My Minecraft House CAN FLY!
my house has PROPELLORS!
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  • Fnaf Gaming
    Fnaf Gaming

    Cats dont take fall damage

  • #GLITCH #
    #GLITCH #

    Imagine crazy craft 2 with this mod in it

  • Mario Fiesta
    Mario Fiesta

    Can You Make A Video With This Where You Boss Fight A Village And RealThinknoodles With The House With Arms And Legs And That Flys. Dan=100$ Justin=300$. Prices: Flying House 2000$ Walking House 6798$ Dan Boss=99 No 2$ Justin Boss 9008 No 100$ Dan Hero1999$ Justin Hero 54$. Choose Now.

  • 1234kitty12345


  • GoldenAshes21

    *Dantdm* :a flying house in Minecraft! *Every other possible Minecraft youtuber* :this man has defined logic itself

  • Tony和胖胖在美国


  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    Up the movie 🎈 🏠

  • Andy Dalzell
    Andy Dalzell

    All that is missing is the mod review intro

  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan Garcia

    *when your on house arrest but she says I'm home alone:*

  • ZERO the HERO
    ZERO the HERO


  • Tallon Bustamante
    Tallon Bustamante


  • William Farrell
    William Farrell

    My encyclopedic friend says Area 51 is a place where the government works on and tests stealth bombers

  • Angela Enilolobo
    Angela Enilolobo

    I love you datdm

  • Tnecniv Salocin
    Tnecniv Salocin

    i'ts called propelers

  • Sophie Maccaro
    Sophie Maccaro

    Dan: ok now we’re not gonna get to attached to these animals and name them dan 2 seconds later:CoMe hErE wHiSKeRs

  • Jennifer Woodward
    Jennifer Woodward


  • Cristina Sanchez
    Cristina Sanchez

    When the animals want to skydive they could pretend it's fortnite

  • Gayle Tharp
    Gayle Tharp

    You the best

  • Gayle Tharp
    Gayle Tharp

    What’s 10 times 10

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson

    Give me a resource pack

  • Nicholas Strane
    Nicholas Strane

    Play ice scream

  • Game Hard
    Game Hard

    Hardcore please and is that a mod or would it work on bedrock?

  • windex cheese
    windex cheese

    I had to go in slow mo to see the pig

  • Senne Breugelmans
    Senne Breugelmans

    It' s an propeller

  • Gillian David
    Gillian David

    I think you should put them together

  • Coyote Cub
    Coyote Cub

    Rubies are red, Diamond Minecarts are blue, I know cats don’t take fall damage, And so should you.

  • Ben Haley
    Ben Haley


  • Rebecca Baudoin
    Rebecca Baudoin

    erey 501 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Stacey Kelly
    Stacey Kelly

    You dumb Iam 5 and I know what it is called (a propeller)

  • Wolf Woofy
    Wolf Woofy

    It,s the flying house

  • Fay Taylor
    Fay Taylor

    What is 1+1

  • M Wall
    M Wall

    Howl's flying castle

  • Noah Hurtekant
    Noah Hurtekant

    Me:cats can’t die :/

  • Noah Hurtekant
    Noah Hurtekant

    Me: WHY DID YOU KILL THE CUTE CAT *cries* Dan:😎

  • Callan plays10
    Callan plays10

    There called propellers

  • Minecraft Bee
    Minecraft Bee

    s e e d

  • Moses Sanchez
    Moses Sanchez

    you right dude

  • Coleen Mahusay
    Coleen Mahusay


  • Possiblyjulek

    R.I.P for all the things got abducted in the abducting war

  • Stavros Kousoulakis
    Stavros Kousoulakis

    also, show the MOD link

  • Stavros Kousoulakis
    Stavros Kousoulakis

    you know what? *Popular youtubers don't BEG for subscribers, Fix that Description, NOW!*

  • Eleanor Preston
    Eleanor Preston

    Cats land on all fours

  • [•Wolfie Gacha•]
    [•Wolfie Gacha•]


  • kingdogonogo the first
    kingdogonogo the first

    this reminds me of beetles shop in skyward sword legend of zelda

    • Kostas Mino
      Kostas Mino

      Lol thats my favourite game (and ocarina of time obviously)

  • Bacon Gaming Alt
    Bacon Gaming Alt

    2:35 "This house is grape" -Dantdm 2019

  • rares burtea
    rares burtea

    erea 51

  • Che-Yih Lim
    Che-Yih Lim

    Where is Area 51 did u went in Area 51

  • Alex Playz 46
    Alex Playz 46

    Try to obducked your self

  • Ann Smith
    Ann Smith


  • Sippy Katch
    Sippy Katch

    Dantdm : dont worry we are not gonna get to attached to them we're not gonna name them Two seconds later Dantdm: Come on whiskers.

  • 4G gaming/reaction
    4G gaming/reaction

    Those magnificent men in flying houses

  • Raymond Martinez
    Raymond Martinez

    Sees a house that can fly Me:is that super man?

  • Daniel Agustin
    Daniel Agustin

    So you're basically killing Trayurasus People

  • Dark_Spider

    3:19 Dan: There is also an enchanting table Also dan: *tries to enchant a TNT*

  • Nicky K
    Nicky K

    Nappy cooooool

  • Jackson Baird
    Jackson Baird

    What’s the seed dan, you can see in the options

  • Death

    4:43 yEaH

  • P1gz YT
    P1gz YT

    Me:THE PIG IS THE MINDS HOUSE Pig:IM THE MIND OF THE HOUSE Other pigs:pray to the house

  • Abigail McKinney
    Abigail McKinney

    5:48 the cows teleport!!! WHAT

  • Emojiboy 219
    Emojiboy 219

    What is the seed


    DanTDM got sick of his blocking house upgrade it now it can fly

  • Agent Midnight
    Agent Midnight

    It is propellers dan

  • Anna Rapti
    Anna Rapti

    0:36 this is a greek word, and i am from yeah..

  • Fox- Kun
    Fox- Kun

    But i just saw it

  • Fox- Kun
    Fox- Kun

    Its already october and my birthday is on 14 august once i saw the description its posted on my birthday

  • Blade

    Why wont you add the walking house in your Minecraft hardcore

  • Hayley Staples
    Hayley Staples

    At 4:03 the camera 📷 glitched

  • Samantha Varagiannis
    Samantha Varagiannis

    It's called a propeller

  • ISMANGO410 0
    ISMANGO410 0

    You never need to worry about being attacked

  • ISMANGO410 0
    ISMANGO410 0

    I think its the movie up all over again

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