KINDERGARTEN 2 kids are MESSED UP 👶 Missions 1-6 Completed Playthrough
The NEW Kindergarten 2 game is finally here!
The Hitman's Potty Guard: 0:00:19
A Tale of Two Janitors: 0:23:59
Flowers For Diana: 0:40:08
Opposites Attract: 0:57:41
Cain's Not Able: 1:15:02
If You Can Dodge A Nugget: 1:29:46
The gang is back! Cindy, Monty, Buggs, the Janitor, the scary teacher, and our beloved Nugget! This is a completed playthrough/walkthrough of the first 6 missions! Each mission is linked above with a time-code in case you want to watch one at a time or come back for hints!
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  • Chelsea Rand
    Chelsea Rand

    Did any one else notice that before Cindy Buggs Monty Jerome lily and nugget cake Ted was the only one in the dumb class

  • luner moon arts
    luner moon arts

    Nope nope nopey nope nope

  • Melissa Farr
    Melissa Farr

    Collect all monstermon cards

  • Yiana Sanchez
    Yiana Sanchez

    When your enemy (aka PENNY) comes to you and knows you have contraband and your so mad you say their name wrong

  • Thomas Thomson
    Thomas Thomson

    I love you 😍

  • Angie Gaming
    Angie Gaming

    Is it weird that I ship the main character in this and Penny together??

  • Mamma Llama21
    Mamma Llama21

    oml the 'some people theorise there should be more nuggets' was a game theory reference 🤭😂

  • Markwan Reed
    Markwan Reed

    U mean she isn't a I phone

  • Maesen Hay
    Maesen Hay

    Nugget factory I CANT XDDD

  • Mikhaela Kotze
    Mikhaela Kotze

    Only realised how long the video was at 1:31:04

  • uwu me like cookies And muffins uwu
    uwu me like cookies And muffins uwu

    Miss Applegate: no no no nopody nope Gloom: well she just nopee out of here Me: *dies of laughter*

  • Elena Fareed
    Elena Fareed


  • Avery Smith
    Avery Smith

    55:38 people in 2020 (look at speach bubble)

  • Annabel Dougherty
    Annabel Dougherty

    Ummm I like cold nuggets 😳

  • Lily Holt
    Lily Holt

    Doooooo moooooore please

  • It’s_FridayPlayz Gacha
    It’s_FridayPlayz Gacha

    She started calling penny polly 😂😂 ( not being rude ) 🤪

    • Yiana Sanchez
      Yiana Sanchez

      THATS WHAT I SAID!!!! 😂

  • Beverly Goldberg
    Beverly Goldberg

    It took jay waaay longer to figure this out! 👍👍👍

  • Elly Poulin
    Elly Poulin

    hey why this so long

  • Christopher McCune
    Christopher McCune

    Don't believe her

  • Sophie 910
    Sophie 910

    Am I the only one that listens to this when there going to sleep this is the 20th time I've watched this


    I thought Ollie was dead?

    • •Lemonade_Flower•

      Ollie? 😂

  • Nickolas Fuentes
    Nickolas Fuentes

    I feel like am bugs

  • Guddu Gurung
    Guddu Gurung

    He hates new kid but… Come on keep going Few more scrolls You really are desperate One more 😊 He used to be a new kid

    • Guddu Gurung
      Guddu Gurung

      And also I meant ozzy

  • Senpai Chan
    Senpai Chan

    I want a nugget from nugget possessed by nuggets friends that causes lives to end

  • Arianna Federwisch
    Arianna Federwisch


  • Bianca Reyes
    Bianca Reyes

    Watch whole thing😅😅😂

  • •Noor UwU•
    •Noor UwU•

    1:40:11 Me When There's No Nuggets At Macdonalds

  • Hi Why u reading
    Hi Why u reading


  • Maci Doll
    Maci Doll

    I want to scream at her THE GIRLS NAME IS PENNY NOT POLLY

  • Scott Kelly
    Scott Kelly

    You should have took the toilet paper

  • Pink lion
    Pink lion

    Who is here in 2020

  • Jennifer Karcs
    Jennifer Karcs

    We're did you get that game?

  • Sophia Cutie
    Sophia Cutie

    Gloom, pls help I know im late but. I cant stop watching rhis

  • The one and only Weirdo
    The one and only Weirdo

    Uuhh ok

  • Abby’s Music
    Abby’s Music


  • Marveric Park937
    Marveric Park937

    The principal looks like a karen

  • # Kori arts
    # Kori arts

    The teachers are killing kids?!!!!!!!!

  • Victoria F
    Victoria F

    On the rock climbing thingy there was a monster mon card at the top

  • pinkykittycornn *
    pinkykittycornn *

    Ummm do you realize the name is not polly is penny

  • Bhuvana Nowbutsing-Harris
    Bhuvana Nowbutsing-Harris

    did anyone else notice the monstermon card on top of the climbing wall in the first mission?

  • Alyssa Mcwhirter
    Alyssa Mcwhirter

    You copeD snnnniperwolf

  • Pirate Buddy Toys n’ More
    Pirate Buddy Toys n’ More

    *gloom being dramatic*

  • # Kori arts
    # Kori arts

    What is wrong with that science teacher?

  • Coco

    COLD NUGGETS!!!! 😭😭😭

  • corygirls

    this is how many times gloom said nugget l v

  • Tenishya Papa
    Tenishya Papa

    who else is here in 2020 and watched the whole thing bc u bored from lockdown

  • Eevee Finx
    Eevee Finx

    Kassie: there is toilet paper everywhere Corona: *are you sure about that*

  • •Ari•

    Why is no one else annoyed that she kept calling Penny Polly? (No hate)

  • William Smith
    William Smith

    “Cause there’s toilet paper everywhere” 2020: “ArE You SuRe AbouT ThAt

  • Nikhom Ektheerachaisakul
    Nikhom Ektheerachaisakul

    Gloom there is another ending in Cains not able give the contract to ted

  • Rebecca Maness
    Rebecca Maness

    Am I the only one that thinks that the voice is so funny!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tracy Uschan
    Tracy Uschan

    Dr.Danner:Einstein was building ray guns when he was young Me:I THINK YOUR EINSTEIN BECAUSE YOU HEAD IS SO BIG

  • Claire Maxwell
    Claire Maxwell

    When she was out side the place am I the only one who saw a baby in the vents

  • It'sJust Emingo
    It'sJust Emingo

    1:02:00 might wanna change that choice nowadays

  • Møøn Dãñcêr
    Møøn Dãñcêr

    Glooms face at 1:21:37 XD

  • •H o n e y B u n c h•
    •H o n e y B u n c h•

    1:02:03 Gloom:There is toilet paper everywhere Corona and 2020:nah you humans deserve nothing

  • Korbyn Boucher
    Korbyn Boucher

    I really really want to j cuz eat you🦷🩸🦷

    • Korbyn Boucher
      Korbyn Boucher

      And fish

    • Korbyn Boucher
      Korbyn Boucher

      Ccff CD Icelandic Rob storerooms go KB so sorry doozie’s fool son cooks Foxconn Cf

  • Korbyn Boucher
    Korbyn Boucher

    Do you know where that Mia’s is on roblox and you said everybody was in the nick you and

  • Lover V
    Lover V

    5 million!! Congrats!!

  • Halle JJ
    Halle JJ

    i was in the middle thats when i saw this video is 1 hour me:

  • Lia Campanelli
    Lia Campanelli

    Is it just me or is the janitor who called bob the no name janitor even though he doesn't have a name, or we do not know it?!

  • the lonly boi
    the lonly boi

    Kassie can I have that hand sanitizer

  • Sofia Obregon
    Sofia Obregon


  • Megan Diaz
    Megan Diaz

    gloom nevere stop doing what u do keep on going girl you got this

  • Dolllix

    You know the words ending when fanfics start about Stevie and the other janitor 😳😶 Lowkey ship it tho Read the fanfics I dare you 😶😂💀

  • LuhGoCrazyYT


    • Yeetus Yeetus
      Yeetus Yeetus


  • snoopydog 5000
    snoopydog 5000

    Teddy is far to nieave Me : yall are in kindergarten

  • Lps RoseProductions
    Lps RoseProductions

    You don’t wanna know how many times I’ve watched this

  • StopMotion- Soph
    StopMotion- Soph

    Yesss! These are the best play throughs! The ones who get straight to the point, and are longer instead of like in series. Useful for when I’m editing!

  • Bella Medin
    Bella Medin

    Kan u peyl dragon raja

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