Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills
Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills - Check out my friend Gloom:
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills


  • Ana Navarro
    Ana Navarro

    But the sharks are hunger so they would be dead

  • Skyler Jane
    Skyler Jane

    👩🏻This 👗is 👠👠Azzy 🥰Azzy loves everyone | | | | V This is how many people love Azzy back!!

  • Casey Raso
    Casey Raso

    I am the real master

  • king TEK
    king TEK

    Azzy infinet likes you

  • Lenka Raczka
    Lenka Raczka

    Also the man in the cast does not have crutches

  • Victoria Diaz
    Victoria Diaz


  • Victoria Diaz
    Victoria Diaz


  • Owen Clueit
    Owen Clueit

    Buter fly

  • Thanos

    Ive stood a broom before.

  • raven fortnite
    raven fortnite

    Power outlet butterfly Pacafir

  • Gunta Savicka
    Gunta Savicka

    I know you dont take that long in a kast cause i had one like if you agrea 😢

  • Ellie-mae Sidwell
    Ellie-mae Sidwell


  • Lotte the great
    Lotte the great

    Did you know that.... *Read more*

  • Chris Barnes
    Chris Barnes

    It says gas deadly to HUMANS not ALIENS!!

  • Jamiyah barnes
    Jamiyah barnes

    The tv on the island, the island has no electricity

  • Karen gaming jeff
    Karen gaming jeff

    Guy in the cast

  • Karen gaming jeff
    Karen gaming jeff


  • Karen gaming jeff
    Karen gaming jeff

    Power plug

  • Linda Hampson
    Linda Hampson

    Your such a good VN-my relationship

  • Michael Torres
    Michael Torres

    4:36 shower?

  • Reese Downing
    Reese Downing


  • Rahab Wanjiru
    Rahab Wanjiru


  • trentblender

    power out lite

  • Eva Martin
    Eva Martin

    Roses are red ruby are too blue likes make me true so hit the like botten 👇🌏🏔🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🔊🔊🔊🔊📣🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • captinblackjack

    Butterfly is The mistake

  • So Wich
    So Wich

    Broom? Or towel?

  • Natalia Grima
    Natalia Grima

    Make this blue if you like azzy👇

  • Coko The princess
    Coko The princess

    I wonder if aliens thing-are humans real

  • Elizabeth Mariam
    Elizabeth Mariam


  • James Hollis
    James Hollis

    I broke my lage and I need to stay in it for 5 weeks

  • emma petkova Dragon
    emma petkova Dragon

    Can you make more please

  • Out side The box
    Out side The box

    I love azzy land and I love gloom

  • ItsAverelle YT
    ItsAverelle YT

    My neighbor had a cast on for like 6 months and she hasn't been out 😔

  • cool Aneja Johnson
    cool Aneja Johnson

    hit the like button if you solve all the Riddle's

  • Sania YT
    Sania YT


  • Llama Brothers
    Llama Brothers

    Love your video

  • Hunter Dunnuck
    Hunter Dunnuck

    4:31 I think a broom

  • klementi gjeloshi
    klementi gjeloshi

    its me

  • Briley’s Vlogs
    Briley’s Vlogs

    Roses are red Girls are too I like azzy And you do too

  • Juno AJ
    Juno AJ

    “How broken is your leg” 1 like 1 piece of the cast guy lol even tho he doesn’t need it don’t actually like it

  • Ashtyn Mcwatch
    Ashtyn Mcwatch

    Cool 💋💋 my name is Sierra 💋💋

  • Phillip Krause
    Phillip Krause

    Maybe the guy in the green shirt has 3 of the shirt?

  • Reacty Time
    Reacty Time

    This is mia 👶 👗 / \ She is zero years old Each like is how old she gets |

  • Lara Dobby
    Lara Dobby


  • Anthony Dunne
    Anthony Dunne

    Power out lit

  • Danielle Lewis
    Danielle Lewis

    jordi is a pen azzy is a highligter jodi druw a wrad azzy made it briter

  • Tanisha W
    Tanisha W

    There is a butterfly

  • Zoe Hemphill
    Zoe Hemphill

    I was close I said mop

  • ella smith
    ella smith

    the friend was the dj

  • Andrea Olivi
    Andrea Olivi

    The second riddle THERE IS A BUTTERFLY THERE 🤓

  • Gee Petrie
    Gee Petrie


  • Gachanoob2208 Stevens
    Gachanoob2208 Stevens

    Gloom and cubscouts have done this one before no hate love them all

  • Michelle Milligan
    Michelle Milligan

    The thumbnail is Dani Cohn

  • Ashlyn Crowe
    Ashlyn Crowe

    My brother kept his cast on for almost 1-2 years

  • Zaiydah Ebanks
    Zaiydah Ebanks

    i HAVE to wake up at 5:30

  • kylie ursu
    kylie ursu

    Power outlet,butterfly,passifire,cast boy,tv,rubber duck, dog reading,call before,broom,dave,bank director,they arent breathing,noboby stole it,door 2,a

  • Clyden

    the third clue was sooo weird when I saw the date july 16 I said wait a minute IT IS JULY 16 RIGHT NOW

  • Janelle Dunn
    Janelle Dunn

    Roses are red ketchup is to I got a like wait why is it blue?

  • lourdito torralba
    lourdito torralba

    i have a possible reason that the bank director called the police before he was locked in... But im not sure

  • Teresa Solde
    Teresa Solde

    I know charger cable

  • Maria Vas
    Maria Vas


  • Am Jenn
    Am Jenn

    no a broom

  • Am Jenn
    Am Jenn


  • M&M Vlogs
    M&M Vlogs


  • julia cross
    julia cross


  • patfinder 00221
    patfinder 00221

    Rose's are red violets are blue if you where a common I still would choose you

  • LiLi LiB
    LiLi LiB

    The tv on a deserted island

  • Chantelle Kim
    Chantelle Kim

    kasie is the master

  • Jaelyn Gonzalez
    Jaelyn Gonzalez

    The gas because says it's dead to humans not alie n👽👽👽👽👽👽👦👧👨👩👴👵👶

  • Jaelyn Gonzalez
    Jaelyn Gonzalez

    A butterfly

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