Lil Tjay - One Take (Official Audio)
Official audio for "One Take" by Lil Tjay.
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  • Kian Moore
    Kian Moore

    This kid is 18 it’s mad

  • Chygftgfjghb dummy
    Chygftgfjghb dummy

    You tjay this song is so fire 🔥🔥

  • Mark Lizana
    Mark Lizana

    Plz drop a music video of this song

  • HertzSZN

    Finally 🥱

  • Danny Bocanegra
    Danny Bocanegra

    This song is so fire !! The whole album DID NOT disappoint 💯💯💯💯🏎

  • Brawl Dock
    Brawl Dock

    Homie fucked up for saying he like a boogie with da hoodie👋

  • Joetube Shows de juegos
    Joetube Shows de juegos

    Lo mejor

  • Tarrell Pickens
    Tarrell Pickens

    U lied lil tjay u hot but u a never be on aboogie level

  • King Bernard
    King Bernard

    this song got no adlivs and is and doesnt neeed em thst good

  • Dylan Jack
    Dylan Jack

    Was there a slower version of this? What was that one called

  • taurus hitman
    taurus hitman

    dad: LOW DOWN THAT SONG! me:no nigga chill

  • Grizzly Gang
    Grizzly Gang

    Straight up true facts real shit

  • Ivanheadshot TTV
    Ivanheadshot TTV

    Stop asking for likes 🤦‍♂️

  • apple apple
    apple apple


  • Ramz QH
    Ramz QH

    Fuck off y’all still sayin “like this if your a og” suck my d*ck and focus on the rapper... it’s sad to see so many fake fans 🤧

  • Achilleas Kokkinos
    Achilleas Kokkinos

    one take is my m favourite song

  • Sirpizza

    Listen to in x 1.25

  • Mr Expertee-cremedelabooket
    Mr Expertee-cremedelabooket

    Please fuck off all Fortnite kids and go listen to ninja or some shit

  • Gemini

    Lil Tjay Dont Dissapoint

  • Robert Turner
    Robert Turner

    The best part of the song starts at 1:06



  • JeromeFC11

    I got a plan to run up some bands You tell me I can’t I tell you I am Free all my brothers that stuck in the can Glizzy on me 38 on jam Opp pack I could make you a strand Free Mark he went dumb off a xan Fake jeans that shit come from Japan I be flexing you could look at my gram Bitches see me and they know who I am Little TJay Oh my god I’m a fan Little TJay oh my god I’m the man I remember i was whipping the pan Wasn’t right but I did what I can, Fuck it though cuz I’m just living my life ‘Member times when the day wasn’t right Half a pint up in a two litre Sprite I’mma make sure all my niggas a’ight Commissary and I’m shipping out kites Taking off bout to book me a flight Diamonds dancing in the middle ‘o night Fire bitches started being polite I remember when I wasn’t they type Now they figure I could better they life I ain’t listening to nigga’s advice Unless I feel what you telling me right Fuck tomorrow imma ball for tonight I got potential to ball like I’m Mike VVS diamonds no regular ice Heard I’m a stain when they see me on sight Bitch all that talking endanger your life I keep a strap, Little Tjay a dyke Bread on my head I could double the price Nigga Running your mouth I have my young niggas run in your house You could be dead ‘fore the sun even out Bitch you could mob it, no tounging me down Make fun of me now they see me like wow Niggas that hate they ‘gon wanna be down Running your mouth I have my young niggas run in your house You could be dead ‘fore the sun even out Aye Designer belt holding my pants up This money ‘gon call imma answer I used to be down, well look at me now I just fucked some bitch names Amanda And bitches be blinging my hotline Drop top at the stop sign You say that you flexing boy stop lying And your bitch a eater she not mine And I’m going straight to the top Watch how I open up shop Fuck out my way I don’t need you I’ll be great Getting to it outta state I need a bag that’s the reason why I spaz Every time I’m on a track Foot on the gas leaving niggas in the past I remember I was trash Down to my last I ain’t never even asked, now I look at y’all and laugh Niggas be mad why don’t look at my dab It’s crazy this happened so fast I’m on the road and I’m bringing my bros Imma do it for all of the guys on the ‘ave Pop me a flag, pop me a tag ‘Sippin dirty I don’t know how to act They say I’m the new A boogie, relax I ain’t never tryna copy ya swag I’m just trynna put my hood on the map Ellie used to live right next to the trap Love or hate me imma get to the racks Skipping niggas imma call and get back I was sleeping, yeah I was taking a nap Ohhh nahhh nah Running your mouth I have my young niggas run in your house You could be dead ‘fore the sun even out Bitch you could mob it, no tounging me down Make fun of me now they see me like wow Niggas that hate they ‘gon wanna be down Running your mouth I have my young niggas run in your house You could be dead for the sun even out Aye ‘Fore the sun even ooouuuutttt You could be dead ‘fore the sun even out Yoo, yoo, yo Lil Tjay

  • GeorgeRage

    One take montage

  • Lorr Maurice
    Lorr Maurice


  • Sxuce


  • GeorgeRage

    Anyone trying to listen to this song in a Fortnite montage then check out my first ever vid

  • Tj Gray
    Tj Gray

    My name tj and these dudes be saying omg lil th I’m a friend

    • ApexZA


    • Em Jay
      Em Jay

      Tj Gray LoL I hope ur kidding. That was not at all what he said

  • Yfking dagoat
    Yfking dagoat

    I been bumping the kid over 3 months everyday . Loving your story !!!!! Reminds me of mine


    Tune 🧢❄️🔥

  • Jose Villegas
    Jose Villegas

    Lil tjay a fucking dog him a polo g need to make another song

  • Karla Mendez
    Karla Mendez

    He really got to come to houston😫💕

  • Smdx Sigs
    Smdx Sigs

    Yo go crazy 👍

  • Chava 510jr
    Chava 510jr


  • Nebula

    Held slag five. I’ll I’m in in lot. A if’s. Lying fn yeah to da or. Lying. A I. Of gods. Of

  • Basketball KS
    Basketball KS

    Lil tjay killed it fr fr 💯🙅🏿‍♂️

  • Finessefather 215
    Finessefather 215

    I’m on the read and I’m brining my bros ima do it for all the guys on the av

  • Trash Video
    Trash Video

    1:05 🥵

  • NONO Shake
    NONO Shake

    Running ur mouth I had my young niggas run in ur house

  • AmRo

    Lmao everyone on the comments copying that one guy that said why y’all begging for likes lmfao

  • J.K.M.X_IBO

    I want a brother who is also talented like lil tjay But be happy what u have❤️

  • Lil Tjay
    Lil Tjay

    Why he still look so young

    • Lil Tjay
      Lil Tjay

      legendarylife dammmmmmmmm bro thanks for the new fav song 🥵🖕

    • legendarylife


  • Nathaniel Heruy
    Nathaniel Heruy

    "You tell me I can't, I tell you I am"....heat

    • Nathaniel Heruy
      Nathaniel Heruy

      @legendarylife I just watched it your right. I added it to my playlist. Thnx.

    • legendarylife

      Nathaniel Heruy BEST LIL TJAY MUSIC VIDEO

  • Rachelle Collins
    Rachelle Collins


    • legendarylife

      Rachelle Collins BEST LIL TJAY MUSIC VIDEO

  • Nevaeh Crum
    Nevaeh Crum


    • legendarylife


  • Zay


  • Kaden Mcguire
    Kaden Mcguire

    U not an og u like 11

  • nvArtyyy

    “Ion need you I’ll be great”

  • Phillip Rivas
    Phillip Rivas

    We need a music video ASAP

  • Elmer Hawk
    Elmer Hawk


  • lol girl101
    lol girl101

    Lil Tjay never disappoints, let’s keep it that way 🔝

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    This nigga snap on g bih🔥🔥

  • vxlk

    Runnin yo mouth I'll have ma niggas run in yo house 😭😭

  • TrulyFatNuts


  • Alazeiah Rodela
    Alazeiah Rodela


  • Clapz.


  • Juanelle Howard
    Juanelle Howard


  • king kacker
    king kacker


  • *Guys*Being* Dudes*
    *Guys*Being* Dudes*


  • Austin Ledford
    Austin Ledford

    Tjay up next! 💯🔥

  • saske 60 fps
    saske 60 fps


  • Andrew Artificavitch
    Andrew Artificavitch

    I’m going straight to da top watch how I open up shop💪

  • can I put my cuchi on your face pls
    can I put my cuchi on your face pls

    1v1? Epic!! TheKellogz03 :)

  • Cookies Alone
    Cookies Alone

    I like how I'm the first person to comment that it sounds EXACTLY like "did it again" by lil tecca

  • xhezyx

    "They say im the new a boogie relax i aint never try to copy ya swag im just tryna put my hood on the map"🔥🗣💯

    • Alex999


    • James M Meunier (2022)
      James M Meunier (2022)

      xhezyx u thick

  • Obey_VizioNs

    Favorite album of the year !!!

  • ►Waster◄

    goat 2 ?

  • DomThaDon


  • Kyle Michailoff
    Kyle Michailoff

    Best Lil Tjay song

  • Shayen Anthony
    Shayen Anthony

    Has lil Tjay ever made a bad song?

  • sweartagod -
    sweartagod -


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