Juice WRLD Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
Juice WRLD goes Sneaker Shopping at Kith in New York City and talks about how he got his style from Tyler, the Creator, A$AP Rocky and Lil Wayne, growing up playing basketball, and how he used to skateboard.
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  • Complex

    What's the most you've ever spent at a sneaker store?

    • Saif Safadi
      Saif Safadi

      30 dollars close enough

    • Ashley Lewis
      Ashley Lewis

      About 150 close to 200

    • Wyatt Brother
      Wyatt Brother


    • TheRealCactus


    • SpartanBuc

      $130 on a pair of cleats

  • Mr Shovel
    Mr Shovel

    Juice wrld has some small ass ears

  • Lawrence Menez
    Lawrence Menez

    He just bought a car worth of cloths smh🤦‍♂️😂😂

  • I. Love 💕. You. Juice ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Raspberry Juice Entertainment
    Raspberry Juice Entertainment

    None of the stuff he just spent 42k on is gonna bring him happiness 😢

  • LzR Pockyy
    LzR Pockyy

    Casually just spends 42k

  • HMKAaron Vlogs!!
    HMKAaron Vlogs!!

    8:12 juice is definitely in tune with meme culture

  • Jaydan Ruble
    Jaydan Ruble

    Stop playen wit me 42 gs on clothes and shoes.

  • JakeDaBoss703

    Humble guy

  • Roses are red Viloets are glue If u like Juice Wrld Turn my button blue But... If you are gay Then leave it gray

  • Ashton Angeledes
    Ashton Angeledes

    He's sound weird without like the auto tuning with his songs and stuff.

  • Orlan Nunez
    Orlan Nunez

    “Broke nigga alert, broke nigga alert” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rowdy Daigle
    Rowdy Daigle

    Bruh when his total popped up he looked at the camera like he knew his momma was gonna say he needa put somma that stuff back

  • Cayden M
    Cayden M

    Sells ice cream Ice cream drips =SNEAKER

  • ɓʀɑcɛ.Բɑcɛ.ɗyɑ_.

    42 wat?

  • Jack Gandaria
    Jack Gandaria

    Me needs its

  • Renmet Darius
    Renmet Darius

    Is just me or juice wrld is always sad when I see him in a video.🤔

    • Renmet Darius
      Renmet Darius

      Ok thanks

    • Joshua Hannah
      Joshua Hannah

      No he just sounds like that cause he always smoking

  • sophie

    he bought his girl stuff, goals

  • EliteKnightZ055

    Can we acknowledge that he bought stuff for his girl? 🤔

  • Joker The Goober Poker
    Joker The Goober Poker

    Dude went sneaker shopping and bought clothes

  • Jesus jimenez
    Jesus jimenez

    Speak tf up juice😂💯

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze

    Daddy Yankee Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant El alfa

  • Luctho _
    Luctho _

    Can we just acknowledge how tiny his ear is

  • Luctho _
    Luctho _

    Joe:And hopefully you'll buy some sneakers JuiceWRLD:Buys 100 clothes

  • the King of Cheddar Cheese
    the King of Cheddar Cheese

    blueface spent 2 thousand but hes like no 42 thou

  • Rikey Castro
    Rikey Castro

    Dude looks like the turtle from Finding Nemo


    His voice soothes me. Call me ✨

  • Eli Erwin
    Eli Erwin

    Chance the Rapper goes Sneaker Shopping?

  • Titus Green
    Titus Green

    Does joe not feel weird calling him juice

  • _banania _
    _banania _

    Y'all gotta realize net worth is about how much they make legally... Not their hustlin money

  • Kingston_ PLAYZ
    Kingston_ PLAYZ

    Lol is he like 5 ft tall or something

  • lil bill
    lil bill

    So no one noticed how he shouted out herbo in the beginning wit the NLMB R.I.P KOBE

  • Arijus Hotburrito
    Arijus Hotburrito

    Is it just me or does juice wrld has tiny ears

  • Kelly Shears
    Kelly Shears


  • R.

    his ears are so tiny :3

  • Drerie Gaming
    Drerie Gaming

    Hè has Little ears

  • Extreme-MBP

    just got called poor in *69* different languages.

  • Infamous Mango
    Infamous Mango

    Wtf you selv clothes too?

  • Yeezy Sqeezy
    Yeezy Sqeezy

    Juice wrld is basically xxx tentacion 2.0

    • Joshua Hannah
      Joshua Hannah

      No one can be like X


    R.I.P. juice WRLDs bank account 1 like = 1 prayer🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Riley Delgatto
      Riley Delgatto

      Dawn Cooper you already know that didn’t dent his bank account at all, that shi is crazy

  • Adam Toledo
    Adam Toledo

    Is it me or does he have some small ears?😅

  • IMAHIPPO Vasquez
    IMAHIPPO Vasquez

    I feel like neymar wouldve spent so much more if he had the same opportunity to get clothing

  • avocado namjoon
    avocado namjoon

    that makes billie look poor as hell sheesh

  • GaZzy Carp
    GaZzy Carp

    42,000 dollars 😮

  • majid rahman
    majid rahman


  • pirkkala

    When that Coachella check hits

  • GC

    Everyone wants to compare him with neymar, whereas Neymars networth is 185M, this guy is 3m lmao. he gon be broke.

  • Mojo TooSavage
    Mojo TooSavage

    This nigga spent 42k!! WTF😱

  • Te Tee
    Te Tee

    I wanna see Juice and Ski Mask do something together

  • R3v3nge

    Hoooooly fucking shitttt

  • Stan Pines
    Stan Pines

    yo why are his ears so small

  • Deen Beniakrou
    Deen Beniakrou

    0:38 finger nails dirty ash

  • Leyla

    7:47 “haha ha hahaha”

  • vic jaanu
    vic jaanu

    God damn 42 thousands for one shopping ?!?!! I don’t spend that much in 10 years !!!

  • Jadeah bunny Kemen
    Jadeah bunny Kemen

    On complex Neymar has got the most sneakers out of all of them

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams

    I feel bad just buying stuff for 20$ Juice world:buys 42k on shoes


    Why is his ear so small?

  • McFlurry Boy
    McFlurry Boy

    The most I spent was $450 on the frozen yellows yeezys

  • Its Bros
    Its Bros

    Why Woman shoes?

  • A E S T H E T I C
    A E S T H E T I C

    The most I spent sneaker shopping was probably 145$

    • Bob Smith
      Bob Smith

      Shouldnt you be arresting people slacker

  • Tally

    Is this the biggest bye so far ?? Juice went crazy lol

  • IC3D Z3R0
    IC3D Z3R0

    “You see I got the pimp coat on, I ain’t got no hoes tho” 😂😂

  • Im Konz
    Im Konz

    42k? On shoes oh hell naw bruv

  • Kenny

    3million subscribe to see the collection

  • Iceberg

    Juice used to have the same checkerboard vans as I have now and he started and got his first board in 6th just like me it really is a small world.

  • B. Ratliff
    B. Ratliff

    $550 and I thought I was overdoing it😂

  • jim arm
    jim arm

    He bought the whole store lmao

  • oof

    I still see your sneaker in my room

  • Elijah Valoiz
    Elijah Valoiz

    Y’all see him recently? My boy putting on a belly bruh.

  • D A N Y
    D A N Y

    7:43 HA HA 🤧

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