Lana Del Rey - Doin Time
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  • Jenna K.
    Jenna K.

    Rest In Peace , Bradley ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Cowie Thomas
    Cowie Thomas

    Rockin' a Julie Andrews look

  • Davi Miguel
    Davi Miguel

    Lana Come to Rock In Rio , lollapalooza Brazil , Villa Mix all Festivals dears

  • Davi Miguel
    Davi Miguel

    don't call her a angel . S**it

  • Dan Honney
    Dan Honney


  • kingjay239

    I don’t understand why people are mad that she covered this song, and then want to bash her because according to sublime fans she didn’t give them credit. Umm hello we’re not stupid, we know it’s a cover. Y’all might be the stupid ones to not realize how a cover works lol. Sublime themselves promoted it on their social media, as well as Lana. They asked her to cover it so she did. And for the dummies saying that she stole their song... it’s not even their song to begin with, if y’all want to get technical.

  • M Smith
    M Smith

    Your a snobby bitch. No respect

  • Walter Cholmondeley
    Walter Cholmondeley

    This version is utter trash. She should have kept her feet off of this. This version has no soul and no energy.

  • Elisanne Mombelli
    Elisanne Mombelli

    That's a gorgeous cover of summertime !♥️♥️♥️I'm in love !😍

  • TimmyTheSnail

    1.25x speed

  • AmirulRightHere

    Everytime she sings the word "summertime" I just wanna fan my face with my hand slowly

  • Deadpool

    The tune at the beginning is like an ringtone.

  • Donna Justice
    Donna Justice

    Summertime and the living's easy And Bradley's on the microphone with ras m.g. All the people in the dance will agree That we're well qualified to represent the LBC Me, me and Louie run to the party Dance to the rhythm it gets harder Me and my girl we got this relationship I love her so bad but she treats me like On lock down like a penitentiary She spreads her lovin' all over And when she gets home there's none left for me Oh take this veil from off my eyes My burning sun will someday rise So what am I gonna be doin' for a while Said I'm gonna play with myself Show them how we come off the shelf So what? Evil I've come to tell you that she's evil most definitely Evil Ornery scandalous and evil most definitely The tension is getting hotter I'd like to hold her head underwater Me and my girl we got this relationship Me and my girl we got this relationship My girl we got this relationship And my girl we got this relationship Take a tip, take a tip, take a tip from me Bradley's on the microphone with Ras m.g. All the people in the dance will agree That we're well qualified to represent the LBC Me, la la Louie well everybody run to the rhythm it gets harder Summertime, the living's easy 💗💗💗

  • sarah thirteen
    sarah thirteen

    she should be ashamed of herself, she killed a classic. worst cover ever. so disappointed smh

  • imyahuckleberry420

    R.I.P. Bradley Nowell

  • Squirtt Blossom
    Squirtt Blossom

    Such a haunting cover 🖤 this woman’s voice is spiritual sex and her vibrations are smooth and inviting. You can’t help but groove to her energy!

  • B GV
    B GV

    Is this a cover of sublime's song or what is this?

    • kingjay239

      B GV yes it is.

  • Priya thakur
    Priya thakur

    I think I am only one who want to hear more from this combination😂😂

  • Heelcather

    I had no idea Lana did a cover of this song. I love it!

  • Kelly Lowe
    Kelly Lowe

    this is better than the original. don't @ me.

  • Mikaela M.
    Mikaela M.

    This is so fckn good omg

  • debbieschnader

    It's a shame Criminal Minds ended...this song belongs as an intro or finale song...just my opinion...

  • Mike Henderson
    Mike Henderson

    Video kinda blows but this baby girl is definitely worthy of major recognition for having such a sweetheart voice and yeah man she knocked it out of the park with this rendition. U friggin dipshits from the LBC otta be lifting her up. Way to go young hottie.


    Omg this SUCKS SOOOOO BAD!!!! What a steaming pile of shit

  • Paola Ortiz
    Paola Ortiz

    She did sublime good 👏🏼😩

  • B Man
    B Man

    That beat drop at 1:29 Lord take me!

  • Isacco Hanzic
    Isacco Hanzic

    This song is truly "sublime" ;)

  • Lilliani Big Eagle
    Lilliani Big Eagle

    Such a great song but it’s a remake go to theofficialsublime

  • Jerry Brink
    Jerry Brink

    This is "By Far" the worst remake....ever. Worse than Uncle Kracker remaking Drift Away. How dare you destroy one of Sublimes songs. This isn't Karaoke.

    • Eric Guan
      Eric Guan

      What don't you like about it

  • Tyler Senecal
    Tyler Senecal

    I absolutely love the version from 1996 when the band sublime played it and I’m so happy to see people enjoying still today

  • ReelLux FISHING
    ReelLux FISHING

    Way to ruin one of my favorite sublime songs

  • ricke69


  • Gaming Unicorn
    Gaming Unicorn

    Her voice is calming, like if u agree 👍

  • josiah olson
    josiah olson

    This song was made for Lana

  • DUMBfounded Gaming
    DUMBfounded Gaming

    Why is there no reference to the fact this is a cover? No appreciation shown to Sublime, neither here or on Spotify.

    • kingjay239

      DUMBfounded Gaming I totally get you. They both did tho. Apparently this song was intended for Sublimes documentary and I guess plays at the end credits. But Lana also tagged them in many post that she made on IG.

    • DUMBfounded Gaming
      DUMBfounded Gaming

      @kingjay239 cool, I'll check it out. I'm glad they did, would just like to see it more from the other side too.

    • kingjay239

      DUMBfounded Gaming dude, go to their Instagram, the uploaded it and promoted it for her as well as she did.

  • Montaha Ben Ahmed
    Montaha Ben Ahmed

    I love it so bad

  • Warren Peace
    Warren Peace

    Probably the best song that plays on the playlist at work. Good cover

  • FAZZZ50

    GREAT job of incorporating " Summertime" into modern rhythms

  • Evan A1
    Evan A1

    i get creepy chills when I listen to this track on lonely evenings. i really feel heavenly and i love it to death ❤️😭

  • Happily_ Deranged
    Happily_ Deranged

    I can tell I’m going to be obsessed with this song for a while lol

    • Xris

      Happily_ Deranged it’s been 4 months and I’m still obsessed

  • Conservative Truth Network
    Conservative Truth Network

    This song has a magical ethereal quality to it. ✨ When I listen to this, it's like I feel a light tingling sensation traveling from my shoulders up the back of my neck all the way up to the top of my I'm floating within a beautiful celestial plane of existence somewhere ~ 🎶💙✨🔮🕊️

  • Tomasz Cisoń
    Tomasz Cisoń


  • Energy Music
    Energy Music

    lana's voice is unforgettable.We love YOU

  • Arbiter8114

    Is it me or does this song kinda sound like another song that came out a long time ago

  • Mew Meow
    Mew Meow

    Her voice is so smooth I love this so much.

  • Waly Ves
    Waly Ves

    The tension, it's getting hotter, I'd like to hold her head underwater... ♫ ♥ I love this part!!!

  • Nusrat Meem Dighol NUSI
    Nusrat Meem Dighol NUSI

    The whole damn bar gotta listen to my bae 7mmmwah #lana del rey

  • Tifosi_14

    Lana will always be linked with Gatsby.

  • Cole Fowles
    Cole Fowles

    This beat hits like a dab of Thai sativa.

  • Busted Teeth Productions
    Busted Teeth Productions

    Am I the only one that thinks this sounds like Melanie Martinez?

    • kingjay239

      Busted Teeth Productions you mean Melanie sounds like her?

  • scheddoc

    RIP Bradley Nowell

  • Renato Marchetto
    Renato Marchetto


  • Clayton bigsby
    Clayton bigsby

    I don't listen to Lana. But Dam she went off on this shit! It's Crazy ☝💀

  • Kevin Bowen
    Kevin Bowen

    Why doesn't she just record her version of Gershwin's "Summertime?" It's inevitable.

  • deaglain an draoi
    deaglain an draoi

    More majestical mumbling from Lana del ray. Quality!

  • The One
    The One

    She has no right doing a sublime cover fuck her man it’s bull shit! Sublime is a band she will never under stand ! It’s just a publicity stunt! And her music is boring as!! She is doing it because she can’t write lyrics this good and she nows it! It’s just money money money!!

    • kingjay239

      The One shut up, weirdo.

  • Brian Cooney
    Brian Cooney

    All these dumbass comments like "i like the original better" and "how dare she" or "she didn't grow up there" or whatever. People..... IT"S A COVER. She's not claiming it's her song. No one is claiming it's intended to be better or an improvement on the original. It's a tribute to the original, as are all cover songs. There's not a soul on earth who doesn't know this was by Sublime, so it's not like she fooled the masses by "stealing" their song. Why does everyone immediately treat it like it's a competition and start rooting for "their team?" Get a life and enjoy someone else's rendition of a classic song!

    • kingjay239

      Brian Cooney thank you! Say it louder for the old masochist men in the back that can’t hear due to their old age and ignorance. It’s so annoying. They’re literally offended over NOTHING. She gave them credit on her Instagram, and they even posted it on their own Instagram.

  • ZeroCool82

    Not even close to the original

    • _ evanfofevan _
      _ evanfofevan _

      What would be the point of copying the original ? It’s a cover it’s supposed to be different. If it was closer to the original she’d just be accused of copying and being unoriginal

  • luii morningstarr
    luii morningstarr

    Well wasn't expecting this.... Lol wonder what bradley would think. Rest in peace brother.

  • Sophie 101
    Sophie 101

    Best song ever😍

  • Arcanum Lore
    Arcanum Lore

    Im here to get blessed by lana after charlie angels it was a flop

    • Arcanum Lore
      Arcanum Lore

      @sar first time listening the lyric doesnt match the beat except of lana's

    • sar

      Arcanum Lore forty million views in two days, and #2 on trending isn’t really considered a flop imo lmao

  • tornado mk6
    tornado mk6

    More like well qualified to represent the lgbt. What a botched cover

  • EllE EME
    EllE EME

    It is most certainly much better flowing without that big pause in the middle! I love this version.

  • hartleyjr

    A credit to the original artists in the description would have been a nice touch...

  • Luna Molera
    Luna Molera

    They need to use this in the next Sabrina series!!!!

  • The One
    The One

    This is a fucking joke I love sublime nobody is even heard ofsublime until she decided to rip off one of their songs no way would he have wanted her to cover it shame he’s dead now he probably doesn’t have a say in it ! He wrote this song on heroin what the fuck does she know anything about decent music she can’t come up with her of own lyrics so she’s rip somebody else’s song off! Because her lyrics are so boring and all her songs sound the same! Sublime or amazing band 40 ounces to freedom motherfuckers! Radio One don’t even play sublime ! Just music for the masses joke

  • 10,000 subscribers with no videos challenge
    10,000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    She just needs to make a candle and I would buy so many

  • bber45

    Man, awesome cover. Being born and raised in the LBC this song has a special place in my heart. I'd have to put this Cover up there with Jonny Cash's NIN Hurt.

  • aarón moreno
    aarón moreno

    Came here to listen the stunning version after the doin-lana-dirty version performance on BBC.

  • Kindra Michelle
    Kindra Michelle

    Summer is Lana's favorite season.

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