Lil Loaded ft. YG - “Gang Unit Remix” (Official Video)
"Gang Unit (Remix)" available at:
DIRECTOR: James “JMP” Pereira
PRODUCER: Cosmo Orlando
LINE PRODUCER: Jiorgi Miller
DP: Mike Koziel
1st AC: Sam Robinson
2nd AC: Drew Percival
GAFFER: Dimitri Christoforidis
KEY GRIP: Taylor Reick
PA: Davon King
EDITOR: Chaz Smedley & JMP
VFX Glassface
CAR: Felix Autobody
GEAR: Birns & Sawyer
A JMP Visuals Production
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(Lil' bitch)
Nigga, what?
Lil Loaded done did it again (Lil Loaded done did it again)
(Where the members at?
Goddamn, fuck them pussy ass niggas
Where the members at?
Pussy ass niggas)
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang
I'm Lil Loaded, so these niggas know I'm crippin'
I got some partners bloods, so I know them niggas drippin'
But we are still the same, we got Glocks with extensions
I might got a semi and it hold 'bout fifty
I could bring 'em on the drill and I know they down to ride
If I call my crip niggas, then I know they down to slide
.223', FN's, pull up with that five
I'm a real ass shooter, nigga, I don't wanna drive
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang
Aye aye niggas know what hannin
On bloods we get active get it brackin
The glock on me and im 2 steppin
The cops on me they know what im reppin
Aye imgangland for life i can't opt out
When the goonies pop out they gon take some opps out
Yeah wet your block up bring the mop out
Aye talk brazy get your teeth knocked out
Niggas know im trippin
Grew up with you now you opp now i treat you different
Piru nigga keep it wes like my smith’n
He was faded off the lean we caught him slippin
I gotta face all of my opps, don't wanna die
These niggas berry, berry sweet just like some pie
Ayy, I put that ball on your eye just like a stye
Ayy, I got a beam on the end you can't hide
Ayy, he ain't a soldier he a hoe up in disguise
I play with' that gang gang and that's your demise
Ayy, execution so your mind just gon' get fried
Ayy, slim bitches here, I don't like 'em wide (Slim bitch)
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang
Dance to this bitch if you gang bang
I don't give a fuck if we don't bang the same thang (Crip)
(C) 2020 Lil Loaded Music
#LilLoaded #GangUnitRemix #YG

  • Isaac Villanueva
    Isaac Villanueva

    This song made pizza hut and domino's homies

  • Red blue Fish
    Red blue Fish

    When you’re so crip blue cars fall out of the sky

  • TiX

    Young blood no cap

  • ixXNighTTimeXx i
    ixXNighTTimeXx i

    This song makes me want to go to Wendy's Twitter and ask them for a big mac

  • Kadenj 2906
    Kadenj 2906

    This song makes me want to kill my bed for bein soft 😑💯



  • Nicholas Gonser
    Nicholas Gonser

    aye i lost my phone and im onna computer please dont tell me tick tok used this song

  • Allesklar

    Go work and stop violence

  • Allesklar

    Why ? 👎👎👎👎👎👎 the Song is trash

  • Jay CasinoGSB
    Jay CasinoGSB

    0:34 hit hard

  • Lil lac
    Lil lac

    Now playin: blue bandana ft red bandana


    This Song Brought Dogs And Cats Together

  • Ethan Green
    Ethan Green

    This brought world star hiphop and Lyrical lemonade together

  • 99' FPS
    99' FPS

    Lovin da new gta 6 graphics n storyline

  • SlighT-in-tha-MinD

    i love when bloods and crips get together❤️💙

  • Ali aamba Haha
    Ali aamba Haha

    This song makes ask a men on a date

  • 0 1
    0 1

    What more can you ask for ♿️

  • Julio Mendoza
    Julio Mendoza

    No cap

  • JOKEY 21
    JOKEY 21


  • Derya Aydemir
    Derya Aydemir

    Wat gang are you u in

  • xk.7 editz
    xk.7 editz

    Crip and blood collab

  • Frog man
    Frog man

    This wanna make me go to burger king and ask for a whopper than say its the same thing

  • Letarius O
    Letarius O

  • Letarius O
    Letarius O

  • Aiden Hamm
    Aiden Hamm

    Yg talking about louded cuz he a crip

  • Xnvy _YT
    Xnvy _YT

    This brought Coca Cola and Pepsi together And This brought 7up and Sprite together

  • MxtionEx

    lil loaded done did it again👿♿️

  • Sandra Blackburn
    Sandra Blackburn

    The best song ever

  • victor

    Lil loaded is 19 years old

  • Luke Nielsen
    Luke Nielsen

    They are so nice to include signs for deaf people

  • Captain E
    Captain E

    This song brought green and purple gang together 😂🤣


    Man he was probably finna drop more videos but he got shot

  • Abdallah Mhmod
    Abdallah Mhmod

    Fuck man woooo


    This song brought Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky together

  • catmuffin69 lol
    catmuffin69 lol


  • Rudy Sinner
    Rudy Sinner

    Y’all: loaded stack the best in the game YNW Melly: enters chat

  • Rubenn Dean Paul Alws
    Rubenn Dean Paul Alws

    I`m a super fan!

  • MonikA

    why does lil loaded kinda look like jid

  • Kim Junwoo
    Kim Junwoo

    Crip collab with bloods?

  • Gabriel Audet
    Gabriel Audet

    Yg sow some blood lil loaded be like here it’s only crip

  • Lucas Mangham
    Lucas Mangham

    69 he stole blue face beat Everyone snitch

  • Richard Garcia
    Richard Garcia

    Fake ass blood or a crip

  • Ysk _Hunter
    Ysk _Hunter

    This songs make me want to tell my teacher to be quiet

  • TheRealKingTay

    When the game is cross platform

  • Drae Tutor
    Drae Tutor

    I fuck with lil loaded now 🔥🔥🔥

  • Neji Hyuga
    Neji Hyuga

    This song brought *Oreo’s* and *Chip’s O’hoy* together

  • GamingWith Lyric
    GamingWith Lyric

    Crip all day and ain’t gon change

  • Sahil Noguera
    Sahil Noguera

    Lil loaded is so overrated is trash

    • Dwboutit

      ok "Sahil"

    • Lynx Whitey
      Lynx Whitey

      Sahil Noguera yo this niggas name is Sahil 😂😂

    • Sahil Noguera
      Sahil Noguera

      @Bad Boy your mom is trash bitch

    • Bad Boy
      Bad Boy

      You trash

  • Zack Granados
    Zack Granados

    this basically means to bring every gang together so they have a whole team vs tha police and if im wrong correct me

  • eZxTrixz

    I was in the live chat and somebody said lil loaded a crip and yg a blood? he ft the song gang unit for a reason..

  • Jay Jones
    Jay Jones

    Man this song is fire I can't stop replaying it

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen

    This song gonna blow up in 2021 NO CAPP

  • Logicxally

    This is what made bleach and tide pods be friends

  • A Beastboystyles
    A Beastboystyles

    Caught yg lacking

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez

    Remix with blue face on sum?

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez

    Blue face?

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    Its about time! Goodbye gangbangin!

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler

    This song makes me want to drive the boat on land

    • Microwave


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      Baby Yoda

      Me too

    • The Holy Potato
      The Holy Potato

      Me too

    • Who is Joe?
      Who is Joe?

      Me too

  • catmuffin69 lol
    catmuffin69 lol

    B's and C's found out colors ain't worth it lets bang together

  • Lost WRLD
    Lost WRLD

    Why Yg looks like he escaped prison

  • Alix Carrasco
    Alix Carrasco

    Free melly

  • Miguel Bustamante
    Miguel Bustamante


  • Melvin Fitch
    Melvin Fitch

    1:12 you know it Soo woo

    • Bad Boy
      Bad Boy

      Yes he grad his criminal nuts

  • Rap Shit
    Rap Shit

    Slap certified 🖐

  • Shauna Harvey
    Shauna Harvey

    YG kinda messed up because the beat was slow and he was rapping fastly

  • Zinen Wahengbam
    Zinen Wahengbam


  • BLumerle_YT

    u a fake crip bc he wearing red and he said hes a blood

    • BLumerle_YT

      @Dwboutit gang is gang sets are sets

    • Dwboutit

      bruh colors dont matter no more this not the 90's

    • BLumerle_YT

      @Tobias Iversen yuh

    • Tobias Iversen
      Tobias Iversen

      YG is a blood and loaded is a crip

  • zilraty


  • Eric Aytch
    Eric Aytch

    8 year olds 👁👄👁 I wanna do dat 🖕🏾🖖🏽👇🏾🖐🏾👆🏾👉🏾☝🏾👋🏾

  • ROBOaskins

    if I see another you can only like if u didnt come from tik tok ima commit toaster bath

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