TheOnly NickRam

    I can’t believe people actually believed the camera module would look like that. Apple would never make such an ugly design choice. LOVE THE VIDEO LEW!❤️

  • Tech Storm
    Tech Storm

    Why aren't you making Videos about Apple. You are getting a lot of views from it

  • Hentai lover
    Hentai lover

    can someone develop a new type of phone so this shtty iphone will became a piece of sht

  • Joe Seppi
    Joe Seppi

    Looks like the pixel 4

  • farid misron
    farid misron

    Oh. You would know a stuff or two on clone product huh.

  • NightPhantom5 Gaming
    NightPhantom5 Gaming

    Where can I buy this? Please respond.

  • Importación de China A Ecuador
    Importación de China A Ecuador

    Hello Greetings Help us with the Contact to buy the iphone 11 pro max clone would be very helpful

  • Black4 EM
    Black4 EM

    iphone 11 pro max how much in china

  • Asqar Ali Rezai
    Asqar Ali Rezai

    Hi man how are you? which one is better Apple xs max o 11 pro please thanks

  • Mr. モニカ
    Mr. モニカ

    Where can I buy this one


    It looks more like a pixel 4 xl clone

  • Yome Emamere
    Yome Emamere

    Lol, there is a huge market for it in Africa and other third world countries where we want to get a feel of the iphone.

  • Lorenzo Vedana
    Lorenzo Vedana

    they actually are Pixel 4 with the Apple logo lol

  • Lexycon

    Anyone else watching this after the actual iPhone 11 came out?

  • G Pothana
    G Pothana

    The clone is with body of iphone 11 and Camera set up of pixel 😂😂


    What's the clone called?

    • Hydro Sheep
      Hydro Sheep

      CRYSAW Google Pixel 4

  • Mohammad Adil
    Mohammad Adil

    he's saying that the iPhone 11 will look nothing like the clone when in reality its the exact same except for the camera

  • Nova :D
    Nova :D

    Looks like the google pixel 4 XD

  • Asif Ali
    Asif Ali


  • Aryan Chauhan
    Aryan Chauhan

    It literally looks like pixel 4

  • Matthew goode
    Matthew goode

    Google pixel????

  • Joshil Parmar
    Joshil Parmar

    This is rela or fake

  • Brayden Woodford
    Brayden Woodford

    iPhone 11 looks nothing like that. WTF is that camera on the clone?!

    • Just Eddy
      Just Eddy

      He said “ it might not be the actual design” dummy pay attention

  • Anthony fox
    Anthony fox

    What site do you get the clones from?

  • Wali Imran
    Wali Imran

    Who is here after iPhone 11 got realest

  • Official Gbs
    Official Gbs

    I want to buy one bro where i will get it ?

  • Jand J
    Jand J

    Can i have the black one? Fan From the Philipines🇵🇭

  • hellapnoy

    One question where do i get one lo

  • damzy flips
    damzy flips

    Infidelity is what I hate most, thank God I quickly have concrete evidence to back off with the help of alexsandr_hack at Instagram They have a way to spy on your partners device without his or her consent

  • Ryan Jackson
    Ryan Jackson

    They exist because some people like the design and can no afford the real phone. That's why.

  • Black pink
    Black pink

    What company did You buy that iPhone?

  • Black pink
    Black pink

    What company did You buy that iPhone?

  • jg singh
    jg singh

    How & why does Apple allow others to make clone of their own brand.. I don't understand, isn't it should be illegal.. I am confused... Help me here..

    • jg singh
      jg singh

      @2fast4all so how apple dealing with this.. I mean then anyone can copy your product right..

    • 2fast4all

      Why yes it should be illegal but at the same time a real iPhone is made in the motherland of everything tech. China. You have 1 factory building the real thing and the other building fakes.

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee

    I actully am using the clone right now while im typing and its actully really cool cause its kinda the same thing but cheaper witch i like cause im not that rich

    • 2fast4all

      It's just a decent spec android with okay hardware to get buy.

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee

    I actully am using the clone right now while im typing and its actully really cool cause its kinda the same thing but cheaper witch i like cause im not that rich

  • Radha Rani Basumatary
    Radha Rani Basumatary

    From where did you get it ?

  • Chino Nguyen
    Chino Nguyen

    Looks like the pixel 4

  • London Miyuki
    London Miyuki

    I like the iPhone. 💜

  • john simmonds
    john simmonds

    Looks just as ugly as the original iphone 11. Iphone sucks

  • FireAlArmdude92 enthus
    FireAlArmdude92 enthus

    Where do u buy the clones?

  • Asma Ali
    Asma Ali

    When you can't even afford the clone version

    • Rediu Andrei
      Rediu Andrei

      The price of clone is 200$ in Romania.

    • Dope Princess
      Dope Princess


  • Bahaa Fallouh
    Bahaa Fallouh

    It looks different than the real one.

  • Detroit Ken
    Detroit Ken

    Where could I get one

  • Sarah Ruiz
    Sarah Ruiz

    I dont like the iphone 11 design but its a good phone!!! Just my opinion

  • Malaya sahoo
    Malaya sahoo

    Could you help me please overthe 13.1 update. Cause your voice could reach apple to get another update. I am a user of iphone se and there is a problem occurring while a call in waiting , when you answer the call by putting the first call on hold then i can’t here any voice but when i merge both calls then i can hear them both. But we can’t merge every call with every body. And I don’t know if any body facing this call or not please look into this matter.

  • Valentino Rockstud
    Valentino Rockstud

    tBh clone looks better than the original iPhone 11 pro fuck

  • FierceFalcon

    Real one fine clone ugly af

  • Joes Phone No Name
    Joes Phone No Name

    Look it's garbage pretending to be garbage

  • Game Bizzy
    Game Bizzy

    When are you unboxing real iPhone 11. Im not watching any unboxing video except that of yours. So!!

  • Super10 Hindi
    Super10 Hindi

    Nice video sir

  • sumaira imran
    sumaira imran


  • The Bloger
    The Bloger

    I am really in love with I-Phones, I always want to get one but I can't afford it. Anyone one thinking of giving away one? Any I-Phone?

  • Himanshu Panse
    Himanshu Panse

    Apple :- we got triple camera with unique pattern ! Meanwhile Nokia :- *hold my beer !!*

  • Himanshu Panse
    Himanshu Panse

    iPhone 11 is gonna launch !!! **Now I would be able to buy iPhone XS max !!!!*

  • Merciful King
    Merciful King

    Steve job would never approve of the camera arrangement...

  • Devo So
    Devo So

    Its a kids fake ROLEX


    The clone looks much more better lmao. The camera rings per lens are horrible.

  • Farees Isahac
    Farees Isahac

    Who's here after the iPhone 11 launched officially?? AHAHHA -Small youtuber

  • kamikaze

    The worst design in the history of Apple

  • Jared H.
    Jared H.

    Haha love looking at this after the phone actually came and and to see where they apple logo is on the fake is just hilarious 🤣

  • Ahmada Prasetya
    Ahmada Prasetya

    Can i have one please

  • Your Mum
    Your Mum

    Wow the fake looks better than the real one :( it’s just a nicer camera that isn’t sticking out completely

  • Абу Бижанов
    Абу Бижанов

    Russian subtitles?

  • Jake Tom
    Jake Tom

    i don’t think it could be this ugly

  • Jake Tom
    Jake Tom

    i don’t think it could be this ugly

  • UncloseR

    How materialistic can one become? People will sell their souls for a phone and attention! ; D

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