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From writer/director Ari Aster (Hereditary) and starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, and Will Poulter. MIDSOMMAR - Now Playing.
RELEASE DATE: July 3, 2019
CAST: Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, Vilhelm Blomgran, Archie Madekwe, Ellora Torchia, and Will Poulter
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  • Mabel Danciguer
    Mabel Danciguer

    Now I wanna watch the director's cut!!!

  • Yesenia preciosa Flores Villagómez
    Yesenia preciosa Flores Villagómez

    Ya vi la película muy buena, pero no recuerdo la escena del minuto 1:51,52,53,54 me podrían explicar porque en el tráiler si se ve y la película no ?

  • Luiz Henrique
    Luiz Henrique

    Bitches complaining hahaha. This movie is awesome

  • Infarlock 159
    Infarlock 159

    The movie isn't as great as I thought it would be :(

  • Athif Baqi
    Athif Baqi

    Siapa yang ke sini karena teaser trailer Jeritan Malam?

  • KJ

    Worst movie ive ever seen

  • Supanjibobu

    Rip poodipie


    Spoiler ... Think The Wickerman ..

  • dominae alpha
    dominae alpha

    This movie sucks

  • Shafira Restu
    Shafira Restu

    the movie isn't scary at all, i highly recommended not watching it. Just waste ur time and ur money

  • Davy Jones
    Davy Jones


  • Al

    I just watched this movie. Oh My God.... i wasted my time 😂😂😂😂 but it might be good for people who loves confusing story line

  • Kangmas BagasOFC
    Kangmas BagasOFC

    Siapa yg habis liat teaser jeritan malamnya soraya😂 👇Make this blue👇

  • Ms. Rawkii Joy, Educator
    Ms. Rawkii Joy, Educator


  • Federico Juric
    Federico Juric



    This movie is just a full of weirdness period. Not good at all.

  • Tommy

    Tomorrow i'll be watching 😄

  • Any Hendra
    Any Hendra

    The movie has 50% similiar story with hereditiry.

  • Aryana Pretty
    Aryana Pretty

    this was wack. and i don’t wanna hear shit about it being disturbing because i’ve seen worst happen in movies. y’all are just weird

  • Muchammad Syaekhu
    Muchammad Syaekhu

    Serem juga yah...

  • cloud bread
    cloud bread

    This film stuck in my head

  • Ardiansyah

    Hereditary Sekali Backsound Musik nya

  • Benny Williams
    Benny Williams

    Image dr strange 2 being this intense with that trailer

  • Carlos Urbina
    Carlos Urbina

    Whats is the sountrack ?? yeah por fin se estrena en México!!

  • Sarah Altai
    Sarah Altai

    The movie is so so so fucking bad and horrible

  • Billy C TV
    Billy C TV

    Damn pewds

  • Scott Scully
    Scott Scully


  • Andreas Maruli
    Andreas Maruli

    film ga berbobot dan ga jelas

    • Bomba Sky
      Bomba Sky

      Kontolu gak berbobot

  • Marlene Morales
    Marlene Morales

    En México para cuando que paso con el estreno??

  • Stanley McKrawzowitcz
    Stanley McKrawzowitcz

    A story about one of the most terrifying acid trips

  • Modafoca

    sondtrack is the besta song pra caralhou

  • SpongeBob Show
    SpongeBob Show

    İts very good Movie ever i seen

  • Raghu Seetharaman
    Raghu Seetharaman

    This movie is good namely because of the number of white actors in it. You need more white actors in a film for it to be good. Once you put too few white actors and more minorities, a movie becomes worse because it isn't a realistic depiction of life. This is why movies like American Beauty and There Will Be Blood are great. And movies like Tyler Perry's Medea and Malcolm X are bad.

  • Riana Anaïs
    Riana Anaïs

    When white peopling goes completely wrong

  • Ahmad Reynaldi
    Ahmad Reynaldi

    film gak jelas anjengggggg

  • Enki

    They have a directors cut, weeee :)

  • JoshJC

    If this movie doesn’t win cinematography or best actress for Florence Pugh I will stop watching the oscars, I want at least one of them!

    • JoshJC

      Fancy Pants I don’t think she’ll get it but I still can’t forgive the academy for snubbing Toni Collette so if they ignore another one of ari’s films especially the cinematography then the academy is just stupid!

    • Fancy Pants
      Fancy Pants

      If the actress from Hereditary got snubbed what makes you think Pugh will get it

    • vcr_archives 1977-1987
      vcr_archives 1977-1987

      Arthouse movies are generally not considered at the Academy Awards

  • OWOA 26
    OWOA 26

    Love it!

  • UPthatHILL Music
    UPthatHILL Music

    A modern day Wicker Man.. the original version not the remake. This time a bunch of US citizens travel to a small place called Europe and get freaked out by supposed ancient pagan culture.

  • Dounia Bee
    Dounia Bee

    Well i Just watched the movie the acting is amazing i wont lie but the story for me is terrible what s the point !!!!! That s it for me no more horror movies cause it s pointless sorry but that my opinion nd i had to say it i ve wasted 2h of my life for reeeeeal

  • EpicDuty

    Those swedens

  • SimplyLimbo

    9 pm in the evening, isnt it still light in the states ? Untill like 10: 30/11: 00.? ( in the summer ?)

  • Akbar Kurnia
    Akbar Kurnia

    Adsurb. Big no!!!! Very very boring

  • Mr Chan
    Mr Chan

    terrifying story

  • George Washington
    George Washington

    Rubbish film... 0/10, watch this if have trouble falling asleep👌

  • Sandy Sopandi
    Sandy Sopandi

    Me: Nothing could be more terrifying than the girl's clucking in Hereditary. Ari Aster: Hold my breathing.

  • simon ward
    simon ward

    you know your for the frikn spit or wickerman when you turn up and everyones dressed in white and very welcoming, saying they hold a festival every 90 years ........lol na mate think ill swerve that sht

  • THN

    Looking like far cry 5

  • nunya

    Looks stupid. But She's HOT as F !

  • Crown Admirer
    Crown Admirer

    They have me in Russia trying to convince me to visit some rural cult.

  • Ms Obeyy
    Ms Obeyy

    This movie sucked man the comments made me wanna go nah it sucked ass waste of money. The only truthful thing that was brought to light was how people think it’s the norm to be in cults or which craft that’s what was brought to light in this movie. How shit like that happens on the daily and it’s not known. Spoiler alert The main girl is so mentally gone to ass she gets brainwashed the easiest...

  • Will Schoenenberger
    Will Schoenenberger

    Hahahahahaha this is what the Swedish blondies really get up to during the mid-summer festivals.

  • suryadi taufan
    suryadi taufan

    Kkn desa penari everyone?

  • Ghassan Al Huzaifi
    Ghassan Al Huzaifi

    Trailer : ----------------- Film : woeowvwosvk¿veoeb|©+{|®+’£ Fk

  • Lucy B
    Lucy B


  • Esqi Gibraltar
    Esqi Gibraltar

    but where is sven?

  • Flying Dude
    Flying Dude

    These mushrooms grow everywhere in northen sweden now. In a few weeks, they will grow all over this country. Pick them, have no fear.

  • R rohithkn
    R rohithkn

    annapurna studios is the biggest company of tollywood thats telugu film industry here in south India first i thought A24 belongs to Indian production company coz annapurna is the pure sanskrit word actually megan Ellison is very intelligent and smart that she as choosed annapurna name for her production company

  • Just Relax
    Just Relax

    Far Cry

  • Hendra Humena
    Hendra Humena

    Swedish folk?

  • Rheinhart Abbynesser
    Rheinhart Abbynesser

    1000% non ikea...😂😂😂

  • Aldita hervianto
    Aldita hervianto

    Ari aster is ma new favourite

  • Adi Google
    Adi Google

    Midsommar it's very scary movie!

  • Bow Bryan
    Bow Bryan

    Just seen it, and I must say the most stupid film I have watched, low budget. Don’t watch it or you will continue to curse right after that movie is finished.

    • Youjust GotTrolled
      Youjust GotTrolled

      lol, u're talking about the cinematography? or the camera moving? this is not the usual horror-ghostly with predictable jumpscares. Midsommar attacked your psychology and leaved a decent traumatic.

  • Arx Gaming
    Arx Gaming

    Crack and egg

  • Fahri Herlangga
    Fahri Herlangga

    ari aster is really good with this cult story

  • wake bake
    wake bake

    horror movie in daylight not scary enough right? :/

  • Cryolite

    Bruh this looks like a real life far cry 5

  • Surftons official
    Surftons official

    KKK Hipsters.

  • Chris Caruthers
    Chris Caruthers

    This is what 9:00 p.m. is like here. Love it.

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