Loud Luxury and Bryce Vine - I'm Not Alright [Official HD Audio]
Bryce Vine
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  • Baby Potato
    Baby Potato

    When u high af but the lighter is reaally moovin....

  • Kama J
    Kama J

    This song n lord Luxury all day 🥰🥰😍

  • Goldfishie

    If you're drunk or high you understand this completely.

  • xmas guy1234
    xmas guy1234

    good song

  • Garth Marshall
    Garth Marshall

    How good is it always picksxme up this song

  • Nevacoya McIntyre
    Nevacoya McIntyre

    im not alright im not alrigh im not alrig im not ari im not ar im not a im not im no im n im i 😈😆😐

  • Nevacoya McIntyre
    Nevacoya McIntyre


  • Nevacoya McIntyre
    Nevacoya McIntyre

    it nevy at school

  • Nevacoya McIntyre
    Nevacoya McIntyre

    hello leelee

  • Huntem

    Everyone jamming out to this song to realise the lighter is moving...

  • L Buckley
    L Buckley

    I heard this song from the radio but i didmt know what it was called but then it was in recomended

    • Emmy Fox gacha
      Emmy Fox gacha

      L Buckley I heard it in the radio too and I had a feeling it might be called I’m not alright and I was right :3

  • QuinnaMEEP Xd
    QuinnaMEEP Xd

    I FELL in love with this song!! 😁 your not alright!! 😆😁😆😆😁

  • Ruben Hernandez
    Ruben Hernandez

    This should be the new army song

  • Arianna Cirimbelli
    Arianna Cirimbelli

    i’m here later i let go my bf👌🏼

    • Arianna Cirimbelli
      Arianna Cirimbelli

      bloodymurder315 yessss

    • bloodymurder315

      Arianna Cirimbelli u can be my fortnite girlfriend

    • bloodymurder315

      Arianna Cirimbelli date me

  • Danijellino

    Anyone got any recommendations of similar songs? I love this more laid back funky hip hop style.

    • Danijellino

      @RenegadeWolf Do you mean the Maroon 5 song? Because i actually hadn't heard that one chief. Thanks for the recomandation.

    • RenegadeWolf

      Danijellino memories but you’ve prob heard it

  • RogueNinja064

    Even the lighter Dancing to this

  • Lilly Louise
    Lilly Louise

    Did y'all get permission to use melodies from Happy Girls and Happy Boys by Aqua? What about Your Man by Down with Webster?

  • Charlotte Neefjes
    Charlotte Neefjes

    Happy number




    best song ever

  • Nikki Gray
    Nikki Gray

    I love it

  • KD - 04MD - Somerset Drive PS (1470)
    KD - 04MD - Somerset Drive PS (1470)

    second best song love it

  • oK Ninjas
    oK Ninjas

    This is almost the same as another song.. I think by gym class heroes? I will find hopefully find the song and be back...

  • Yendri Coto
    Yendri Coto

    1:12 music 💓💓💓

  • Flame FireWolf
    Flame FireWolf

    I just heard this song on the radio and It's Now My FAVORITE Song!!!!

    • Tia Shaffer
      Tia Shaffer


  • Morty The Snowman
    Morty The Snowman

    Love this song!

  • the most beautiful person in the world
    the most beautiful person in the world

    I wish this song was around when I was hooligan on hallucinogens lol , good music can make your whole entire trip that much better . Are used to watch cartoons on TV and I will turn the TV on mute and listen to good fun crazy music and it looks like all the cartoon characters were saying the words Hahahahaha 😋🤙

  • Elizabeth Davis
    Elizabeth Davis

    My mom recommended this song to me,,go mom

  • Yolieris Garcia Brignoni
    Yolieris Garcia Brignoni

    What the F*ck your so right MIND BLOWEND!!!

  • faris nasser
    faris nasser

    Me bodher love dise song relly bad is 😍

  • Jamie Rogers
    Jamie Rogers

    Just saw your performance on Kelly & Ryan. Came right to VN-my to listen again. I dig it

    • Sandra Ham
      Sandra Ham

      Me too, love it

  • JustJay_ _006
    JustJay_ _006

    Go to the beat drop turn play back speed to 0.5 it’s dope

    • Aileen Buccella
      Aileen Buccella

      JustJay_ _006 and then 1.25 when you’re feeling lit 😂

    • Aileen Buccella
      Aileen Buccella

      JustJay_ _006 better at .75

  • Mya St. Clair
    Mya St. Clair

    I like to smoke 😊🥰

  • Emilia Vezina
    Emilia Vezina

    you are soooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy Ly
    Jimmy Ly

    Please please please bring the instrumental version of this song.

  • Candy Claybourn
    Candy Claybourn

    Hey Bryce I love your songs I love I’m not all right that’s my new favourite song of yours love your videos Bryce

  • STAR

  • Mark Nayojab
    Mark Nayojab

    They dropped the beat so hard Dora stopped exploring lol

  • _ TIMNIE
    _ TIMNIE

    From radio 🙋‍♂️

  • A L I Y
    A L I Y

    It sounds like I’m in forever 21 😂

  • Morgan Bidal
    Morgan Bidal

    I’m not alright

  • Roy Kim
    Roy Kim

    That beat dropped harder than my grades

  • Allysa Braverock
    Allysa Braverock

    Thumbs up if you like this song

  • Ailsa Forshaw
    Ailsa Forshaw

    Man I love this li'l song - was singing it at the Wholesale Store, the other day - lol! Is in mah' head - haha!

  • Nick Brayton
    Nick Brayton

    I'm gay lol

  • gabb5020 gabb5020
    gabb5020 gabb5020

    I love this song

  • Hannah Egozi
    Hannah Egozi

    this lowkey sounds like Fresh Eyes by Andy Grammer

  • Miyo Lo
    Miyo Lo

    Only 2.4m? More people need to hear thisss

  • lollolpets


  • claire

    this might be the worst genre of music possible

  • CarsonFacePalmer

    It's not bad, but the EDX remix is perfect.

    • DK Creative
      DK Creative


  • Screamos

    only 336 comments, wth?

  • Easter Noodles
    Easter Noodles

    13 year old girls:

  • iateatree

    This sounds like 'what do I know?' by Ed Sheeran???!!

    • Aaron Brown
      Aaron Brown

      It's like the beat is on 1.15x speed compared to it

  • ailish086

    Anyone remember him from the GLEE PROJECT? 😂

  • TJ LeBlanc
    TJ LeBlanc

    Who tf dislikes this jam. It gives me chills every time I hear it.

    • xXGacha_in_a_CakeXx

      jeasous peoples

  • Mike in Halifax
    Mike in Halifax

    Cloning Centres Child Prodigy never gets credit for writing these songs...though the star does help.

  • XNerdRezZ



      Man the mall there is epic It has a fucking DRAGON

  • Davidson OBERHOLSTER
    Davidson OBERHOLSTER

    my brother and my dad is smoking now and my ligter is burning

  • DjSloppy Mop
    DjSloppy Mop

    Unoriginal comment

  • Chelsea Mak Lee
    Chelsea Mak Lee

    This is my new favorite song! Bravo! Is there an official video with actors and all that because Audio Vids are a bit, well, too still.

    • gqthe1st

      the music video was filmed 3 weeks ago! should be dropping soon.

    • Gracenicholle Quizon
      Gracenicholle Quizon

      If you stare at the lighter long enough it starts to move. That's something i guess

  • kaitoshi mod thing mod
    kaitoshi mod thing mod

    You know how everyone has the car song us this is the cat song speed NH down the 401 at 100 miles an hour

    • kaitoshi mod thing mod
      kaitoshi mod thing mod

      @Claudia Velasquez fuck u too

    • kaitoshi mod thing mod
      kaitoshi mod thing mod

      @Claudia Velasquez lol sorry bro my lil sister was on my phone

    • Claudia Velasquez
      Claudia Velasquez

      Yo I have the the top leading and breaking scientists trying to figure out what the flying freaky fuck you just said

  • Roberto Josué
    Roberto Josué

    😀😁😂🤣😃😄😅😆😉😊😋😎😍😘😗😙😚☺️🙂🤗🤔😐😑😶🙄😏😣😥😮🤐😯😪😫😴😌😛😜😝🤤😒😓😔😕🙃🤑😲☹️🙁😖😞😢 Mis Sentimientos

  • JaycePlayz Roblox
    JaycePlayz Roblox


  • Martin M. Espig
    Martin M. Espig


  • Mr Destroyer
    Mr Destroyer

    Sounds EPIC!

  • Rosalia Oresta
    Rosalia Oresta

    This song is such a bop!! I’m obsessedddd 😍 honestly the beat drop is the best part

  • Gao Aguilar
    Gao Aguilar

    It feels like drop in the ocean

  • Hailey Baroldi
    Hailey Baroldi

    This song is awesome

  • SushiPoodle

    so damn good

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