[M/V] Park Bom(박봄) - Spring(봄) (feat. sandara park(산다라박))
[M/V] Park Bom(박봄) - Spring(봄) (feat. sandara park(산다라박))
Park Bom's New Single Album [Spring]
Now Available on :
▶Bugs : music.bugs.co.kr/album/860912
▶iTunes : itunes.apple.com/us/album/spring-single/1455957011
▶Spotify : open.spotify.com/album/7nJRHOtyVewhREGYcGUtHg?si=c97DexFTTYub3tzJ6bGdRg

  • Win jewils
    Win jewils

    I will not stop supporting you park bom...park bom fighting

  • fersi khawla
    fersi khawla

    I missed you 💖

  • Marunaru

    bom & dara best unnies ever ♥♥♥

  • Sheryl Vistal
    Sheryl Vistal

    Wow 9m views na

  • valentina’s beret
    valentina’s beret

    🍃🍃🍃 CURRENTLY 12.01 % OF VOTES ON IDOL CHAMP 🍃🍃🍃. WE ARE DOING VERY GOOD. KEEP VOTING ~ for all the bombshells or blackjacks who didn’t vote yet, your vote REALLY COUNTS AS YOU CAN SEE. Let’s up the %! GOOD JOB.

  • I call Her my Tear
    I call Her my Tear

    9.1 mil views! I hope we get to 10 mil before her birthday!! We can do it Bomshells!!!

  • Lucas Felipe Haussmann
    Lucas Felipe Haussmann

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa park bom voltou huhul

  • mjoy ord
    mjoy ord

    Nice!! BTW what brand is sandara’s red coat? 🥰

  • King Success
    King Success

    Our stre@m count is going down each day :/

  • Bengi Tasdemir
    Bengi Tasdemir

    I've been crying for hours. my girls are coming together... so can we say "HELLO" after saying " goodbye" ...?

  • Luuu bna
    Luuu bna

    I want Bom SOLO or with Dara. That's it. Perfect. To be honest, YG and CL's pursuing a U.S career ruined 2NE1.

  • Cosplay Xolla
    Cosplay Xolla

    i miss 2ne1

  • Quỳnh Nguyễn
    Quỳnh Nguyễn

    Stream 10m Now

  • Quỳnh Nguyễn
    Quỳnh Nguyễn

    Stream 10m now

  • Quỳnh Nguyễn
    Quỳnh Nguyễn

    Stream 10m Now

  • Luuu bna
    Luuu bna

    Welcome back Queen ♥️ It's PERFECT Fuck haters

  • Lipão


  • 멈냥

    봄언니 얼굴 좀 보여주세요....... ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 보다가 자꾸 휙휙넘어가서 넘아쉽네

    • J M
      J M

      그만하자 왜 그렇게 많이 말하는지. 너보다 보미언니 더 예쁘다. 입 닥쳐!

  • monse ramirez
    monse ramirez


  • Nguyen Thanh
    Nguyen Thanh

    We will stand with you, dont worry 💙

  • fadedyellow97

    I love you, Park Bom. Welcome back ❤

  • Jeshie Marquez
    Jeshie Marquez

    Can we make bommie to win please bomshell and blackjack plssss

  • Hui Yin
    Hui Yin


  • autumnismyfavseason

    Guys we need to give her a win on a music show it'll mean so much for her come on 😩😩❤

  • CL forlife
    CL forlife

    hey blackjacks keep str34ming and vote her in idol champ

  • Ann Yenokian
    Ann Yenokian

    queens are back 😭😭😭💜💜💜

  • Danna

    She ruined her pretty face with so many surgeries. Now her face is stiff like plastic when she talk or sing so many of her skin on her face can't even move a muscle. Lesson for every other girls out there before doing any plastic surgery. This is how a bad exampe of how plastic surgery will ruined your life. Imagine if her kids in the future asking her why is her face looks so weird??

    • J M
      J M

      bommie still looks better on her worst day, than you tho 😅🤧

    • King Success
      King Success

      +Kasamiyo Akasawa 👍

    • Kasamiyo Akasawa
      Kasamiyo Akasawa

      Lesson for every girl to not hate on other girls look. She did plastic surgery because all the complaints about her face made her so insecure that she wanted to change herself. And theeeen people like you started to call her plastic XDD But anyway, it was HER face, HER decision, HER surgery, for which she paid from HER money, she earned from HER own job.

    • King Success
      King Success

      Let it rest. Shes still beautiful :)

    • Kevin Jade Mendoza
      Kevin Jade Mendoza

      Its not your problem anymore

  • Hoa Thương Tâm
    Hoa Thương Tâm

    Fighting BJs and Bomshells ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • valentina’s beret
    valentina’s beret

    🍃🍃🍃 VOTE ON IDOLCHAMP 🍃🍃🍃 we have secured our 3rd place. CURRENTLY 11.84 %. WE ARE SLOWLY TAKING OVER. GOOD JOB BOMBSHELLS AND BLACKJACKS. KEEP VOTING, *download idol champ, login with Facebook or google and click on vote (on the bottom) then scroll to 4TH WEEK OF MARCH.

  • Soshi Sou
    Soshi Sou


    • King Success
      King Success

      We need snsd and 2ne1 to end us once and for all.

  • i641991

    HEYY GUYS.. READ THISS... Since the release of "Spring" ft. Sandara Park, Park Bom's hit single has been the best selling song on iTunes Worldwide for 7 consecutive days, while peaking #1 in 19 countries on iTunes. Furthermore, Park Bom also occupied the top 5 on Billboard's World Song Charts with "Spring" debuting at #2, "My Lover" debuting at #5 and "Shameful" at #4, with just ONE DAY of tracking. "Spring" peaked on #26 on iTunes US during it's release.

  • Saim Avancena
    Saim Avancena

    850K till 10M come on Bomshells and Blackjacks lets do this for Bom before her Birthday 24th of March we have 2 days more....

  • Soshi Sou
    Soshi Sou

    Give my girl 10M c'moooooon

  • cielmirecas

    no puedo dejar de escucharla me encanta!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WonHoo's FanGirl
    WonHoo's FanGirl

    *is it bom that I know???? Damn I miss her so much* *Black Jack for ever*

  • Elisabeth Bezerra
    Elisabeth Bezerra


  • Minsu Kim
    Minsu Kim

    이미 봄이 오고 꽃이 피었네

  • Tami O
    Tami O

    Where is CL?

  • Saim Avancena
    Saim Avancena

    Guys Please Vote Park Bom at Idol Champ!! SHOW CHAMPION WEEK 4 WE ARE CURRENTLY 3RD PLACE...

  • David Zuri
    David Zuri

    Queen 👑 🐦

  • Claudia Alvarez
    Claudia Alvarez

    Que agradable es escuchar nuevamente la voz de Park Bom y la de Dara 😘✌

  • RangRath Oun
    RangRath Oun

    see u soon 10M views >_

  • Salete Vieira
    Salete Vieira


  • bjack moomoo
    bjack moomoo

    We need more vote for global and domestic in idol champ.please it just take a few minutes to vote blackjack..✊✊✊✊

  • Shin Dong Ah
    Shin Dong Ah

    i was 2ne1 Fan since the end now I'm sitting here and listen to the song 5 thousand times and cry it because bommie my bias was and is always

  • yam shimi
    yam shimi

    i miss her voice so muchhhh

  • camille05joy

    it's nice to see bom unnie again... 😍😍😍

  • Fa Ti
    Fa Ti

    Park Bom FIGHTING...!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miss NS
    Miss NS

    im shock when see park bom name on my phone notifications

    • bjack moomoo
      bjack moomoo

      Vote for parkbom in idol champ..✊✊

  • Miri Bauti
    Miri Bauti

    Canta genial, es una diosa, pero tiene muy poca sangre.

  • Rosiris Varela
    Rosiris Varela

    #박봄 #봄

  • bjack moomoo
    bjack moomoo

    Pleas vote for parkbom in idol champ..vote more..use other phone and new account.. Borrow phone or pc from ur friend or family to vote more than 3 times a day..😉😉

  • May Nyein Thu
    May Nyein Thu

    Road to 10 M 😍 keep streaming 🤩

  • Sharvanei Omar
    Sharvanei Omar

    Bomshells.. Please vote for Park Bom on IDOLCHAMP APP ! Let's get Park Bom her 1st win for spring !

    • Rosiris Varela
      Rosiris Varela

      And use the #박봄 #봄 in twitter Sorry for my bad english 😊

  • Petyr Pryce
    Petyr Pryce


  • April B
    April B

    We are increasing!!! 9.5 M for the win !!!

  • Trí Ngô
    Trí Ngô

    Plzz vote on IdolCham

  • reymar costales
    reymar costales

    For Fans of park Bom lets not just comment here about how we love her. Lets help her win please. 1. Download idolchamp app from google play or apps store 2. Register your acct ( if you have multiple devices like me. Register each app with diff accts so you have 3 votes each device daily.. i have 4 so thats 12 votes per day) 3. Its really hard to look for the link since its all koreans and theres a lot of garbage there. But what we need to look for is [Show Champion] 4th week or 5th week something like that.. 4. Click on that link and look for spring. Then click the fuck away.. you have 3 votes per day each device so please help me make Park Bom fucking win 😭😭😭

    • bjack moomoo
      bjack moomoo

      To vote more than 3 times per day.used other phone and new account..borrow phone or pc from ur family and friend.vote harder.😉😉

    • reymar costales
      reymar costales

      Im not sure as well but if you have a mobile stack on your pc yes you can use it. Its called Bluestacks its an app where you can download mobile apps to your pc. So i think you can use that.

    • Han Duong
      Han Duong

      Haven’t tried but can we use PC or laptop instead of phones and ipads?

  • white Tiger
    white Tiger

    vn-my.com/watchvideo/video-DsouXE31I6k.html SUBSCRIBE TO OFFICIAL PARK BOM CHANNEL!

  • Chikis Lizliz
    Chikis Lizliz

    9,123,470M 635,606K Likes 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Amber Alert
    Amber Alert

    Also, why do I feel like this song is about how 2ne1 disbanded, and how YG did the four of them so dirty and wrong?

    • Amber Alert
      Amber Alert

      Kpop lover Are you serious? 😭nooooo! Now I am remembering the days that they were all together! Damn you YG!

    • Kpop lover
      Kpop lover

      This song was originally written for 2ne1 before they even debut...but Bommie and Dara ended up singing it😢💜

  • 딱이뚝

    음악은 너무좋은데 이런멋진아티스트는 와이지에게 있기에 아깝다

  • Anthony Garau
    Anthony Garau

    Here as a Blink and (former) Blackjack to help stream this song everyday again and again :D

  • Lily

    Dara TV is out :D go show your love and support everyone :)

  • Jyoti S'sem
    Jyoti S'sem

    Stream harder bomshells and blackjacks

  • Rawan A
    Rawan A

    I miss you and missing your voice 😭💙💙💙

  • monse ramirez
    monse ramirez

    9,119,772M 635,547K Likes 64K comentarios 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • さんアンドリン

    thank for giving us this bop 💜💜 it’s one of the first song with Romanian subtitles

  • valentina’s beret
    valentina’s beret

    🍃🍃🍃 VOTE ON IDOLCHAMP 🍃🍃🍃 we are securing our 3rd place! CURRENTLY 11,58%! VOTE VOTE VOTE

  • King Success
    King Success

    Wow already a big change!!! 11.57% globally and 1.20% domestically in idol champ. Keep voting!!!👍

  • kim areej
    kim areej

    YG ....... We don't need it. She is a spring rose that blooms any spring anywhere. ❤️🌼🌼🌼

  • kim areej
    kim areej

    الدعم الماسوني مو طبيعي واضح 💔 .... بس مو طبيعي بعشقها 😭..... ❤️ اففف بوووووووووم 💯❤️.... #وردة #ربيع #아름다운꽃 🌼💮🌸🌿🌱 #예쁜봄이#아라비안펜

  • Flower Queen
    Flower Queen

    she said: 👁👁 | 👄 👗 👡

  • Meriem CH
    Meriem CH

    I'm soo happy for you bom 🌽🌽 10M HERE WE COME 😎😎

  • Trang Đỗ
    Trang Đỗ

    I LOVE YOU 😘😘😘

  • seizer04 zero
    seizer04 zero

    Dara and her facial expressions in the MV is😍💋🤤 sooo hauntingly beautiful! 😭

  • Sa Yoe Ma Kyaw
    Sa Yoe Ma Kyaw

    9.1M views congratulations! Road to 10M in one week. Fighting all fans.Shake it all.

  • Gian Triardi Ramadhan
    Gian Triardi Ramadhan

    Her voice 👏👏👏

  • lata chata
    lata chata

    maravilhada com tudo, a música, a voz, as imagens... tudo simplesmente incrível

  • あくま

    GO GO GO TO 10M!!!

  • DL HS
    DL HS

    Kpork sex scandal

  • 야나Yanchi

    노래 좋다

  • Jennifer Manimtim
    Jennifer Manimtim

    Please can we do 15M before end of this wk pls..... Park Bom desserves more views😍😍😍

  • Louis King
    Louis King


  • Markus Bluebird
    Markus Bluebird

    Sub indonesia nya bagus

  • Jermilyn Inot
    Jermilyn Inot

    the queeeeennnn is bacckkkkk!!!! a real one 👸

  • Forever a Blackjack
    Forever a Blackjack

    Her high falsetto. "Pabo chorom dDoOOoooOh" is just so beautiful.

  • Jacob Ziegler
    Jacob Ziegler

    This song is is just amazing, how park bom puts all of her heart in it

  • Kevin Henson
    Kevin Henson

    May Pinoy Blackjack's ba dito? 🙌

  • 456 123
    456 123

    Stream srping 10m now

  • 456 123
    456 123

    Stream Spring 10m now

  • 456 123
    456 123

    Stream srping 10m now

  • 456 123
    456 123

    Stream srping 10m now

  • monse ramirez
    monse ramirez

    9.1 Million V 😎😎😎😎 635K Likes😎😎😎😎

  • kader jk
    kader jk

    10M is coming

  • monse ramirez
    monse ramirez

    Vamos por los 10M go!!!

  • monse ramirez
    monse ramirez

    9M CONGRATULATIONS 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • King Success
    King Success

    Currently 11.41% on the global , remember to vote the domestic its only 1.13%

    • bjack moomoo
      bjack moomoo

      +King Success thanks

    • King Success
      King Success

      +bjack moomoo 1. Download the vpn veliduck - set it to south korea 2. Close idol champ 3. Start idol champ again - vpn will connect automatically 4. Vote like you usually do

    • bjack moomoo
      bjack moomoo

      How to vote for domestic?

  • Lucas Gabriel
    Lucas Gabriel

    rise queen

  • Lê Quang Quý
    Lê Quang Quý

    Best music

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