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Keanu Reeves Had a Crush on 'Speed' Co-Star Sandra Bullock
During Sandra Bullock's last visit to the show, she admitted she had a bit of a crush on her "Speed" co-star Keanu Reeves when they were filming. So today, Ellen asked Keanu about any possible feelings for his longtime friend - and he divulged he had a crush on her too!

  • Ninjutsu

    He’s literally cool af. Im soo lucky to witness a greatness in my era 🐐👌🏽🔥

  • Kobke

    I thought keanu lived in NYC)? I stepped into him on NYC metro but I don’t live there :(

  • dsprenger13

    Ellen is not funny. Keanu just being his nice self.

  • Fernando Santos
    Fernando Santos

    I only got two things to say: 1.) All I hear is Dory 2.) The most valuable thing in the entire universe is a golden Keanu Reeves statue. If you have one, you have total control of the universe.

  • Fatih Yildiz
    Fatih Yildiz

    Keanu revees ı love you feom turkey


    He's finally hot quotient.

  • THE34NT

    Pewds brought me here

  • George Papastergos
    George Papastergos

    i love keanu

  • Schizo

    Keenu reeves girlfriend in 98' was killed by Marilyn Manson and ellen is a jewish supremacist

  • KerimCan_ZBZ 98
    KerimCan_ZBZ 98

    The last 15 seconds was... painful 😬

  • Nadine Barrios
    Nadine Barrios

    Ellen, you are so darn adorable LOL

  • A&M45

    After this I’ve decided to go watch Speed

  • Tashfiya Zaman
    Tashfiya Zaman

    Keanu just really wished that Sandra was here, and he could finally let it out in the air in front of her! ❤️💔

  • Kenny Camey
    Kenny Camey

    We need to hear Sandra’s reaction to this

  • Серёга Кирьянов
    Серёга Кирьянов

    Показывать ему такой ролик про скорость и ремень безопасности, это очень грубо. Ведь его любовь погибла от этого.

  • Hisham Laachraoui
    Hisham Laachraoui

    Can I attend your show plz ellen

  • yu hu
    yu hu

    hilarious :D...

  • Soumyadeep Bhattacherjee
    Soumyadeep Bhattacherjee

    Keanu Reeves is a wonderful person! 😌

  • ed fost
    ed fost

    Sandra bullock injects forskins in to her face that were involuntarily cut from the penises of her victims when they were babies.

  • Safa Moriswala
    Safa Moriswala


  • badmadcat

    "Another multiverse of versions... " Did this breathing man just drop a Rick and Morty reference?! 😍

  • うちはクラウディア

    I just love this dude!

  • Sanjida Islam
    Sanjida Islam

    Reeves is just the best thing in the industry ❤️

  • Wizzie Whitey
    Wizzie Whitey

    WHAT?! You’ve never played “Tuber Simulator”? PFFFFFTTTTTTTT....

  • Mariichan333

    I love Keanu 😭💕

  • ich bin ein berliner room performance
    ich bin ein berliner room performance . and< smash your head> infrod everybody.... The will come pick me up and put me in AFTER 2 0 years (till now it's seven,too soon) At the time that you will waking up from the coma I'll getting out from the gel AND GUESS WHAT WILL HAPEN I'll grap a and Because I don't care about gel> . Thanks.....whatever. Thanks... .

  • Elona Alčiauskaitė
    Elona Alčiauskaitė

    Sandra and Keanu should get together! I mean, they'd have amazing babies!!!

  • S. H.
    S. H.

    Ohh, he is so sweet. He looks a nice person. Simple and good guy.

  • Ali Adam
    Ali Adam

    John wic skin

  • FNBrent

    once she asked , did you know she had a crush on you, you could see that this man wanted her lol

  • Y-l'yukne Bayonne Addo
    Y-l'yukne Bayonne Addo

    They would have form a very beautiful couple.

  • Rihanna _fenty
    Rihanna _fenty

    Omg I thought Sandra is going to meet Keanu but I just laugh so hard when ellen did that to Keanu Reeves

  • Jigyas Baruah
    Jigyas Baruah

    I would like to have Keanu and Sandra as my parents if I were to live another life after death

  • Roland Kloka
    Roland Kloka

    Keanu Reeves should have a show with Jeff Goldblum...

  • 10,000 subscribers challenge without any videos
    10,000 subscribers challenge without any videos

    Looks like the new John Wick in FortNite..

  • Miss Luani
    Miss Luani

    Don't play w/ my emotions Ellen 😂 I'm down for the Lake House 2 😂😂😂

  • nuritapu

    Was he just saying that or not?

  • Sweet River
    Sweet River

    Omg I love him

  • ShagoR282

    Everybody had a crush on her :D

  • Nicholas Edwards
    Nicholas Edwards

    fs in the chat ff f f f f f f f f f

  • KV edits
    KV edits

    Who ship them?

  • Armin Els
    Armin Els

    2:35 "Speed and Hot air balloon..." *FSX Steam Edition has joined the chat*

  • XxxSxSxxX ‘88
    XxxSxSxxX ‘88

    John Wick likes him some Ms. Sandyyy Lolz

  • Laura Masini
    Laura Masini


  • regi

    Keanu is a chaotic neutral

  • KMaggi 3
    KMaggi 3

    Oh my goodness, my new favorite Keanu interview! I love you, Keanu. World's Sweetest Guy! Thank you, Ellen.

  • Dado Djurovic
    Dado Djurovic

    Police report: sandra kils her boyfriend to be with keanu 😅

  • I love ANIME
    I love ANIME

    Who is hereafter Pewds reviewed it

  • Tasty_xperiences Instagram
    Tasty_xperiences Instagram

    He's like Jesus but he actually exist

    • ou cecilia
      ou cecilia


  • siv

    He is down to earth .I guess it's bcoze of gravity🙄🤠

  • Aaron Chars
    Aaron Chars

    Sandra is the one dat got away

  • Minerva McGonagall
    Minerva McGonagall

    but they also worked together in lake house movie

  • neilk600

    IMO, Keanu Reeves is the definition of "Nice guys finish last". Man is is selfless.

  • David Hutmanska
    David Hutmanska


  • B King
    B King

    Wow she forgot to ask where the guest is from..

  • Michelle Semak
    Michelle Semak


  • OnTheRide1

    Dang fooling him like that at the end was rude 😂😂

  • Woogie Harrelson
    Woogie Harrelson

    Keanu and Sandra would be a breathtaking couple

  • idk wtdabik
    idk wtdabik

    If you read this... *YOU'RE BREATHTAKING*

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross

    Keanu is a real human bean.

  • Lexyy Rodriguez
    Lexyy Rodriguez

    Hold tf up, that’s how you pronounce his name?!

  • All about Bell and Family San Jose
    All about Bell and Family San Jose

    I love their movie The Lake House 😍

  • Andrea Watson
    Andrea Watson

    I love all 3 💚💜💓

  • Ben Chaussee
    Ben Chaussee

    hahahhaha :))))))

  • Laura F
    Laura F

    Okay he’s so....well you know 🥰

  • Jill Hoskins
    Jill Hoskins

    Keanu is hot and all...but I don't care for the hairstyle or beard. I would prefer to see him clean-shaven. He'd look younger.

  • Seth Towne
    Seth Towne

    Ellen, don't make a boy hope like that and tell him the window is closed DX

  • Jakob Anderson
    Jakob Anderson


  • Henrik Anchelia
    Henrik Anchelia

    *GIRLS* for Pete's sake, same as with Kidman and Kimmel, we guys need some signal, a lil something to let us know we're on the right track!!!!!!

  • lucero hernandez
    lucero hernandez

    I loveeeeeeee him, the sweetest

  • Jon Lewis
    Jon Lewis

    I love Keanu, but his interviews are awkward to watch. He puts his hand to his mouth too much and I feel his awkwardness and insecurities being there on set. I do respect these actors and actresses for what they do on screen but, seeing them in the flesh sometimes has me confused. I know their actors. but I have seen plenty walk the stage and sitting in the hot seat and keep their composure with the stress it brings. Maybe I'm too analytical and "look" for too much. I do work in security and it's my job to be observant. Just my opinion, challenge or disagree if you wish....its your right just as much as mine.

  • My Daily Vitamins TH&C
    My Daily Vitamins TH&C

    If only Keanu had beat Jesse James to the Punch Sandra and Keanu would probably still be together. Instead we had scumbag Jesse James cheating on her!

  • ambasy

    *Keanu has a crush on Sandra* Sandra's Boyfriend: "*Chuckles* I'm in danger"

    • Ben Addy
      Ben Addy

      Straight up jacked a comment lol

  • donya diaries
    donya diaries

    They did the lake house thou

  • LifeNplay

    Keanu is such a good guy.. but ellen is for comedy what K2 is for marijuana

  • Glaize


  • Emure

    im glad they didnt got together the timelines would change and there would be no john wick am i right?

  • HappY Soul
    HappY Soul

    Love him ❤❤❤ he's truely a gem 💎💎💎

  • Social Apple
    Social Apple

    I love Keanu since my favorite movie Sweet November.....a dream then I find out he was an animal right activist and a very humble person..hopefully is truthful. I know just a dream for me

  • Legacy_Sketchh

    Sandra: yeah he was breathtaking Keanu: NO YOU’RE BREATHTAKING

  • iRawnix Tv
    iRawnix Tv

    Pewdiepie brought me here 👊

  • Alucious cruz
    Alucious cruz

    He prolly slid in them dms right after🤣🤣

  • Jesus Batista Santiago
    Jesus Batista Santiago

    Keanu smirked when she said that the window was closed beacuse he knows fully well that her boyfriend is secretly him dressed as another person to trick everyone into thinking that he lost his chance 😂

  • Lexii Leija
    Lexii Leija

    I feel like Keanu really had no interest in Sandra Bullock but didn’t want to embarrass her on national television

  • madrigal c
    madrigal c

    I loves Keanu reeves his my idol cos handsome humble

  • Cristy Cornejo
    Cristy Cornejo

    Own, I used to ship them

  • mobooshka

    Oh, this is a guy from Cyberpunk 2077

  • Bex Cronk
    Bex Cronk

    They made a Speed 3, it involved a milk truck

  • Hewell Ibarra
    Hewell Ibarra

    I instantly started sweating when she said, “sandy come on out”💀

  • Ace Spider
    Ace Spider

    No your breath taking

  • MD Tafshir Uddin
    MD Tafshir Uddin

    Crushed on each other but never tell each other 🙄 first time in history 😲

  • MD Tafshir Uddin
    MD Tafshir Uddin

    She is afraid of John wick 🤪

  • Eat ass and just be nice
    Eat ass and just be nice


  • xDAD_OF_WARx

    I wish Keanu Reeves was my older brother.....Love all his Movies....He is Awesome 👍 🤩🤩 🤩😎

  • futurestoryteller

    So...25 years ago Sandra Bullock could have started a relationship with a guy who is rapidly becoming known as "the nicest guy ever" and she would go on to marry Jesse James...

  • aleksin kanava
    aleksin kanava

    Comments on an Ellen video??

  • Steven Carsley
    Steven Carsley

    What would have happened if they would have got together.

  • pitch bitch
    pitch bitch

    Sandra: giigling This is how we girls exactly react to keanu guys

    • ou cecilia
      ou cecilia

      Love Sandra

  • Nereye Koyduysan Oradadır
    Nereye Koyduysan Oradadır

    This is the first time I’m seeing him but He makes me nervous as I watched the video because of his moves and speechless. But he seems to be a nice person anyways.

  • Dokia7

    "It was nice to come to work" That was really cute. I know the feel.

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