Is Kanye’s Coachella Church Merch Too Much?
The Real Daytime
Real fam, do you think Kanye’s merch costs too much, or is that the price you gotta pay for being a fan?

  • Daliangeli Padilla
    Daliangeli Padilla

    Kanye is a joke. An idiot. A joke. Rude. Asshole. Oh, and a joke.


    Just put up vid Exposing Kanye your invited to watch!

  • DefiningDiane

    I just wanna know what y'all think of his new album that's all

  • Og Foreskin
    Og Foreskin

    Cashing on God ?Kanye is a satanic racist p.o.s.


    So when he puts merchandise out in regards to Jesus, it’s “over priced or to much” but nobody is acknowledging the price of anything in the yeezy collection? When in fact majority of people who have the means to even attend Coachella HAVE THE MEANS to afford this merchandise. Weather they want it or not is a different story but Kanye understand he was not targeting a POVERTY stricken group of people. These same people pay $100 for Gucci socks. So save it! some of y’all so woke your asleep!


      Ok so forgive me, they did acknowledge yeezy collection! However that is the point ADRIANNE SELLS JEWLRY I can get at forever 21 for $5-$15 but you know why she makes the price point what it is BECAUSE SHES ADRIANNE BAILION! (& it won’t tarnish as quickly) these ladies are full of themselves he’s a creditable almost LUXURY fashion designer WHY WOULD HE MAKE ANYTHING for pennies on a dollar? So that further supports my claim HIS PEERS CAN AFFORD THIS MERCHANDISE! & how do you guys think he’s plans to FUND his Sunday services and the things GOD may have in store? But no he has to donate the proceeds when he’s made it clear he’s on a mission for Christ? God bless All of us!

  • Erris

    I will say this though: some of yall be attending megachurches where the pastor takes yall's offering and not a cent goes to your church. Some of your own spiritual teachers con yall every Sunday and you don't even know it but yall mad at Kanye 😂😂😂

  • Lordpraisethe


  • David Gilchrist
    David Gilchrist

    they have the money if they are at coachella lol

  • deetta bell
    deetta bell

    I concur

  • Sabrina Aden
    Sabrina Aden

    Please follow on instagram @sadrina__aden

  • Autumn Ortiz
    Autumn Ortiz

    Everybody losing their minds.

  • Freddy Vasquez
    Freddy Vasquez

    Church = business, I don’t see what the problem is here.

  • Kendall T Johnson
    Kendall T Johnson

    How can you put a price tag on another mans clothing? Stop judging! People buy Gucci and Loui and no one is saying anything and it’s more expensive. Stop judging!!!

  • Michelle Moulton
    Michelle Moulton

    Its blasphemy

  • Bread & Butter
    Bread & Butter

    People are to easily led and if they are dumb enough to follow someone who will dupe them in the name of religion, then why not? Numerous churches especially the Mega churches are money making entities and not so much about righteous living and saving lost souls

  • Candace Henry
    Candace Henry

    Loni: it’s a little cultish to me 😂😭💀 HER FACE WHEN SHE SAID THAT LMAO

  • Helios

    I'm not Christian. But this is quite capitalistic like those Christian's speakers that wear Gucci shoes. Religion shoudnt be profited

  • jae702

    Let Kanye be Kanye, y’all trippin hella

  • Leti W
    Leti W

    This is scary. Completely blasphemous and done purely for profit and benefits his own pocket. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • jar the star
    jar the star

    A cool twist on easter egg colors

    • jar the star
      jar the star

      I mean if he is making the music he could make the money. Idk

  • Songi Skyy
    Songi Skyy

    Also Kanye is most definitely not religious and I hate what he’s doing. But I’m not surprised that he’s doing this

  • Songi Skyy
    Songi Skyy

    Adrienne really hurt y’all 😂😂💔

  • Via Bella
    Via Bella

    You can get better clothes at a bad thrift store 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Angelina Michelle
    Angelina Michelle

    Adrienne. No. Everyone cmon religion isn't something to play with. I'm scared what God is going to do with him. The Bible says God gets the revenge not us.

  • Rah L.
    Rah L.

    PERIODT LONI!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 👺👺

    kanye is the most backwards, hypocritical person alive???

  • SunnyBlovely Brown
    SunnyBlovely Brown

    Adrienne just shut up all together

  • Sephora Saint Georges
    Sephora Saint Georges

    Thanks Loni for always keeping it real

  • La Vida Momma
    La Vida Momma

    Okay I had to comment on this one, lol. Poor Adrienne is just confused in life. One minute religion and Jesus is everything, the next minute it’s no big deal that Kanye is using it for profit? Girl which one is it. I think she just tries so hard to stay relatable sometimes that it just makes her look flip floppy. Adrienne it’s okay to be yourself.

  • Black IS Beautiful
    Black IS Beautiful

    Nah, I am not down with kanye at all... After I saw a video of him dressed up as Jesus and he started calling himself Yesus, I don't even entertain him.

  • Nashira Camacho
    Nashira Camacho

    I agree with loni on this one and adrienne is suppose to be the “christian” 🧐 is clear that kanye plays with God. And does not respect . 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • TT TT
    TT TT

    You wonder why I love Loni so much.. straight to the point! All of this is blasphemy and these ladies there reasoning amongst themselves what is what.. smt.

  • misterwattt

    Butttt promoting Jesus is not his business... 😂 like he cant just claim the word Jesus its not his

  • misterwattt

    How can one human be so damn honestly can he just stop 😂

  • M Tez
    M Tez

    These artist including Kanye are playing on people's fomo. That gear he is selling is not even attractive.

  • Priya Chhetri
    Priya Chhetri

    I get we're all disappointed with Ye but we don't have to over analyze EVERY FUCKING THING. Loni, we get it - you don't like him.

  • lakindria shoemaker
    lakindria shoemaker

    I said it before I knew it.. 200 for a damn shirt...i had to ask for forgiveness

  • Flower Power
    Flower Power

    But he didn't say it was a church 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Nibeu Nibeu
    Nibeu Nibeu

    Lol I already need more socks I wish I would spend 200 dollar for one pair I'd kill myself I'd feel so dumb😂😂

  • Nova Xo
    Nova Xo

    Religions were made by man and all come from one main story. Christianity n muslims are verry similar just diff names etc

  • Beazusland Playlist
    Beazusland Playlist

    Well the pricing isn’t bad cuz Adidas and Nike price ranges around that of Kanye’s. But let’s not compared adidas and Nike! I prefer Adidas and Nike before Kanye’s stuff!

  • Tabletalk

    Kanye selling over pieced socks with Jesus name and Holy Spirit is disrespectful because he is literally trying to designerize Jesus name for his own profit. He is making a designer out of jesus name and over pricing the outfits and selling during easter so people could buy. The money wasn’t even going to the altar to help save souls so why do it?

  • Elaine Osei
    Elaine Osei

    God bless U loni I love what loni says


    Kanye is disrespectful!!!


    THANK YOU LONIIIIII!!!!!!!!! Yesssssss!!!!!!! Call it what it is!!!!!!

  • Jay'Rell 4Real
    Jay'Rell 4Real

    Adrienne kisses anyone’s ass who is attached to a kardashian ugh

  • dancer2cry4

    Christians pray for Kanye!!

  • Jazmin Evans
    Jazmin Evans

    The camera man so shady

  • Remofilwe From South Africa
    Remofilwe From South Africa

    Adriennnnnnneeee! 🙄

  • Liana

    Blasphemy, in my opinion

  • Janieze Mitchell
    Janieze Mitchell

    Is Kanye some kind of Chrisitian minister? Why should you expect him to give his money to the church? Is Kanye even a christian? Loni you are a really mature woman you make good points.

  • V Borg
    V Borg

    Doing this shows that he does NOT know Jesus!!

  • Feroza Lekota
    Feroza Lekota

    I agree with Loni, it seems like a cult, not a church service

  • Sheierra J
    Sheierra J

    Loni is the TRUTH !!!

  • 23Zyro

    Don't question Kanye🦄

  • jessica bejean
    jessica bejean

    This is a message to Adrienne................... GIRL SHUT THE ENTIRE F.. UP. I am so tired of her always being up the Kardashian's ASS, especially the way they did her after she broke up with Rob 😐.. What Kanye is doing is wrong AND YES HE IS PLAYING WITH RELIGION 😒

  • Audrey S
    Audrey S

    Adrienne is the unofficial Kardashian lawyer 😂😂

  • Nikki Reign
    Nikki Reign

    Adrienne should've just married Rob and kept that tattoo of his name on her ass for real. She worships the Kardashian and defending Klownye but believes in God. Girl you are confused.

  • Naomi Brown
    Naomi Brown

    Jeannie “He didn’t wear socks her wore flip flops” Periodt Let the church say Amen 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Mary JRP
    Mary JRP

    Adrienne get out of the Kardashian’s ass 🙄

  • Jamaicaangyaal

    When I went to church, the only thing I paid for was a Jamaican patty and a drink at the end of service. This ain't no church, this is a cult

  • brooklynforever1990

    If a fool/sucka wanna pay oh well. They weren't forced to it's a free market 🤷

  • already8use

    false prophets - that s all I m saying - I like gospel music and it s uplifting. But that clearly just Kanye wanted to have more money - he is too selfish

  • Keneilwe Moloi
    Keneilwe Moloi

    Not here to fight or hate or anything and im not on anyones side but..... So it's okay for people to iron pictures of monsters and mermaids and devils or devil horns or whatever on t shirts and promote things like sex and violence and drugs and alcohol. And make billions on it. But it's not okay to make Jesus famous ? It's not okay for Christians to be rich ? I'm not on his side or anything but if he wants to glorify Jesus Christ it's a good thing Could the people of the world please take a seat

  • Faith Shaya
    Faith Shaya

    Loni thank you for keeping it REAL!!!!!

  • Lisa Murphy
    Lisa Murphy

    I agree that this is basically a Kanye concert. But I DON'T agree about Kanye playing with religion. If you really listen to Kanye's music, he's always been on a spiritual journey. People take the bible out of context and pick and choose what they want to live. But Kanye takes these things and really thinks about it. There's too many people who just don't understand his art. And that's okay. It doesnt mean he's playing with religion. Religion is man made. Spirituality is personal. Religion is a damn joke since its used to oppress people of color, women, and children.

  • Amanda Whitney Marumahoko
    Amanda Whitney Marumahoko

    wow Adrienne. I can always predict what she is going to say each time the Kardashians are mentioned. If she is so uncomfortable discussing them then she should ask that they not talk about them on the show because they always end up doing a deservice to the topic. There is being loyal and then there is being loyal to a fault.

  • Scarlet Ivy
    Scarlet Ivy

    He thinks he is God lol what else do you want from him. He thinks he is better than everyone. I wouldn't be surprised if he thinks he is better than god. He is a joke! Adriane needs to stop sucking up to that family. She looks/sounds pathetic.

  • daisy uraga
    daisy uraga

    God will punish him for making religion a mockery.

  • unique reps
    unique reps

    the is why it's price like that 1. yeezy blanks they are designed by kanye west himself to the fabric upto the fit every little detail about it where regular merch is printed on mass produce product like gildan 2. the print is high quality such as the kid see ghost merch the print is a little bit thick where you can see it coming up a bot 3. limited quantities

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