Living on my Own
Living on your own isnt as easy as it looks. Or uh… I’m just dumb. Eh
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  • SomeThingElseYT

    I got New Merch in the merch store if you wanna check it out. You can also find it above under the video! Best way to support the channel besides just watching so i appreciate the heck out of everyone who gets something

    • Michelle Boogar
      Michelle Boogar


    • Black_whiterose 32
      Black_whiterose 32


    • Hasnain Ali
      Hasnain Ali

      This is good

    • Julius Comedido
      Julius Comedido

      Ok Boomer :D

    • Traverse


  • jay_Dbug 15
    jay_Dbug 15

    Solider man: get up and get ready to face the most deadliest though in the whole world...... Also soldier man: bills! Me: I knew it..!

  • StickBoi Draws
    StickBoi Draws

    How To Trick A Idiot: Read More

  • KittyPlayz

    Can u do a apartment toor plzzzz

  • Noor 77
    Noor 77

    Guys let's help him out and like his videos and follow him so that he gets money to freaking survive

  • Paola Acuna
    Paola Acuna

    I miss you

  • Tatum Robinson
    Tatum Robinson

    When my parents heard 15 hundred feet they just sigh

  • I'm Fine
    I'm Fine

    I like chocolate milk

  • Eshika Shukla
    Eshika Shukla

    I wanna live on my own when I'm 18 so I can have a duck,a turtle and a rabbit :)

  • Destructionite Gaming
    Destructionite Gaming

    Just saying, doesn't square feet measure area, not volume?

  • Alexgametube 487
    Alexgametube 487

    Adam loves he’s Chuckie milk

  • kaushik siddharth
    kaushik siddharth

    its not samoas it is samosa

  • Galaxy the Space Dog
    Galaxy the Space Dog

    I luv u

  • Unknown 42
    Unknown 42

    Weeeee got to get him dat green

  • Lillian Scalabrino
    Lillian Scalabrino

    I don’t want to grow up know.☹️

  • Lyonidhia Khairunnisa
    Lyonidhia Khairunnisa

    11:45 in loving memory of Adam's coffee table. May it rest in pieces

  • Melody Love
    Melody Love

    Eenie Meenie Miney Moe has a racist past, I would not use it.

  • Random Neon Boi
    Random Neon Boi

    You are super RUDE YOU B****

  • GD Jumplex
    GD Jumplex

    You sound like theodd1sout

  • Elizabeth Bedolla
    Elizabeth Bedolla

    Whoever drank the chocolate milk I will find u and haunt u I will never betray chocolate milk -miah

  • Terri Felton
    Terri Felton


  • RealisticBanana

    I didn’t understand how you felt until my mom actually stole my god DAMN *CHOCCIE* *_MHALK!_*

  • Ariana Lopez
    Ariana Lopez

    Yo this b*tch betta have Samoas! Me: my favorite!

  • Nagatoplayz

    YT : you live you pay you die, sorry I need sit for sec we all need to pay bills maybe not you because your freakin' child! Me : LOL xD

  • Si Han Ong
    Si Han Ong

    I am seven and my mom paid 999999999 for a house 😂😂😂😂😂

  • OwO_Cassie_OwO

    Who else noticed that Bakugo poster in that one frame 😅

  • Darcel Burrell
    Darcel Burrell

    Shut up bruh

  • stupid cat
    stupid cat

    Me : watching video Also me : smirks in choccy milk

  • Malikai Jason
    Malikai Jason

    10:20 SAY IT L O U D E R

  • John Reynolds
    John Reynolds

    i know how you fell

  • Shivali Pandya
    Shivali Pandya

    Did anyone else see the Bakugou poster @ 2:59

  • Darnicka Koskey
    Darnicka Koskey

    Hey I sub hey I’m something else teawhy why are you say channel called I’m something elsety

  • Ghxst.potato

    I see katsuki bakugou I click I see SomeThingElseyt I click I see someone taking my choccy milk..... I attacc ÙwÚ

  • María Guadalupe Solis
    María Guadalupe Solis

    Your dog looks like a hyena

  • yuko_sparks


  • Julie Mill
    Julie Mill

    Adam: DONT PLAY ENNI MINI MIY MOO Me: *plays it* REEET

  • Blue Polandball
    Blue Polandball

    I got some weird bobs world ad

  • Léna Riri
    Léna Riri

    0:58 *League of Legends (Nevercake)*

  • Khandoker M. Shamim Reza
    Khandoker M. Shamim Reza


  • SeasOfficial 2
    SeasOfficial 2

    *He is a Devil but have a angel wings* Me: *Wait that's illegal*

  • jordan lloyd
    jordan lloyd

    00:2 fame is lame is on the building why is no one talking about this

    • Eshika Shukla
      Eshika Shukla

      It would've 0:02

  • Blue_ Drippy
    Blue_ Drippy

    1:14 lol the fuck


    Groceries:get some meat,veggies, eggs,milk,water,sauces

  • StratisRava

    SomeThingElseYT: *Puts fire in the wood* Me: Im impressed that that wood is still holding

  • Marlon Barrientos
    Marlon Barrientos

    I am

  • Marlon Barrientos
    Marlon Barrientos

    Hi adom

  • Katherine Massetti
    Katherine Massetti

    U saying 15sq ft is big think again I have seven Anckers lol

  • Flexnoxus

    2:59 wait... Why is bakugou there...

  • Brooke Barry
    Brooke Barry

    SomethingElseYt: Water bills, power bills, you name it! Me: So?..Life Bills? Wow never knew you had to pay for life..

  • Eagle Ridge PAC
    Eagle Ridge PAC

    wish i could be a youtuber lol XD

  • Eagle Ridge PAC
    Eagle Ridge PAC

    adam u rul

  • Eagle Ridge PAC
    Eagle Ridge PAC

    stop swearing and being dirty or i can't watch your amazing vidios

  • boo boo
    boo boo


  • Mlg Nija
    Mlg Nija

    On 2:58 I saw a bakugo poster xD ( im not making fun of you i love mha and all anime )

  • Rexian Animations
    Rexian Animations

    1:40 I don't know pick a fight with a family member for the last *God damn chalky milk*

  • Rebecca Leabch
    Rebecca Leabch

    Nice picture of Bakugo in the background.

  • flyMeOwl YT
    flyMeOwl YT

    Is a youngin but you ik what bills are lol

  • Syrup show 2 Me_syrup
    Syrup show 2 Me_syrup

    This story NEEDS to be fake

  • The Artist OwO
    The Artist OwO

    2:59 lol in the background there’s a poster of Bakugo XD

  • Nasir Labib
    Nasir Labib

    😐 is So really you you’re being just watching TV while you work discussed

  • Some ThingepsYT
    Some ThingepsYT

    Good on

  • Eagles games
    Eagles games

    After watching this 5 times I think that’s Terence in the corner when he’s looking up how to hide a body

  • Corp amination Studio
    Corp amination Studio

    Rip coffee table

  • Dub Dub
    Dub Dub

    the smart kid:i think girls are a waste of time the kid who has a crush on her:i like you ;)))

  • JJ Makes animations
    JJ Makes animations

    7:36 did u realize he might have forgot to blur out the word bitch 😂😂😂 I rlly don’t care if he’s says bitch like it’s his life lmao

  • DraconusShock

    That bakugo poster explains the bakugo references I see in his videos.

  • Kirsten Sellers
    Kirsten Sellers

    $_$ ()_()

  • Mang

    Devil with his wings cut off- Coool

  • Michelle G
    Michelle G

    i just notice the poster in the background is bakugo 2:59

  • meliodas 094
    meliodas 094


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