Keith Eats Everything At Wendy's
The Try Guys
The bitch is back! 💁‍♀It's finally here! Watch Keith eat everything off the menu at Wendy's! #EatTheMenu
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  • Heaven to hell
    Heaven to hell

    What if "Melinda Lou Wendy thomas" is actually the name of all the four kids together? Just kidding ok bye

  • g_boutabag ·
    g_boutabag ·

    The spicy chicken and spicy nuggets are all i be getting

  • Kelly Brzoska
    Kelly Brzoska


  • SammyRedPanda


  • Bold Baker
    Bold Baker

    My favorite retired wrestler is Dwayne Johnson. My favorite tag team is New Day. My favorite women’s wrestler is Naomi

  • samantha sherman
    samantha sherman

    question: why is keith still normally sized

  • Olivia Kenyon
    Olivia Kenyon

    Come to Canada and try everything at Tim Horton's!

  • chink

    dave died aged 69 what an icon

  • Bad Booking
    Bad Booking

    19:00 that choice isn't going to age well. Emphasis on "age".

  • Jessica Adams
    Jessica Adams

    I mean I’d date him

  • Ashley Spillers
    Ashley Spillers

    Wendy's fries are my favorite! 😲

  • Ashley Spillers
    Ashley Spillers

    You should do this again but with their new breakfast menu. Potato wedges are so good!

  • Eve Kimura
    Eve Kimura

    Keith has to be high during this video right? 😂 I mean come on ! Lol

  • Just Another Girl
    Just Another Girl

    “Wendy girl get it together” he says judgementally while sitting in the back of a van parked in a wendys car park with a red pigtail wig on reviewing fast food for a job

  • itzelcoldoutside

    That damn wig Keith LMAO

  • Nyia K
    Nyia K

    It’s satisfying to see Keith eat but it’s annoying that he salivates that much. Lol

  • Ej's Channel PERIOD
    Ej's Channel PERIOD

    He mix matched the strawberry and tropical berry lemonade

  • Anthony

    Kieth has really attractive friends, bryan, hughie, and Jared are super cute

  • Cooking with Calin
    Cooking with Calin

    They did this around the time Wendy's started to do breakfast... But no Breakfast in this episode 😕😕

  • Ping Shi
    Ping Shi

    subway and chipotle would be cool

  • night_owll games
    night_owll games

    As a girl I would like to confirm, we do in fact love waterfalls

  • PaperClips

    Lmao Keith's saliva pull was real in this one

  • stxphvny

    he looks so sad eating the salads😭

  • Crabby

    Thumbnail 16:37

  • Victoria Guerrero
    Victoria Guerrero

    wendys does brekky now go back and try them plz

  • Kaitlyn Van Tassel
    Kaitlyn Van Tassel

    Alex did not pass the vibe check.

  • 2026_Steven Alten
    2026_Steven Alten

    Have you ever had Wendy’s breakfast. They don’t have breakfast. Now they do. So you gotta do another eat the menu for Wendy’s

  • Miguel Salinas
    Miguel Salinas

    25:17 I Dr.Doofenshmirtz, present to you, THE SON-INATOR

  • Erika Anne Roth
    Erika Anne Roth

    All the guys are so in love with Keith it's so sweet

  • garrett albon
    garrett albon

    This video happened a while ago but I must say I actually like Wendy’s fries. But definitely not my favorite fry.

  • Zahria Spencer
    Zahria Spencer

    sugar cookies are amazing keith the cookie sundaes are sooooo good

  • WaitWhatExe - MOVED
    WaitWhatExe - MOVED

    34:31 "Y'know there's something about not wanting lgkdçhdfjkdjhçafljfcçhkldfhlkfhdçkj" Same

  • Amy Garrecht
    Amy Garrecht

    Ohh you could do carls jr next

  • Emma Ramirez
    Emma Ramirez

    ok watching collegehumor videos with grant in it and then watching videos with keith in it is a little bit confusing

  • Kevin Schmidt
    Kevin Schmidt

    The star of David necklace and baconator are an ambitious combo

  • Ayana's Diary
    Ayana's Diary

    I love... Wendy’s.... Fries..

  • Erin Smilley
    Erin Smilley

    Now that Wendy’s has breakfast he should try it

  • Britt

    If you get a frosty and fries and don’t dip the fries into the frosty you’re a psychopath...Keith

  • Britt

    Omg the single awareness for Alex has me dying

  • Liliana Sursi
    Liliana Sursi

    Ironic that Wendy’s now serves breakfast.

  • Sea Pinecone
    Sea Pinecone

    I came here because of the wig. Nothing else.

  • Stephanie Benitez
    Stephanie Benitez

    I’m getting a stomach ache just watching him lol

  • Cheese McCheesey
    Cheese McCheesey

    Why do I love every single person in these episodes-

  • Lexi Robinson
    Lexi Robinson

    The best is the baconator OR dipping your nuggets into a chocolate frosty. YUM. Don’t knock it till you try it

  • Johanna Krupp
    Johanna Krupp

    Wendy's introduced their breakfast menu not long after this was filmed. I tried one thing from that menu and I was not impressed; I would love it if y'all would try their breakfast foods!

  • Amanda Oglesby
    Amanda Oglesby

    Dave I'm single it's not bad we just haven't found the right one

  • 4ND7

    Wendy... girl...

  • Ezekiel

    I only eat baconator and bacon japaneno cheese fries at wendys

  • L. B
    L. B

    Uuhhh most of the meat we used at Wendy's for the chili was burnt/ overcooked burger meat. Not like leftover untouched meat that needs to be used. Just burned meat.

  • Ben Gladston
    Ben Gladston

    Guy comes on wearing the Star of David ✡️ and eats mainly pork 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Camryn Foley
    Camryn Foley

    okay this is such a random comment but I thought Keith should know incase he ever sees this. Every time I have a hard time falling asleep I listen to this video and I’ve never made it past the fries that’s how fast it makes me pass out

  • Aimee Fry
    Aimee Fry

    We need an updated Wendy's ETM with the breakfast menu

  • Dream Kai Xin
    Dream Kai Xin

    I am not hating on u because u don't like Wendy's fries. But in my opinion I LOVE WENDY'S FRIES!

  • The Stay-At-Homeschool Mom
    The Stay-At-Homeschool Mom

    I LOVE this series. Seriously makes my laugh my ass off. Just want to note, grilled chicken is usually the gluten free/dairy free option for people, it's not always a weight thing. (: Seriously the funniest thing I've watched in a while though.

  • Name Here
    Name Here

    "No one likes Wendy's fries." Me: only fries I like from fast food. McDonald's is laden in chemicals. We can stop the video now.

  • David Bishop
    David Bishop

    This didn’t age well. They have a breakfast menu now

  • Grace Manolis
    Grace Manolis

    Here after wendys got breakfast

  • TeamLovatoRain

    LMAOO Living for Keith's red wig. omg.

  • Andres Salgado
    Andres Salgado

    Do Buffalo Wild Wings

  • Ashe Horgan
    Ashe Horgan

    Oof, that Velveteen Dream comment has not aged well.

  • R KG
    R KG

    They have breakfast now ;)

  • tiediekangaroo

    I love how i slowly got hungrier and hungrier and keith just got more and more delusional

  • Benjamin Rehberg
    Benjamin Rehberg

    LA boy doesn't know what the Thousand Islands are smh

  • Layo Isaacs-Sodeye
    Layo Isaacs-Sodeye

    "This wig is killing me, I don't know how drag queens do it." Mood

  • Jaxson Worley
    Jaxson Worley

    Is is Just me or does Jared seem to be trying too hard to beat Hughie

  • Caitlin Breenberg
    Caitlin Breenberg

    It kills me that you guys basically eat right next to or ontop of each other’s bites... homegirls chose the other side ITS SENDING ME

  • i merk 4 food
    i merk 4 food

    The amount of spit you leave on those sandwiches is disturbing

  • Kelly Nguyen
    Kelly Nguyen

    idk why alex lewis keeps coming back to this show bc i swear keith does not like him lmfao

  • asprings719

    Wendy's has breakfast now! The breakfast potatoes are so good. 100x better than their fries. This feels like an eat the menu you could do from home!

  • charlotte connie
    charlotte connie

    Managers love you and crew members hate you

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