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  • Annie MacFlannie
    Annie MacFlannie

    Pennywise (1990): Yellow Balloons Pennywise (2017): Red Balloons Pennywise (Musical): Rainbow Balloons

  • Mill C-G
    Mill C-G

    Coleen DEBUT todrick BACK AGAIN ahhhhh

  • Nicki Grace
    Nicki Grace

    Who else got to see her? 💕✨😭I did and it was literally the best day of my life. She signed my Miranda book! (My diarrhe)

  • Emma Martin
    Emma Martin


  • Emily Franciscovich
    Emily Franciscovich

    I’m currently watching this for the first time since before their debut and wow. Just... wow.

  • Melanie C
    Melanie C

    omg colleen im absessed im such a big fan

  • Luke

    you're amazing 😭

  • Luke


  • Samantha Jenkins
    Samantha Jenkins

    Are they going to release the music from this cast on Spotify?

  • Lorelai Christine
    Lorelai Christine

    Did Todrick help Taylor Swift

  • emma birnbaum
    emma birnbaum

    Lol in the song she even said the glasses are on

  • Angela Rayne Cruz
    Angela Rayne Cruz

    im so sad this endddddddddddd

  • AshleighTV

    So I’ve watched this a million times and just saw production and finally understand all the songs!

  • Carolyn Cuesta
    Carolyn Cuesta

    “I didn’t know you needed a rehearsal to put your glasses on but continue.” OW

  • Madi Swift
    Madi Swift

    I can’t believe it’s over. I am so beyond proud of you Colleen!😭💕🥺💘

  • Rose Taylor
    Rose Taylor

    It’s so sad it’s over. Great Job Colleen and Todrick!!!!!!!

  • Rebeca Evans
    Rebeca Evans

    Woooooooohooooooow calleen👏👏👏

  • Alex Bingham
    Alex Bingham

    What is it with you tubers getting roles in “waitress” 😂

  • Yesica Frias
    Yesica Frias

    You guys rocked it!

  • Theresa Chamberlin
    Theresa Chamberlin

    i was there i was there

  • Theresa Chamberlin
    Theresa Chamberlin

    I was there

  • Lemon Scented Gay
    Lemon Scented Gay

    Wow look at all the *gay guys*

  • Karissa Vega
    Karissa Vega

    OMG I WENT TO SEE THE WAITRESS FOR MY BIRTHDAY! It’s soooo good!!!😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Isabella Ridgeway
    Isabella Ridgeway

    Cool Colleen

  • Mongvau


  • Robin Sigari
    Robin Sigari

    Going to see it tomorrow!!!!! Can't wait!

  • Dogs are the best Schol of rock
    Dogs are the best Schol of rock

    I saw colleen and todrick yesterday and they were AMAZING

  • peeps4Leia

    I absolutely love waitress. It is my favorite musical besides Hamilton.

  • Mark Marchan
    Mark Marchan

    Omg how made the beat I need to now how did it love the bass so much

    • Mark Marchan
      Mark Marchan

      Dose anybody know how mad it

  • Mongvau

    I really want a song from her

  • Fanny Noriega
    Fanny Noriega

    for all the people that don’t live in nyc i’m seeing the show for yall

  • _cheesy cheesecake_
    _cheesy cheesecake_


  • Dindoyal Keenoo
    Dindoyal Keenoo

    colleen you look so much like Kenzie from game shaker

  • Thomas Is In Space Thomas Is In Space
    Thomas Is In Space Thomas Is In Space

    anybody else freeze framing 58 / 59... get this bum out of here... get him out! :P :)) :O

  • UnicornPotato

    OMG Colleen I know you have been waiting for this moment and it is finally here! You just had a baby, you are managing many youtube channels, AND your on broadway! HOW DO YOU DO IT

  • Raeun Won
    Raeun Won

    Anyone here AFTER Colleen got her short haircut?

  • Y2000Maxima


  • Luke Davis
    Luke Davis

    I wish I could come to your show because the last show is 4 days before my birthday but sadly I can’t

  • Sloth Power
    Sloth Power

    I can't see Waitress😭😭😭I mean I do live a nine hour flight away but......😂😭

  • Valeria Gutierrez
    Valeria Gutierrez

    The way Todrick says flour....omg!

  • Eva Kondos
    Eva Kondos

    Hi Colleen!! I’m seeing the waitress broadway show on September 14th and can’t wait to see you!! I recently got tickets for my 12th birthday and it was the best gift ever. I am a huge fan and everyday you give me inspiration and passion to follow my dreams. Thank you so much for just being you and making everyone smile. I can’t wait to see you soon!!!😊💜😁

  • scrawny rawny
    scrawny rawny

    what great cgi

  • Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete
    Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete

    AGHHH! Lovvve love love!!!❤️

  • Lili Ana
    Lili Ana

    They do have chemistry tho

  • RainbowGamerTV Lab
    RainbowGamerTV Lab

    YES!!!!! I really want to see the show but I can't! D; I really hope you guys win a award! I really want youtube or someone to film the waitress musical so the fans that can't make it can see it! But it's okay! Anyways!

  • Sahara Salah
    Sahara Salah

    I was freaking out because I love him

  • Eva P
    Eva P

    It’s funny how one of the lines is the glasses and aprons are on but colleen forgot to wear he glasses 😂 (Watch the last bit to see what I mean)

  • I’ll Go home
    I’ll Go home

    Is there anywhere to find this online ? Pleaseeee

  • Nadia Daniels
    Nadia Daniels

    This was posted on my birthday yay

  • Tanya Vu
    Tanya Vu

    Hey voice 🥺

  • Gigi Wanamaker
    Gigi Wanamaker

    I got tickets for the last night yayayayay

  • terezka vazan
    terezka vazan

    i started to cry watching this and i’m so excited cause i’m seeing it w them

  • Cam Beth
    Cam Beth

    I’m very confused, did Colleen actually land Waitress or is this something she’s just doing for fun on her tour?

  • Sadie Blackwell
    Sadie Blackwell

    I’M GONNA CRY YOU’RE SO PRECIOUS 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cindy Gomez
    Cindy Gomez

    Came back to watch this, literal tears. I’m so proud of Colleen for reaching her goals!! Nothing but love for her

  • SlendyPlaysGames

    Just realised she uploaded this on my birthday 😂

  • JayJayJelly

    95% of comments my favorite part is colleen debut todrick back again 5% about colleen giving birth

  • Rissa

    These two individuals are unstoppable when it comes to their acting and singing

  • Zara Regan
    Zara Regan

    Watched this 6 times now and know the lyrics perfectly I'm OBSESSED

  • Kristine

    Colleen tie ur hair while baking

  • Katie Dill
    Katie Dill

    Also I wish I could go to New York. Will your show travel?? Somewhere close to Oklahoma.

  • Katie Dill
    Katie Dill

    Many peoples first jobs are as a waiter/waitress (this is colleens debut). Colleen loves to bake (sings about sugar butter flour). You are ready.

  • a u d r e y y y y
    a u d r e y y y y

    todrick seems like such a good friend😂❤️

  • Greek Gallavich Love
    Greek Gallavich Love

    Your voice is breathtaking it's crazy. Todrick is hot af 😂💕❤💕❤💕. You guys are absolutely crazzyyy talented I'm sooo proud of youu 😍💕❤💕❤💕❤💕

  • Mucky Vagrant
    Mucky Vagrant

    Colleens 3 characters Miranda ,dawn and herself

  • Chloe’s Cove
    Chloe’s Cove

    Omg wait I want to see this now

  • Sophia V
    Sophia V

    I’m in nyc rn and I saw the people advertising waitress and I wanted to go SO BAD

  • Phan

    I didn't get the chance to watch Hamilton. Now I have a chance to see one of my favorite musicals...I wanna see Colleen in The Waitress even if it's the last thing I do.

  • Michael I. Haber
    Michael I. Haber

    You both were fantastic this afternoon!!!! So wonderful to meet you afterwards at the stage door. Thank you for never failing to make people smiling and have a great laugh. You're the best!!!

  • Lolaaa3232

    ‘The glasses and the aprons are on’ no,no it wasn’t 🤣

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