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Out October 25
Director: Kadim Tarasov facebook.com/kadim.tarasov
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Feel JINJER Live:
11.10.19 US - Cleveland, OH / The Winchester *SOLD OUT*
12.10.19 US - Cincinnati, OH / Riverfront Theater
13.10.19 US - Pittsburgh, PA / Crafthouse *SOLD OUT*
15.10.19 US - Indianapolis, IN / The Vogue
16.10.19 US - Angola, IN / The Eclectic Room
18.10.19 US - Columbus, OH / Al Rosa Villa *SOLD OUT*
19.10.19 US - Flint, MI / Machine Shop *SOLD OUT*
20.10.19 US - Grand Rapids, MI / Elevation @ Intersection
22.10.19 US - Chicago, IL / Bottom Lounge
23.10.19 US - Belvidere, IL / Apollo Theater
24.10.19 US - Waterloo, IA / Spicoli´s Reverb - Live Music and Bar Arcade
25.10.19 US - Iowa City, IA / Wildwood Smokehouse
26.10.19 US - Racine, WI / Route 20
27.10.19 US - Minneapolis, MN / Turf Club *SOLD OUT*
29.10.19 US - Calgary, AB / Dickens *SOLD OUT*
30.10.19 CA - Edmonton, AB / Starlite
31.10.19 CA - Vancouver, BC / The Rickshaw Theater
01.11.19 US - Seattle, WA / El Corazon *SOLD OUT*
02.11.19 US - Portland, OR / Hawthorne Theatre *SOLD OUT*
special guest: THE AGONIST
08.11. - KIEV (UA) Bingo ++
09.11. - WARSAW (PL) Hybrydy *SOLD OUT*
10.11. - WROCLAW (PL) Zaklete Rewiry *UPGRADE*
12.11. - DRESDEN (DE) Beatpol
13.11. - PRAGUE (CZ) MeetFactory *UPGRADE*
14.11. - BERLIN (DE) Lido *SOLD OUT*
15.11. - COPENHAGEN (DK) Pumpehuset *SOLD OUT*
16.11. - HANNOVER (DE) Musikzentrum *SOLD OUT*
17.11. - HAMBURG (DE) Knust *SOLD OUT*
19.11. - ESCH-ALZETTE (LU) Kulturfabrik
20.11. - FRANKFURT (DE) Das Bett *SOLD OUT*
21.11. - LEIPZIG (DE) Hellraiser
22.11. - ANNABERG-BUCHHOLZ (DE) Alte Brauerei
23.11. - COLOGNE (DE) Gebäude 9 *SOLD OUT*
24.11. - BOCHUM (DE) Zeche *SOLD OUT*
26.11. - AMSTERDAM (NL) Q-Factory *SOLD OUT*
27.11. - EINDHOVEN (NL) Dynamo *SOLD OUT*
28.11. - ANTWERP (BE) Zappa *SOLD OUT*
29.11. - LONDON (UK) Heaven *SOLD OUT*
30.11. - BIRMINGHAM (UK) Asylum *SOLD OUT*
01.12. - NEWCASTLE (UK) University *UPGRADE*
03.12. - MANCHESTER (UK) Academy 2 *SOLD OUT*
04.12. - BRISTOL (UK) Thekla *SOLD OUT*
06.12. - PARIS (FR) La Machine *SOLD OUT*
07.12. - ANNEMASSE (FR) Château Rouge
08.12. - TOULOUSE (FR) Le Rex *SOLD OUT*
10.12. - MURCIA (ES) Garaje
11.12. - MADRID (ES) Mon
12.12. - BARCELONA (ES) Salamandra *UPGRADE*
13.12. - TOULON (FR) Omega Live
14.12. - MILAN (IT) Legend Club *SOLD OUT*
15.12. - ZÜRICH (CH) Dynamo
16.12. - MUNICH (DE) Backstage Werk
18.12. - GRAZ (AT) Dom im Berg
19.12. - WIEN (AT) Simm City *UPGRADE*
20.12. - ZAGREB (HR) Tvornica Kulture *UPGRADE*
21.12. - BRATISLAVA (SK) Majestic
22.12. - BUDAPEST (HU) Barba Negra
++ w/ The Agonist only
05.03. - Max Watts, Melbourne
06.03. - Manning, Sydney
07.03. - The Zoo, Brisbane

  • Umut Akti
    Umut Akti

    I don't about that guy but she is definitely, on the top...

  • Bugra Ozcoban
    Bugra Ozcoban

    Is that a mercedes E250 2012 hanging down the roof 1.32?😋 I love jinjer!

  • Weigh Of Balance
    Weigh Of Balance

    Anck Su Namun

  • Игрок Запойный
    Игрок Запойный

    Привет из Горловки! Вы лучшие!

  • Miguel Ramirez
    Miguel Ramirez

    First band I've ever seen live and I can't wait to see them again performing songs from the new album.

  • N.Z. Storm Waver
    N.Z. Storm Waver

    Love how she growls "Run, run, run."

  • Anastazia Beaverhausen
    Anastazia Beaverhausen

    Randall from Clerks is fucked.

  • Angel of Protection
    Angel of Protection

    cant get over how deep her screams are and her singing is also really good crazy fucking skills she has

  • Hayden Laupland
    Hayden Laupland

    So glad to see a band that’s been together grinding for 10 years have success like they are now!!!! They deserve it so much!!!! Everyone in the band ;))))

  • Darren Pinto
    Darren Pinto

    Some good stuff. They sound good live, too.

  • Alex Bogolyubov
    Alex Bogolyubov

    !!!!! я как вас люблю!!!!

  • Rage Da realist
    Rage Da realist

    Asked my buddy who says he loves metal if he liked it. He said it wasn’t for him ... I said well your clearly a country lover ...

  • Marques Nattan
    Marques Nattan

    Hands down the most powerful metalband, btw everything i just unforgettable, tati perfect vocals, eugene rifs, vlad drums...

  • A Sanz
    A Sanz

    Logan Paul's wildest wet dream at 0:53

  • Alex

    Отлично! Удачи вам, ребятушки!

  • Juice Ingot
    Juice Ingot

    It's daytime in Pripyat

  • G3Force7

    Queen of metal.

  • Adriel Eurich Sohn
    Adriel Eurich Sohn

    Foda pra caralho!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Charles Dascomb
    Charles Dascomb

    Her voice is amazing and shocking , it would be awesome in melodic dubstep.

  • Sami Penttinen
    Sami Penttinen

    Vocals actually remind me a bit of Stolen Babies. Go check that stuff out!

  • Makeu Upset
    Makeu Upset

    Not heavy enough for me but I love the beginning riffs before the singing

  • Richard Jarquin
    Richard Jarquin

    Tatiana can scream and growl all she wants... she’s still hot as hell 🔥 🔥

  • Wynn Whitfield
    Wynn Whitfield

    The more I listen to this, the better it gets. 🤘

  • Nancy Foster
    Nancy Foster

    yes. but i enjoy the solitude up here.

  • Marcus Taylor
    Marcus Taylor

    Even before knowing the track list, this song very much struck me as an opening track, and my gut feeling was correct :D

  • Erin Kelley
    Erin Kelley

    Let's be honest, she could top me any time she wanted

  • jon moore
    jon moore

    i dont care what anyone says ive followed you from 2009 when i heard of you and am diehard for all off what you got. . i missec you this nov 2 in seattle 2019, please tell me you will come back, and far fetched question but i would tag my car with jinjer whatever mobile advertisement in the states if you guys are hip or game to that! just a diehard fan love it macro rocks just got it a week ago. much love jon

  • Thisisbb1

    im not quite getting the mvids meaning. song n such good but the background... im lost

  • gocheck02gok

    Куплю билет на концерт Jinjer в Киеве 8 Ноября

  • Jörg Bieszczak
    Jörg Bieszczak

    Its just one of the greatest bands we have in this time

  • Trixův Bunkr
    Trixův Bunkr

    The unbelievable thing about Jinjer is that they are practicly refugees. They had to escape from Ukraine conflict. I've read it in one metal magazine in my country (CZ). Jinjer band is a true show of determination. Btw in the magazine they called Tatiana "Lion of Donbas" because of her black scream, which is absolutely badass nickname if you ask me 😂😂😂

  • NeVFokuse

    Я один на 29-й секунде слышу Имперский Марш??

  • rick mcmillan
    rick mcmillan

    I'd like to be "on top"... of her.

  • D. E.
    D. E.

    Можно вас пригласить дать концерт у меня на даче ? Кроты сволочи достали весь газон попортили уже все испробовал не как не могу изгнать их !

  • R3SP3CT TH3 V3T
    R3SP3CT TH3 V3T

    I am so in love with her

  • Eduardo Isaurralde
    Eduardo Isaurralde

    Tatiana:entraste en mi corazón como un pájaro que se sambulle en el mar.

  • Ο Δημήτρης
    Ο Δημήτρης

    Vlad is a KGB suka sky.

  • Alda Ebvard
    Alda Ebvard


  • Hunter Meng
    Hunter Meng

    Seriously the best band in the world.

  • jose cobain
    jose cobain

    La amo

  • daddy flapjacks mcmuffin
    daddy flapjacks mcmuffin

    This just seems so wannabe..

  • Йонатан Сергей Романенко
    Йонатан Сергей Романенко

    Блин, ребята, ради бога, извините что я вас раньше игнорил. Вы такую годноту фигачете, что мне реально стыдно из за того, что я вас избегал. Я теперь точно пойду на ваш концерт. Жду вас в Тель Авиве)))

  • Humble Turtle
    Humble Turtle

    The fight between good and evil within her has to be brutal.

  • Akinna Nomis
    Akinna Nomis

    Wow you shock me. You the devil but i love it. You are so crazy. Its wow i found no words for this. Hammermegageil. Wow. I love you!

  • Akinna Nomis
    Akinna Nomis

    Echt die geilste

  • Akinna Nomis
    Akinna Nomis

    I love you. U are so imagine. But was are your "halspastillen"

  • Light Of Serenity
    Light Of Serenity

    Please do a tour with Monochromatic Black, you would be perfect together!! 😍😍 vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-rNRpibSBa2Y.html

  • scion turboed
    scion turboed

    anyone here wanna dance?....no?.... briefcase it is then.....

  • Sulucion 6Tone
    Sulucion 6Tone

    Damn killer track, but the dancing briefcase people makes me laugh to much - i see why they were killed.

  • John The King Robinson
    John The King Robinson

    I don't understand anything in this video and I love it.

  • Aurantiaca

    I love those drums around the 3rd minute mark

  • Dany Gilbert
    Dany Gilbert

    Is it me or the rift when she sings around the 45 seconds mark is almost the same as Meshuggah's Inside what within behind? And around almost the same mark, 38 seconds.

  • aj paj
    aj paj

    This couldnt be more slav

  • Stéphane GIRARD
    Stéphane GIRARD

    Waiting for an official recorded live version ... maybe from europe tour. I will be in Paris live Dec 6th. It is in Moulin rouge 😋😋 concert hall

  • Kuzenbo

    This is wild. I'm pretty sure I've seen the drummers butt in one scene.^^ Go Jinjer!

  • Syakir Hadid
    Syakir Hadid


  • Dave Robins
    Dave Robins

    Fucking love this new song........LOVE JINJER.....xxxxxxxx

  • abhishek redkar
    abhishek redkar

    I call that intro 9 year old kid's leg stomping rage

  • Mudhi Sacra
    Mudhi Sacra

    This song is pure power. I cant stop listening!

  • julio hernandez
    julio hernandez

    Man, this band keeps gettin better and better.

  • ChrisS82

    Should my neck be hurting as soon as it starts!

  • Austin Whitecotton
    Austin Whitecotton

    Drummer so slav I am surprised he isn't squatting and playing.

    • Gypsy Dangerlove
      Gypsy Dangerlove

      @Dmitry Nazarenko "baby dont hurt meee"

    • Dmitry Nazarenko
      Dmitry Nazarenko

      He is so Slav because his name is VladiSlav

    • Gypsy Dangerlove
      Gypsy Dangerlove

      *has an Adidas kit*

  • Cake Yt
    Cake Yt

    What was the song at the end

    • Cake Yt
      Cake Yt

      @GeniusCenaa thank you

    • GeniusCenaa

      First one is called Judgement and Punishment, second one is Pisces. Both by Jinjer.

  • Old MetalHead
    Old MetalHead

    It takes little talent to screech and growl instead of sing.

    • Uncouth Rapscallion
      Uncouth Rapscallion

      You fucking idiot

    • diesermitch

      Well that is obviously absolute bullshit

  • Rick Morks
    Rick Morks

    The way she sings the chorus is somehow so attractive

  • Gore Healer
    Gore Healer

    Djently i say yes, i like it so much!

  • Szandi

    Freakin good style in every video :)

  • therealforestelf

    this band was strong in the beginning and reached total godmode in the mean time. just insane

  • Krzysztof Oszczapiński
    Krzysztof Oszczapiński

    Great song! Greetings from Poland

  • Dang Mang
    Dang Mang

    sorry meshuggah already did it

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