Khloé, Kim, Kylie & Kourt Learn of Tristan-Jordyn Scandal | KUWTK | E!
Keeping Up With The Kardashians
The family goes into a frenzy when receiving news about the scandal involving Khloé's then-BF Tristan & Kylie's then-BFF Jordyn. See the actual moment on "KUWTK."
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Khloé, Kim, Kylie & Kourtney Learn of Tristan-Jordyn Scandal | KUWTK | E!

  • Charlii Ann
    Charlii Ann

    The fact that Kim talks to anyone the way she talks to her own sisters is sick. Then she wonders why nobody likes her and she gets no respect. I like Kourtney and Khloe but Jim is so bad to Kourtney the past few years 😔

  • Roena Skates
    Roena Skates

    Good, whens the baby due! I hope it is a girl! Tristan will never have a baby as ugly as True by any Woman! True looks like Khloe before Plastic Surgery!😤

  • Erii Patreece
    Erii Patreece

    Is no one else laughing at the side conversation Kourtney and Kim are having whilst on the phone about Kourtney standing outside waiting to be let in , from 1:00 - 1:05 😭

  • kimberly Anita
    kimberly Anita


    • Jasmine Kaur
      Jasmine Kaur

      kimberly Anita wtf does that have to do with anything? Are you stupid?

  • Team Plant
    Team Plant

    True story. I was hanging out with my friend, her bf and another guy. I was the youngest (21) and everyone else was older than me by like 5 years. My friend and her bf were drunk. Not pissy drunk but drunk.. We we're all walking and my friend, for some reason, walked ahead of us. Then her bf starting telling me how sexy I was to him and how he's always wanted me. I tried to laugh it off and keep walking but he kept on flirting and trying to have me hook up with him. The other guy with us was good friends with my friend and told him to stop and blamed it on him being drunk. The VERY next day after my friend was sober I let her know what happened and told her the other guy was my witness. She didn't do anything and stayed with him until she found him cheating in her bed with another man. 😐😐😐....Moral of the story is: once a cheat always a cheat. Also, tell your friends when their significant other is being dirty.

  • J _oker
    J _oker

    She could’ve slapped or punched Tristian

  • linda cohen
    linda cohen

    Best thing, blessing in disguise to reveal Tristan the scum looser once and for all

  • Anne Chovy
    Anne Chovy

    The problem started with a reporter; LOL 😂 that’s where the problem started from! a reporter looking for a story then add kim to the drama coz kim will do anything for the show. Honestly i think kim is so heartless that she didnt even think twice how this will affect Khloe! I blame the reporter and KIM!

  • De'Zayiah Crossley
    De'Zayiah Crossley

    True is super cute and happy birthday 2 her mommy

  • • foxeia •
    • foxeia •

    They are sooo fake

  • Chels Luv
    Chels Luv

    So we gone act like Tristan and khloe were not already broken up for months before he kissed jordyn

  • Vanessa Stegall
    Vanessa Stegall

    That’s so 🤬ed up. Jordyn is so dumb.

  • Jamie Gearheart
    Jamie Gearheart

    Jordan used Kylie an this whole family. Period.

    • Chels Luv
      Chels Luv

      Jamie Gearheart and they use everyone so

  • Latoya Godfrey
    Latoya Godfrey

    That’s too much energy to have and you can’t even fight! Like, that’s run up energy.

  • Ariel Rodrigues
    Ariel Rodrigues


  • omfg2crunk

    1:07 every time you walk into 1st period 20 minutes late

  • Kathy Victoria
    Kathy Victoria

    Am I the only one who noticed when Khloe started complaining about having her migraines back again since Bali and didn’t know why, knew it was 1000% bc of Tristan and what that medium told her. I mean common the timing is so obvious.

  • Tnia Champion
    Tnia Champion

    He cheated on you on Valentine’s Day . Khloé why weren’t y’all together on valentine day? 🤷🏾‍♀️ The world may never know

  • Rufus Bonner
    Rufus Bonner

    Khloe: She was in-between his legs. Kourtney: Is someone coming? LOL, I actually thought she was referring to them for a hot minute.


    Omg! 💩💩

  • Elijah Cruzada
    Elijah Cruzada

    Ain’t this old news?

  • OaklandishMee

    Kim took Kanye from Amber Rose Kris cheated on her husband multiple times Khloé took French , Tristan,Trey Songs,the game and how many other men from her so called friends 🤨🤣😂. Shotout to Kourtney for getting her own men !! They cause drama every year for ratings its babies , scot drinking , Kanye being crazy that fake robbery is what hurt the ratings because people called her out for the Bossip , MTO story she died then to remove which had pictures of her laughing with no bruising on her wrist ,FaceTiming minutes after robbery 🤨 the cameras follow them everywhere there’s no film of the cheating ? No film of the robbery anyone leaving coming in ??

  • RusLaw S
    RusLaw S

    “Kourtney. Shut the **** up.” 😂

  • Natasa Potokar
    Natasa Potokar


  • Yuki Hotta
    Yuki Hotta

    Why does Kim have such huge legs while her upper body is so thin?

  • Mitch Stone
    Mitch Stone

    Who watches these shallow morons? You would have to be a clueless idiot to watch these tramps!! Why not just live your own life and stop trying to live it through them? That whole family is freaks!!

  • Ash Gunaid
    Ash Gunaid

    Love you 😍 Kim

  • bbjungkookxo

    *sips tea

  • Boops Scoopz
    Boops Scoopz

    It’s the tea party we’ve all been waiting for!☕️

  • Saltinpepper

    You mean to tell me that Jordan hooked up with Tristan while he was with Khloé, like Kylie hooked up with Tyga who was with Blac Chyna and Travis who was with Justine, and like Kim hooked up with Kanye who was with Amber Rose and how Khloé hooked up with Tristan who was with Jordy and hooked up with Lamar who was still engaged to his high school sweetheart... yeah speechless. Or is it because she’s Kylie’s BFF? Just like Blac Chyna was Kim’s BFF when Kylie hooked up with her man...

  • Alekhya Ganti
    Alekhya Ganti

    Kardashians are loosing attention.I think this whole drama is tailor made.They made Jordyn to make out with Tristan.All kardashians and Jenners are attention seekers.They can go any far!

  • Leya Randell
    Leya Randell

    Not a fan of the god stuff "church" stuff



  • iTzFraggy

    When he cheated the first time she should’ve learned her lesson from that it shouldn’t even be a surprise he cheated again.

  • Lynner Sittard
    Lynner Sittard

    I was watching the latest episode and although Klohe is definitely my favorite, When I saw a picture of her from the back, She is so oddly proportioned. Her legs are like sticks from the ankles up, And then she is hugely wide in the butt and hip area. I think she’s gorgeous but I think her shape now is terrible she looks better in the back seasons. I’m sure people will disagree but it’s just the way it looked to me.

  • Bad Guy
    Bad Guy

    Why are they still on the same thing this was 3 months ago 🙄

  • dezire michel
    dezire michel

    I really did respect kim before all these, it doesn't matter about family but the way they drag jordan for just kissing when all the black community know about khloe passed with trey song, french Montana.And how she got pregnant for Tristan is crazy. I'm not buying anymore of their brand.

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    They've done the same thing to some of their so called "friends" so no sympathy

  • Hip Hop
    Hip Hop

    Kourtny hide her pregnnent belly from scot

  • Leanna Hall
    Leanna Hall

    As we all watch this tonight, just say a prayer for Khloe because this has has got to be the hardest episode to relive and I couldn't imagine having to relive such a life changing event, over and over again. Stay strong Khloe!

  • Meagan Rae
    Meagan Rae

    I could see the family watching the finale together, Kris will be calculating the money they will make from this scandal. . "You're doing amazing sweetie"! 😂🤣

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    Live from huhd

  • Carolina Lopez
    Carolina Lopez

    Jordyn took so long to call back cuz she was tryna come up with a convincing story.

  • Md Cg
    Md Cg

    To those doubting Kim's coincidence in front of cameras she LITERALLY works in front of cameras alllll the time be it shoots for upcoming products or the show. Theres always cameras around she is the executive producer of the show and I dont doubt she is documenting her life as well. Drop the conspiracy bs and realize she does work all the time and we are here for the juice hunny!!

  • melvina smith
    melvina smith

    Please click link to read my son's story.

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug


  • Liv Casper
    Liv Casper

    Kourtney ia me during an scandal

  • Vanessa Luvz
    Vanessa Luvz


  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    That's how Khloe met him. Why Is she surprised? Karma, Biotch!!!!

  • Tchalla Huper
    Tchalla Huper

    The paparazzi was attacking Kourtney outside 😂

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover

    1:08 “ Kourtney- shut the F UP!” Took me OUT 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kathie09865 Wiggins
    Kathie09865 Wiggins

    movie best good 2019 click link blue ขอบคุณที่รับชมและอย่าลืมดาวน์โหลด


    That's a man and a reptilians fools for you to watch and be decived..they are miserable and sold their soul to end up in sheol

  • Christian Marion
    Christian Marion

    these people and their ideas for drama are so washed up.

  • Tea King
    Tea King

    i made several meme compilations about this scandal and all of them got copyrighted by the K/J 😂

  • Joanna

    Damn Much.

  • Tea King
    Tea King

    isn't it TOO LATE FOR THIS 💀

  • Chanise P
    Chanise P

    They've done the same thing to some of their so called "friends" so no sympathy

  • Ruth Deshommes
    Ruth Deshommes

    Still milking this story for puplicity

  • J.A. M.F
    J.A. M.F

    They have the collective IQ of a bag of bent coat hangers

  • Need you now
    Need you now

    Most annoying family in L.A..

  • Lance Love
    Lance Love

    Live from huhd

  • mimi chan
    mimi chan

    Omg she did what we did to other people!!

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north

    Kourtney shut he F*CK UP! 😂

  • La Vie De Vava
    La Vie De Vava

    Let's see how they rewrite history again …

  • 1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!
    1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!


  • Cassie

    True, not him. He was at the club without her and the after party was at his house. Why was Khloe left out?

  • sharodd wise
    sharodd wise

    Notice how every time there show comes out something huge and epic happens? Lmfao it’s every time !

  • Junior Aguilar
    Junior Aguilar

    That's how Khloe met him. Why Is she surprised? Karma, Biotch!!!!

  • Steakandcheese

    Oh boo-hoo its such a hard life for this family, must be terrible being so rich and famous

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