Minecraft, But Item Drops Multiply Challenge FINALE
Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Multiplied Every Time you break a block or kill a mob... Not doubled, not tripled, but times THREE HUNDRED. Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Multiplied.
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World Seed: 969603284774817176 (Minecraft 1.14.4 Survival)
If this video gets 30,000 likes, we'll do another series just like this except harder and better.. This challenge was pretty fun though.
I kind of want to do a series where the drops are random, so that may be the next series that we do. Or something else, who knows. Subscribe for more!

  • Jessie Rose
    Jessie Rose

    Thank you for the seed!!

  • Wammy Walnut
    Wammy Walnut

    “Y’know what I’m getting inside of you” George: Wtf

  • William Jensen
    William Jensen

    Smokey the Baer

  • Pyrotonic

    Smokey the bear

  • Typical Player
    Typical Player

    Smokey the Bear

  • Harry Chen
    Harry Chen

    there are so many items its making both youtube and my wifi and my minecraft game in the background lag

  • Enrico Panzica
    Enrico Panzica

    10:56 skeleton did a 360 no scope

  • ZxEs

    If we watch it at 2x it will drop items 4 times.

  • Invictus Aer
    Invictus Aer

    Only YOU can prevent forestfires

  • weeaboo

    Now with Fortune III

  • KIN 6755
    KIN 6755


    • KIN 6755
      KIN 6755

      aww man

  • Dylan

    he sounds like american fitz

  • Poule&basquaise

    how i can do that with codage ?

  • Israel Jones
    Israel Jones

    Dude place a diamond block and break it and boom you have more diamond blocks

  • Viktor Reznov
    Viktor Reznov

    17:09 - Creeper! Aw man!

  • iridium56

    *Kills Enderman* Entire Universe is filled with Ender pearls.

  • Cristofer Josue Davila Siezar
    Cristofer Josue Davila Siezar

    Subtítula los vídeos

  • sam black
    sam black

    The bears name is Smokey

  • Braydan Smith
    Braydan Smith


  • Khadija Azimi
    Khadija Azimi

    Can u tell how to do that I really want to play with me friends

  • Wexi


  • BenGamer

    when ur bad at this game mode lmao how

  • Nhiel bulaong
    Nhiel bulaong

    *forest fire started* dream: have a water bucket also dream:proceeds to use lava bucket to put the fire out

  • Stars-made-of-metal

    I'm fucking wheezing perfect time to use that song

  • Nora De Leon
    Nora De Leon

    Do the seeds work on Xbox Minecraft which version?

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer

    Imagine doing minecraft but it's always pitch black (so you can only see with torches and other things that emit light)

  • Skulls Empire
    Skulls Empire

    what are you talking about a bear?

  • rpg jones -that one meowstic-
    rpg jones -that one meowstic-

    I was going to say “you need to deserve my sub” but you, who would have guessed it, you earned my sub

  • True Horizon
    True Horizon

    It’s Smoky Bear

  • Stiletto

    do the same challenge except the item drops start at 1 and add one for everything you break

  • Syauqi Juneki
    Syauqi Juneki

    2,8m view 932k sub

  • Darknessboy- MCgamer
    Darknessboy- MCgamer

    I also want to try that How do you do that

  • NotGoodGamer

    Is he talking about the Match commercial bear

  • d Steven
    d Steven

    Smoky the bear

  • DRIPvrs Officiell
    DRIPvrs Officiell

    14:35 smokey the bear

  • APOLLO5509

    Subscribe to dream.

  • PowerFlower

    8:49 lol

  • 김동준

    Look how many ads on a single fuckin video

  • Alaina Sokolowski
    Alaina Sokolowski

    I think the bear is smokey the bear

  • rochelle

    Smokey the Bear!!

  • Ermin Jukic
    Ermin Jukic

    No one: Literally no one: Dream: Burn it

  • Noah Vazquez
    Noah Vazquez

    His name is Smokey

  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan Garcia

    He brakes like 3 blokes 13:20

  • Mystic ArTiCc
    Mystic ArTiCc

    What mod is this?

  • Evao do pão jogos
    Evao do pão jogos

    Brasil brazil

  • RBLX Hephaistos
    RBLX Hephaistos

    what's the mod thing?

  • Alexx

    What is the code

  • Buddy Aka the PantingMenace
    Buddy Aka the PantingMenace

    smokey bear

  • カリカリピーのlia uver
    カリカリピーのlia uver


  • ix

    Imagine having stacks of diamond blocks buy having no food

  • Gamer Lord!!
    Gamer Lord!!

    Neither do the non youtubers

  • Gamer Lord!!
    Gamer Lord!!

    No youtuber likes it

  • Gamer Lord!!
    Gamer Lord!!

    Please stop hating

  • Crazy Bloxian
    Crazy Bloxian

    Mr beast

  • Devin Wood
    Devin Wood

    The bears name is smoky the bear

  • Mykolas Savickas
    Mykolas Savickas


  • Marko B
    Marko B

    Dream: i must not hit anything around me except this spider Yellow flower: im gonna end this man's whole career Dream: you little bastard *Dream breaks the Yellow flower* *Server lags so bad* Dream: what have i done

  • Marko B
    Marko B

    Dream: i must not hit anything around me except this spider Yellow flower: im gonna end this man's whole career Dream: you little bastard *Dream breaks the Yellow flower* *Server lags so bad* Dream: what have i done

  • SanJohnGod YT
    SanJohnGod YT

    Leave it to the dumbass to forget about smokey the bear

  • moose craft lol lol
    moose craft lol lol

    Smokey the bear

  • Mattress 0
    Mattress 0

    13:33 smokey

  • GM Playz
    GM Playz

    (dream) **tries to stop a wild fire with a lava bucket** (me) wait hol up

  • Christopher Gastelum
    Christopher Gastelum

    smokey the bear

  • iluveskiimo

    what was the outro song.?

  • level hack
    level hack

    Imagine when u kill the ender dragon The xp though


    The bear is called” Smokey The Bear” 🐻

  • Twysted


  • Denys1011

    how i can download it?

  • Larissa Osteen
    Larissa Osteen

    it's smokey the bear

  • Theanimegirl 96
    Theanimegirl 96

    The bears name is smoky...

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