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『Kumis and fire-roasted whole lamb that make you feel like paradise.』
「Have always been thinking about doing this and I finally did it~」
「Fyi, kumis is one of the state-level intangible cultural heritages of Haixi, China.」
「What’s better than the combination of a bowl of milky Kumis and a fire-roasted whole lamb on a snowy day like this?」
吃过 喝过 撒疯过!
「Eat, drink and be merry!」
「Life couldn't have been better~"」
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  • Thanh van Tran
    Thanh van Tran

    This afternoon I ate rice 🍚 when my mother called Ms Hoang Anh to come down to eat when I asked to buy that ring and neck lace, Liziqi. But my mom kept having a headache 🤕, she made Hoang Anh go to the 4th floor to sleep 🛏 at night.

  • Nisa mans Kpnisa mans
    Nisa mans Kpnisa mans

    I wish to see liziqi sis....but im an indian...

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    SH Green

    I wish my wife was like that

  • Posture Patterns and Health
    Posture Patterns and Health

    this is exactly what western culture DOESNT want you to be doing. They want us dumb, ignorant and reliant on the system. we are a few generations from being so stupid that we will be forced to pay whatever they demand cause we wont know how to be self sufficient anymore

  • kinan azkha
    kinan azkha

    euweuh kacape eta liziqi.. hebat

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    Imtiaz Brohi Tv

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  • Imtiaz Brohi Tv
    Imtiaz Brohi Tv



    Her dress👗, her home🏡, her way to cook


    It seems like she lives in 1900 to 1920

  • A. C
    A. C

    Can I come live with you?

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    poonam Sharma

    This place where u live is beautiful

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    I love You princess liziqi

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    Johnny wang

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  • Niko Ji
    Niko Ji

    Wow the roasted lamb look so good and all the food look so delicious. This place is so peaceful and their home is like a fairy land. There is nothing she cant do. Precious pretty lady. 👍❤️

  • Sem Somalylkara
    Sem Somalylkara

    Love your videos

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    the secret rapper_20

    We are lucky but she is happy

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    Andrew Telley

    Everyone, this is fake and she is just another climber wants to be famous. Do not let her make you feel bad about your own life

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      Flower Y

      Don't feel like you know everything, you're just a frog sitting in a well

  • Andrew Telley
    Andrew Telley

    Just another cooking show in a different set up and scene. I am not fooled

  • Andrew Telley
    Andrew Telley


    • Andrew Telley
      Andrew Telley


    • Flower Y
      Flower Y


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      Gha Chemia


  • Andrew Telley
    Andrew Telley

    Fake and set up. She is just another trash whore wants to be famous. Can tell she is NOT intelligent at all by her real voice and when her real personality came out.

  • Andrew Telley
    Andrew Telley

    Feel so sorry for the world. This is 100% set up and fake. The whole thing of her can do anything all by herself is the core of the movie selling point. Everyday she goes to her real home and she is just another trash whore wants to be famous.

  • nakroth best
    nakroth best

    Có người việt nam không. Chắc tôi là người duy nhất. Thấy clip bạn gái này dản dị. Và rất hay

  • 爱许嵩的小女孩

    I'm Chinese but i can't understand of all what's they talking about...... in China even same city but they have so much different language Maybe just little far like 20 kilometer but they language is different..... Any village have different language also........ But i still can understand little because liziqi hometown language close to our national language ( except old people talking )

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    Fernando Cabrera

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    BRAVO! Shummmë bukuroshe je

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    vignesh gangan

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    buds and flowers

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    3.6M views in 1 week. That curiosity brought me here to enjoy this video.

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  • marde barani
    marde barani

    این همه چی بلده هااا نکبت خخخ، همه کار میکنه خخ دمش گرم ،لامصبا همم شبیه همن خخ خوشم میاد ازش

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    Công Thiện Trần

    Liziqi is a master chef, a designer, a constructor, a farmer, a gardener, a baker, a beautiful princess and what else do I miss? She made me feel so humble...

    • syncmaster915n

      Care giver (she takes care of her grandmother), videogragher, content creator, owner of her brand Liziqi.

  • Alberty mauchuma
    Alberty mauchuma

    You are very diligent and fast.

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    karlapudi divya

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  • Magic


  • Khongor Altangerel
    Khongor Altangerel

    She is making Mongolias airag made out from horse milk and whole lamb is also mongolias traditional food.

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    Phong Nguyễn Thanh


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