Kindergarten 2 Official Trailer
Con Man Games
Join all of your Kindergarten friends on an all new adventure!
Kindergarten 2 is launching on Steam June 2019!
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  • Zombie 555
    Zombie 555

    we want kindergarten 3

  • Alpha TV
    Alpha TV

    Hey mate! Just wondering because, will you ever port Kindergarten to mobile?

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi

    Make kindergarten 3 please

  • Szara Dusza
    Szara Dusza

    Still waitig for part 3 xd

  • Vortex and Strayaball
    Vortex and Strayaball

    I want a future kindergarten game to include going to a camp or field trip


    Kindergarten 3

  • Eliothebeast

    I need a third one, I love this series

  • Nugget /Nugget cave\
    Nugget /Nugget cave\

    Нам нужны русские субтитры на киндергарден 3! | we need Russian subtitles on kindergarten 3

  • Baked Monkey760
    Baked Monkey760

    Plz Xbox one

  • TTR_ Pepper96o
    TTR_ Pepper96o

    Can you put kinder garten 2 on mobile for free plz and make a 3rd one

  • Didier Jiménez
    Didier Jiménez


  • Baris TheWolf
    Baris TheWolf

    why the hell did docter danner smile like 'oh im dr danner i like to kill kids lalalalla im happy *shott shot'

    • Baris TheWolf
      Baris TheWolf

      aw man no on etaalked to me :(

  • Philip Thehovergoat100 Evans
    Philip Thehovergoat100 Evans

    “And your safety is our highest priority” Are you sure about that?

  • Ron

    Spiky Fim Flam, su film es más fuerte que su flam

  • Евгения Тузовская
    Евгения Тузовская

    I've seen all the endings in kindergarten 2 and I'm amazed how this game was done for 7-8 months. I really hope that there will be kindergarten 3

    • Melon Squadwood
      Melon Squadwood

      Here's hoping for a kindergarten 3! 🍎

  • Moreno Lopes
    Moreno Lopes

    1:13 Dr.Danner are you in drugs?

  • Danny Rose
    Danny Rose

    I have recently finished kindergarten and waited to see the Wednesday text but there was none so now im kinda curious if you forgot to put it or this is the last game.

  • Danny Rose
    Danny Rose

    I know this probably sound obvious but are you planning on kindergarten 3?? Yes or no?

  • Dre Destiny
    Dre Destiny

    Will there be kindergarten 3?I really want to see Ozzy's mission about killing felix

  • Ghostly Vixen
    Ghostly Vixen

    The protagonist sounded…idk… female…when Ozzy was choking him. But I shouldn't read into it much since females usually voice little boys too. But we never hear that in game though.

  • xXgavatron_ gamingXx
    xXgavatron_ gamingXx


  • Billy Blaze
    Billy Blaze

    that teachers face when he shoots you though damn

  • Cuteoctopi

    Kindergarten 3 plz or at least elementary school

  • luca bellei
    luca bellei

    Kindergarden 3!

  • los Gil reyes studio
    los Gil reyes studio


  • Создатель バナナkat
    Создатель バナナkat

    Please Kindergarten 3 😖🙏

  • lil Penguin
    lil Penguin

    Put this on console please

  • Hypergod Productions
    Hypergod Productions

    I can see this coming to the Nintendo Switch

  • LordStorm

    Who finally got this in their recommended?

  • Like. Nguyễn Ngọc ChungThủy
    Like. Nguyễn Ngọc ChungThủy

    Does kindergarten have ss 3? I Love Kindergarten 1 and 2 if have ss3 i will very happy

  • Darraghthe Boi_stim
    Darraghthe Boi_stim


  • Norvin Nova
    Norvin Nova

    Who else wants to beg the developers to make another sequal?

  • zelda fan
    zelda fan

    Will kindergarten ever come to console

  • TheNoobRoblox VN
    TheNoobRoblox VN

    1 like = to has kindergarten 3

  • Nugget

    Nugget finaly back


    Kindergarten 3

  • Nugget Is Nugget
    Nugget Is Nugget

    Jesus Christ... It's so perfect The characters The backgrounds The character's personalities The storyline It's all so fucking perfect. Amazing job, Con man. Edit: Even the Credits is perfect, god.

  • Brenna Caffrey
    Brenna Caffrey

    i need to know if David Firth's work inspired some of the style in this game. (Salad Fingers, Spoilsbury Toast Boy, Video Dating Tape, etc)

  • El Duran
    El Duran

    Kindergarten 3 please Wednesday Like for kindergarten 3

  • The holder of nuggets
    The holder of nuggets

    Nugget is disappointed that he has seen this trailer 3 months late.

  • DA Francisco
    DA Francisco

    Man I wish Cory x Kenshin will come back to play kindergarten 2 ☹️☹️

  • Çoklu Oyuncu
    Çoklu Oyuncu

    kindergarten kindergarten 2 kindergarten 3 COMING SOON

  • lanky lank
    lanky lank

    i saw the to bits of nugget merch so i had an idea of if there will be more characters they could have codes on a tag thing for the first game that unlocks things. here is another idea not around the merch, when you complete a mission you get the mask of the person who's quest you are doing but you wouldn't get one if you do the alternate path like if you bring the note from the janitor's closet instead of the bucket of blood so you can play as the character (also when you talk to somebody they will notice what costume your using unless you have a mash up of costumes like for an example: nugget's face, lily's head and bugg's body) the protagonist: you can assess a room with the box of costumes and some secret things like things that you find in game like a pill, a nugget and maybe even some stuff from kindergarten 2 (also the code will give you a pass that can let you complete a bit of a mission with out wasting an apple so you can do other things but you get one mission pass per day but you can't have more then 3) nugget: if you put on nugget's code you will get the 6th secret nugget of friendship that you can show to nugget so you can do his mission easier sort of and it wall also give you his costume (the face mask will not be with it though) cindy: you will get her costume (face mask not included) and a gift for her that could be ether 15 random things (it could range from something that would make her kill herself to something she would love) or chose what 3 things could randomly be in the box in a poll buggs: if you scan his code you will get his costume (no face mask) and he wouldn't take you money unless you bring over $5.00 to school and he will take a quarter of your money billy: billy's code will give you his costume (with face mask because he has no mission) and after you do lily's mission he will appear at the school if you press the button by the box of costumes in the secret area (also you will get to go to any area in the day so if you screwed up you could go back a few apples or if you want to see how many apples can be used per day) monty: you will get his costume (no face mask) and you can have $15.00 in the bank instead of $10.00 jerome: you get his costume (no face mask) and you get the yo yo in the hidden room at the side of the protagonist's house the teacher: you get her costume (no face mask) and you bring a knife automatically and when you and the others go to the school go to anybody and stab anybody the janitor: you will get his costume (with face mask since he has no mission) and he will let you stay in the janitor's closet at lunch until the bell rings if you show him the pass the principle of kindergarten 1: you get his costume (with face mask since he has no mission) and you get a pass so when you go to the principle's office when your in trouble you can show the pass (assuming you don't have the voice recorder in the teacher's mission or in nugget's mission when you blow up the statue and if you don't have enough money or a donut to bribe the teacher you can show the pass the the principle lily: you get her costume (no face mask) and when you do her mission you get a replica of the key to the secret lab under the principle's office so you don't need the code to the real key all the characters from kindergarten two just give you $1.00 to $10.00 depending if they are nice or not. they will appear on screen, say something and then give you the money but you can only use the codes for all the characters from both kindergartens 1 and 2 only once. (free update to kindergarten 1)

  • iancu ?
    iancu ?


  • Nugget

    Nugget loves being in the new Kindergarten! Do you want to be Nugget's friend? Nugget has none.

    • Nugget

      @Cookie Muncher44 Nugget is glad that the Cookie Muncher wants to be Nugget's friend! Nugget is very happy.

    • Cookie Muncher44
      Cookie Muncher44

      Nugget I would love to be your friend nugget!

  • Nugget

    Time to make kindergarten 3

    • Nugget

      @Nugget Nugget doesn't think so. The real Nugget would know he's the real Nugget. Nugget knows he is real. You are a fake Nugget.

    • Nugget

      No, Nugget is the real one. You are a fake

    • Nugget

      @Nugget No, Nugget is the real Nugget! You are not.

    • Nugget

      Nugget is real one

  • joacoon Craft
    joacoon Craft



    Such a good game I played 2 years

  • Annalisa Colpo
    Annalisa Colpo

    If only this was for android and ios al of those deleted rip offs al those sad people i fell like a ios and Android port is possible since you can just do the tap to walk interact and chose and you can make it free with no ads and in app purchases i hope it will exist

  • Royal Pain
    Royal Pain

    So is there going to be a Kindergarten 3?

  • Liu Tjin Siu
    Liu Tjin Siu

    Hey if the person who created kinder garden Will their be kinder garden 345 and maby 6?

    • Liu Tjin Siu
      Liu Tjin Siu

      Pls like the comment

  • Rainbow Road
    Rainbow Road

    Nugget is here

  • Dmitrij vladimirovs
    Dmitrij vladimirovs

    Nugget need nugget game a game about nugget

  • Blast King
    Blast King

    i predict kindergarten 7 would be all-out war with all the monster of other school but you got the power of all tails man

  • Austin And the plushies
    Austin And the plushies

    When will it be on ps4


    Kindergarten 1 in android?

  • reverse Luci
    reverse Luci

    NUGGET!!! GIVE US Kindergarten 3 because, NUGGET!

  • Staphany san
    Staphany san

    want to play other games listening to this sound track with outthe trailers any help ?

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    *Connor. Honestly, the world you created is one of the most interesting things in the video game community. The characters you made are hilarious and enjoyable. The villains are devious and mysterious. I love your games you did such a good job. Maybe you could make like a Middleschool and a Highschool? Include some voice acting maybe?*

  • richi Carollino
    richi Carollino

    There Will be kindergarten for iPhone

  • infernoimpreza

    I cried during the end credits. I absolutely love this game.

  • Sub to pewdiepie or u will die
    Sub to pewdiepie or u will die

    Just finished it and I'm already excited for the 3rd sequel

  • Eli Martin
    Eli Martin

    Is there gonna be a Kindergarten 3

    • Eli Martin
      Eli Martin

      Please make a kindergarten 3

  • DrTitanicus

    The real Kindergarten 1 ending was Lily saving Billy... *Not Nugget killing everyone.*

    • Andrew Dogaru
      Andrew Dogaru

      That's debatable considering the latter was far more satisfying

  • mache 261
    mache 261


  • CatFire_633 Playz
    CatFire_633 Playz

    1:11 you moaned when you got choked

  • Windows 7
    Windows 7

    Nugget is the best character forever I just Nugget the Nugget because Nugget is so goddamn Nugget

  • Nicsolas


  • crying bitch
    crying bitch

    i wish this was on phone

  • RainbowCheeseBoi 2
    RainbowCheeseBoi 2

    I wish that this game was on the PS4

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