Lil Tjay - One Take (Official Audio)
Official audio for "One Take" by Lil Tjay.
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  • Stuhnn

    Anyone from Solo DF

  • CuRe Zades
    CuRe Zades

    Solo df?

  • April Rios
    April Rios

    Best in da game

  • Solo Idiot
    Solo Idiot

    the flow is crazy good

  • Khelasis Again Music Official
    Khelasis Again Music Official

    If you are still listening turn the thums up button blue and subscribe to my channel and little tjay if you havent yet

  • Breanna Blueford
    Breanna Blueford

    Say what you want all of you it's crazy about everything you say I don't understand you

  • JEZUZ SM 831
    JEZUZ SM 831

    Last verse went hard!! This is what every mumble rapper needed to do but I know they can’t get to Lil Tjay’s standards 🙏🏻🙏🏻🔥🔥

  • SM Infernał
    SM Infernał

    Love this song

  • cody pasquarelli
    cody pasquarelli

    I wanna see a tjay n da baby calab 🤔🤔🤔

  • Ron M
    Ron M

    Who else here in 2020🔥🔥

  • Frank Howersonn
    Frank Howersonn

    this man does not miss

  • Donnati On fire
    Donnati On fire

    0:24 🔥

  • Arihana Alston
    Arihana Alston

    Thx my brother period

  • Nahmir 4pf
    Nahmir 4pf

    if you are lisstening today, thank GOD

  • Benjamin TOWNSEND
    Benjamin TOWNSEND

    120,000th like

  • Kvng Eric
    Kvng Eric

    I remeba when this first came out 🐐

  • Cody Townsend
    Cody Townsend

    He cleared that boogie situation perfectly

  • Diego Canales
    Diego Canales


  • XxXxXxXxXxX

    Bro all of his songs hit different🔥🤟🔥🤟🔥🤟

  • Kloe Lanting
    Kloe Lanting

    This boy don't know how to breath..😂 and I love it😂😂

  • Randi Yessir
    Randi Yessir

    Hi I’m a really big fan I love you I feel like in your yugest fan I’m 9 my bday is August 7 I don’t kare about it because I’m not probably get any thing love your music I now you will not see this but hi

  • Brock Lewis
    Brock Lewis

    And I’m going straight to the top, watch how I open up shop, fuck out my way, ion need you I’ll be great. Shit hit me hard🔥🔥🔥

  • OT Jake
    OT Jake

    only ogs remember the man>one take

  • Nidhiz Vines
    Nidhiz Vines

    nice song

  • MBEKI P03189
    MBEKI P03189

    lil tjay is the best

  • Sameen Yasar
    Sameen Yasar

    Why are people saying Lil Tjay isnt in the spotlight anymore? dis guy has some talent


    They both are Black Men’s Lil Tjay & A boogie , they both sound alike, but their flow is DIFFERENT .Both trying to make it out. Don’t try to make them compete with each other !!🔥🔥💗

    • Tyler Milone
      Tyler Milone

      It's no competition for tjay..

    • rahman jimbah
      rahman jimbah

      U sound dum they are already arguing your late ash

  • Haytam Sghiouar
    Haytam Sghiouar

    I got a plan to run up some bands You tell me can't, I tell you, "I am" Free all my brothers that's stuck in the can Glizzy on me, .38 on jam I pack, I can make you a strand Free Mark, he went down off the Xan Fake jeans, that shit come from Japan I be flexing, you can look at my 'Gram Bitches see me and they know who I am Lil Tjay, oh my God, I'm a fan Lil Tjay, oh my God, I'm the man I remember I was whippin' the pan Wasn't right, but I did what I can Fuck it doe, 'cause I'm just livin' my life Remember times when the day wasn't bright Half a pint up in a two-liter Sprite I'ma make sure all my niggas a'ight I've been servin' and I'm sippin' on kites Takin' off, 'bout to book me a flight Diamonds dancin' in the middle of night Fire bitches started bein' polite I remember when I was watchin' their type Now they figure I can better they life I ain't listenin' to niggas advice Unless I feel what you tellin' me right Fuck tomorrow, I'ma ball for tonight I got potential to ball like I'm Mike Vvs diamonds, no regular ice Heard a mistake when they see me on sight Bitch, all that talkin' endanger your life I keep a strap, Lil Tjay a dyke Brought on my head like I dealt with the price Nigga, runnin' your mouth I have my young niggas run in your house You could be dead 'fore the sun even out Bitch, you could mob, ain;t no toungin' me down Made fun of me now, they see me like, "Wow" Niggas gon' hate and wanna down, runnin' your mouth I have my young niggas run in your house You could be dead 'fore the sun even out, ayy It's not about holdin' my pants up This money gon' call, I'm gon' answer I used to be down, but look at me now I just fucked some bitch named Amanda And bitches be blingin' my hotline Drop top at the stop sign You say that you flexin', boy, stop lyin' And your bitch an eater, she not mine And I'm goin' straight to the top, watch how I open up shop Fuck out my way, I don't need you I'll be great, gettin' to it out of state I need a bag, that's the reason that I splash every time I'm on the track Foot on the gas, leave them niggas in the past, I remember I was trash Down to my last, I ain't never even ask, now I look at y'all and laugh Niggas be mad, why don't you look at my dad? It's crazy this happened so fast I'm on the road and I'm bringin' my bros, I'ma do it for all of the guys on the ave' Pop me a flag, pop me a tag, sippin' dirty, I don't know how to act They said I'm the new A Boogie, relax I ain't never try to copy your swag I'm just tryna put my hood on the map Ellie use to live right next to the trap Love or hate me, I'ma get to the racks Skippin' niggas, and they paw on ya back I was sleepin', yeah I was takin' a nap Ohh, oh nah Runnin' your mouth I have my young niggas run in your house You could be dead 'fore the sun even out Bitch, you could mob, and no tongin' me down Make fun of me now, they see me like, "Wow" Niggas gon' hate and wanna down, runnin' your mouth I have my young niggas run in your house You could be dead 'fore the sun even out, ayy 'Fore the sun even out You could be dead 'fore the sun even out Yo, yo, yo

  • Randi Yessir
    Randi Yessir


  • Shush

    Who else like’s 2019 lil tjay more than 2020

    • Bailey Hines
      Bailey Hines

      Stop hatin

    • Datkidangel

      Are you stupid

    • Andrew Green
      Andrew Green

      He’s Lil Tjay, that’s all that matters.

    • Damien

      Shush me especially when he starts beef with a boogie like c’mon now u took his flow and didn’t give him his credit, but someone younger “JI” gave boogie credit that shows something

  • reub.14_

    Whats the other song called that has the same lyrics as this?

  • Isabel Vega
    Isabel Vega

    Lil Tjay. St. Veezy. Polo G. HEARTBREAK TRAP 101 🏫

  • Joseph jones
    Joseph jones

    No you not you too ugly

  • badkarma

    The 1.8k dislikes are just depressed gingers that think Lana del Ray is real music

    • Nichole mar
      Nichole mar

      What does lana have to do with any of this...

    • tristen long
      tristen long

      I'm vro lmao

    • Dominic N
      Dominic N


  • Jeremy Hoyt
    Jeremy Hoyt


  • You can't change your YouTube user name for 90 days
    You can't change your YouTube user name for 90 days

    20 seconds, name me 1 lil tjay song you hate.

    • Stephen McCarthy
      Stephen McCarthy


  • Kvng Eric
    Kvng Eric

    polo g and lil t jay?

  • Mari Luz Alejandro García
    Mari Luz Alejandro García


  • Lowkey Zee
    Lowkey Zee

    We need old tjay back💯🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Vitoria santos
    Vitoria santos

    Lil Tjay man 👏👏👏😎😎✌👍👌

  • Vitoria santos
    Vitoria santos

    I Love you my Brother ✌👌👏👏👍🏀⚾🏈🎖🎧🤗...

  • Vitoria santos
    Vitoria santos

    Gosto muito das suas música Man

  • ThatguyRocco




  • Angie Barahona
    Angie Barahona

    I mean i love Tjay and Aboogie as a fan but I think they both talented

  • Galactik XT Gamer
    Galactik XT Gamer

    This song is so fire that it got me dizzy shaking my head

  • Ocean Gamer
    Ocean Gamer

    litt bro

  • preston gribble
    preston gribble

    People who listen to this consistently know dis one of da best songs by lil tjayy

  • MyName IsJeff
    MyName IsJeff

    “Foot on the gas , leave em niggas in the past , I remember I was trash” ...... Have confidence in life and if you ever want to achieve anything and I mean anything . You have to manifest and believe within . You’re never trash unless you better yourself everyday .. I hope everyone is safe and in good conditions during this “ virus”

  • NxG iSweep
    NxG iSweep

    We can’t lose lil Tjay 🐐 🔥



  • Project

    This song man🔥🔥never made a bad song never will

  • Robex

    whos here after the beef on the net? tjay the goat for saying “they said im the new aboogie relax, just tryna put my hood on the map” tjay>(new)aboogie

    • Fire Dragon yt
      Fire Dragon yt

      Stop hating not you your comments is straight fact I like your comment but everyone stop hating on lil tjay other people out there

  • Nathan Hartson
    Nathan Hartson

    T jay ik you won’t see this but when ur music came out Man U took me past some shit and I just want to thank uou

    • Kareem Abuali
      Kareem Abuali


  • Alissa _
    Alissa _

    Me being sad cuz I’m never gonna meet him 😭

  • LostMyMind


  • Sam

    lil tjay - the man was better imo, it was more saucy and gave me a flexing vibe

  • reaction guy
    reaction guy

    this is awsome man

  • Stachiana Lewis
    Stachiana Lewis 🔥🔥🔥

  • Oblvn Acorn
    Oblvn Acorn

    Ur songs never get old

  • Ovoid Abe
    Ovoid Abe

    its embaressing how many people used this quote for likes...“They said Im the new A boogie relax , I ain’t never trying copy your swag, Im just trying to put my hood on the map”

  • R3 Ericc
    R3 Ericc

    Why tf is he so underrated

    • R3 Ericc
      R3 Ericc

      ツzRxyen other rappers that r ass got more clout

    • Toby Chromchak
      Toby Chromchak

      Ig he ain't underrated but this song kinda is compared to the rest of his shit I mean this shit is a banger and it only got 10 mil like the rest of his shit got 70 mil+

    • ツzRxyen

      @R3 Ericc bro is u dumb the song god 10 mil views and everybody knows who lil tjay is

    • R3 Ericc
      R3 Ericc

      ツzRxyen yeah he is

    • ツzRxyen

      Tf u talking bout he aint underrated💀

  • TTV maor
    TTV maor

    Fire 🔥 Sounds

  • Basketball KS
    Basketball KS

    Who is here during corona virus 🦠?

    • Tyler 2k
      Tyler 2k


    • Emt Jayy
      Emt Jayy

      shut up

    • Robert Halikias
      Robert Halikias

      Runnin ur mouth ..I'll have my young niggas run in yo house

    • Jaylon Tep-Ozuna
      Jaylon Tep-Ozuna

      that's a bacteria

    • Boondocks

      State of emergency was a let down

  • Yousef Alasadi
    Yousef Alasadi


  • Erick ferreira erick
    Erick ferreira erick

    Sua música da hora ERICK

  • JZL MomsIdea
    JZL MomsIdea

    happy birthday lil tjay 😀😀

  • ___

    You should make a song with 50 cent to honor pop smoke

  • Isaiah Hightower
    Isaiah Hightower


  • Silas Scutt
    Silas Scutt

    Straight fire-new rapper here to stay.

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