Lost piece of gaming history UNCOVERED
THE THRILLING CONCLUSION!! Arin gets that one cartridge working that only showed an error message and the results are something no one has ever seen before. We're VERY excited to share this with you all.......
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  • Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin

    Is that a dendy diagnostic screen...I see u got bald and bankrupt to send u a Chernobyl cart

  • WitalaUA

    Ахаха интернет адаптер для денди😂😂

  • Celismic

    That was Avi...right?

  • B3ro1080

    The Dendy commercial audio sounds like it was played back on the Megadrive.

  • CarlSagen.

    Still the question on my mind, who tf was the old guy on the ad?

    • Shershen the wolf
      Shershen the wolf

      Idk, me too have a question, and also this is ad is not irl dendy advesting

  • Lightning Man
    Lightning Man

    kinda sad that this was all just an ad but holy shit this is such a cool way of doing it LMAO


      Shut I thought this was legit lmao

  • Kieley Evatt
    Kieley Evatt

    I don't know why people got mad at this? I get it feels bad at first to realize you've been fooled but it's all in good fun

  • therealink

    ya know even tho its fake,its still really kool actually

  • Sin Burner
    Sin Burner

    This... is fucking amazing.

  • Morning Coffee
    Morning Coffee

    She sounds like Mei (overwatch) if she was born in Ukraine

  • Lukely

    This seems a lot like an elaborate hoax to sell software.

  • Vytone Jr
    Vytone Jr

    I'm quite disappointed that the vocal minority has bugged Arin so much. I loved this sort of marketing. I consider it so much more unique and fun.

  • Алексей Колесников
    Алексей Колесников

    Пожалуй-ка оставлю здесь русскоязычный комментарий

  • TheGreatDocterDinkle `
    TheGreatDocterDinkle `

    so cool

  • cryptOjam Xx
    cryptOjam Xx

    All this and it turns out to be a battle Royale lmao

  • Leeman Harrington
    Leeman Harrington

    Oh, it's an ad

  • JakeyChaos

    Somehow missed all this and just coming across this now and wow 🤣 This was a fun and creative way to advertise your game. Ignore the whiny bitches, Arin. You don't owe them shit, especially an apology. I'd actually like to see more stuff like this.

  • smetan korzevic
    smetan korzevic

    Please - learn history and culture with etc. (not your HIPSTORY and then, tell us about that crappy fakes. Shall piss on your faces.

  • Goodboihalo O
    Goodboihalo O

    Dumb people: Fortnite is the best battle royal Me an intellectual: you fool

  • nowaR

    i saw them streaming soviet jump and then found this rabbit hole

  • Сгуща Милович
    Сгуща Милович

    Ребзя, даже я как русский человек,не живший в 90-х годах знаю, что такое денди и ЗНАЮ,что у Денди не было мультиплеера. Эти ребята напоминают мне Виктора Карасёва или Кинаманию и Павела Кластера.

  • КвАшЕнЫе ГвОзДи
    КвАшЕнЫе ГвОзДи

    It's a fake.

  • Лола

    This fake - masterpiece.

  • Алексей Бычков
    Алексей Бычков

    make russian subs pls!!!

  • Devin Giltner
    Devin Giltner

    Complete with cash shop and no rebinding controls.

  • Александр Артюхин
    Александр Артюхин

    да. в 97 году у меня был интернет. только я по вафле подключался.

  • I'm just sad
    I'm just sad

    Why isn't any one talking about how arin walked into the room and his hair just magically flowing around him like he's god Damn JESUS

  • Molpe Jones
    Molpe Jones

    OMG I love this video so much! It's awesome =)

  • The Slackers
    The Slackers

    Why does rain have boobs in this? Lol jk u looking good man

  • Matt Parsons
    Matt Parsons

    Whoa, whoa, whoa... hold on... That’s a really nice looking place, Brent. Very tasteful.

  • ExplodingJellyfish

    12:29 the best moment in this entire video

  • ExplodingJellyfish

    Anyone else finds this stuff: Dude I feel like I'm discovering history no one has ever heard before When Arin finds this stuff: Dude I feel like I'm discovering history no one has ever heard before.... And I'm gonna make a badass game out of it and sell it for free to thousands if not millions to enjoy.

  • Heeby

    I saw a little bit of what the game looked like and realized how familiar it looked. Well played

  • Chester Castañeda
    Chester Castañeda

    Anyone saying this is "deceptive advertisement" should probably sue The Onion or cancel Jonathan Swift for "A Modest Proposal".

    • Dark shadow9000
      Dark shadow9000

      Because the Gamegrumps haven't ever been serious before, huh? When's the last time The Onion ever had real news in it? Stop defending their childish lies.

  • Jeff Hilton
    Jeff Hilton

    I think my favorite part is where they're like "yeah, we can get a server up and running." Totally. Just boot up a blank linux server and start sending packets. No reverse-engineering the entire back-half of the game or anything like that. That's probably the major signal that this was never real. That said, I think it was a creative way of trying to generate interest for their game.

  • Jeff Hilton
    Jeff Hilton

    I love how the woman in the advertisement is definitely Arin's friend. :P

  • Vaker

    90s in USSR/CIS @ Internet connection on Dendy @ USING ETHERNET Yooo what? Nice joke, Dendy was a knock-off Famicom, there's no way something like that could exist in 90s, and even if it existed, it would've been created for Dial-Up/ADSL connections

  • Ian McPherson
    Ian McPherson

    Arin's acting skills have increased dramatically since Game Over, they had me going for a sec

  • Boring Andrey
    Boring Andrey

    This REAL interesting for Russians who never seen this part of Dendy history.

  • Кирилл Сидорович
    Кирилл Сидорович

    Русские в шоке от этого фейка

  • Колесо Обозрения
    Колесо Обозрения

    Хороший пример того, как в 21 веке, куча тупых людей.

  • Даниил Майстренко
    Даниил Майстренко

    Ethernet в советском союзе, остановите мой ор😂

  • itsbillytimenodaddy

    I came in knowing this was just an ad and I was still fully invested lol

  • Konstantin Simonov
    Konstantin Simonov

    o guys, oh my God, why you all are soooo stupid .. ?? and make videos for the same people ..

  • Abigail Serenity
    Abigail Serenity

    I totally thought this was real. I’m not upset. I really don’t understand why people are mad. This was the best advertisement I’ve ever seen!

    • Chester Castañeda
      Chester Castañeda

      They literally thought Dendy had dial-up lmao.

  • Eternal rewind2
    Eternal rewind2

    All a scam

    • Chester Castañeda
      Chester Castañeda

      Next you'll say the Onion is fake news!

  • ジョジョ

    This is amazing Arin!

  • Valery Zevsukoff
    Valery Zevsukoff


  • Jacob Garvey
    Jacob Garvey

    You pissed off a lot of people with this lie

    • Jacob Garvey
      Jacob Garvey

      Chester Castañeda who said it pissed me off. You have the internet, google why this was shit.

    • Chester Castañeda
      Chester Castañeda

      You literally thought a pirate console would have Internet connectivity back in 1992 lol?

  • Toxie Cookie
    Toxie Cookie

    I want those pin-up characters stickers that's on the laptop's back.

  • Thelast ps2gamer
    Thelast ps2gamer

    Wow this feels all so old techy. Like watching tech from Fallout Games

  • dpouch03

    Blairwitched us

    • Chester Castañeda
      Chester Castañeda

      Arin's haters be like: "F-False advertising!" Guess they should sue the makers of Blair Witch too!

  • OtakuPakku

    I would have been excited to try this game and maybe throw some money at it if it was marketed more like dream daddy(Which I own) but this deceptive click bait garbage is under handed and really telling of the unfortunate direction the channel has gone. I miss two buds on a couch actually enjoying themselves and its less and less that with every upload either due to greed or burnout of both.

  • Auj DuBois
    Auj DuBois

    Why is everyone upset about this, it's a creative advertisement. It's a game based around The Soviet Union so they used actually Soviet propaganda games to slowly ease it into a creative fun commercial

    • Chester Castañeda
      Chester Castañeda

      The hatedom is obsessive.

  • GoldAnnaple

    Loved it. You guys love doing bits and this was a great one. Just because it's an add doesn't make it less fun. If it were for someone else's product maybe but this is yours so ignore whiny sad grown babies.

  • Chizypuff

    So this was all some kind of hoax? Ahhh that's so disappointing. Seems like a genius scheme but I only had an interest in playing it under the circumstance that it was an mysterious game lost to time.

    • Chizypuff

      Rewatching this I think I'm most disappointed because Arin seemed so excited about it. Like a lot of me was just happy for Arin.


    кто бы мог подумать.

  • Scorpion Clips
    Scorpion Clips

    So none of this was real?

  • Abazore 420
    Abazore 420

    “Racist” jontron has way more integrity than this

  • Abazore 420
    Abazore 420

    This is a scam

    • JakeyChaos

      You're a scam

  • Антон Злобин
    Антон Злобин

    Ppl complain avot add blah blah. Cmon really ? Of all garbage on VN-my

  • Антон Злобин
    Антон Злобин

    Any Russian GG fans out here ? As a Russian I never heard about this game.

  • Cat

    guess you can't try new things anymore, just gotta keep making ads over and over again. real thick skin these folks nowadays have, crying over stuff like this.

  • Smacknducks

    WAS THIS FOR REAL A BIT.. I'm a little salty

  • blade6309

    Big :/

  • Orochigirl17

    This is honestly so freaking funny, like I can’t believe people are mad 😂😂

  • Matt Tillenburg
    Matt Tillenburg

    Good to know the controversy comes from children feeling tricked, because anyone above the age of 15 should have enough comprehensive skills to realize this is scripted and fake. For fucks sake, there are jump cuts on his phone calls.

  • unknown 1
    unknown 1

    Awww everyone in the comments are so innocent

  • WALN Zell
    WALN Zell

    How far do the lies go? Was the cartridge fake the whole time? Was the error screen fake? I need answers!

  • Drake19995

    The thing that gave it away for me was how hard he tried, because he tried for like 5 seconds on other games and just gave up

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