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Officers respond to a fight involving two men who were thrown through the window of a fast food restaurant in this clip from "11.9.19". #LivePD
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In-studio host, ABC’s Dan Abrams, alongside analyst Tom Morris Jr., guide viewers through the night, giving insight to what audiences see in real time (via a mix of dash cams, fixed rig and handheld cameras), bouncing minute-by-minute between the featured police departments and offering an inside look at each live incident.
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    • Jancarlos Reyes hernandez
      Jancarlos Reyes hernandez


    • Lethalgunner360

      I love ❤️ live pd

    • A&E

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    • Michael Angelo
      Michael Angelo

      “ I’m good “. Yea !

    • TMZ

      It’s called no snitching for all you white people commenting

  • Aaron Ledford
    Aaron Ledford

    Them sammiches are apparently worth killing over.

  • Karmelle Bert
    Karmelle Bert

    EMS says, "Meh, he all right."

  • Simrat Lotey
    Simrat Lotey

    He's alright

  • SwiftyFlow

    They blurred his face because he snitched

  • Michigan_ State676
    Michigan_ State676

    Not the Air Force 1s

  • gabriel castellanos
    gabriel castellanos

    2:09 slowed his speech at "through the window" , i'm thinking he was thinking about "to the windooooow, to the wall!" 🎶🎵 if you know you know

  • Epcot lp
    Epcot lp

    He got defenestrated

  • Wish I Was Sleeping
    Wish I Was Sleeping

    Why they bleep out Wendy's? Lol

  • DarkArmedDaddy01

    Everyone was fast food fighting...........................

  • Thoricleader 490
    Thoricleader 490

    Not the air forces bro

  • Captain Morgan
    Captain Morgan

    He just wanted a burger without mustard.

  • KappN Ass Dough
    KappN Ass Dough



    The first guy has glass sticking out of him cuts and blood everywhere "I'm alright bro" The second guy has a scratch on his head, he's laid out on the ground cryin like a little girl surrounded by women, singin like a canary...

  • Coop Osama
    Coop Osama

    All this over a Popeyes chiccen sandwich 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Don’t look at my profile
    Don’t look at my profile

    Noooo that arforces, they never going to be clean

  • Ben Minor
    Ben Minor

    Snitches get stitches, but I guess this guy is gonna need them anyway

  • Wotan Hate Machine
    Wotan Hate Machine

    Cant stop looking at those manboobs...


    That guys a trooper man. I would have freaked out if I was him with a glass stuck deep in my back. daymm

  • Tom Peters
    Tom Peters

    Put all of them in prison!!!!

  • Dįęł Røçhà
    Dįęł Røçhà

    1:28 not the af1’s😭

  • Niicole lemon
    Niicole lemon

    "He was thrown thru the window" "were not sure if hes injured or not" what?

    • Angie Gorski
      Angie Gorski

      Niicole lemon they were in the car are you dumb

  • DJ DJ
    DJ DJ

    "I'ma bout to die, but I seen'T day POE'Lease and I'z got SCared" 🐒

  • ibleedcrimson63

    You throw me thru a window, I'm telling!

  • Lynn Smhhh
    Lynn Smhhh

    he's a thicc boy, he's aight

  • Todd Miller
    Todd Miller

    January 1 2020: Happy New Year! May this year be peaceful! January 6 2020: US Drone strike kills Iranian general. January 9 2020: Prince Harry and Meghan quit the Royal Family. I have an idea how this year is going to turn out.

  • Chuck Taylor
    Chuck Taylor

    How much of a beast is the guy who threw this bubba through a window.

  • KT W
    KT W

    He probably gonna kill somebody if he saying "I'm alright"

  • 10k NC
    10k NC

    Bruh real 1 didn’t say nun

  • Ambi Stay Vibin
    Ambi Stay Vibin

    Large piece of glass in your lower back.. *Im alright bro*

  • Sebass

    He obviously a gagnster not going to snitch

  • Harry Gooch
    Harry Gooch

    Not safety glass then

  • Julio Salazar
    Julio Salazar


  • Julio Salazar
    Julio Salazar

    U and my idea of free are not the same .....

  • Julio Salazar
    Julio Salazar

    Like 😖

  • Julio Salazar
    Julio Salazar

    It feels so good to be free......

  • Julio Salazar
    Julio Salazar

    company? The stupidest cop and film crew I've ever see..... .........

  • Kevin Alan
    Kevin Alan

    What a waste of 5 mins smh

  • Amiya Black
    Amiya Black

    He a real one for not snitching in the beginning

  • Reegen Isle
    Reegen Isle

    Local what

  • Alex Ayala
    Alex Ayala

    He ain’t no snitch 😂


    To the window!!!!!!! To the wall!!!! 😂

  • Panda_deadshoot360

    The video starts at 00:00 thank me later

  • Somaru Slang
    Somaru Slang

    He’s kinda a cool guy he didn’t want to snitch on his enemy

    • Aliellion

      Somaru Slang No bro cuz if his enemy gets locked up there will be no revenge so he didn’t snitch but he’ll handle it himself


    How is he alright he has a whole neck and back with blood and glass I would've told them what happened

  • Michael Williamson
    Michael Williamson

    " Victim" uncooperative?!? Dude was,potentially, thrown thru a window. He needs medical attention. Not your stupid word games!?!

  • Noel Frias
    Noel Frias

    no snitch

  • ke _god
    ke _god

    This is how many time he said I am alright

  • smoked ure wood
    smoked ure wood

    RIP air forces

  • OuterSpawn

    ...TO THE WALL!

  • Happy

    Cops do not have to work hard for their paychecks!

  • J R Deckard
    J R Deckard

    How can a certain race be so continuously stupid?

  • Robert Huntington
    Robert Huntington

    "It's only a flesh wound"

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person

    I'm alright bro

  • ImmaFxckUrBih

    69 gotta learn a thing or two from homeboy over here

  • ImmaFxckUrBih

    2:48 broooooo

  • Jones

    "Gets thrown through window* Bystander: "OMG are you ok?" "I'm alright bro." 😁😁😁

  • Kevin Almaraz
    Kevin Almaraz

    My man got air forces

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro

    How does he not feel it?

  • Kietrix

    Not the air forces dude

  • Aymar Cespedes
    Aymar Cespedes

    Stickers get stitches

  • Matthew Noneyabusiness
    Matthew Noneyabusiness

    Later: "I said 'without onions dawg,' but they still put the onion on the patty! That's when I started throwin' hands."

  • Unique strong
    Unique strong

    his shoes 😭

  • Empress Rae
    Empress Rae

    I couldn’t tell which part of his body was the back and which was the front

  • TahitianTreatFlavoredSkeetJuice

    That guy at the start- In situations like these, we need Tekashi69

  • skeetuschrist

    Through the WINDOOOOOOOOW Passed the wall Naaaaaaawww I'm all right brahhh

  • Zcideツ

    He had a fight with a gang member he doesn’t want to be a SNITCH

  • kreef

    Not the forces

  • Melissa

    You look so much like

  • chocolate rain drop
    chocolate rain drop

    Girl in leggings thick af

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