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  • Negeen Ahmadi
    Negeen Ahmadi

    are we not gonna talk abt that pillow on the couch at 59:26 😂

  • Bela Snow
    Bela Snow

    I love that there are no rules, I am going to learn once again from you so I don't make that mistake I am gonna do the same not have any rules other than looking good , feeling good and singing and writing good ! Ty again xoxo

  • Bela Snow
    Bela Snow

    OMG I am in need of some time with Dr, Shane!

  • Bela Snow
    Bela Snow

    My condolences to you and your whole family and Shane is right you need to enjoy your life. Life is a blessing and we don't know how long we are here for, so live, laugh, and love! Love is everything! Even when it hurts its still worth it ! Better to have love and lost then to never have loved at all! Alfred Lord Tennyson

  • Bela Snow
    Bela Snow

    I love you guys and Shane! He is so right, your brand is you, the authentic you ! The real you and real people grow and change! I have been watching you all , all three and will continue to and wish the best for you and whoever won't like you for you, who cares! Your not gonna be liked by everyone, you can't try to please everyone, I have been learning this and have learned to live my most real authentic life! I have had a similar situation with bullying as you guys, and I am so lucky my mom let me do online schooling as well! I was bullied about my singing and my weight. I am a singer and some family would love me to sing what they want me to and dress a certain way and at school people would do the same and harass me about my weight ! One thing I have learned is I have to take care of me physically and mentally! I went to therapy, I lost weight, I am trying to reach my goals and I get overwhelmed too! But I ask for help and I take it and that works! It isn't selfish its self care! The people that get you and love you still will and the ones that don't who cares ! You can't live to make everyone else happy if it makes you miserable! We want you guys to be happy and live! You have given your subscribers so much and helped so many you have nothing to feel guilty about! I just started to engage my audience and its so hard people think its so easy but when you are trying to do schoolwork, spend time with family , do your planning and creating etc I am 17 and I am so busy and I love singing, writing and recording songs and engaging but I like hanging with family and friends and my boyfriend! I have a friend who I write and sing with and he tells me I need to do this or that and I tell him he needs to live his life too so he has something to write about! So love to you all , and as busy as I get I always find time to watch you all and show my mom who loves you all too! Even if not right away I watch! xoxoxox

  • ocean eyes tozier
    ocean eyes tozier

    Jeez it is 1 hour long jeeez

  • Alex Playzz
    Alex Playzz

    My dad was drunk one time and when he was walking I helped but by back,gave out and he fell on top of me and my back muscle was torn

  • Jungshook and infires by a 3 dollar chain
    Jungshook and infires by a 3 dollar chain

    For a 19 year old, yall are the strongest men I know. I’m so proud of you and thank you for being SO FUCKING BRAVE

  • Jungshook and infires by a 3 dollar chain
    Jungshook and infires by a 3 dollar chain

    They are too young to worry about things like this 😭

  • Besh Zh
    Besh Zh

    I love you guys and I will sure will Love to see your new videos

  • ellie eaton
    ellie eaton

    It warms my heart so much that shane is there for literally everyone, I would kill to have a bestfriend like shane, someone who listens to your problems and understands them and gives the best advice whether bad or good. He would make an incredible therapist 100%

  • kayla

    at 19 you should be working at some crappy paying job, as a pizza delivery person or a waitress, not carrying the weight of what so many people want you to become, so @DolanTwins, im sorry you feel like you have to act happy in all of your videos, you aren't some douchebags that are twins you guys help so many people and it sucks for all of your fans that you've feel you have to hide being angry or sad or just recovering from all that you've been through

  • Marissa Santiago
    Marissa Santiago

    grayson's face was so cute at 1:00

  • Shauna Hennessy
    Shauna Hennessy

    Is anyone here after the van tour vid? The people who light up everyone’s lives are happy now they are not stressing over Tuesday vids and they are living their lives to the fullest

    • Shauna Hennessy
      Shauna Hennessy

      I just can’t explain how proud of these guys I am

  • Eden Van Wyk
    Eden Van Wyk

    Love you guys!!!

  • Carrie Carebear
    Carrie Carebear

    Guys! Your too young to worry about anyone else but yourselves, its not your responsibility to worry about what people think.. if you wanna continue VN-my go take a look at the Awadis brothers, Faze Rug and Brandon upload a few vids if not more each week and I feel like if you just carried a camera around with you guys when you go out and have fun then you can quit worrying about creating content - YOUR REAL LIFE WILL BE THE CONTENT and you can share the parts you wanna share. Either way, I wish you both GOOD LUCK!

  • Kaiden Jr
    Kaiden Jr

    I loved this video :)

  • S T Y X
    S T Y X

    I'm glad they went to talk to someone about this. Bottling up your emotions is not good for your health. I hope they take a break and get better. - Dr.Styx

  • sydney bottari
    sydney bottari

    42:42 seeing too much of ur face? ETHAN I CANT GET ENOUGH OF YOUR FACE PLS

  • sydney bottari
    sydney bottari

    this video i haven’t watched it twice wow i love u

  • THE beast of the East
    THE beast of the East

    You start VN-my on my birthday so i love you guys can I be in one of your videos please

  • Zahira Nicole
    Zahira Nicole

    Stay strong always have your head up never lose hope get better Mentally physically and spiritually I know it’s hard 😊feel better

  • The Real Real Housewife
    The Real Real Housewife

    So happy for u!

  • The Real Real Housewife
    The Real Real Housewife

    52 weeks x 5 yrs is 260 tuesdays

  • The Real Real Housewife
    The Real Real Housewife

    It’s like a divorce it’s freeing but it’s a change and scarey

  • The Real Real Housewife
    The Real Real Housewife

    I get that u r maturing from the fake to the real

  • The Real Real Housewife
    The Real Real Housewife

    Your like a Disney character in a Disney character suit just being the character that everyone likes when under that suit you are miserable

  • The Real Real Housewife
    The Real Real Housewife

    I’m 61 and I love you guys mostly because of your sweet personality

  • The Real Real Housewife
    The Real Real Housewife

    I love watching your videos because your so adorable and sweet but I did notice your trying to give a show instead of just being yourself and it seems like you have to perform instead of just be you and the truth is that you grow and things do change

  • The Real Real Housewife
    The Real Real Housewife

    Your having growing pains

  • The Real Real Housewife
    The Real Real Housewife

    Your burned out and you never took time to hurt

  • karlakpc

    “If it’s blunt we like it” LOVE!

  • Mr Crispy
    Mr Crispy

    please and thank you : ]

  • Mr Crispy
    Mr Crispy

    hi dolans shot me out if you have a chance to even look at comments well if so shout me out like this [welcome back let me get a quick shout out to mrs crispy for a 5 year fan thanks so so so much for being a great fan] ps I may be your biggest fan

  • Angelina Longoria
    Angelina Longoria

    They just need to realise that yes, they will lose subscribers if they stop posting every week because people can be selfish. But there will still be that huge handful of us that will always support them twenty-four seven. They need to stay healthy and have there own lives and not be depressed, sick, worried, etc. about missing a single Tuesday, or even a couple.

  • Alexandria Mitchell
    Alexandria Mitchell

    If like they didn’t get to truly grieve their father. They came a month or 2 later probably due to the fact fans were asking for videos. But I respect that they realize they need to be happy so they can make their fans.

  • Maria Fritsch
    Maria Fritsch

    u guys are cute and should be there for each other (family is the most important)

  • Jamie Alexandra Innes
    Jamie Alexandra Innes

    I didn’t watch it when it came out, but I need my dose of Shane. Anyone else never watch a single Dolan video until this one?

  • Christiana

    I don't know if you'll get to read this (probably not) but one thing that crossed my mind watching this, coming from a person with a few years in front of you, is that being 19, 20, 21, 22, is SOOOO confusing. I went from this person at 18 who knew exactly who i was, what i liked and what i wanted, to knowing nothing about myself, to discovering myself and getting a different image of life. And it's still going on, but now I embrace and enjoy it. And this will happen guys, when I was told this the first time by an older friend i was so quick to dismiss it an be like "neah I'm good I know what my life is all about" (omg i was such a prick). Most of your fans are close in age to you, it can help so much if you let yourself mature on screen. People who comment on "I wish they would be like before" are generally emotionally stuck. What will always get you fans is being genuine, even if some older ones will leave it will keep new people discover you. I found you out through Shane and I'm watching your channel and enjoying it, I bet many have. It can be so sad and lonely to see your life change and be alone in it, your fans are going through it or will at some point. It helps to be an example of how to deal with this, how to do it and come out a winner. *Main point*: Your fans are growing (aging) too. They will come to enjoy, relate and learn from your real life experience. Let people see your growth and mature with you.

  • Mia Lacroix
    Mia Lacroix

    i lost my dad at the age of 10 i am still ten but I lost him yesterday

  • Danielle Tom
    Danielle Tom

    OMG i love this video, Shane is amazing and totally the Dr Phil of youtube and i love him . But for Grayson and Ethan, Shane’s right you should never be afraid to show your feelings or who you really are as people because you guys are beautiful human beings inside and out . I loved your video’s but this one literally made me feel so connected to you guys so much more coz it was just genuine and real. i cant wait to see what you guys come up with and doesnt matter how long you take to upload i will be watching every step of the way and i hope you guys start enjoying the content you put out, because if you do then we will ... 😊❤️❤️❤️

  • Parker Paige Coonrod
    Parker Paige Coonrod

    I would love to be in Shanes position in this video because ya'll really are interesting people and I do want to see you grow. I would love to help y'all through things, even though I have literally no social media presence I would still want to help ya'll. It's okay to be going through things and growth is important. It's an awkward phase being 19. You're not a child but you aren't an adult either. It's hard to put things into a comment but you have to do whats best for you and I know your fans will follow you.

  • maya harvey
    maya harvey

    can i just ask, who are the people that have disliked this video?! Like 12K thumbs down wtf rude

  • Julia Stover
    Julia Stover

    At the point in the video where they realized they hadn't talked about sean at all was when i realized how much i relate to this. When my grandma died, she had been the closest person to me probably ever. Closer than either of my parents will ever be. I didn't want to talk about it. I never did. Whenever my mom mentioned her, I had panic attacks and shit because it hurt too bad to talk about. I feel for them, I wish they wouldn't have ever felt like youtube was a priority.

  • ohheytherelauren

    My first thought when Shane wanted to talk off camera at the end was that Shane wanted Ethma tea lol

    • libra 64
      libra 64

      I think Shane would be too grown up to be interested in that, he is not as invested in the personal life of others.Think he would be more interested in their part in the James Charles drama on whether wise to include in his own series.

  • ohheytherelauren

    I know everyone’s saying how great Shane is but they really should have this conversation with a therapist together and separately

  • kaelyn williams
    kaelyn williams

    thank you, shane. for saving them. i love these 3 💖

  • timmy yow
    timmy yow

    I litlery don know why there acting so dramatic I skipped to the end after realizing it was over an hour-long oof

  • Game Master
    Game Master

    I just noticed that graysons jawline is more defined than ethans

  • Z. B.A
    Z. B.A

    This video really shows how down to earth,mature and composed grown men they are and I’m gonna keep supporting them always and after all they’ve been through it’s so amazing how much they’ve grown I just love them so much❤️

  • Nicole Woodruff
    Nicole Woodruff

    What an amazing time this is for you two

  • Sarah Lewis
    Sarah Lewis

    Honestly, had heard of you but never watched a video. I thought your stuff was aimed at a younger age group(I’m 22) I’m super interested in the Jeffrey star colab and now this one! I’m super excited about the van, I’m gonna watch those next! I wish you the best! Real people are far better than personas.

  • Gacha_ Lex
    Gacha_ Lex

    It’s hard for me to see them like this, I don’t know just hurts.

  • Sonia Munoz
    Sonia Munoz

    Hi I wanted to leave a comment the first time I watched this video but I wasn’t able to i’m sorry for all your fans plus me as a fan for making you feel this way I hope you feel better about how we’ve made you feel we all love you and care about you ❤️🙂

  • matchatae

    I came here thinking I wasn’t gonna cry ........but a bitch cried yes that bitch is me

  • KalayaMariie

    am i the only ones who rewatched when ethan said “you guys wanna come with” and that laugh uggghh that seemed so genuine i love it 51:35

  • renimagery

    Shane, way out of his depth with this... but handled it eloquently. You guys should see someone for grief counselling. It might give you some tools. It’s okay to feel upset, it’s fucked losing someone. You should not feel any guilt about how you’ve coped with this so far. It’s the biggest thing. That’s why you didn’t make a video because it’s one of the most important things in the world to you and you were/are in the depths of processing. You aren’t obliged to ever make a video about your dad. It can be something sacred or whatever you choose. You are normal and you have so much love.

  • Nana Vlogs
    Nana Vlogs

    Call shane dawson r future therapy

  • leah kneller
    leah kneller

    Why is Shane heavy trying to convince us to fall in love w e and gray more than we already have 😂

  • 5000 Subs without videos
    5000 Subs without videos

    21:43 is when they talk abt his dad :(

  • Genuine Keosha
    Genuine Keosha

    Yall should definitely make a vlog can still this channel maybe once a month....or 1 every two weeks....but to vlog your real life and emotion, will not only help other people but also catch the attention of ppl just coming by your channel to see yall are as real as anybody else. At the end of the day we are all human. I appreciate yall and have so much respect for yall for posting this video frfr. I love you guys. #DolanTwinsForever

  • Alani Muk
    Alani Muk

    I can feel the twins feelings through the screen and it hurts. As a fan, I feel really bad because I feel like the twins think that they need to keep us happy rather than themselves... It hurts to think that they a sacrificing a lot for us and barely even thinking about their personal feelings.... I’m really thankful that the twins think about us and our happiness but seeing that the twins almost crying in this video due to overwhelming feelings and stress is so heartbreaking.... the feel like they are going to let down everybody if they don’t upload a video, but to me, if they need a break from VN-my and social media for a while or maybe for a year then it doesn’t matter to me as long as it means that they are going to focus on their happiness because the twins happiness if more important than VN-my.

  • Katie Grace Ingram
    Katie Grace Ingram

    I’ll be friends with you

  • Eliza Marie
    Eliza Marie

    It was my birthday when this was uploaded that’s why I didn’t see it(this is my first time watching this video)

  • Mollie Wilkinson
    Mollie Wilkinson

    I’ve never cried so much watching one of their videos. It just shows

  • Jenn Marie
    Jenn Marie

    RIP Mr Dolan

  • share a ravin boi
    share a ravin boi

    Wait so what happened?

  • Julieta Carom
    Julieta Carom

    chicken nugget

  • { Reela }
    { Reela }

    4th time I've watched this and it never fails to make me cry

  • Malu Jaouiche
    Malu Jaouiche

    Shane has really small hands

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