JonTron\'s Happy Hour: Episode 1 - Heads and Horses
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Jon Jafari - Himself
Sergio Torres - Himself
Andrew Reynoso - Himself
Mike Shayne - Himself
Creepy Albert - Himself (Unfortunately)
Directed by Jon Jafari
Animated by Lewis Bown
Backgrounds by Jeff Delgado
Score by Tom Ryan

  • JonTronShow

    Whatever you do don’t forget to pick up your exclusive “HEAT SYNCOPE” shirt over at . Hope you all enjoyed the video!!!

    • Master Matthew
      Master Matthew

      You got me to watch that Express VPN thing, just because you played Ice Hockey - Colossus | Spyro 2 Riptonia's Rageway to Glimmer

    • no body
      no body

      I need more of this shit!!!

    • Shadowstorm Vash
      Shadowstorm Vash

      please go drinking with your friends and have dumb funny conversations again

    • Anthony Theriault
      Anthony Theriault


    • John Daidone Blue Jackal Lucario
      John Daidone Blue Jackal Lucario

      Diet Soda: carbonated water, Aspartame, and blea.....Just stop,just stop. I WON'T DRINK IT! Thanks for saving my life.

  • Braxton Davis
    Braxton Davis

    It’s the The Ricky Gervais Show 2.0

  • Reggie Clarke
    Reggie Clarke

    Please more of this I love the Ricky gervais show

  • ben hunt
    ben hunt

    Do another video just like this

  • Wooden King
    Wooden King

    jontron you ok you been making a lot of videos lately is something going on something wrong

  • Wltrs _srtlW
    Wltrs _srtlW

    This is great

  • Matt Clemmer
    Matt Clemmer

    Old shelled snail! That’s a play on old speckled hen!


    How many indians watch this?

  • Christian Carter
    Christian Carter

    2:21 I don't have access to my bank!

  • MrTubeStuck

    2 seconds in, im caught with jontron's weirdness. Green, then shows a yellow shirt pops up

  • joseph linden
    joseph linden

    I was expecting Karl pilkington to tell his mundane ramblings.

  • Kanati

    Called happy hour and it's 10 minutes ............. I think I hear the grumps at the door

  • Oggatha Christie
    Oggatha Christie

    The animator is gonna have to up his game to match those amazing backgrounds.

  • DarkTheWolfGod

    Ricky Gervais did this first

  • Samurai Cat Studios
    Samurai Cat Studios

    I can... heavily relate to Sergio with the Blu-ray thing...

  • GooseHam

    this was fucking dope

  • just your average gamer
    just your average gamer

    Dr pepper lemon charry sasperal beach

  • Zachary Ellis
    Zachary Ellis

    "You remember the difference between Terminator 2...and Terminator 2!" -Sergio Torres

  • Austin Jones
    Austin Jones

    sentence of the video "I KNOW IT WAS YOU, YOU SLIMY CRUSTACEAN"

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M

    Where is the next episode jon? WHERE?

  • Drew Kun
    Drew Kun

    We need more of this pls !!!!

  • Tom Simpkins
    Tom Simpkins

    I'd say it's unoriginal for me to state that JonTron is just ripping off The Rock Gervais Show but I guess he beat me to being unoriginal.

  • Hey It's Jay!
    Hey It's Jay!

    All I know is I want more

  • king of games and anime
    king of games and anime

    The sheer outrage in Jon’s voice at “We’re all FUCKED when the internet goes!” Kills me.

  • OtakuGhost Gaming
    OtakuGhost Gaming

    "My blood brain barrier"

  • Girl who needs a boxes for no reason
    Girl who needs a boxes for no reason

    I like this. Another! *throws cup*

  • Luna Eclipse
    Luna Eclipse

    please make more of these!!

  • De_Cooliest

    Head like a fucking orange

    • God of TOMATOS
      God of TOMATOS

      Bald manc round head

  • Willishere TV
    Willishere TV

    Dude- those are the animators for that one channel that tells “real stories”

  • Taylor Patton
    Taylor Patton

    Michael can eat a dick dr pepper is delicious

  • oLyke Butters
    oLyke Butters

    i love this happy hour SHow

  • Sian994 Gaming
    Sian994 Gaming

    Jontron. You drink Guinnes?

  • Anon

    I started counted how many F bombs were dropped..

  • Carrie Jedidiah
    Carrie Jedidiah

    Sonic hat

  • Lead_Ness H
    Lead_Ness H

    You lied to me it’s 10mins and 50 seconds not an hour

  • Benton Rucker
    Benton Rucker

    JonTron when will you a have episode 2 ready?

  • Keddiels

    The animation reminds me of the Ricky Gervais show

  • Test Channel
    Test Channel

    I will put 1 swear in each of 10 videos and this will be my first. Heck

  • Nicholas Polkey
    Nicholas Polkey

    ive never related to someone as much as sergio with his blu rays.

  • Fling Gonza
    Fling Gonza

    Everybody gangsta until the wild west has human skulls instead of cow skulls

  • Larry Rhoden
    Larry Rhoden

    Heat Syncope: Heat syncope is fainting or dizziness as a result of overheating

  • Shiro Matrix
    Shiro Matrix

    Jon: You realize streaming is like better now? Sergio: Yeah, and what happens when the Internet goes? Jon: WE'RE ALL FUCKED WHEN THE INTERNET GOES!!! Best part and truest words!

  • Naminé Valkyrian
    Naminé Valkyrian

    I love this so much.

  • Chris Fenech
    Chris Fenech

    Best podcast since Ricky Gervais

  • Danny Westbrooks
    Danny Westbrooks

    So when they make it with Cherry, that would make it 24... *My life is a lie*

  • Sailor Darty
    Sailor Darty

    I'm getting a Ricky Gervais Show from this.

  • Rey Robles
    Rey Robles

    WHEN IS PART 2 COMING OUT This was amazing

  • 『Spooki Man Person』
    『Spooki Man Person』


  • Monolophosaurus

    Good job Lewis Brown and Jeff Delgado with the artwork, looks very good

  • Art


  • Trstan Tamlin
    Trstan Tamlin

    This should be a podcast

  • Fortunatus40K

    I love this! 🤣

  • HalloweenIan

    This is awesome. Actually

  • Green Tunic84
    Green Tunic84

    Jon Tron rocks! Hes also not a pedo. So, win.

  • Róbbi Skæra
    Róbbi Skæra

    Great video, dude! Great to hear your voice.

  • American Crusader
    American Crusader

    This is not an accurate animated representation of jontron. Needs more fat.

  • TheDankstoneMemery

    Collecting the latest format of physical media is an addiction. It. Doesn't. End.

  • Sakara123

    This was actually too funny

  • Gaggapudding

    This is very reminicent of that Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant podcast thingy. I like it.

  • Robert hubbell
    Robert hubbell

    As a texan him shit talking Dr.pepper is fighting words

    • Pewdiepie Fab 64,709
      Pewdiepie Fab 64,709

      Robert hubbell I’m from Alabama and it triggers me more

  • Rico

    Animation is weird, just do it joe rogan style

  • Username

    I like jon but his soyboy friends are cringey, especially since you know they'd throw him under the bus if he politically crosses them AND isn't profitable.

  • Tim Cornish
    Tim Cornish

    Love Dr. Pepper. What’s wrong with everyone Jon?

  • RalphMarx

    This is a parody of Ricky Gervais

  • Fries101Reviews

    Do more of these please

  • LordLukste

    Hey, this is just like Ricky Gervais' old show. I like it.

  • Hell In A Handbasket
    Hell In A Handbasket

    I....LOVE THIS😂😂😂

  • Ryan Nixon
    Ryan Nixon

    Yes more please

  • Matt 10
    Matt 10

    Jon, thank you for standing up for Dr. Pepper.

    • TheGuyWithWings


  • Dog Boi
    Dog Boi


  • alberto guerra
    alberto guerra

    He's trying new stuff i like it, at least he isnt repeats of the same gag.

  • MrYeeter

    In black, green, and *Womans Size*

  • Jack Of Most Trades
    Jack Of Most Trades

    Why is there a tissue box (used)In His bathroom?!

  • RLS0812

    the new thing is 64k 3D V9.75 on a 120" curved screen

  • Thomas Francis
    Thomas Francis

    I mean there’s an Homage and then there’s straight up stealing and this is stealing from Ricky Gervais show

  • Destro7000

    When are you gonna collab with Chris Ray Gun?

  • Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed

    This was good

  • sephiroth1821

    When is jontron gonna do games again

  • Fan here
    Fan here

    Is this scripted or from a podcast?

  • ZyloTheTinyTonTerror

    You've got something here Jonny Boy.

  • Nicky Cage
    Nicky Cage

    Ah, my favorite color, women’s size

  • Lvl5Kobold

    john tron watches the ricky gervais show one time

  • Sveta Soloveichik
    Sveta Soloveichik

    You are genius John! Thank god that you exist !

  • June Reed
    June Reed

    John, dear God, please do more of these. It's so amazing. Please. I'd binge watch these. They are legitimately awesome.

  • The JoeyMan Arcade
    The JoeyMan Arcade


  • Dapper Jayy
    Dapper Jayy

    Mike I just met you and you hate Dr Pepper I don’t think we can be friends after this video

  • Legodude772

    This is definitely giving off some strong Ricky Gervais Show vibes... I love it

  • Vladamir Ulyanov
    Vladamir Ulyanov

    Why is the happy hour only 10 minutes

  • Katie

    Dear Mr J Dafari You are one of our most valuable customers

  • Mason Miller
    Mason Miller

    Is this rooster teeth animated adventures??

  • Nicki D
    Nicki D

    Completely agree Sergio!! Need something tangible! There is something so satisfying about building the physical collection!

  • PayttPawz

    5:22 when you say you play minecraft

  • Mikey D
    Mikey D

    This is unreal content! Cheers Mr Tron

  • Marc Hughes
    Marc Hughes

    Jon's friends seem fun. Maybe he should involve them on his videos more.

  • Andrew Ramos
    Andrew Ramos

    Ok, I'll take 20 more of these.

  • Vincent crown
    Vincent crown

    The United States FBI director James Comey used to have black tape over his laptop camera and over his phone and iPad cameras.

    • Valkrian FromXboxLive
      Valkrian FromXboxLive

      Zuckerberg still does

  • Sentle

    It’s like a better version of the animated trailer park boys

  • Kyle Thomas
    Kyle Thomas

    Lewis, great animation! The lip syncing is just about perfect. The show itself, I don't know, guess just don't like the format. Not bad enough to downvote, just don't like it. Wasn't very entertaining. It was just an animated version of guys chatting.

  • Azurenighterror11

    Love the ricky gervais show animation vibes from this show

  • Zazy Mendez
    Zazy Mendez

    4:22 I guess you could say that he was talking shit

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