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Officers respond to a fight involving two men who were thrown through the window of a fast food restaurant in this clip from "11.9.19". #LivePD
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In-studio host, ABC’s Dan Abrams, alongside analyst Tom Morris Jr., guide viewers through the night, giving insight to what audiences see in real time (via a mix of dash cams, fixed rig and handheld cameras), bouncing minute-by-minute between the featured police departments and offering an inside look at each live incident.
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    • nope double nope
      nope double nope

      Lol living a "hard life" maybe dont have long hair.

    • Jancarlos Reyes hernandez
      Jancarlos Reyes hernandez


    • Flack 2020
      Flack 2020

      I love ❤️ live pd

    • A&E

      Hi Justin! Thanks for being a fan of #Hoarders! You can find full episodes online, On Demand & in the app:

    • Michael Angelo
      Michael Angelo

      “ I’m good “. Yea !

  • Pascal

    this dude is no snitch.. thats good

  • Juhani Poikonen
    Juhani Poikonen

    Where's your hat officer

  • M V
    M V

    Kong fud fighting

  • Paxman 2x
    Paxman 2x

    The difference between sumone that dont say nun and someone that talk to 12

  • NhO KeKo
    NhO KeKo

    Who's still watching this

  • Adrian

    I don’t want to make any extreme over the top assumptions or any speculative comments but I think he’s alright.

  • Internet Troll
    Internet Troll

    he ain't snitching

  • James Holt
    James Holt

    fighting and throwing someone through glass window causing injury is a misdemeanor,but a little baggie of cocaine is a serious felony? this country is backwards af.

  • Clay Burns
    Clay Burns

    Jesus saves

  • Aqua Lake 180
    Aqua Lake 180

    Hmm 🤔. Wondering if the reason the first guy didn’t talk is because the other guy was right and he was the attacker, witch would explain his silence, because he knows if he tells the truth he’s going to jail after he’s healed. It makes sense too, that if someone is attacked, defends themselves, but then both parties keep going with the fight that they both go in for it because at that point, it’s no longer self defense it’s more like revenge

  • bjean

    Hes alright

  • desiree satterfield
    desiree satterfield

    Why Wouldn’t tell the police what Happened to You like I don’t understand 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • X206Killj0yX

    Yo that glass is deep. That makes me sick lol.

  • GT C
    GT C

    I think the fat one was mad because someone took his bra.

  • Jimmy Mars
    Jimmy Mars

    I do love these generous and care minds from the cops.

  • Lil E
    Lil E

    I need his energy

  • yugi4000

    dude with the dreads has less stamina then the big dude with glass inside his back XD

  • pikakiller


  • Steven Conrad
    Steven Conrad

    Somebody buy that man a bra!

  • Gabriel Tomlin
    Gabriel Tomlin

    Yo I work at the Wendy’s now

  • Patty Vaughn
    Patty Vaughn

    We are trying

  • Jolt

    The should have never cancelled this show. I hate 2020

  • final boss
    final boss

    "he has the right to defend himself but if they keep fighting they'll both be charged." if a MF keeps swinging on you, I guarantee you won't just lay there letting it happen.


    Title “ Fast food fighters” Me: *thinks it has to do something with a food fight*

  • Jaden Kunaka
    Jaden Kunaka

    My gosh he he is fat and he have blass in the back doesn't that hurt

  • Turpo

    He ain't say nuff cause he know who ever pushed him getting capd 💀😂

  • Shearon Lewis
    Shearon Lewis

    Alright bro

  • Shearon Lewis
    Shearon Lewis

    Big mac looking as

  • Edward Kennedy
    Edward Kennedy

    I've been watching live pd all week and have seen every shine in the United States in handcuffs in handcuffs

  • LittleLulu

    I wish people could differentiate between "corroborate" and "cooperate." I'm always hearing "cowoberate."


    The little dude is laid crying out but the one who got the most injuries walking away from the scene lol

  • Lil quay 23
    Lil quay 23


  • Royalz Reign
    Royalz Reign


  • Micah Joel
    Micah Joel

    I dream about getting arrested watching this cuz i have been so its weird smh

  • Jerry Dalrymple
    Jerry Dalrymple

    Next time order a Happy Meal.

  • Kevyn Boss’s scott
    Kevyn Boss’s scott

    6ix9ine needs to take notes

  • Sophia Rose Stephenson
    Sophia Rose Stephenson

    I he is not okay

  • Mahesh Bhenchod
    Mahesh Bhenchod

    Somebody is gonna end up like Epstein....who didn’t kill himself.

  • Stevens Gordan
    Stevens Gordan

    What language is that .

  • MystiCalBEING89

    he wa sliek did someone throw u through a window i was liek who the fock is big enough to throw this guy through a window

  • MystiCalBEING89

    Fast Food Fighters sound like music band

  • Tiger Steele
    Tiger Steele


  • D K
    D K

    He's lower back looked like a woman's front

  • Nick Kalicki
    Nick Kalicki

    World star on VN-my no doubt. Sad what tally has come too.

  • Derajah Tuckee
    Derajah Tuckee

    dude aint say nothing cs he already know what he finna do lmaoooo

  • Aaron Ledford
    Aaron Ledford

    Them sammiches are apparently worth killing over.

  • Karmelle Bert
    Karmelle Bert

    EMS says, "Meh, he all right."

  • Simrat Lotey
    Simrat Lotey

    He's alright

  • Astro Blade
    Astro Blade

    They blurred his face because he snitched

  • michigan state676
    michigan state676

    Not the Air Force 1s

  • gabriel castellanos
    gabriel castellanos

    2:09 slowed his speech at "through the window" , i'm thinking he was thinking about "to the windooooow, to the wall!" 🎶🎵 if you know you know

  • Epcot lp
    Epcot lp

    He got defenestrated

  • Wish I Was Sleeping
    Wish I Was Sleeping

    Why they bleep out Wendy's? Lol

  • DarkArmedDaddy01

    Everyone was fast food fighting...........................

    • charlie jenkins
      charlie jenkins


  • Thoricleader 490
    Thoricleader 490

    Not the air forces bro

  • Captain Morgan
    Captain Morgan

    He just wanted a burger without mustard.

  • KappN Ass Dough
    KappN Ass Dough


  • Coop & Tai
    Coop & Tai

    All this over a Popeyes chiccen sandwich 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Milan van der hoeven Hv13
    Milan van der hoeven Hv13

    Noooo that arforces, they never going to be clean

  • Ben Minor
    Ben Minor

    Snitches get stitches, but I guess this guy is gonna need them anyway

  • Wotan Machine
    Wotan Machine

    Cant stop looking at those manboobs...


    That guys a trooper man. I would have freaked out if I was him with a glass stuck deep in my back. daymm

  • Tom Peters
    Tom Peters

    Put all of them in prison!!!!

  • Dįęł Røçhà
    Dįęł Røçhà

    1:28 not the af1’s😭

  • bubble buddy
    bubble buddy

    "He was thrown thru the window" "were not sure if hes injured or not" what?

    • Angie Gorski
      Angie Gorski

      Niicole lemon they were in the car are you dumb

  • DJ DJ
    DJ DJ

    "I'ma bout to die, but I seen'T day POE'Lease and I'z got SCared" 🐒

  • ibleedcrimson63

    You throw me thru a window, I'm telling!

  • Lynn Smhhh
    Lynn Smhhh

    he's a thicc boy, he's aight

  • Todd Miller
    Todd Miller

    January 1 2020: Happy New Year! May this year be peaceful! January 6 2020: US Drone strike kills Iranian general. January 9 2020: Prince Harry and Meghan quit the Royal Family. I have an idea how this year is going to turn out.

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