KINDERGARTEN 2 kids are MESSED UP 👶 Missions 1-6 Completed Playthrough
The NEW Kindergarten 2 game is finally here!
The Hitman's Potty Guard: 0:00:19
A Tale of Two Janitors: 0:23:59
Flowers For Diana: 0:40:08
Opposites Attract: 0:57:41
Cain's Not Able: 1:15:02
If You Can Dodge A Nugget: 1:29:46
The gang is back! Cindy, Monty, Buggs, the Janitor, the scary teacher, and our beloved Nugget! This is a completed playthrough/walkthrough of the first 6 missions! Each mission is linked above with a time-code in case you want to watch one at a time or come back for hints!
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  • Sarah Moran
    Sarah Moran

    hey you should do a trying tiktoks video

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    Sedric Purifoy

    If you want to press the button you need to get all the monstermon cards

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    Serenity Potato

    Next, 1ST GRADE >:D

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    TheMaster Raven

    There’s a life is strange 2 out now!!! Can u please play it gloom?

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    levi kerin

    I was about 20 minutes in, then, I look at how long the video goes for, then im like "holy, 1 and a half hours!? ah welp, started the video, so may as well finish it

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    Cooki Potato Kat

    an asmha (prob spelled wrong correct me it wrong) attack feels like breathing from a straw really fast, trust me i had one it feels like i was going to die

  • Nitza's World
    Nitza's World

    PREDICTION bob cut nuggets arm off with that ax because of the green mist.

    • Nitza's World
      Nitza's World

      Or Monty with his lazer

  • Rosa Tate
    Rosa Tate

    “What happened in class today sweetie?” *two kids died!*

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    Seren Stubbings

    i put this on at midnight expecting it to be like 45 mins long, i was very wring and i am now up very very late

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    Julie Anders

    38:29 dumper?

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    I Wish

    0:52 Pink Clothes ✓ *That* hairstyle ✓ Annoying ✓ Evil ✓ The principal is Umbridge

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      Birte Roemgens

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    Mayal Gina & sandy Čøttøñ çãñdÿ

    Who’s watching this in 3019?

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    Family Harmon

    It’s not dumpster lady it’s *DUMPSTER HAG*

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    Family Harmon

    Cassie!! You should have showed ted-Theodore the contract for another ending!!!

  • ChaunteOlayy Smith
    ChaunteOlayy Smith

    1:43:07 Matpat:that’s just a theory! Me: A GAME THEORY!!!!!

  • Yuri _Dreams
    Yuri _Dreams

    Gj if you made it to the end! :)

  • MokiePon

    1:16:50 “Definitely not CHUG” um gloom chug is from sally face

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    Lilly's life

    Did anyone else notice gloom called penny polly

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    Mý_ Ašťhéťíć

    Ngaw, Nugget is my favorite !~

  • Scarlet Locke
    Scarlet Locke

    Life: me:hi do you want to be friends kid:sure________game:me:do you want to be friends kid:sure but first you have to do something for me

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    Quinn Kailey

    I love Nugget

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    Kathy Kan

    Can somebody answer how many times gloom said Polly instead of Penny? Like if you did!

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    There’s a couch in the girl’s bathroom 😂🤣

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    Who watched the whole thing all at once. I did. I was wondering why this video was taking for ever to finsh then I realised how long the video was

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    This is the weirdest kindergarten ever!!!

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    Guys, keep in mind that kindergarten students are speaking long words, and having to pay for fees. This isn’t right xd

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    Haley Morgan

    There should be a game called ‘First Grade’.

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    Aesthetic Gacha girl

    50:47 made my Siri trigger 😂

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    Gloom:OHHH sorry “Polly”

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    I have been watching for an hour straight except now in bored

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    0:00 That is the most weirdest voice I have ever seen lol.

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    Manolito Tan

    Nugget: But...but.. Nugget's name is not Burger! It is Nugget! Me: But my name is Burger *Causally eats Burger* :3

  • Dark_AngelGacha heart
    Dark_AngelGacha heart

    The hall monitor: The boys bathroom is down stairs, he can go down but you can’t. Carla: Relax man, The student handbook says I can show the new kid where the bathroom is. You: even though he just said where the bathroom is I still have to be guided even though it’s not part of the plan -w-

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    Rebekah S0291

    Didnt ozzy die???

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    Joshua Orozco

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    Day 3: Bob was still there

  • Account For Good
    Account For Good

    When it comes to words and the meaning of words, the term Garten, describes a place and an area where there is a lot of something, and where one will find a bountiful and abundance of something. The term Kinder, means and describes infants and very young children. The term Kindergarten means an abundance of infants and young children, the ability to read is not nurtured in Kindergarten, when in Kindergarten young children will learn what objects are, what sequences are in comparison to objects, what types of patterns exist and what the nature of the patterns are, as well as to write the letters of the Alphabet, and some of the first numbers.

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    Katie Haggerty

    weird person to clean up after you . I would not trust him at all #6 comment ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Barbie 123

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      Barbie 123

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