Michael Dunlop. 2017 Isle of Man Senior TT. Bennetts Suzuki GSX-R1000
Watch Michael Dunlop race the all-new GSX-R1000 to victory in the 2017 Isle of Man Senior TT with Bennetts Suzuki.

  • columkenn

    Impressive in the BMW and Kawasaki era

  • blue bee
    blue bee

    The one and only Michael dunlop. Legend

    • blue bee
      blue bee

      @Valkyrie #46 don't get me wrong big Peter is an amazing rider and I think he would do well in world superbikes but I will always be a dunlop fan ,have been sitting in the hedges from 1974 watching all the dunlops race. I do think Michael will have a better chance next year if he doesn't crash again. As for Rossi well you just won't get another one, I would like to see him retire but also get one more win the mans passion for racing is second to none

    • Valkyrie #46
      Valkyrie #46

      @blue bee Rossi is old now well past his prime against Marquez who is only 25. So can't compare. Dunlop is younger than Hickman and a more experienced road racer. Hickman holds all the records fastest ever TT lap & fastest ever Ulster Gp lap. Hickman has won everywhere BSB, Macau, TT, NW200, Ulster Gp. Always knew Hickman was going to be unbelievable. With Hutchinson retired & McGuinness almost retired. In my opinion, only Dean Harrison can challenge Hickman. I hope Hickman switches manufacturers because I want Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki or Yamaha to win.

    • blue bee
      blue bee

      @Valkyrie #46 but he's not him just like Marquez is not rossi. Dunlop for ever

    • Valkyrie #46
      Valkyrie #46

      Hickman would eat him alive on a road or track. Hickman is the king of road racing.

  • musa umar
    musa umar

    One of the greatest race TT. Salute to MD

  • TPC Transport
    TPC Transport

    nothing better to enter podium with work done rest in peace brother 1:56

  • Gilson Riberto
    Gilson Riberto

    SUZUKI GSX R R 1000 máquina fera d mais ok

  • easy06


  • Fenndy Flémin
    Fenndy Flémin

    Rip Joey, Robert ,William Dunlop stay safe Michael you’re the only one!

  • mr jn
    mr jn

    Where's guy martin?

  • Lfig Lfig
    Lfig Lfig

    stupid fucking music ruined the vid....plonker

  • Rossmann

    another bloddy consert. no thanks

  • Zobin Toy
    Zobin Toy

    I like. Dunlop 🎉

  • Diva Amalia
    Diva Amalia

    suzuki is back

  • TV garage papillon
    TV garage papillon

    asphalt warrior!

  • folerx

    the best tt rider

  • Jaison J
    Jaison J


  • Indian rider goutam
    Indian rider goutam


  • laxman singh Dev
    laxman singh Dev

    road racing is true racing ....Micheal Dunlop is a living legend ,,,,

  • Azzurri Azzurri
    Azzurri Azzurri


  • Patrick  Mc Greevy
    Patrick Mc Greevy

    Don't give up Mickey # 1

  • Rizo 777
    Rizo 777


  • Fireblade 100
    Fireblade 100

    Best road racer in the world 🤜 that will always stand no matter wot road you take ✊️🤜

  • abhishek Chatterjee
    abhishek Chatterjee

    GSX-R is not just a great machine , it also an Institution ...

  • 3para dan
    3para dan

    Please take the music off 🙏

  • blue bee
    blue bee

    The one and only michael dunlop keep er lit md racing hope you get your head sorted and return in 2019. TT would not be the same without you. Rip William race in paradise road warrior

  • Nathan Dunlap
    Nathan Dunlap

    Worthy is the lamb to receive riches no we're in the Bible does it say one has to play the lottery to receive riches correct that still denying in public should not have to do all that and if the wrong person wins a lot of wasted money because only the lamb can receive that

  • Abdull Nasir
    Abdull Nasir

    Micheal dunop you are tha best i wish i will meet yiu one day 😗

  • Капитан Улитка
    Капитан Улитка

    GSX-R - One love! FOREVER!!!

  • John Morrison
    John Morrison

    Brilliant northern Ireland to the core

  • Guilherme Zandona
    Guilherme Zandona

    Dunlop mostra por que veio !!

  • Abdull Nasir
    Abdull Nasir

    Love you micheal dunlop

  • skip griffin
    skip griffin

    i take my hat off to u mr dunlop pure class ur un real on a bike u cant beat breeding ur old man would be fair proud of the two of ye keep her lit lad

  • Deepu D
    Deepu D

    an awsome background score...amazing..


    What model year is this GSXR 1000r ?

    • instakill90

      The 2017 Model i believe. Brand new at the time

  • Valkyrie #46
    Valkyrie #46

    To be fair the first Senior race was between Hickman and Hutchinson until Hutchinson crashed due to a puncture. After a race re-start MD found something and took the win. So hard luck for Hutchinson and Dunlop had good fortune, but that's the TT.

  • adult1122

    I got one and don't regret it. Its got stability, and power the meat and potatos.😁

    • casey bramley
      casey bramley

      adult1122 its too easy to ride though.... no challenge

  • Careless Whisper
    Careless Whisper

    only 28 years old, damn.

  • Fabien Lecureuil
    Fabien Lecureuil

    what is the song please?

  • Duci Mau
    Duci Mau

    Joey....see You

  • Bay BossMAN
    Bay BossMAN

    Get him On Moto GP LIKE ASAP

  • Asian Lover
    Asian Lover

    Very very Nice !

  • Sarunas M
    Sarunas M

    Wikipedia says this guy weighs 76kg. He obviously looks bigger than that. Does anybody know what is his real weight?

  • Guilherme Zandona
    Guilherme Zandona

    let's go Gsx-R..1000 and Hayabusa.. top..🏍🛡✌

  • Damien

    What is the song?

  • Brisset habib
    Brisset habib

    good luck michael dunlop, you are the best

  • Fa Fa
    Fa Fa

    God Job 👍i love Suzuki gsx r and Mr. Dunlop is the best

  • Grepindos Papadulos
    Grepindos Papadulos

    dzieki TT

  • Mike Patton
    Mike Patton

    As a lifelong Suzuki rider, it really feels good that the factory gives a shit again. And well done MD! You do your family name proud.

    • Ben Hemmings
      Ben Hemmings

      Mike Patton I agree mate. It's Suzuki and Mr Bungle for me.

  • Bad Example
    Bad Example

    Dunlop like to wear his suit super loose.??

  • Chris Davies
    Chris Davies

    brave bastards hope he stays with gsxr

  • Hayden Grant
    Hayden Grant

    Suzuki kicked ass this year as I predicted. Isle of man title, Australian super bike title, a.m.a pro stock title, all in the first year of launching this new model. Be afraid Suzuki haters,....BE VERY AFRAID!

    • ibz6969

      Unfortunately he was wrong

    • TheInfantry98

      Hayden Grant so about BMW dominating the TT, Yamaha crushing moto America, Ducati castrating world superbike, what happened to Suzuki ?

  • Alex Stevenson
    Alex Stevenson

    BMW proper fuck up falling out with that man, he`s going to have some future in racing and bike promoting, what ever he sits on goes like a bat out of hell

  • Mingkong Lego
    Mingkong Lego

    Why don't they ride Harley's in Isle of Man?

    • columkenn

      Harley aren't known for producing lightweight sportsbikes. They are best at cruisers.

    • whiteribbonman1

      +Mingkong Lego 1 year ago since you asked the question and no response. I am honestly wondering the same question though. Maybe the rider has to be invited? I will keep asking in my travels.

  • Alex Stevenson
    Alex Stevenson

    idiots at BMW must be so pissed they pissed Dunlop of, there hope of winning another TT went right out the door with that man,

    • Chris Rockwell
      Chris Rockwell

      Isnt he back with them?

  • Brian Roagers
    Brian Roagers

    Well done 👍

  • Jan Eric Cabunilas
    Jan Eric Cabunilas

    Dunlop + suzuki L7 = perfection 👌

  • 松尾裕樹

    んーガイのファンとしては悔しいけど、何にのってもこいつは速い 素直に凄いと思う(^^;

  • Miche Eder
    Miche Eder

    Suzukis can look veeery nice!

  • Luke Harno #3 ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ
    Luke Harno #3 ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ

    Top Man !

  • solakov rayneski
    solakov rayneski

    i do like this bike colour

  • Piotr Filipczak
    Piotr Filipczak

    I watch this ten times and I can't stop

  • interman 77
    interman 77

    All SUZUKI needed was the Dunlop touch.


    The bike Suzuki and the rider is best :)

  • Victor Pedro Dos Santos
    Victor Pedro Dos Santos

    Suzuki being suzuki!

  • Graham King
    Graham King

    This man has done his dear dad proud. #4

    • Stronk Komrade
      Stronk Komrade

      Only one Dunlop left in the road 😢

  • Davey Dwyer
    Davey Dwyer

    Balls like a Bengali tiger!!

  • Hector Arguelles
    Hector Arguelles

    Good job well done Congrats, from Miami my brother, thanks for the Video

  • MSH 399
    MSH 399

    Say please name of the song. thanks

  • HenryVF

    Awesome video ! This is the BEST bike (for me) GSX-R'S are LEGENDS ! but i prefer the M4 short exhaust in black or the SC project, the Yoshi exhaust is too long and i don't like it.

    • Alec headdownassup
      Alec headdownassup

      HenryVF I don't think they design with looks in mind. a longer pip usually makes more hp.

  • tartare fine herbes
    tartare fine herbes

    Stupid music .

  • Fabrizio Sala
    Fabrizio Sala

    Md6 the best

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