Welcome to the most satisfying love animation you'll ever watch! This is by far the most satisfying video I've ever watched, but this will easily be the most satisfying love animation I've ever seen! What love animation would you say is most satisfying?!
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CGI Animated Shorts : "Taking the Plunge" - by Taking the Plunge Team | TheCGBros -
CGI Animated Short Film "Love On The Balcony" by Kun Yu Ng.and Joshua Hyunwoo Jun | CGMeetup -

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Can't Stop Won't Stop - Mighty & High

  • banana boi
    banana boi


  • Louise Lu
    Louise Lu

    7:30, This is like proposing during quarantine

  • gamerkid123 840
    gamerkid123 840

    Kwebblekop:and she smells like mac and cheese Me:.......... I just ate mac and cheese;-; Also 2020 anyone?

  • Jon Tebbutt
    Jon Tebbutt

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im sade lol not realee lol bute hi im a huje fane

  • javier Calleja
    javier Calleja


  • Alvaro Leite Borba Da Costa
    Alvaro Leite Borba Da Costa

    Weirdest thing I ever heard 0:11

  • Billie Jean Magpayo
    Billie Jean Magpayo

    girl kiss another girl (i mean boy)

  • kij iji
    kij iji

    The squid is so cute 🥰

  • S1 1057 Yr
    S1 1057 Yr

    Kebbelkop i took a serene shoot ultra k

  • Cedric Peynado
    Cedric Peynado

    nice one jordie

  • Jax Thai
    Jax Thai

    I hate you so much...

  • GSO wuvs u
    GSO wuvs u

    i litterly dont care lmao

  • Ammar yzeyarah
    Ammar yzeyarah


  • Isabel Torres
    Isabel Torres


  • Theodora Eve
    Theodora Eve


  • Catherine Thoi
    Catherine Thoi

    I saw the ring the ring was behind him

  • Emily Jane
    Emily Jane

    What the heck 😰

  • Kelly Johannessen
    Kelly Johannessen


  • Anel Nell
    Anel Nell

    do you have a crush on azzy land

    • Emma Villegas-Lopez élève
      Emma Villegas-Lopez élève

      They were together

  • Jovy Nip
    Jovy Nip

    It’s a squid not octopus

    • Jovelyn Palope
      Jovelyn Palope


  • Jaweed Khan
    Jaweed Khan

    I’m a month late

  • GachaBlacky_Kat

    The first one I watch I saw it

  • Kelon Maharaj
    Kelon Maharaj

    When are you going to propose to azzyland

    • Emma Villegas-Lopez élève
      Emma Villegas-Lopez élève

      Sorry but they broke up and I am so sad

  • Melissa Main
    Melissa Main

    Gang. T

  • Giselle Anguiano
    Giselle Anguiano

    I hate when they kiss I close my eyes when they kiss so disgusting😱🤢🤢

    • Emma Villegas-Lopez élève
      Emma Villegas-Lopez élève

      Yeah 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Aide Alaniz
    Aide Alaniz


  • THRDY Tito D Fabela 123456 7
    THRDY Tito D Fabela 123456 7

    Me!!! Too!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trevion Pasco
    Trevion Pasco

    It's a squid

  • aipmylo satisfying cutting
    aipmylo satisfying cutting

    Is jordy gunna marry azzy?

    • Emma Villegas-Lopez élève
      Emma Villegas-Lopez élève

      They broke up

    • •Chimochi Jimin•
      •Chimochi Jimin•

      One day...

  • Elizabeth Thompson
    Elizabeth Thompson

    What! You said she smells like macaroni and cheese wall I was eating macaroni and cheese

    • Emma Villegas-Lopez élève
      Emma Villegas-Lopez élève

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha 😂

  • Tiffany Alford
    Tiffany Alford

    i love your vid soooooooo much...

    • Emma Villegas-Lopez élève
      Emma Villegas-Lopez élève

      Me too

  • Carol Fritz
    Carol Fritz

    And sad

  • Hooah Heating And Air LLC
    Hooah Heating And Air LLC

    instead of lemon boy by Cavetown it should be octo boy by Cavetown

  • Sienna Griffen
    Sienna Griffen

    . Yeah just a dot like. Like that!!!!!!!!!

  • Sil1 Rav1
    Sil1 Rav1

    Nice job

  • Giovanni Leon
    Giovanni Leon

    Call the first one squid squid he

  • Kajhector Hector
    Kajhector Hector

    Nice kewblewkop

  • Frisco and price
    Frisco and price

    Why do you cuss you know that children are watching this

  • Syed Hamza Ali
    Syed Hamza Ali

    I also know azzyland💗💗💗😀😁

  • Lacey Coppard
    Lacey Coppard


  • Mehran Azimi
    Mehran Azimi


  • Tfm_Rron


  • Olive Wolff
    Olive Wolff


  • lidice fernandez
    lidice fernandez

    omg when the octipous farted i thought he was pooping POOP😂😂😂😂

    • apple time
      apple time


  • abdelsalami playz
    abdelsalami playz

    can you make in a vadio prankang azzyland?

  • abdelsalami playz
    abdelsalami playz

    im in love wthe tammy shes pratyye and fanny and she smals Like your mrtheandas wathe batre

    • ThatoneRobloxian Guy
      ThatoneRobloxian Guy

      Grammer please

    • Yosef Funny
      Yosef Funny

      abdelsalami playz pp

  • abdelsalami playz
    abdelsalami playz

    ho wants more brdse😄

  • abdelsalami playz
    abdelsalami playz

    I love bards😍😍😍🐦🐦🐦

  • abdelsalami playz
    abdelsalami playz

    yay the 💍 is okay

  • abdelsalami playz
    abdelsalami playz

    awwwww he jast hagd the baby 🐙

  • abdelsalami playz
    abdelsalami playz

    r.e.p baby 🐙 1👍=1 prayare

  • abdelsalami playz
    abdelsalami playz

    nase goke kwebbelkop

  • Landon Swanigan
    Landon Swanigan

    Sre you g pop ing to merry your girlfriend.

  • byron jeffers
    byron jeffers

    you most kiss you girlfren

  • bushra Sultan
    bushra Sultan

    XD he is so cute

  • squirt a Squirtle Omg
    squirt a Squirtle Omg

    I'm telling azzy

  • Greench

    I Will take start as an intro xdddd

  • ronaldo hanie promo
    ronaldo hanie promo

    Wawwwww alike this

  • Lucia Duvall
    Lucia Duvall

    Aww so cute i need more of these in my life

  • Vicky Airlie
    Vicky Airlie

    Maybe get married with azzy

  • Dubs Wesley
    Dubs Wesley

    Azzy will be mine

  • Katie Welker
    Katie Welker

    Right when you said she smells like Mack and cheese I took a bite of Mack and cheese

    • Sailor Charlie
      Sailor Charlie


  • Ariyalxillaaxres Gamer
    Ariyalxillaaxres Gamer

    Gmh going the half of the laugh

    • Chey Collier
      Chey Collier

      Rd cdggwrva bff fsydeeeeeeteys00 ok iíkkikkiinuuh7juuju ju ju 8qnxkzmxkxk x l x hdkfjckddjkskdsksksksoskdkkdkdk(kdkdkdkdododidodidkdoddkkdkdkdkdidididikskkkoooikkkkkkkookkjjnknkknkhhhd jkk djdd km ddkedkdkdkdn Ksksod

  • Ariyalxillaaxres Gamer
    Ariyalxillaaxres Gamer

    Ok gma gma means going God awe 🦄 but gm means going macorini the ring is a gma hahaha

  • Clips fm
    Clips fm

    3 days up 5 k like wtf happened to ur channel

  • Katrina Brisbane
    Katrina Brisbane

    I hate when the guy left the octopus

  • BTS Army
    BTS Army

    That’s so sad 👍 if you agree

  • Daniel Stanislavov
    Daniel Stanislavov


  • RazielTheVlogger1 RazielVlogger.1
    RazielTheVlogger1 RazielVlogger.1

    Read the comment after this video (December 7 2019)

  • TAJ koolitz
    TAJ koolitz

    Im gonna tell you something my crush have a crush on Me

    • Matloob Zaidi
      Matloob Zaidi

      Than ask he or her to date or to go out

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