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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

  • Exhaviour

    11:04 hit me hard😞

  • Teodora Adam
    Teodora Adam

    Good to hear from you again though na I hope you're

  • Jonathan Palomino
    Jonathan Palomino

    What’s the song when Logan is getting dressed?

  • Kirenia Perez
    Kirenia Perez

    KSI is a bich

  • Danny Hansen
    Danny Hansen

    Mathew McConaughey goes to London😂

  • Fake P74O5
    Fake P74O5

    Why does the guy on the left at 3:42 look like a Russian

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast

    Jake paul predicted covid-19 at 1:40

  • Gallus

    1:22 Evan transforms into the German dude.

  • Kathy Jenks
    Kathy Jenks

    I ve been to london

  • Cj Holden
    Cj Holden

    Logan is wearing a Lacrosse hat

  • Nicola Smith
    Nicola Smith

    Ksi is a b*ch

  • Lisa Terpstra
    Lisa Terpstra

    Oh my god Logan u look sexy

  • Gacha Sophie
    Gacha Sophie

    Ksi = NO

  • Gacha Sophie
    Gacha Sophie

    One of my followers is following ksi an I’m like NUNI I not following them back bro NU NU NEVER 😈😈 I only follow good peeps like youTubers = You and every one else 😁😁

  • Agasthya HEEHAW VangaraTHE GOD
    Agasthya HEEHAW VangaraTHE GOD

    All this talk and he loses😂😂🤣🤣

  • Dannebrogs Søn
    Dannebrogs Søn

    4:16 Where are the British people, all I see are Africans and Arabs?

  • Ginataba20 Farrow
    Ginataba20 Farrow

    Dont look British to me non of them do you wanna be British dress like jj

  • Sub to me for good luck for life
    Sub to me for good luck for life

    K ock S ucking I diot I know cock is with a c

  • Jayden Brakensiek
    Jayden Brakensiek

    Who else saw even in the back looking through the camera at the beginning 😂😂😂

  • Bruno Mayor
    Bruno Mayor

    9:53 Anyone else notice the screen going completely black or was that just me?

  • Chinmay Rao
    Chinmay Rao

    The way he says Vidal

  • eesa durrani
    eesa durrani

    Anybody watching this after the fight It fucking funny bro😂😂😂😂

  • Declan Garvey
    Declan Garvey

    ufffffffff fuuuucuk is what I here'd

  • Andrew Harris
    Andrew Harris

    Logan has a PLL hat onnnn

  • Kubach Trevor
    Kubach Trevor


  • ngl gaming
    ngl gaming

    3:40 kylo ren wrong video

  • Marshall Davidson
    Marshall Davidson

    Logan is. A Legend

  • Gary Jones
    Gary Jones

    I’m British and I love jake and Logan I actually HATE Ksi lol

  • Adrian Melgoza
    Adrian Melgoza

    Slap contest👋😵

  • Mihajlo Nakić
    Mihajlo Nakić

    Why logan copied the rock?

  • Joshua Scott
    Joshua Scott

    I am anti Abortion

  • Ben w
    Ben w

    The amazing thing is you lost 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Logik_MonkeyMan 0087
      Logik_MonkeyMan 0087

      He didn't tho

  • abdulrahman marzouqi
    abdulrahman marzouqi

    who is watching this after the fight and is just laughing at logan

  • Namit Gamez
    Namit Gamez

    f ksi still

  • Kimberly Perez
    Kimberly Perez

    that is not a good look for you

  • suzy power
    suzy power


  • Emma Willson
    Emma Willson

    KSI only wore a bandana because someone cut his head open and took his brain

    • xxxlh 52
      xxxlh 52

      Learn to insult bro

  • animation haven
    animation haven

    asid huh bro give me 2 pistols and u will see U HERT 1 MAVERICK U HURT ALL OF US like if ur a maverick

  • Blixzz

    Me in 2020 when Logan lost already

  • Abraham Yaret
    Abraham Yaret

    No one is a ksi fan im a Logan fan

    • xxxlh 52
      xxxlh 52

      Shut up

  • Tatuli Gamer
    Tatuli Gamer


  • L. Velez
    L. Velez

    Lmfaoooo Logan was CRINGY af back then and we thought it was hilarious 🤣

  • Summer Williams
    Summer Williams

    i am British and i hate ksi as well ive been watching logan for years and i still support him

    • Summer Williams
      Summer Williams

      xxxlh 52 ur not even stable enough to put your name in ur username so shut up 🙄

    • xxxlh 52
      xxxlh 52

      @Summer Williams you're name is summer Williams and you call me a wierdo😂😂😂 get a life bro

    • Summer Williams
      Summer Williams

      xxxlh 52 obviously you care because you weirdo

    • Summer Williams
      Summer Williams

      xxxlh 52 ewww who are you go get a life instead of wasting your time talking to me when you could be doing other things that probably are much more important

    • xxxlh 52
      xxxlh 52

      Shame no one cares

  • •I M M Y•
    •I M M Y•

    Mike looks like a roadman 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  • henkie hansen
    henkie hansen

    Annnndddd you lost

  • Pui Lam Heng
    Pui Lam Heng

    It's funny cuz Logan is taller than KSI and KSI is trying to be taller than Logan

    • xxxlh 52
      xxxlh 52

      But he still won🤗🤗

  • Aaish Shamin
    Aaish Shamin

    f*** ksi

    • Aaish Shamin
      Aaish Shamin

      @xxxlh 52 nope hst saying f*** ksi for fun

    • xxxlh 52
      xxxlh 52

      Salty idiot, still crying that he won👍

  • sixth gun gamer
    sixth gun gamer

    That hat is Irish

  • faze Fox
    faze Fox

    Logan u fucking pussy u got fucked up u dick

  • Alicia Burns
    Alicia Burns

    I just realized we got 38,000 dislikes because a bunch of KSI blokes just ruined your day

  • Luis Jimenez
    Luis Jimenez

    Logan will woop jj

    • xxxlh 52
      xxxlh 52

      Too late now

  • siripoon123

    fuck ksi

    • xxxlh 52
      xxxlh 52

      Cry you fortnite child

  • Angel Tsenov
    Angel Tsenov

    M A F I A

  • sidney haney
    sidney haney

    Lol I'm dead 💀

  • NH

    Aborting 5 babies is NOT a right

  • lucas byrne
    lucas byrne


  • Seth Hilfiker
    Seth Hilfiker

    Never mind every minute

  • Seth Hilfiker
    Seth Hilfiker

    Every day

  • Jaime Garza
    Jaime Garza

    KSI Kong died maverick died me you lost your mom kid

  • Exilir8

    0:48 literlly look at KSI'S mouth and nose and hes also stressed and tryin' to act tuff adn htne logan cool swaggy and calm and thast whats good about logan unlike KSI he looks like a pig not gonna lie

    • xxxlh 52
      xxxlh 52

      Shame Logan is a loser and KSI is a winner

  • caleb mboso
    caleb mboso

    Logan doesn’t look like a professional boxer like if ur watching in quarantine


    Is it me or is Logan trying to Imitate Connor McGregor

  • Kevin Skatez9
    Kevin Skatez9

    Me:wow Ksi:looks all confused 16:49

  • chickenfluff 11
    chickenfluff 11

    This video aged well

  • Keiramay Tocque
    Keiramay Tocque

    when logan laughed ginger got scared

  • Sarah McQuaid
    Sarah McQuaid

    1 like = 1 boot to KSI's ballsack

    • xxxlh 52
      xxxlh 52

      Cry more kid

  • cupcake swrill
    cupcake swrill

    Look at security at the end that face doh

  • cupcake swrill
    cupcake swrill

    Omg plz no


    not being a hater but all the stuff Logan said happened to him

  • Austin Heller
    Austin Heller


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