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  • Hannah Stocking
    Hannah Stocking

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      crystal capalot

      You is so cute

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    Caly Lake

    Oh my

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    Camila Batres-Castillo

    I hate you

  • Maret Ngo
    Maret Ngo

    Uh- i thought the daughter is eva hauge-

  • Nina Vazquez
    Nina Vazquez


  • Panes엄마

    This is the most sexist video ever

  • Jasmine Alfonso-Erazo
    Jasmine Alfonso-Erazo

    Oop umm the dad is crazy mom better

  • Elise Moore
    Elise Moore

    I am so late to comment it is getting annoying!!!😂😂😂

  • Lily Pinales
    Lily Pinales

    Same but the other way around

  • Ebony Allen
    Ebony Allen

    You suck

  • gameing with bugs bugs
    gameing with bugs bugs


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    Nina fofana

    Sorry I’m just sorry. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😅😅😍😍😍👨‍👩‍👧🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️

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    Dtgjcbv hmbkguofe xwbmpåo,lopirez Pe,lin pe . Ri

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    Nina fofana

    Hahahahaha yes that’s good for me that is fine too and I’ll send you the email and send it back and I hate you so much hannah

  • Paris Davis
    Paris Davis

    How are haha born actually Hannah

  • Shivnarine Mangar
    Shivnarine Mangar


  • Miah Kutzner
    Miah Kutzner

    I ship Hannah and the guy

  • Havana Collins
    Havana Collins

    I like your videos 🥰

  • Narinder Kaur
    Narinder Kaur

    Is that Brooks from the disny show jessie

  • kaitlyn koller
    kaitlyn koller

    u are so pretty

  • EpicErick

    Me and my boys in fortnite: *bout to win a game but we all lose power.* Us: 3:13


    my parent are the complete opposite

  • Isabelle the Spicy nugget
    Isabelle the Spicy nugget

    Rise and shine💜

  • Michelle Nguyen-Brown
    Michelle Nguyen-Brown

    I would call the police if my dad was like that

  • Angelica Higgins
    Angelica Higgins

    Hannah did better

  • The gaming Kid
    The gaming Kid


  • Jovelle Ann Delos Reyes
    Jovelle Ann Delos Reyes

    why. is. the. dad. so. savage

  • May Rodriguez
    May Rodriguez

    Haha you thought I had a dad 😂

  • Louise Kirkwood
    Louise Kirkwood

    So funny

  • Raul Coreas
    Raul Coreas

    I ment is

  • Raul Coreas
    Raul Coreas

    Ii pierson saxon crush

  • Gabrelle Edghill
    Gabrelle Edghill

    Why use a hair curler when you can use a vaccum cleaner

  • wild wolfie
    wild wolfie

    When the dad told how babies come from...:me .....XD LLOL OML HAHAHA LOL

  • Mahbod kings
    Mahbod kings

    Why the girl has such a fat ass

  • Vloging With The McConnell's
    Vloging With The McConnell's


  • EA Sports
    EA Sports

    I love your videos

  • Lola Bear
    Lola Bear

    “ rise and shineee” who did it better like for Hannah dislike for Kylie

  • Lynntheweeb 123
    Lynntheweeb 123

    I set a alarm i make my own food i do my own hair and i get myself to the place were i need to be my mother is drunk and my father is just working shit broken home no kiding there braking up

  • Avaeah-Jerese Aflague
    Avaeah-Jerese Aflague


  • Lexi jj
    Lexi jj


  • Austyn Pangilinan GOAT31
    Austyn Pangilinan GOAT31

    This makes it look like dad's suck. That's like 1 in 100000 dads

  • Emii

    Lol in the morning my Stepdad is like Hannah And my Grandma is the dad lol

  • super mario Grant
    super mario Grant

    Dads are not actually like that moms love you very much and Dad love you very much too

  • Sarriah Holloway
    Sarriah Holloway

    Well I’m going home now I’m just not sure what k

  • Lisa Coates
    Lisa Coates

    I love your video's

  • Marla Cobb
    Marla Cobb

    BRO literally this is COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE OR MY PARENTS! Its like my mom, is like the dad in this, and my dad, is like the mom in this!!!

  • iiGammerSeaii

    Love the stork THEN HE SAYS THATTTTTTT

  • crystal capalot
    crystal capalot

    I love your videos

  • chance brown
    chance brown

    Yall are so funny eaven when she said where did babys come from you have sex

    • chance brown
      chance brown


  • Robin Plotner
    Robin Plotner

    Try to be quiet we won't snore but do y'all be quiet at night when when y'all do bang bang choo choo train

  • Super Mario 4
    Super Mario 4

    Are all Madea Halloween Are On Madea Halloween

  • sub to me for no reason
    sub to me for no reason


  • Corobalus

    this is som sexist shit. why'd this even show in my recommendations?

  • Euchariajj Egodigwe
    Euchariajj Egodigwe


  • Payton Marie
    Payton Marie

    I love your doughter she’s so cute and pretty and she’s so sweet

  • عبدالله راشد
    عبدالله راشد


  • Neyli Ochoa
    Neyli Ochoa

    Hi I am neyli I am your big fan

  • Joanna Negron
    Joanna Negron

    How babies came from are by they get married and then probably a few months or maybe more and then the woman started to have idk stomach pain and they threw up and I think there’s more but then they took the pregnancy test and boom pregnant and sometimes when a women tells there husbands they Usually leave but this one didn’t and then a few months I think she was a a doctor place and boom pain is PAIN~ and then we came out of our mom’s Virginia and I think that’s how u spell it cause u know u gotta pee or 💩 that’s probably where u came out I think we came from the P P pEe where it came so um yea and mom if u read this it’s not my fault Hannah got it wrong I had to tell them so that they won’t be just like the grinch where he came from was the sky but still ITs NOT My fAULt MOm~ but bye ya’ll

  • Manuela Umana
    Manuela Umana


  • Maria Tupper
    Maria Tupper

    Lol this was the best video ever! Moms are better btw lol

  • Concetta Weatherall
    Concetta Weatherall

    I pick the mom

  • hibs

    Ain't no kid believe that stork story anymore 90's kids were kinda dumb

    • Payton Marie
      Payton Marie

      It’s a vid ofc there going to say that dumb dumb

  • Robertha Amezola
    Robertha Amezola

    Zyonnnnnnnnn. N. Nnnnn 0.fvy

  • Nayla G
    Nayla G

    Is twan taken

  • Mustafa Gulen
    Mustafa Gulen


  • Oslin Tuulaupua
    Oslin Tuulaupua

    can you post more vidos

  • irma womack
    irma womack

    Everyone can relate that there dad is not like this

  • _SOJUNE_Jikookya_ _spaghetti_army_
    _SOJUNE_Jikookya_ _spaghetti_army_

    This is the stupidest thing I ever seeing

  • My dad knows best
    My dad knows best

    this is too true

  • Karla Rivera
    Karla Rivera

    omg the of the where do baies come form XD

    • Karla Rivera
      Karla Rivera

      omg the part of the where do babies come from XD orry for that

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