Joe Rogan | The Amazon is a Colossal Mystery w/Graham Hancock
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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1284 w/Graham Hancock:

  • Kronos camron
    Kronos camron

    fuckin vegans they destroy the rain forests so you can have your fuckin soy milk.

  • Love Nurtures
    Love Nurtures

    Woooowwww!!!! I bet there are some strange things hiding over there...Not only that, now all those school text books are wrong!!! Everything they taught us was wrong!!! Now what do we do???!!!😲🔥📚

  • Greg V
    Greg V

    Far too many people are unwilling to push back against the ludicrous claims this guy who brands himself “The New Egyptologist” is making. Americans hear an English accent and immediately think the speaker is a genius. This guy believes in the Lost Society, cities that thrived during the Ice Age. He also believes there are pyramids on Mars. I see people all the time falling for crap on the internet for no reason other than it looks and sounds compelling.

  • cheese

    this dude is so full of shit

  • Jon Samuels
    Jon Samuels

    Them folks always spreading freakin diseases 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Tortured Society Toprankina1
    Tortured Society Toprankina1

    We are aware... Yes there is a dogma in this society... Spread your lies the truth is already known and we never went anywhere Follow and like our Instagram @high_soci3ty_a1 thanks

  • Digitizeddragon

    So...maybe the amazon rain forest isn't as delicate as we thought and maybe hasn't been there as long as we thought.

  • Zain Akuji
    Zain Akuji

    Lidar. Like radar.

  • Eight Ball Talkin'
    Eight Ball Talkin'

    So if rain forest soils are poor, why does so much shit grow there? Now then if so much grows there, don't you suppose that you can eat a lot of that? Well sure you can. Truth is if you are lost in the rain forest and you know what you can eat, you will never be hungry. Sadly scientists seem to forget to get their fat arses out of the lab and into the field.

  • Jacob Storm
    Jacob Storm

    Honestly I believe the Amazon should be one place that remains untouched for the rest of time, just to keep that mystery

  • Gypsy Jiver
    Gypsy Jiver

    If the ice sheets were 1-2 miles thick over New York across the continent over the 40 latitude the Amazon would have had a much milder climate. It was a vastly different world 13k-15k years ago.

  • Kyrah S aka Kid Ounce
    Kyrah S aka Kid Ounce

    I love this man! Great work and research

  • Gust Blaze 1
    Gust Blaze 1

    Good vid Joe.

  • bebehas bebehas
    bebehas bebehas

    yet, Brazil is cutting down those forrests, and there is no international organization to stop them. IMHO, it's like when you have a flat and an air conditioner, and you are turning off the conditioning, and you die in that flat.

  • Fearless & Far
    Fearless & Far

    Time to buy a ticket to Brazil...

  • Diane

    Bravo a thousand times over. Brilliant. Crucial. Was the soil innoculated by specially made fungi and a selected compost? Were they compost worm culture freak experts? As we Should Be. Bless every hair on hancocks body. May micro organisms worldwide guard and sleep him and his.... well every single night.

    • Diane

      Soul soil****

    • Diane


  • jesse aguirre
    jesse aguirre


  • gregory Brown
    gregory Brown

    Graham a more rational/less delusional Alex Jones. Caveat emptor. Why Joe why? DMT?

  • Nixon Rexzile
    Nixon Rexzile

    this clip is an example of how illuminati manipultae or lie

    • zapp brannigan
      zapp brannigan

      did his story hurt your feelings? lol

  • Connor The Star Wars fan
    Connor The Star Wars fan

    Wait there was an underwater civilization?!?!?

  • grey headed420
    grey headed420

    imagine telling white people that black people was way more advanced 3500 years ago, i wonder if they will keep searching .

    • Stephen Erdley
      Stephen Erdley

      Blacks never did shit. Never built a boat, never conquered continents, never invented anything useful. They shit out 20 kids, and still can't find fresh water. Show me a black controlled area, and I'll show you a shithole. You're a fucking moron.

  • Jose. Santos
    Jose. Santos

    The new president of Brazil, Bolsonaro, has all the intentions in the world to exploit the amazon rainforest, so I guess once he starts destroying it, we'll find out what used to be there. In the process our own demise will only increase, as the Amazon rainforest is the lungs of this planet! Take it from a Brazilian. Most of us care about the Amazon, but our new right wing president doesn't.

  • EyeDee

    What a cool guy. 10 x more interesting than these MMA arse-wipes he gets on.

  • Teresa Whitley
    Teresa Whitley

    Sacred geometry

  • Inzo Beeh
    Inzo Beeh

    Those 816 dislikes are Europeans with diseases... It be like that.

  • Geronimo's Silva's
    Geronimo's Silva's

    Neil de Grasse said other Galaxy ......

  • Geronimo's Silva's
    Geronimo's Silva's

    They said we will explore Mars?


    Graham Hancock is full of shit.

  • Sean Sav
    Sean Sav

  • Nostalgia For Infinity
    Nostalgia For Infinity

    3:20 The fuck is he on about? Rainforest soils are poor? Then how the fuck do you get rainforests with giant 100 foot tall trees there in the first place?

  • Hannibal Barca
    Hannibal Barca

    Buuuut the environuts were saying since 1990 that the Amazon was about to disappear 🙄 yet here in 2019 the Amazon is still like 90% intact

  • Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson

    This shit's mind blowing!

  • Kayro Perez
    Kayro Perez

    Civilization started in south America and Antarctica

  • Love Life
    Love Life

    Imagine if thousands of stone tablets are discovered with written information on them of the ancient worlds of old. There must be thousands of tablets. Hundreds more pyramids to be found or a thousand or thousands ! That is a vas area. Nice one

  • Love Life
    Love Life

    The scientific community is not willing to accept completely new things? They will destroy and cover things up.... What an amazing possibility with lydar. Hope new amazing things are revealed

  • d al
    d al

    Seems like the soil would be very rich as it has layers of compost from the trees, how did so much grow in poor soil?

  • oolas27

    And again, the European destroy a civilization

  • Jay Pearce
    Jay Pearce

    Any grave sites to prove the astonishing numbers of people?

    • zapp brannigan
      zapp brannigan

      bones dont last too long in acidic wet dirt

  • Airon Iversen
    Airon Iversen

    WOW!! This is AMAZING!!! 😯

  • Logic Shotz
    Logic Shotz

    So interesting

  • James

    Woah woah. They thought the soils in the amazon were bad? How.

    • James

      Also I think a point should be made that by changing the profile of the soil they introduced environments that welcomed microbes that were only found in trace amounts to take hold by giving them a suitsble place to live. (In and around the char) so it shouldnt be too surprising that the microbial makeup of the soil changed when agricultural practices did. It may have taken quite a long time for the changes to take effect but it seems to make sense.

    • James

      +Justin McKinnon right but biochar binds nutrients so that they don't leach.

    • Justin McKinnon
      Justin McKinnon

      Because it rains so much in rainforests, minerals and nutrients leach out of the soil

    • James

      Oh nvm glad he talked about terra preta

  • Jum Hed
    Jum Hed

    Spain conquered them with 12 conquistadors. And smallpox, aka germ warfare.

    • zapp brannigan
      zapp brannigan

      muslims are conquering europeans by just displacing them lol

  • YesitisSeth

    When did Geoffrey Rush become an archaeologist?

  • REDWOLF 100
    REDWOLF 100

    They're gonna unearth something they'll regret

  • Shane Bower
    Shane Bower

    I don't think it was smallpox. I think that someone made a philosopher's stone out of those twenty million people. The geometry fits...

  • Lord Quas
    Lord Quas

    It makes sense that the civs in the rainforest got wiped by smallpox and it didn't quite reach the Inca empire in the mountains

  • Kaleem

    This man has a heart problem. The breathless shakiness is a HUGE symptom of not enough oxygenated blood leaving the heart. I'd guess he has autonomic dysfunction or plaque in his arteries.

  • HoldtheMayo

    Real life Nigel Thornberry

  • Myles G
    Myles G

    This guy is one of my favorite guests you have had on

  • Schy Music
    Schy Music

    I think there should be some people to have this as their mission to go and find the most fabulous videos on youtube and dislike them

  • George Chung
    George Chung

    Hey Joe, LIDAR is how these new self-driving cars can "see". Waymo (a Google company) sued Uber for stealing its LIDAR technology.

  • nmb Memphis beast24
    nmb Memphis beast24

    They didn't invent soil they killed the dirt the soil so we all can't grow

  • fred uncle
    fred uncle

    this podcast is so much better when Joe stfu a bit, and is not drunk and stoned. *steven crowder sends his regards*

  • Tay Jehan
    Tay Jehan

    King Kong lives there

  • Nick Thomas
    Nick Thomas

    That just shows how an advanced economy can be wipe out, who’s not to say we are next

  • Nick Thomas
    Nick Thomas

    So is that man made soil the reason the Amazon is so dense?

    • kyle alexander
      kyle alexander

      Yeah, basically that's what he's saying..they selectively planted certain trees/crops

  • Huaus J’Ilczy
    Huaus J’Ilczy


  • Jason Mulligan
    Jason Mulligan

    If I've learned anything from South Park it's to not go near the rainforests.

  • Daniel Gutierrez
    Daniel Gutierrez

    What if Stonehenge was ancient mans tribute to the super beings?

  • Robert Vaughn
    Robert Vaughn

    LIDAR is what a Liger uses to tell if another Liger is gay...

  • noah herbert
    noah herbert

    The only country worth going to war with right now is Brazil, to try and stop them from cutting down the rainforest. We can obviously try and negotiate first, but they need to be stopped

  • Furrowed Brow
    Furrowed Brow

    You should see some of the things I have found on Google Earth. How about a section of pipe that is 58 miles long and 10 miles in diameter. You can see the individual sections that make up the pipe. There are connecting features that lock the sections of pipe together. These features are 1/4 of a mile across and resemple the block, space, block, space top of a castle wall. Modern humans have never built anything even close to the size of this thing.

  • Animal Robot
    Animal Robot

    i fkn love that Joe just lets people talk. gets right into it. great stuff. all them late night shows are all about the host. fuck that.

  • Isaac Diaz
    Isaac Diaz

    The amazonian people must of used their own feces to enrich the soil I bet they had a bunch of great probiotics in their feces because of their diet something we don't see in our feces because of all the synthetically processed foods today

  • Brio Brio
    Brio Brio

    My guess is that these squares are giant gardens filled with rich nutrient man made soil and are placed north ,east,west, south so that the sun would always hit the crops ...

  • x D3G3N3R8 NATION x
    x D3G3N3R8 NATION x

    Hang this on pause...just tell me: Does he go on about his grandad at the pyramids, his bloody wife or say " we are a species with amnesia "?

    • Jum Hed
      Jum Hed


  • -IOI-

    Do you know we are about to attempt with devices such as HAARP (And ‘cloud seeding’ metallic particulates into upper atmosphere) what the ancients failed to do with vastly superior machines such as the Great Pyramids of Giza . And that was to save civilisation from catastrophic conditions in the earths atmosphere and on its surface. Well, not us, but our grandchildren or great grandchildren are in for some shit days. So I gather....

  • Darkus Hydranoid
    Darkus Hydranoid

    12:36 Maybe they're North, East, South and West markers for ghosts when we die. :P

  • Jungle Ninja
    Jungle Ninja

    Dudes calls the rain Forrest man made because tribes and black civilizations grafted and replanted tress already fruiting there ?

    • Jungle Ninja
      Jungle Ninja

      Same dude will deny a carrot and broccoli are man made when they arnt in the wild ... Man bred like dogs

  • money trees30
    money trees30

    Spaniards smh

  • Mike Walker
    Mike Walker

    I hope in Grahams lifetime some recorded language will be found in South america. He has invested so much its only fair.

  • Harry Angus
    Harry Angus

    What is his book called?

  • Wing Zero
    Wing Zero

    So the advanced white man the Spanish mass murder the people of the Amazon Who know what a shocking news

    • timffoster

      A person does not "mass murder" just by walking around, even if he is spreading a disease no one has ever heard of. Whoever told you otherwise is demented.

  • Nugsy Malone
    Nugsy Malone

    I'm so tired of seeing the american flag behind him, get rid of that shit

  • Paul Bell
    Paul Bell

    Fucking stoners.

  • James Goddard
    James Goddard

    The average population of London in the 1500’s (16th century) was closer to 200,000. Peaking at near 250,000 in the year 1600 in the reign of King James. It exploded in population from the dark days of the war of the roses throughout the 1400’s and flourished under both Henry Tudor and The Elizabethan renaissance. It saw Shakespeare and a cultural rebirth and the start of a global sea faring empire. It was a large and thriving global trading hub. It wasn’t a town of 50,000 people. Cambridge or Winchester probably had larger populations.

  • steve gable
    steve gable

    man made rain forest eh yeah mate all fuckin day ............hhhhhmmmm

  • charlie lavender
    charlie lavender

    what if henges are compression marks from spaceships landing?

  • sam waldorf
    sam waldorf

    This guy is a fucking retard. Greek geometry about finding the same 'area' of a circle and a square is not the same as simply drawing a circle inside of a square. For him to even insinuate that goes to show his lack of integrity or intelligence.

  • Kayak Fish & Cook
    Kayak Fish & Cook

    How does this podcast go from an awesome subject like ancient civilizations to how legalizing fucking weed is going to change America for the better??? What a waste

  • Daniel Detweiler
    Daniel Detweiler

    maybe its all the bodies from the sacrifices were used as some knid of super fertilizer??.... smoke some dmt n think on that! :P - freemasons "square their actions" during lodge hmmmmmm....

  • Akhtar Hossain
    Akhtar Hossain

    Is there DMT in amazon??

  • Keys879

    The deforrestation, although tragic to the loss of trees and plant life that we rely on, has also opened an AMAZING door into the past. Revealing ancient civilizations LONG-lost to the jungle. We certainly live in amazing times.

  • Crni Covek
    Crni Covek


  • BraveInternetGuy

    If they had Amazon Prime Pantry back then they could've easily fed everyone without touching the soil!

  • Pmpbreeze Ogah
    Pmpbreeze Ogah

    Don't say humans say what it really is BLACK PEOPLE!!!!

  • 01stroker

    There is a podcast where Joe jokes about aliens not visiting us because they are afraid we would want to fuck them and I can not find it anyone else remember this?

  • Nate K
    Nate K

    This guy has a "deforestation " vibe to him

  • NIX 5 Cents
    NIX 5 Cents

    Their using Gaydar and finding deep bitches & queering the Circles

  • Sweet Music
    Sweet Music

    They used the riverbed microbes

  • gustavo diaz
    gustavo diaz

    Marijuana makes these subjects very interesting

  • Big Fat F UckinCock
    Big Fat F UckinCock

    Genuine question: why have like 800 people disliked this ?

    • Daniel 9000
      Daniel 9000

      There are always haters for no reason it's sad

    • John Hafford
      John Hafford

      Probably because their are no explosions, arm bars or nudity.....

    • Pavlo Lazarchuk
      Pavlo Lazarchuk

      Probably because that's not what squaring the circle means.

  • Leonard Martinez
    Leonard Martinez

    Fallacy: The Indian subcontinent is not tantamount to 5.5 million square km of Amazonian rain forest. "The greatest inequality is to make unequal things equal." -Aristotle

  • TheJewThatCuckedYou

    Hah handcock.

  • Galileo's Telescope
    Galileo's Telescope

    That's not what squaring the circle means... not even close.

    • Benny Kunkel
      Benny Kunkel

      Yeah, my LIE-DAR went off a few times while listening to this.

  • Galileo's Telescope
    Galileo's Telescope

    I'm just gonna leave this here... (response to Graham Hancock by a REAL anthropologist)

  • Thot Exterminator
    Thot Exterminator

    Lmao he was like not tryna give credit it’s just like a science clearly amazon ppl were on a higher level connected with the Devine

  • Ryan Stevens
    Ryan Stevens

    Who gives a fuck about all this shit

  • cody brown
    cody brown

    Composting of dead bodies maybe?

  • qwertykevin1

    What town is he did say when he was talking about henges. Did he say town of barth?

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