Linus Office Upgrade - MKBHD Edition
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We give Linus' office a techy DIY makeover.. but with a prank twist thanks to a surprise cameo from Marques Brownlee!
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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips

    HBD MKBHD!! 🎂🎈

    • Simplex twitch
      Simplex twitch

      if only women were funny this would be a good vid

    • Shreyan Majumdar
      Shreyan Majumdar

      When is your birthday? :)P

    • Average DH
      Average DH


    • Banana in Pyjama
      Banana in Pyjama


    • Ritik Shrivastava
      Ritik Shrivastava

      How's the office coming along

  • Sam Winder
    Sam Winder

    how could you do that to a classic mac

  • Azrael

    Brian the Electrician! it really shouted inside my head when Linus's wife said "Brian the Electrician from Tech Hoarders"

  • dazagrt

    Just viewed this video and I want to know if I can buy the iMac Mirror and the plant pots. Come on, they were great!!! Someone must be making them by now?

  • Jonas Carlsson
    Jonas Carlsson

    Darth Maul? 🤣

  • Mayank Advani
    Mayank Advani

    That woman is literally Janice from accounting

  • Midgentics

    why does he look like ninja

  • Eye’m ONaBoat
    Eye’m ONaBoat

    3:40 SAVES relationships ladies. Take notes please.

  • Dee_Ustad

    what that thing which is pxilated ? 2:53

  • u know who i am
    u know who i am

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but how come linus looks like an estranged member of nsync?

  • ilham gamers
    ilham gamers

    Wow he is peter gade,i fan of hiw meskipun g bisa menang dr taufik hidayat

  • Robert P
    Robert P

    Why did 2019 have to end?

  • vinayak ojha
    vinayak ojha

    I wonder if Linus gets turned on when Yvonne wears LTT merch

  • Dave McClintock
    Dave McClintock

    Does anyone know the name of the storage wall unit they put in his office?

  • Richard Sec
    Richard Sec

    Can someone please find the link for those dressers/wardrobes?

  • Lincoln Bothang
    Lincoln Bothang

    I got mini annoyed when Linus didn't put the Windex back properly 😬😂 .

  • bobkiff

    The main issue here is the socks and sandles combo.

  • Shreyan Majumdar
    Shreyan Majumdar

    Linus what you don't want to show you made it mossasic

  • Panos Jr
    Panos Jr

    I'm just wondering what was behind the blurred spot in that desk.

  • Kandarp Gautam
    Kandarp Gautam

    Linus: the door won't be like that. Where the fuck would i keep my pc? U shoved the boxes in leg space.

  • fredric Jacobsen.
    fredric Jacobsen.

    Det som mangler i Mac eple logoen er helt sikkert oljen som har blitt pompet opp fra jordkloden og blit om dannet till gass og forsvinner ut i verdensrommet?

  • Alien Coding
    Alien Coding

    Personally they need to go trough all of there office and clean it

  • Yitocuk Kilic
    Yitocuk Kilic

    them snipping that imac g4 hurts me

  • Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin

    Janice looks so fucking stoned.

  • Ashish Gupta
    Ashish Gupta

    I can totally see Linus' wife banging MKBHD

  • Yak 141 Freestyle
    Yak 141 Freestyle

    the amount of blurred monitors and rouge socks is very suspicious

  • Aman Dubey
    Aman Dubey

    23:53 he saw this coming

  • GeorgRBX ➊
    GeorgRBX ➊

    Wonder what wiz on Linus is computer hmmmm😂 3:27

  • Aidan Duffy
    Aidan Duffy

    she is like female alex

  • Rog Rig reboot 2020
    Rog Rig reboot 2020

    Uhh there's a creeper pc that they made for PewDiePie

  • Apollo Tech Review
    Apollo Tech Review

    Hahhaha, lol. Guys ur the best

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki

    Those 2.7k dislikes are the apple employees who worked hard for making that tech

  • Houston Beckworth
    Houston Beckworth

    I just realized that they had the PewDiePie creeper pc in this video three months before they released the video wtf spoilers!

  • Robo Russell
    Robo Russell

    I like that at 9:10 you can see the creeper part for pewdiepie

  • Spencer Gibson
    Spencer Gibson

    Is it ok I’m watching and making aghhh and Mahh type noise as I watch them moving benches full of stuff! I need to go and lay down in a darkened room for a while. Then there is the use of Macs as ornaments.....

  • Pat D
    Pat D

    the most useful things ever done with iMacs

  • Don Mega
    Don Mega

    You know what. Those gaming chairs are disgusting. Why would you need side support like in a racing seat? Are your gaming sessions that heated you might fall of the chair? And then the adolescent colors schemes and poor ergonomics. I bet Linus got them for free from sponsors.

  • Jose Antonio Lanz
    Jose Antonio Lanz

    Best use ever for Apple devices

  • Magnus Engström
    Magnus Engström

    12:34 Next time take of the handle.

  • Thomas Sebastian
    Thomas Sebastian

    The fuck, they are literally destroying the computer… I don't even have a proper home computer.

    • Brubru

      they were all dead anyway :/

  • Fee

    Janice pls marry me

  • Yemen Steezy
    Yemen Steezy

    A sock, a blurred monitor and “toilet paper for some reason”, hmmmmmm

    • Scan


  • Javian Brown
    Javian Brown

    2:37 Dropped something.... Definitely Linus's wife

  • Zyzyx YT
    Zyzyx YT

    what was the blurred thingo

  • Baddything

    Wowwwww!!!! Is that Peter Gade's tshirt???? You play badminton??

  • abhinav Kabir
    abhinav Kabir

    Most cringy video on Linus tech tips. 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Bastian ask
    Bastian ask

    Am i the only one to see the danish football shirt in a frame

  • Yevgeniy Gorbachev
    Yevgeniy Gorbachev

    I don't see the issue with all the Apple stuff; he's using the gutted corpses of his sworn enemy.

  • Eshan Kumar
    Eshan Kumar

    Ah, Janice from Accounting with a cameo by Brian the Electrician. My favourite characters of the Linus Cinematic Universe.


    RIPs; next is rip the camera mic lol

  • Shishir Pradhan
    Shishir Pradhan

    3:32 Why are there socks and tissues laying around?

  • Blake Tyrer
    Blake Tyrer

    7:03 anyone else see the smoke from her cutting those PSU wires?

  • Usama Khan
    Usama Khan

    2:36 drop it

  • BR0K3N

    Now I know who the man in the relationship is Not Linus 🤣😂🤣😂😂

  • thawesnerd

    heyyyy not bad. @ 23:01 mobile legends alucard 🙂🙂

  • BigBoi 3000
    BigBoi 3000

    Bruh why is no one talking about the MKBHD themed intro

  • GOTPink is the realest ships ever
    GOTPink is the realest ships ever

    linus's wife reminds me of my girlfriend >:(

  • Mehdi Jospi
    Mehdi Jospi

    🤣🤣🤣🤣Linus Sock/Sandal combo....

  • happysmash27

    Linus had a much different reaction than I expected =(^ω^)= ! What I'm wondering, is what are all the blurred things, like the blurred thing behind Linus in the beginning? The blurred monitor makes sense (maybe confidential employee information?), but I have no idea what the random blurred objects are. I think it would be cool to see a similar video, but with something from MKBHD in a Linus theme instead. That would be fun =(◠ω◠)= !

  • DannyGamingmods

    your stupid code doesnt work for the 10$ off now i dont think im getting anything anymore

  • Abu Qital
    Abu Qital

    Complains about spending money in merch that was free and the asks subcribers to buy his own merch. VN-my hypocrites

  • André Luis Oliveira
    André Luis Oliveira

    Damn, I'm more on the Linus side about liking Apple stuff, but this office is DOPE! need one ASAP

  • Josh Mason
    Josh Mason

    "thank you from a safe distance" was ahead of its time

  • Hi

    "He's got toilet paper for some reason" Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Akira Kurusu
    Akira Kurusu

    MKBHD should make Short Circuit's intro.

  • shankling

    is she rlly ur wife? she’s amazing!

  • Bad Max
    Bad Max

    is the office still the same

  • Shaun Beakley
    Shaun Beakley

    I like this intro better

  • Mattia Giambirtone
    Mattia Giambirtone

    Yvonne wears LTT's hoodie better than Linus HAHA

  • Hariu

    they spelled shill wrong

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