Mark and Ethan Attempt an Escape Room
Unus Annus
Escape Room... such a simple concept. You are trapped in a room and you have to escape. If you fail, the darkness will take you. Ethan and Mark venture to The Basement in Los Angeles to attempt their most devious escape room yet... THE COURTYARD.
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Check out The Basement for yourselves!
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.

  • branbitter

    When this channel is gone, this video will be the one I miss the most

  • Lucas Henson
    Lucas Henson

    Mark: *locks Ethan in the fridge* Also mark: “he’ll be fine”

  • jayden palmerie
    jayden palmerie


  • Coolfox2y

    Actor goes wild Ethan just chill out

  • Mercedes Jacobs
    Mercedes Jacobs

    I've been wondering,what's that time limit thingy at the begining of your videos?

  • TheGreatMeme Gaming
    TheGreatMeme Gaming

    Petition for this to be the only video they keep up

  • Looft

    The room monitor was probably laughing his ass off

  • Wacky Wyvern
    Wacky Wyvern

    When mark closed the freezer door on ethan and said "he'll be fine" i got an ad for funeral homes XD

  • I like Cheese
    I like Cheese

    My life’s in the hand of an idiot?! No two idiots

  • Razmig

    I need to find me someone that cares about me like Mark cares about the flanges.

  • Ibrahim Masud
    Ibrahim Masud

    I just realized this was made on my birthday and this is my favourite unus annus video

  • ship queen Chān
    ship queen Chān

    Not *ONE* idiot but *TWO* idiots

  • Vinny Avalos
    Vinny Avalos

    I feel bad for the poor actress stuck with these two shitters.

  • Geronomatix

    Anybody know a video of somebody beating this exact escape room?

  • Jazzy K.
    Jazzy K.

    Nobody: Quinn: Im A cOp, I cAn HeLp YoU

  • Why was this made
    Why was this made

    This reminds me of the movie game night...

  • Hello Love
    Hello Love

    xd the rocking chair is godly

  • Alex Lensges
    Alex Lensges

    When she flatlined my phone died too and it was fucking 2 am in the dark

  • Carl Arehart
    Carl Arehart

    Ethan is such a scaredy cat

  • SuperWeebElijah

    Quinn: * Pours her heart out in the best escape room performance ever * Mark and Ethan: die laughing

  • Mar Marr
    Mar Marr

    Eathen:She said to save ourselves Mark:Aaaaahh

  • LazyStevey

    Y’know, I would hate to be in one of these. It’s honestly a pretty sick concept, it’s like a point & click adventure, *but it’s real life.*

  • jaeden padin
    jaeden padin

    ethan: ARE YOU CHILL WITH DYING later ethan: i will not let you die ethan after that: i think we have to kill her

  • SheTookTheKids

    Me: goes to my uncles house My uncle: welcome to the basement

  • Maxisfall

    they are to smorty for this

  • TheNamesIrving

    probably my favorite video

  • Kora L
    Kora L

    My life is in the hands of an idiot! 😂😂😂😂 that's just PRICELESS

  • Z.E.R.O


  • that one music channel
    that one music channel

    If i saw mark and Ethan at my job i would fail so badly so props to Quinn for staying in character

  • gacha_ bear
    gacha_ bear

    I was in it before

  • Brigitte Guidry
    Brigitte Guidry

    When u get trapped in a horror game

  • Harper Hhghhh
    Harper Hhghhh

    Wait girlfriend she’s a girl

  • Harper Hhghhh
    Harper Hhghhh

    How old is the kid

  • benjamin_ losu
    benjamin_ losu

    Bruh the cold "shove him in there"😂

  • Harper Hhghhh
    Harper Hhghhh

    That cabin I’d love to live in that cabin

  • Anna Rose
    Anna Rose

    Cop in cage: hi pls get me out Mark: hiiii

  • TheeRavagerr

    "No no no no no... 2 idiots" I died 😂😂😂

  • Paula Pugh
    Paula Pugh

    is this fake?????

    • Paula Pugh
      Paula Pugh

      @Sup .-. i am scared

    • Sup .-.
      Sup .-.

      Why would it be fake?

  • HonestlyIdkImAMess

    Quinn: my girlfrie- Me: haha no need to finish the sentence, I'm starved of representation and already thrilled.

  • Brenan Huitz
    Brenan Huitz

    57 seconds someone need to make this a gif or a meme

  • Leah Marcum
    Leah Marcum

    I think it would be hilarious if they brought out puppies when you failed the escape room. Like sorry you failed, here’s some happy dogs that love you.

  • JustKaleb4

    Bruh tf wrong wit me i started teari g up when she dies

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet

    Like what would happen if the time runs out do you diy or just go home

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet

    What happens if the time runs out

  • GiddyTuberGaming

    I need to go here. How do I go here.

  • xX_moonlight 67
    xX_moonlight 67

    oh god did she really die...?

    • xX_moonlight 67
      xX_moonlight 67

      oh- WeLl oK

    • Sup .-.
      Sup .-.

      No, it's just really good acting

  • clmeraki

    god everything about this video is perfection

  • clmeraki

    11:38 - 11:53 had me on the floor laughing omg

  • Cristal


  • Cristal

    me hearing the voice: that shuu?

  • sxftwaifu !
    sxftwaifu !

    Ethan: aRe yOu chiLl wItH dYinG Quinn: my life is in the hands of an idiot Ethan: no no no TWO IDIOTS.

  • Black Jack
    Black Jack

    Who else hella behind and catching up

  • Nadia Martinez
    Nadia Martinez

    this will always be my favorite unus annus video

  • Izzy H
    Izzy H

    I would’ve died laughing if I was that actress she deserves an Oscar

  • Yxd

    the actor(not quinn):hinting at them needing to kill her to move on mark:N0

  • Ashey Brown
    Ashey Brown

    ArE yOu ChIlL wItH dYiNg

  • Egg is an egg
    Egg is an egg

    I wonder what would happen if you had the same name as one of the characters... my names lily and uh

  • JackontheBoxx

    She is the best actor ever

  • GabrielTheAngel7 YT
    GabrielTheAngel7 YT

    And sadly Ethan and Mark, were licked to death. May their souls rest in peace.

  • Clayton Jackson
    Clayton Jackson

    I don't know why, but I love the fact that Mark puts such an emphasis on "Thicc" when referring to him self.

  • Itz_ Pris
    Itz_ Pris

    Who’s Uncle Jeb?😂

  • Oscar Liu
    Oscar Liu

    How does the actor resist bursting into laughter from their questions ?

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!

  • ZARR yt
    ZARR yt

    An escape room ok lets see what they have here

  • b r u h
    b r u h

    Does anyone know what the "special place' is? Maybe why they had to bleep it out?

    • Celtic Dreamer
      Celtic Dreamer

      so people who wanna do the escape room wont get spoiled

  • ItsOscar_Ok?

    Quinn: stuck crying and screaming in cage Kids across fence: *heheheheheee ahahahahahaa*

  • Liam Tennant
    Liam Tennant

    Dear god this is literally my DnD group in a ‘serious type adventure’

  • summer

    "My lifes in the hands of an idiot!?" "n-n-no! two idiots!"

  • Thomas Scripts
    Thomas Scripts

    This one might be my favorite

  • Elise Coady
    Elise Coady

    Ok but the lady in the cage deserves a raise because *cage lady* “how did you get here?” *ethan* “uhh, we drove.” COULD NOT HAVE BEEN AN ANSWER SHE WAS EXPECTING

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