Liza Koshy Meets Her Future Self While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
First We Feast
Liza Koshy is one of the internet's biggest stars, with 25 million subscribers between her Liza Koshy and Liza Koshy Too channels. She's also a TV host, actress, and the star of Liza on Demand, which recently dropped its second season on VN-my Premium. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Koshy faces her fears and takes on the wings of death. Along the way, she breaks down the behind-the-scenes hijinks from her Met Gala red-carpet interviews, explains why Whataburger deserves more respect, and shows love to Hot Ones editor Colin Higgins.
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Season 10
Episode 4
First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.

  • Dj M
    Dj M

    I swear in the middle of watching, I got a hot ones add

  • Ayesha Saad Saleem
    Ayesha Saad Saleem

    thank god im not the only one crazy

  • Nilu Pedram
    Nilu Pedram

    Did that only put celebrates on hot ones cause thare hot

  • Holiday Inn Guin
    Holiday Inn Guin

    get barrack oboma

  • SassyGaming YT
    SassyGaming YT

    Who needs Trump we got Liza

  • Shannon Kelsea
    Shannon Kelsea

    He told Gordon Ramsey the expired bottles were just for show but I always see one being used in the end so I really hope it's a good one.

  • Ariana Osorio
    Ariana Osorio

    Kmw😄😛😄😏😄😄🥰🧐 x,smlxk,x k xmlsk!-894)84(43

  • Mars !
    Mars !

    When she speaks, She looks like she is having an Orgasm

  • RaeOfSunshine

    presented by m&ms, something that is completely opposite of what this video is.

  • Sekar Vina
    Sekar Vina

    Damn Liza's good at this. RESPECT!!!

  • Isabel Hannan-Cañete
    Isabel Hannan-Cañete

    they need to get cole sprouse on this show

  • Mohammed Ajem
    Mohammed Ajem

    Idk why did even people dislike this vid

  • Amber Willis
    Amber Willis

    Liza took those wings down like a champ!!

  • It’sjustme.21

    Rewatching this series, and I wonder how long he stays in the restroom... poor guy. His poor gluteus maximus.

  • Ann Santos
    Ann Santos

    One of my favorite things about you and your guests is that you guys are so real no fakeness (if that’s a word lol I’m high) love you and your guests as always.

  • Ann Santos
    Ann Santos

    Liza!!! You’re super gorgeous super funny and super amazing!!!

  • Ann Santos
    Ann Santos

    Ooooooh man!!! Hands down my favorite episode!!! I didn’t know you interviewed Liza!!!! I love her!!! And she is from HTown and went to UofH Hell yeah me too!!! Love love love her and you too Sean as always lol 💋💋❤️❤️

  • Olivia Yost
    Olivia Yost

    Liza handled this like a god damn CHAMP

  • sml ytp
    sml ytp

    I love liza i have been laughing and watching her since vine died and i just love you so much if i ever got to meat you i would actually passout i would cry my eyes out i love her so much

  • Ale Lossada
    Ale Lossada

    She's finally a grown Womf

  • Sini Pedersen
    Sini Pedersen

    we need more people like her on this earth

  • Papa Wiskay
    Papa Wiskay

    she fell off🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Louise Larsson
    Louise Larsson

    4:13 I would do the same Liza

  • Lando Cubing
    Lando Cubing

    I agree with the Whataburger statement

  • Tëîgåñ kêsh4nê
    Tëîgåñ kêsh4nê

    Omg you guys there one a date 😱😱


    Liza: ''love them big or small'' that's what she said we need Jacksepticeye on this show

  • Clarence Panlasigui
    Clarence Panlasigui

    18:57 I like how Liza said “Pewdiepie”

  • Madi Hatt
    Madi Hatt

    Liza’s energy is unmatched

  • J Noakes
    J Noakes


  • Valerie Pitre
    Valerie Pitre

    Why is no one talking about how gorgeous Liza is?

  • Farrel Akhtar
    Farrel Akhtar

    The fact that they were playing scary music over liza doing nothing cause she never reacted badly lmao


    she didnt even touch the water or the milk, like queennnn!!!

  • Jakelyn Gonzales
    Jakelyn Gonzales

    When she said harry styles I die I'm like oh my god my boyfriend

  • Becca Rangel
    Becca Rangel


  • Jacq C
    Jacq C

    great interview!

  • Michael

    Liza handled her wings like a champ!!! So impressed!

  • Brittany Altic
    Brittany Altic

    I need your energy and outgoingness

  • Ashton Harter
    Ashton Harter

    The flirt is real

  • Arianna Pizarro
    Arianna Pizarro

    Liza is literally the best person ever I swear

  • HabashyGaming

    Does he not have hemaroids yet fml

  • Samoa L
    Samoa L

    Why does Liza look like Micheal Jackson

  • James Fincher
    James Fincher

    It was calming

  • Blackboi Lamoi
    Blackboi Lamoi

    His tongue must be numb to all spices

  • Its me
    Its me

    What a nice intervieww

  • ExpressYoSelf

    love that she adressed the leftovers cause i ALWAYS hope they eat up the wings and dont just throw them away!

  • ExpressYoSelf

    she's so sweet and funny! jared leto is right haha

  • bruceify

    you shouldve asked her why her show is trash

  • Albert Alfaro
    Albert Alfaro

    I'm in love

  • Josh Bozzay
    Josh Bozzay

    Is there somewhere I can buy one of those wing serving trays?

  • Nick 니콜라스 Nikollaseu
    Nick 니콜라스 Nikollaseu

    Liza now: First we feast!!!! Liza Later: Now faeces!!!

  • Mstr Kermit
    Mstr Kermit

    When liza saw her future he saw david breaking up with her sorey for this comment doee


    Disliked for Liza

    • Samantha Roberts
      Samantha Roberts

      Why tho

    • cfw Jason
      cfw Jason

      She's hella annoying bro

  • Cave Spider
    Cave Spider

    Liza is me if im on the show

  • Britney Carron
    Britney Carron

    She did amazing.....

  • Latinofire202

    Whataburger and Pewdeepie are TRASH!!!

    • Latinofire202

      @Samantha Roberts I'm from Texas

    • Samantha Roberts
      Samantha Roberts

      Whataburger Is amazing you probably never even had it before

  • Coco 1234
    Coco 1234

    "Woooow I feel like I'm at Coachellaaaaaa" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Solomon Johnson
    Solomon Johnson

    I think I'm in love 😍

  • Fatbastard

    Liza Koshy is super unfunny

    • cfw Jason
      cfw Jason

      Hella annoying too

  • Mary Jane Yuwak
    Mary Jane Yuwak

    J_y 😂😂😂

  • Veronica Lopez
    Veronica Lopez


  • Dafine Osmani
    Dafine Osmani

    they have so much chemistry omg

  • Maria Streefkerk
    Maria Streefkerk

    the amount of chicken wings this dude has consumed in his life

  • lilah bean
    lilah bean

    everyone: she must have a high pain tolerance bc she is indian. her: 🥵🥵🔥🔥🔥

  • Rude Sword
    Rude Sword

    Shes Jenny Mccarthy funny. She sort of gets chuckles but its mostly because she's attractive. In that lilly singh, Amanda seales level of comedy, where there's a small contingent that think she's super funny, but everyone else is just unaffected or nothing her.

  • Valerie Pousson
    Valerie Pousson

    Love how you put Whataburger #1!!! Love it!

  • Tripplejman


  • Ankit Saksena
    Ankit Saksena

    She is the only one..who took it really nicely..

  • Care4Sher

    Lmbo Liza Liza Liza.... this is too funny... you are being really calm 4 minutes in...

    • Care4Sher

      😂 you’re being so professional... dude you should be crying somewhere ... and spitting fire ... and being Koshy 😂 12:45

  • Caio Sales
    Caio Sales

    trisha paytas needs to be in hot ones

  • Odyyy Fr.
    Odyyy Fr.

    She made me want to eat wings justo for watching her 😏

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