Jake Paul CRIES backstage AFTER Logan Paul Loses to KSI
Jake Paul
I didn't want to post this...
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  • Kuychhay Tea
    Kuychhay Tea

    Lol this vid have a lot of dislike than like. Cool

  • got em
    got em

    awww so sad awww😢

  • Chris 1889
    Chris 1889

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • DailyLifeWith Nate
    DailyLifeWith Nate

    This Man is a joke

  • Roland Dambile
    Roland Dambile


  • Bongos01

    Whats the name of that baby crying emoji on twitch?

  • KingZ GT
    KingZ GT

    Inma say this i think its all shanons fault. He gave him to much energy

  • swag man
    swag man


  • Villatoro Bro’s
    Villatoro Bro’s

    Ice block

  • Savage Beast
    Savage Beast

    ive always wanted to see him cry

  • Michael Phang
    Michael Phang


  • Sushma Bekal
    Sushma Bekal

    So sad

  • Manfred C.C
    Manfred C.C

    Who searched up nonce crying

  • Jason Fowler
    Jason Fowler

    Jake Paul I’m sorry about that

  • cheater_ Faruk
    cheater_ Faruk


  • Summer


  • Kimberly Mead
    Kimberly Mead

    i am the same way with my family too

  • smushhhy

    These comments I’m deadddd 😂😂


    the dog just sitting there 1:00😂 what is he thinking doe?

  • ukwnown 109
    ukwnown 109

    Imagine someone actually feeling bad for Jake lol

  • jasjit Mann
    jasjit Mann

    Jake don’t cry and destroy ksi

    • Aaryan Agarwal
      Aaryan Agarwal

      jasjit Mann shut up you noncey wasteman

  • Arian Krasniqi
    Arian Krasniqi


  • Young Drip
    Young Drip


  • Anny Penilla
    Anny Penilla

    Feels good to see jake paul cry


    Literally we will see Jake cry again like this when JJ beats him.

  • •19 years agoチキン
    •19 years agoチキン

    I've seen better acting in porn

  • tyler Vang
    tyler Vang

    I’m dead 😂🤣

  • Chris Sully
    Chris Sully

    Ice cube

  • Connor Sherman
    Connor Sherman

    most disliked vid on jakes channel

  • Wajood Ahmed
    Wajood Ahmed

    I've seen better acting in porn movies then this

  • Izeah Aamir Vasquez
    Izeah Aamir Vasquez

    That ksi is stupid

  • AwesomeGuy95

    KSI plus the Paul thing is werid

  • AwesomeGuy95

    This shows KSI is better

  • Kaitlyn Borrelli-Jackson
    Kaitlyn Borrelli-Jackson

    Hey it's ok we all know that you and your bro are winers

  • Rico Hämarsalu
    Rico Hämarsalu

    Ksi for life

  • Ledio Gaming
    Ledio Gaming

    Okay, ksi fans where you at 😎

  • Ruben Chavira
    Ruben Chavira


  • Isaiah Bell
    Isaiah Bell


  • King Kenzie
    King Kenzie

    When you cry you sound like a dolphin

  • Tegan and Lilly game
    Tegan and Lilly game


  • Gamerlicious

    Jake is acting like he would have won against KSI, like bruh

  • Megan Rankin
    Megan Rankin

    Someone had to loose fucking hell grow up

  • JULIANA chemutai
    JULIANA chemutai

    This really thought we couldn't see that big ass if e cube

  • Euan McCormick
    Euan McCormick

    This was the funniest thing I have ever seen 😂😂😂😂😂

  • ᴅʏᴛʀ tm
    ᴅʏᴛʀ tm

    jake stfu

  • Neil Ninja seven
    Neil Ninja seven


  • Bald Rabbit
    Bald Rabbit


  • Lawand Faraj
    Lawand Faraj

    I heard that life is hard when you’re older nobody gonna Nana NANA mamma mamma mamma mamma mamma mamma nobody gonna Nana NANA la la la mamma mamma mamma mamma mamma I’ve got a big banana

  • Zach Fadhel
    Zach Fadhel

    Jake your still the same old clickbait american VN-myr

  • Stevie Scaife
    Stevie Scaife

    Oof uhhh😳😳

  • Kalash Patel
    Kalash Patel

    Wtf was this title fam


    I never knew something like this would get released into the world..........truly a mistake Aka JAKE PAUL

  • Nahid Ahmed
    Nahid Ahmed

    So sorry for you Jake

  • Tropical Ty
    Tropical Ty

    Lol that so funny

  • Versatile Player
    Versatile Player

    Really do you think you're man

  • OofShoof 2.0
    OofShoof 2.0

    stay sad

  • DylanDH

    HhhHahahahaHhahahahahaha i had too XD

  • Yash Gupta
    Yash Gupta

    His cracked up voice justifies the truth behind it man

  • Benjamin Ingram
    Benjamin Ingram

    what is wrong with you people, disliking this

  • Hiền Vo
    Hiền Vo

    I fell bad

  • Gina CassAt
    Gina CassAt


  • Kairi S
    Kairi S

    Oh ya it was 7 months ago but thats ok still work hard

  • Kairi S
    Kairi S

    About u loosing ksi jake rules ksi drools u rock

  • Kairi S
    Kairi S

    Omg im soooo sorry jake

  • Sakina Barodawala
    Sakina Barodawala

    Yea boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Kyoka Suigetsu
    Kyoka Suigetsu

    this dude and his brother seems rich but they are hella hated 🤣

  • Christopher Roy
    Christopher Roy

    Lose the team 10 house

  • Sharshaf237

    Lol imagine using ice to cry

  • HaytchDon

    Shush jake. No one cares about your opinions

  • atul mishra
    atul mishra

    Are you constipated

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