Joker TikToks Stop Please
Danny Gonzalez
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joker tinktonks gotta stop make them stop
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  • goofypoofy animation
    goofypoofy animation

    Sorry bro...I can't take it😕😕😕😕I'm not mentally prepared for 3rd degree tourcher 🤣😂🤣😂😂🖖🖖🖖

  • Sarah The Degenerate
    Sarah The Degenerate

    Indian Lele Pons?

  • White Pigeon
    White Pigeon


  • Claire

    if someone came up to me and did that face, it would work, i’d be dead. from laughter.

  • Sodiumitis

    joker? more like a joke! ..... please laugh I'm desperate

  • StarlightChaarm

    a kid in my class was doing these.......I'm concerned about his mental health.

  • Prepare Your Bladder
    Prepare Your Bladder

    I just want you to know I'm real scared of everything that happening this year

  • Hello Universe
    Hello Universe

    I want to die

  • Selorm Ababio
    Selorm Ababio

    I click of this video five tines before I actually watched it

  • Soggy Potato
    Soggy Potato

    The fact that the same song keeps playing makes it 2x more hilarious, like it's just soo bad 😂

  • horbor husky 2
    horbor husky 2

    the first one looks like pennywise....

  • Bramborak

    Remember Jeff the killer? Man this is a whole new level.

  • kingjay239

    Why are they sooooo ugly lol.

  • kingjay239

    I hate it here.

  • Yoftahem Tadele
    Yoftahem Tadele

    it's fuckin time

  • raeuin

    tiktok r u ok?

  • •Miss• •Dreamer•
    •Miss• •Dreamer•

  • Gacha Riri
    Gacha Riri

    5:32 is so funny that face 😂😁😂🤣😆😃😀😄😅☺️🙂😌😇😊🙃🤩🥳😜🤪🤯

  • Officer T
    Officer T

    Came here bc I heard there was gonna be Joker face. Lady Gaga not even in this video. Disappointed 😔

  • Skcus Dlrow eht
    Skcus Dlrow eht

    My face when I saw the first one 😅

  • Helicoptermangirl

    This video made me laugh so much. Thank you

  • Democratic Republic of Chük
    Democratic Republic of Chük

    Day 173682 of trying to get Danny to accept my Strava follow request

  • Helicoptermangirl

    I loved the video.

  • cryingtables

    im rewatching and it still makes me uncomfortable

  • Goatee

    good job robbers thank you for wearing your ski mask and protecting the bank employees

  • Brooklyn Murrell
    Brooklyn Murrell

    The second TikTok that he watched that he showed us I had to close my eyes because I almost started crying because it was so funny the face he looked like he was constipated lmao

    • Alex Davis
      Alex Davis

      Ah ha, you shall now run away because I SHAT MYSELF

  • Despicable D
    Despicable D

    Yeah no I have to leave after when that kid did it. I’ll come back after I’ve gotten over this nightmare

  • malhar jajoo
    malhar jajoo

    I disliked it simply because of the content

  • TheBlarggle

    I came back to watch this a second time because the Joker's theme music got stuck in my head.

  • the River who exists
    the River who exists

    the face makes me just *mad*

  • On fire
    On fire

    Why.... just why.... why do you have to ruin this character further..

  • epic dogeman1234
    epic dogeman1234

    My nose is itching my life is physically ruined my brain cells are. Gone. I am soon going be in a permanent squint. I have brain problems I don't know how to say pee I see big spiders in my bed on my imagination that I have to murder (this is when I actually can sleep) I can't sleep and I am going to have to commit die if this continues.

  • Blahsphemy

    I'm just imagining the Indian government officials in a meeting on banning tiktok. They see these TikToks and go, "Yep, ban this shit."

  • Hannah O'Shea
    Hannah O'Shea


  • A 1
    A 1

    lmao at 1:50 it looks like he is taking a dump

  • miranduh

    how does he even make that face

  • Tejasvita Rajawat
    Tejasvita Rajawat

    this is why we had to ban tik tok

  • :D

    7:20 13:31

  • Polly want A cracker
    Polly want A cracker

    Ah yes the joker my favourite superhero.

  • 白奥宁

    u and drew have same content do u talk to what to upload

  • TheClawingCyclone

    You mustn’t insult the almighty indian joker

  • Mbc Nomads
    Mbc Nomads

    Why did my girlfriend suggest me to watch these joker's😶

  • Bruh 33
    Bruh 33

    It's 1:40 and I'm crying right now

  • that one female weeb
    that one female weeb

    *quackity has left the chat*

  • Sam Cotter
    Sam Cotter

    All it takes is one bad day

  • HappyHamSandwich

    Oh! I can do that! **Cracks Neck** **Thud**

  • Tatiana Perdreauville
    Tatiana Perdreauville

    Has anyone thought this was the truth or dare face

  • emma chapman
    emma chapman

    Do a Happy Billow review

  • random panda on the internet
    random panda on the internet

    Yeah... just Indians doing Indian things I guess... 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  • GarryKings5

    Why just why. Who would ever find those tik toks entertaining

  • Dank Sinatra
    Dank Sinatra

    the song goes hard tho

  • Ferret!

    That “robot man” was actually a street performer

  • Aya Lachgar
    Aya Lachgar

    What was that

  • Miscolored Hub
    Miscolored Hub

    This is why tiktok is getting banned

  • Paula Zapata Parra
    Paula Zapata Parra

    If someone stared at me like that after they make me trip I would just slap the living shit out of them

  • Delaney Dial
    Delaney Dial

    so my life is a mess anyways uh, so when i get uncomfortable like ALOT or random goosebums my bottom eyelid twitches (DONT ASK ME WHY) and today was like ITS DAY watching dis

  • I want to jump Off a highway
    I want to jump Off a highway

    So this is what straight TikTok is like

  • bbygirl

    I’m still cracking up at these tiktoks why do they look like that😭

  • phoebe

    DANNY!!!!!!!!!! use polyfilla

  • Mateo Hernández
    Mateo Hernández

    cat is now sad

  • The Modern Retro Gamer
    The Modern Retro Gamer

    How do people thing about these kind of things, and why do they even make these.

  • jenelle oglesbee
    jenelle oglesbee

    I actually like the joker ones they make me happy...I think because they take it so seriously yet look so ridiculous...but yea I actually like them...😕

  • zombieruckspin

    I can't stop re-watching this bizarre lava lamp of terror.

  • De Jey
    De Jey

    Barely two minutes in and I wanna throw up

  • Stefan777 Enache
    Stefan777 Enache

    Here, YOU droped this:🏆🏅

  • viviann

    rizxtarr is cringy but his face isn't *that* bad?? Like, I can see what he's trying to achieve but the second dude looks like he's taking a crap

  • Harper Hughes
    Harper Hughes

    Danny’s joker face looks like frozen Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining

  • Anjum Ara Siddiqui
    Anjum Ara Siddiqui

    I bet Danny isn't getting older cuz he keeps himself youthful feeding on memes.

  • Harper Hughes
    Harper Hughes

    Why do they look like they just got possessed by the demon from Truth or Dare?

  • Alejandro Meza
    Alejandro Meza

    why do people make dumb trends that don't make sense and ruin my favorite super villain

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