Legally Blonde and the History of the “Dumb Blonde”
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A key mission of Legally Blonde's Elle Woods is fighting the bias against blondes -- in particular, the "dumb blonde" stereotype. But where does this stereotype come from? Let's all dig into the roots of the assumptions about blondes and find out what's really behind them. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel or support us on Patreon:
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    • Sankalp Singh
      Sankalp Singh

      Your narration is awesome. Whosoever writes the lines and whoever tells it.. You are an inspiration

    • Ashley E
      Ashley E

      @Nora Jamilah I agree, amongst women of color we should be LEADING the conversation, but white women need to know too, lest they continue making the same destructive mistakes a la Donald Trump and all republicans in general.

    • Nora Jamilah
      Nora Jamilah

      Ashley E I agree. We need to have this conversation _with_ women of color, and bring up colorism, how “white” features are so desirable, etc.

    • Ashley E
      Ashley E

      This video is ok. But I find it hard to feel sympathy when white women are culturally considered the height of feminine desirability blonde or otherwise. Another problem is that white women contribute to white supremacy and oppression which is patriarchal by design. This subject is a very white feminist topic

    • Edwardes Gomes
      Edwardes Gomes

      I think you guys are genius. I love how deep you can analyse and understand people and society overall. Im ashamed that at 17:00 I doubted for a second that you were the genises behind these videos. But Im sure you know why I thought like I did and I hope you make much more videos.

  • Kirla

    I just have to say this was an interesting, thoughtful and very well researched topic. Thanks for your hard work ladies.

  • Vinish

    Shut up... being a dumb blonde is the most privilege someone can have. Forget being a cis white male 😂😂

  • Eye Candy Aspiring
    Eye Candy Aspiring

    Sis at 00:49 has the some of the ugliest hair I've ever seen

    • Beethoven’s Fidelio
      Beethoven’s Fidelio

      Eye Candy Aspiring It’s a wig

  • kitty

    As a person who actually knows how to speak French.. 1:25 hurt

  • Shikor othoba shekor
    Shikor othoba shekor

    Most of the mysogynist trolls comment I have observed that they inherit an Idea just because the blonde actress like Amanda Seyfred and Nicole Kidman acts extremely feminine and dumb in some movies they are actually like that in real life. I mean the profession of a woman as an actress, or model normal people have no clue how much talent and hard work is needed. These actresses like Amanda Seyfred is so sharp and intelligent, . Other wise she could not have played perfectly the character of Karen Smith. A dumb blonde in mean girls.

  • Miss O.P.
    Miss O.P.

    Pam is smart

  • Penelope

    As a little girl, Cher and Elle were two of my biggest role models from movies. They were smart women who valued their education and learning just as much as their social life and the joys of typical 'girly' things like make up and fashion, which modelled the two female stereotypes that women find themselves straddled between, all rolled into one. These characters model the kind of woman that does not let herself become resentful or jealous of either the pretty/social girl (who is typically perceived to be dumb), or the smart/educated/nerdy girl (who is considered boring and plain). Characters like cher and elle are inspiring, 'all-rounder' women, who certainly inspired me to follow my educational aspirations and become a top student, while preserving the fun and social side of femininity- and it was this balance that led me down the path of becoming a PhD :D

  • willinton06

    It’s simpler than all of this, on the women side blondes are pretty, bitches are jealous, on the men side, the stereotype is more like the dumb woman, but since blondes are so damn pretty, they got more Hollywood exposure so the amount of blondes who got the dumb girl part is higher than any other racial minority, and thus, it became the dumb blonde

  • cosmiczyx

    I'm Asian and always have at least a 4.0 gpa, but I am pretty dumb. Being dumb and being stupid are different. Elle actually was pretty dumb, but she was smart.

    • cosmiczyx

      @Beethoven’s Fidelio no no no, I'm not saying that I'm emotionally an idiot, I'm saying that the way I act is really carefree so people thought I would be stupid

    • Beethoven’s Fidelio
      Beethoven’s Fidelio

      cosmiczyx There’s a difference between academic intelligence and emotional intelligence. You can be very smart, but have terrible social skills.

  • F V
    F V

    Spoiler: actual dumb people are scared of beautiful and clever people

  • Romina Constenla
    Romina Constenla

    All these women are gorgeous.

  • Lesia Johnson
    Lesia Johnson

    I love how almost any misogynistic, anti-feminist female trope that places women in opposition because of a man, can be completely destroyed by lesbians.

  • Ericsson

    it only applies to women

  • Ms F
    Ms F

    Love this!!

  • Pillokun

    Well if you go back in history being blond was often associated with stupidity. Often blond men in villages were seen as just that village idiots. And the French play from 1775 reflect that as well.

  • Anuja Churi
    Anuja Churi

    I liked the video till 7:01. But seriously, you appreciated Legally Blonde? You think that's what happens in a court room ? Seriously? Ohh yeah it could happen, if the plaintiff's attorney was a dumb blonde.

  • HabitualLover

    Just goes to show how fragile our society is that entire physical traits have to be demonized so certain people can claim unchecked power over others.

  • HabitualLover

    Elle's dingy, aloof personality has nothing to do with it, hm...?

  • tae bear
    tae bear

    half of these girls aren't naturally blond like Marilyn Monroe but she let men believe what they want so if we think about it men are the dumb ones not blonds

  • sebatian

    so weird, humans are.

  • Robert Rowan
    Robert Rowan

    So this is a bunch of females whining. Guys only care if u stay trim. Period! Blonde or other doesn't matter. Your brains are a turn on. Your attitude is deal breaker.

  • Britney Spears
    Britney Spears

    This is SUCH a good video

  • Rachel Skidds
    Rachel Skidds

    The office does not have a blond vs brunette rivalry. Pam is a redhead. Unless, of course, Angela and Pam’s war over the baby name Phillip counts.

  • Sati

    I am not blonde (my hair's black), but I was blown away by how much I could relate to the character of Elle Woods. As one of only two female students in a STEM degree, people were (at first) quick to dismiss me as dumb and in the wrong degree and asking if I managed to find a pink flat etc. just because I prefer to wear dresses and have long hair. I think women in STEM are sometimes expected to not care about how they look and walk around in oversized pyjamas because we should only care about being smart and have zero interest in appearance. An irritating example of this I found was in Big Bang Theory when Amy shames Bernadette for being pleased to appear on some magazine as a 'sexy' scientist (if I remember correctly).

  • Anika Smith
    Anika Smith

    Its like the "Handmaid's Tale" issue. Man's need to dissect womanhood into compartmental pieces. You have to fit in a specific recognizable box in order to be valued at all. Society as a whole sometime struggles to see individuals through a universal lens. If we are honest, we are all guilty of putting specific types of people in boxes at one time or another.

  • Mamu MauMau
    Mamu MauMau

    All of this analysis is important. It is a good example of the expression:There is more here than meets the eye. As for myself, as a raging heterosexual, I am attracted to women, but the mysterious, elusive blonde is irresistible....That is when a fellow needs to down shift into second and slow down a little... dangerous curves ahead!!!

  • Stupidity Prevails
    Stupidity Prevails

    I'm really really thankful for blondes ....they always prove me right... Anything I say about women blondes tell me we got your back... Keep the good work Blondies..... humanity can't do without your stupidity....

  • Mike Scharding
    Mike Scharding

    The Anglo-Norman conquests throughout Europe made local aristocracy want to emulate the Scandinavian hair of their conquerors. One medieval account had Spanish women on roofs with lemon juice and caustic chemicals trying to sun fade their hair.

  • immapunchu

    I have black hair and dumb whatch mean

  • _Paws_

    Sailor Moon...

  • joshua ristow
    joshua ristow

    Wow. This video started out great, but went down a pathetic, preachy, misguided road... 😢

    • Beethoven’s Fidelio
      Beethoven’s Fidelio

      joshua ristow How so?

  • C Reese
    C Reese

    "Say Goodnight, Gracie." ... "Goodnight Gracie!"

  • Joey Kenney
    Joey Kenney

    It’s not blonde women that are dumb it’s just girls that were given everything and raised rich that are dumb.

  • dejlislive

    this video is sexist

  • Green Tee
    Green Tee

    tbh now a days i never see people actually have any prejudices to blondes. Honestly everyone is dyeing their hair blond lately.

  • Minky23


  • I'm a bookworm deal with it
    I'm a bookworm deal with it

    Blond or brunnete Ha my hair is naturally ombre brown to blond with blond highlights

  • Annn Niemm
    Annn Niemm

    And for some reason I still aspire to be the "mysterious, ice-cold blonde"...

  • Wong Tik Ki
    Wong Tik Ki

    Why we think that attractive women are dumb? Do you know how much easier life is when you are attractive? How much less effort you need to achieve anything?

  • Blah Anger
    Blah Anger

    To put value to color is a very western european thing

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson

    When the to show and portray women as being heartbroken over a man is absolutely wrong women canvas bag and sleep with any guy they want just so long as they're in shape

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson

    A woman with beauty and brains hahaha that is quite a far-fetched dream

    • Keke Lauren
      Keke Lauren

      You need to surround yourself around better quality people John.

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson

    Finally appointed it out there you dumb girl wall women are after is a marriage and a ring on their finger and the room have babies that is it

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson

    Ever disrespect for women in general because they don't really earn anything they're just given things how does a ditzy blonde from California actually have a credit card and go shopping anybody have an answer to that well yeah it's because she was given money by her parents I'm probably SAR as hopeless never actually taught or anything and that's all I have to do is just give her money hell this day in age all parents give all their kids all their money and they don't have to do anything for it so I have contempt for pretty much all of the youth nowadays

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson

    Pamela Anderson ain't f****** smart. Sorry he ain't going to fool me there buddy I could tell by her Antics and wanting more money just because she has a face especially on the Today Show Tool Time that she wanted more screen time what the hell they going to give her more screen time for so no sorry she wasn't smart she's just a whiny Nagy f****** dumb b**** just like most of them

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson

    Way to blow things out of proportion with your 8th grade vocabulary words describing oh prejudice people are towards women in all forms colors shapes patterns and characteristics of how women handle and abused themselves and abuses Society and abused people to the point where they manipulate men to do whatever will that they desire just because they look a certain way. Maybe you should add that in here because women do that all the time they use men to make themselves look better and men will use women to make themselves look better until the woman gets bored of them and gets what they want or it wants and then moves on. Women are the biggest scam at this day and age in our society aside from the culture of consumerism that we live in that people care so much about now we have all these feminists bullshitters sitting around claiming discrimination. Men are discriminated against a hell of a lot more than women are middle-aged white man is now the minority and the most useless thing in human society in America because it is supposed to be a given that these men fix things and do things that women can't handle themselves live news for you women can't do things all themselves they do need men men do not need women except for having a piece of ass

  • Lawfulevil Dio
    Lawfulevil Dio

    Redheads sitting over here like "Oh no, that must be so terrible for you... tell me again how hard it is being seen as attractive"

  • MzNaeture π
    MzNaeture π

    Recessive genetics

  • Hillary Marek
    Hillary Marek

    I never bought into the whole gentlemen prefer blondes hype growing up. I have very pale blond hair naturally, it's like the inner colour of a lemon peel . I grew up in the 80's and 90s so for me personally, middle school was just a montage of repeating blonde jokes being told to me by everyone I met. For years y'all. Now you combine a blonde girl who during the summer between 5th and 6th grade went from a training bra to a C-cup , from the south with a thick southern drawl, a very friendly personality, and move her to Anchorage ALASKA where she knows no one, and let the childhood trauma commence. FFW to high school when I'm back down in the south and the goth look comes to New Orleans mainstream and I'm all into trying the look. Pale skin and eyes, check. General discontent with the world at large, check. Live in a creepy old house, check. Jet black hair and nails.. Oh. Ok. Quick trip to K&B got it and done. 11th grade , a line Bob with sharp angles , Chanel Vamp on my lips and nails, and tada no more blonde jokes Seriously though people treated me 100% different. I was listened to, girls wanted to be my friends, guys stopped trying to run up on me all the time and true story, my grades even improved, I think teachers took me more seriously and I wasn't distracted by trying to fend off guys who thought i would put out and girls who hated me because the thought i DID put out. The black eventually grew out but i learned a very valuable lesson, low lights can mean the difference between an opportunity and an assumption. I've been adding streaks in my hair ever since.

  • donmon808

    I always just thought it was an over correction, as a result of the holocaust.

  • Caroliena Dee
    Caroliena Dee

    I think blond symbolizes purity and innocence and baby like , so men love that they can be protective of them and want them to b dumb as innocent babies

  • Cielo Taylor
    Cielo Taylor

    I think it's offending that some people think that us blondes are dumb! I'm not dumb and I also think it's offending that some people think blondes are just pretty girls with big boobs and makeup! 🙁

  • Baby•Bangtan

    And then there's me just watching as a redhead 😂

  • loveshell007

    As an Indian, the idea that a woman's intelligence would be affected by her hair color (or her beauty for that matter) sounds insanely absurd.

  • not Rosie
    not Rosie

    So legally blonde wasnt just a female empowerment mantra, but a comment on how the madonna-whore complex and societies castration fears triggered by smart women is externalised into something tangible as hair colour which is then used to pit women into an eternal sexist class struggle against each other? Loves it 💖

  • Rashida Abdeali
    Rashida Abdeali

    Can't believe this is much deeper than I think

  • Kuchi Kopi
    Kuchi Kopi

    Never thought the actress in legally blonde was a looker.

  • Sofia

    When I was little, I thought people said all blondes are dumb out of jealousy: since people envied their beauty, they decided blonde women were also dumb just to feel better about themselves. I wasn't that far from the truth.

  • Whitney Dahlin
    Whitney Dahlin

    Yeah because if you're pretty/not smart you have power but aren't smart enough to use it, if you're intelligent/ugly you are smart enough to use your brains but you don't have the added power of beauty. A beautiful intelligent person is threatening. They are intelligent enough to know the power their beauty holds over others and smart enough to use it to control/manipulate others. Not saying they always will do that but just saying it's a definite possibility and a very real threat.

  • WisdomSeeker

    If she's sexy and blonde she's seen as a sex object but if she's smart and brown she's wife material, by men - the message I got

  • The Pretty of the Odd
    The Pretty of the Odd

    God I can't believe Alaric was the Love interest

  • Cybernetik Soul
    Cybernetik Soul

    In my Latin class in high school, my teacher told us that in ancient pompeiian times, flaxen hair [flavius] was considered very beautiful along side with height, so women would do their hair in a way that was raised. If you were tall, blonde and your hair was voluminous, you were considered very attractive.

  • SecretCommie

    The unbearable whiteness of being Elle Woods.

  • Xander

    It's because of middle aged women that move to a coastal region, spray tan, dye their hair blonde, and then try to relive their youth.

  • Legit Boss
    Legit Boss

    Being a brunette, I always wanted to be a blonde cause people always said blondes have more fun and were more beautiful. Now I know all hair colours have had their struggles. 😂

    • Caroliena Dee
      Caroliena Dee

      It's not that bad for blonds tbh

  • cebo ntuli
    cebo ntuli

    Brilliant take, awesome.

  • Miles Barro
    Miles Barro

    "Where does the DUMB BLONDE come from?" HAh i DonT KnOoW *KAREN???*

  • yunotastic

    That one asian girl who have black hair no matter what And thats me ._.

  • Zeug Dings
    Zeug Dings

    despite the circle propaganda, physical attractiveness is positively correlated with high IQ

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