My EVIL STEP PARENTS Got Me Expelled... in Bitlife
In Bitlife you can now be adopted! Naturally, my parents like my big brother but not me and I'm going to make some trouble and see how mad I can make them. Maybe I'm the evil one.
Bitlife is a mobile app game where you can pick a randomized life and make choices/decisions. Hope you enjoy!
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

  • Leah DeBadts
    Leah DeBadts

    is Mrs. Burger a mini mac or a big mac

  • xXFlame IceXx
    xXFlame IceXx

    Red Rose's are blooming The water sparkles blue Reflecting off the moon As the wind blows While the sand glows This is poem please do not steal it.🙁😔💖

  • Sir Spencerlot
    Sir Spencerlot

    In BitLife my last name grump

  • Sydney Cartagena
    Sydney Cartagena

    Hey gloom I’m not trying to be rude or send hate, but you pronounce that name A-MY-A not Amaya even tho it’s spelled like that. Love you ❤️❤️

  • Bridget Keddy
    Bridget Keddy

    your an amazing youtuber kassy

  • Sway Monroe
    Sway Monroe

    I want you to show you're outfits. You look so cute

  • Janeen Stalnaker
    Janeen Stalnaker

    Team Trees is a real Goal in 2019 i believe

  • Sermira


  • Darnell Dee
    Darnell Dee

    My first name is Darnell

  • Gloom’s Biggest fan
    Gloom’s Biggest fan

    “I’m gonna be a skater boy and she’s gonna day see ya later boy”. -kassie 2019

  • Honey Animal Friend
    Honey Animal Friend

    No wonder your mom is evil.... *Her name is Rebel*

  • Jaslyn Sanchez
    Jaslyn Sanchez

    Gloom is the best

  • Rania Paruk
    Rania Paruk

    You all know this game is rated 17+

  • Aesthetiç Śunset
    Aesthetiç Śunset

    my bday is may 29 to!

  • pandaslimme xoxoxoxo
    pandaslimme xoxoxoxo

    I downloaded bitlife cause I LUV u

  • K Burgess
    K Burgess

    If you are adopted that doesn’t mean that the family who adopted you are your step parents

  • priyah centino
    priyah centino

    I have A friend that’s name Sebastian but he’s short and he’s so cute

  • Harmon Heat
    Harmon Heat

    First time here, dang Gloom is HOT!

  • Lily Williams
    Lily Williams


  • Liana Vella
    Liana Vella

    Who else is sad that she probably wont do another bitlife video in a while 17:13

  • Young Animations
    Young Animations

    "OoOo it ran away, just like everything else in my life." *Girl same here*

  • Spongebob 'n' Patrick
    Spongebob 'n' Patrick

    Please make more BitLife video's. I can't stop watching!!

  • Violeta Kovacheva
    Violeta Kovacheva

    gloom do a servis with azzy

  • Devika Halarnkar
    Devika Halarnkar

    A lot of times my mom screams at me and that’s kind of like what happened to you in the game

  • walt cupp
    walt cupp

    i am his grandaughter makenzie which is preety cool

  • Neveah Arrington Thompson
    Neveah Arrington Thompson

    love this game!

  • Carly Dubstep_Chan
    Carly Dubstep_Chan

    Happy day, I'm *GlOoOOoooOOm*

  • Giselle yang
    Giselle yang

    I don’t like bully’s

  • Dayen Arroyo
    Dayen Arroyo

    The game is bit life

  • Unicorn girl Meinders
    Unicorn girl Meinders

    When she said oh it ran away like everything else in my life I lost it😂🤣

  • Kids Funk
    Kids Funk

    I'm going so be a skater boy and say see you later boy who knows that song comment

  • LA_Skittles_AL

    @Gloom plz do a bitlife vid for the work update 💛

  • Dje Is Gayme
    Dje Is Gayme

    Amaya= uh-mEYE-uh

  • Brittany Sawyer
    Brittany Sawyer

    Amaya is pronounced A-mya

  • Xochitl Valdez
    Xochitl Valdez

    "And to celebrate, I think I'll insult my mom" This is now what I shall do on my next birthday

  • pierre moise
    pierre moise

    My 1 Grade teacher her name is Ms Cunningham

  • Līga BLINK
    Līga BLINK

    Who watch this before Gloom have 4 millions subcribers?

  • Jasmin Jones
    Jasmin Jones

    gloom: a grill? EvErY sTeP MoM wAnTs ONe OF ThOuGh

    • Jasmin Jones
      Jasmin Jones

      i liked my own comment (0.0)

  • Alice Angle
    Alice Angle


  • TinyTurnip

    The way she pronounced Amaya is so weird to me because there's an Amaya in my class and in Australia we pronounce it, Am-ay-a not Amia

  • miss bubbles
    miss bubbles


  • Rojina Karimirad
    Rojina Karimirad

    To celebrate, *I will insult my mom.* Well that’s... great.

  • chumpess

    Hey! I am steaming at the moment! I live in Australia and New South Wales fires have travelled into Victoria and Queensland. Code red at the moment and it is freaking hazy. Hoping for rain and it is spring over here. Hope you have a cool autumn and winter. I have summer for Christmas

  • Amira Aiyana
    Amira Aiyana


  • christian harrison
    christian harrison

    You can get mad cow disease in bitlife but its rare I'm lucky

  • Sam Baker
    Sam Baker

    You are perfect

  • Debbie Carline
    Debbie Carline


  • the Stevens Kids
    the Stevens Kids

    To celebrate I’m going to insult my mother -Gloom 2019

  • david fasser
    david fasser

    More bitlife

  • Ab Mont
    Ab Mont


  • jeslyn Jordan
    jeslyn Jordan


  • Irina Toscheva
    Irina Toscheva

    Why was this paublished on my birthday

  • Chl03 Gamer
    Chl03 Gamer

    Was terry the pianist in the live music video water fountain by alec Benjamin

  • Caitlyn Coleman
    Caitlyn Coleman

    Uh oh STINKY that’s all I thought of every time u said uh oh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jamyah Keeper
    Jamyah Keeper

    hey billie i think both of yall is great

  • Cayden Johnson
    Cayden Johnson

    She said to celebrate she’ll insult her mom and she called her a loser HAHA GOTTEM!!!!!! I fell off off my bed laughing 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • GeekyGirlyGlam

    *Adopted parents Stepparents mean that your mom or dad remarried someone. Their spouse is considered your stepparents.

  • Cornie on the cob
    Cornie on the cob

    You called your mom an idiot No one: Kassie: *GOT EM*

  • Nandini Singh
    Nandini Singh

    Wow bitlife is catching on with the Mr beast tree thing

  • Mackenzie Hollan
    Mackenzie Hollan

    HAY!!!!! My name is Mackenzie😤

  • Izzy & Ava
    Izzy & Ava

    There's actually a site called team trees, and it's something with a lot of youtubers to help plant trees since the Amazon rainforest burnt down. It was a thing on Twitter and now it's on VN-my. Like so Kassie can see! Btw, not begging for likes.

  • Grace Katherine
    Grace Katherine

    1:03 that had me dead

  • gatcha mini movie kayla
    gatcha mini movie kayla

    Cassie if you want to always win horse races in bitlife you always have to pick the top or the bottom horse because they win the most and you could just pick any money you want to race for that's how I got like 63 million in bitlife like not even winning the lottery and I don't even get it it just works all the time well for me but sometime I lose because sometimes I pick bottom in the top winds but I don't really even care because I don't even lose that much money and you went even more than you bet

  • Ava O
    Ava O

    I LOVE your bitlife videos!! Subscribe.

  • Heather Lena
    Heather Lena

    MatPat who? Matt Sack is all the rage

  • Lana Banana
    Lana Banana

    3% of comments : "whos here before 2019?" 97% of comments : "No one: Absolutely no one: Comments: Who's here before 2019?"

  • •DyingRose•

    Kassie: That's kinda rude... I'm going to do that 6:24 Me: 😂

  • C Cavazos
    C Cavazos

    Sometimes I wonder why people work for their subs and some just name themselves 100k with 0 videos. It's not fair when people work.

  • Clairs • Edits
    Clairs • Edits

    he's just a sk8er boi

  • Zunairah Shahzad
    Zunairah Shahzad

    I know people say this but .... NO ONE 👏 CARES👏 WHEN 👏 YOU 👏STARTED 👏 TO 👏 WATCH 👏 GLOOM

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