Kodak Black - Malcolm X.X.X. (Official Music Video)
Kodak Black
The official music video for Kodak Black's "Malcolm X.X.X."

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  • Shots by Gabe
    Shots by Gabe

    He snapped on this shit

  • Honor Dignity
    Honor Dignity

    X wanted to change his life but he was gunned down. Main prove for me, that "someone" didn't want him to tell the truth about human being.

  • MegamiahX

    Great Message. The suppression is very real.

  • A. T.
    A. T.

    Banger 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ernesto Escobar
    Ernesto Escobar

    Ok I have faith in him

  • UPT 2600
    UPT 2600

    Song make me cry just thinking be speaking. real facts and be talented🤦🏽‍♂️🙏🏽

  • Rampson Boy aka Amestensen jr. 200 x00x Im gay and
    Rampson Boy aka Amestensen jr. 200 x00x Im gay and

    He thinks he’s intellectual? 🤣🤣

    • Rampson Boy aka Amestensen jr. 200 x00x Im gay and
      Rampson Boy aka Amestensen jr. 200 x00x Im gay and

      Maybe around a bunch of retards

  • pigeon b
    pigeon b

    Real shit

  • Victor Diaz
    Victor Diaz


  • Thomas Collins
    Thomas Collins

    Kodak to hard 🔥🔥

  • zordeks


  • Mr. Agemon
    Mr. Agemon

    DOPE-HOP.COM ...Finally Someone made a social media for Musicians, Actors, Artists, Entertainers,A&R’s etc etc.. A PlatForm allowing us to showcase our talents among ourselves.. Cut out all the Gossip of normal life stuff and be all about the Art! “#444

  • Mike Adams
    Mike Adams

    No One In The World - Anita Baker

  • Gerardo Diaz
    Gerardo Diaz

    Everyone gonna say you fake when u make it😶 real shit

  • Eddie Cainn
    Eddie Cainn


  • Dexter Ramey
    Dexter Ramey

    Malcom X would never have said he don't like black women.

  • Paul Arlukiewicz
    Paul Arlukiewicz

    Just put ur pic on there lol

  • braylon dailey
    braylon dailey

    Rip xxx 🙏🏽💔👑

  • Sergio Guevara
    Sergio Guevara

    You're successful stop you're bs Kodak Black

  • Barry Pierce
    Barry Pierce

    When the jet rap like that he'll kill you Kodak raw when he flow on tempo kleen flow

  • eddyloves fries
    eddyloves fries

    Why the fuck there's only 2million views......

  • Stephy

    One of my favorite Kodak song

  • Ke Sosa
    Ke Sosa

    Free Kodak vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-AgVKti3gccE.html

  • Ke Sosa
    Ke Sosa


  • julian carter
    julian carter


  • Youssef El Amraoui
    Youssef El Amraoui

    La france on la

    • Youssef El Amraoui
      Youssef El Amraoui


    • Youssef El Amraoui
      Youssef El Amraoui


  • Isaac Rodriguez
    Isaac Rodriguez

    Is it really true that they cloned him?!?!


    Maybe this song was Kodak black,s farewell to his fans before getting locked up again

  • Oh No
    Oh No

    *Listen!!* Muslims killed Malcolm X. Conservatives freed slaves. KKK were democrats. _You're living a lie._

  • Paul Lee
    Paul Lee


  • Mc001Rem002

    Fuck all white people

    • Mc001Rem002

      They r pos, snitches, baby’s, racist

    • Kreigstank WoTB
      Kreigstank WoTB

      Mc001Rem002 Why?

  • David Lafond
    David Lafond

    left Hialeah in 2005 🍊 got to come back soon ☝🏼

  • The AJ Kid
    The AJ Kid

    Kodak is a legend.

  • Benny Rocket
    Benny Rocket


  • Ray Bennett
    Ray Bennett

    Everyone: man please Kodak is a mumble rapper Kodak: Hold my bustdowns

  • Maranda Reasoner
    Maranda Reasoner

    When you tryinto not be seen by anyone.

  • Korrupted Hacks_YT
    Korrupted Hacks_YT


  • Son' Zai OSRS
    Son' Zai OSRS

    RIP jah

  • Yusuf Ibn Yoqub
    Yusuf Ibn Yoqub

    Allah is the great and he knows anything: Who is on true way!

  • Kush Rich
    Kush Rich

    Do wat I say not wat you see me do To my kids today listen

  • Zir Mix-a-thot
    Zir Mix-a-thot

    This track sounds really underproduced and off-beat, but he shines on it with the lyrics and flow.

  • Chaperz

    Kody looks good in those glasses...

  • Supremelebrongamin g
    Supremelebrongamin g

    bruhh kodak locked up for 50 years bruh this a clone dog


    What happend to your hair brother..damn



  • shtipost


  • ncbeast m
    ncbeast m

    "X was tryin to buy a bike and he got gunned down" R.I.P. X

  • Belagouane Barry
    Belagouane Barry

    Rip x😢😢

  • Custer Linus Troy Ferrer
    Custer Linus Troy Ferrer

    This is a good song cause he is singing About Xxxtentacion

  • Lamar Floyd
    Lamar Floyd

    This song by Kodak reminds us not to judge a book by da' cover 🤔🙄🤨😛

  • Harrison Ingle
    Harrison Ingle

    why cant he make good music anymore his new shit wack i get it, its just my opinion but i know some ppl agree. he has like little to no flow at all . he used to spit fucking bars but now its just love rap i hate that shit , miss the old kodak.

  • Marcella Daniels
    Marcella Daniels

    Wow, that Anita Baker sound. This dude should not be in jail. He should be releasing more stuff like this and those episodes are off glass. #extremelygifted

  • keli huncho
    keli huncho

    "... you need security by your grave so you can rest in peace ..." that's hard

  • keli huncho
    keli huncho

    "....first they kissing you hugging you then they suing you ..." no cap

  • keli huncho
    keli huncho


  • K Young
    K Young

    Integrity indeed young man,rumble🍽

  • K Young
    K Young

    Do a song with Gates

  • Larry Wickware
    Larry Wickware

    Malcom x one of the greatest voice of the century

  • Jamill Williams
    Jamill Williams

    Proof that Kodak stands for us and relays a message of unity . He fought for us now let's fight for him

  • Randysoflaw


  • Me Me
    Me Me

    Just wonder that he use to have a net worth of 111 thousand dollars

  • Djuan Robinson
    Djuan Robinson

    Watch those who watch me u heard

  • Viper Neon
    Viper Neon

    “X was tryin to buy a bike so he got gunned down, X was tryin to change his life but he got burned down, X wasn’t riding with no pipes so he got gunned down” #llj

  • Kadyn Scott
    Kadyn Scott

    stop making fun of the nigga he is the reason why we not slave no more martin luther king jr to

  • drew breeze
    drew breeze


  • drew breeze
    drew breeze

    Yeaaaaa Killumbus Ga 2 Florida I thugging witcha yall Kodak stay drop classsic hot shidd

  • Christie msp
    Christie msp

    😯😲😳🤯 it's real Malcolm died in the series city of war. 🤔

  • Lyriq Fame
    Lyriq Fame

    The way he stating everything you can tell he tryna hit something mentally. A white man nightmare is to see a Black human on top especially males. I vouch for you even if you don’t need my vouch Yak! 🖤💯

  • Stephy

    People: Kodak is a mumble rapper Kodak: hold my beer

    • Stephy

      Jack Carver I didn’t say he was people just say he is

    • Jack Carver
      Jack Carver

      Stephy he never was

  • Kairi Ali
    Kairi Ali

    Nice beat , yet when Kodak actions start to reflect this message,, ONLY THEN will l take him seriously.

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